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This is where all of the ideas will go for the Pain Games. Feel free to post ideas in the comments!


Underwater mutts: They only live in the water, we don’t know how they look like. Only a few things: They are green, slimy, and have long arms to pull you in the water.

Dragonfly: Insect, deadly and poisonous. It has the speed of a cheeta, the strength of a elephant, and the size of a pelican.

Tree Mutts: They are small but live in numerous quantities and attack from the trees. They are almost invisible.


Justafox is going to be making a map of the arena!


The arena

Day 1

If there are say four people who want the same weapon for their tribute then there will only be two at the Cornucopia. This is to make the opening more interesting.

Day 2

Normal day, little or no deaths.

Day 3

Normal day, maybe the Careers will kill somebody.

Day 4

A mini fight between two careers and one dies. Maybe the Careers will split up into two mini groups because of a disagrement.

Day 5

The arena will be flooded by the ditch and the remaining tributes will have to retreat to the forest or drown. The forest is only small compared to the flood plain. The Underwater Mutts will also be released.

Day 6

The Dragonfly Mutts are released as well as all the other ones. The place where the arena flooded is full of underwater mutts. Tree Mutts are released to kill remaining tributes who are forced to move to the trees.

Day 7

For anybody who is still alive, there will be a feast at the Cornucopia but the Cornucopia will be surrounded by a mine field and only the clever can get past it!

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