No, before you start a global panic, I am not leaving. I'm talking about the number of users that are.

This wiki is meant to be a place to do helpful edits, talk to others and help build an excellent encyclopaedia. But, at the moment, all I'm seeing is arguments, leaving blogs and admins trying to sort all this out.

Come on guys, it's not nice! I know that there are some pathetic people out there and stuff but as long as we all adhere to the rules of this wiki and Wikia as a whole, nobody gets hurt. I mean, if you get blocked for whatever reason... Making another account is not the best thing to do. You will get snuffed out by somebody who is a decent user and your original account gets blocked even longer.

Let's just be nice to each other. Admins can take chat away now just as easily as they did last time and now, I think it's the best way forward if people aren't going to be mature enough to be nice to each other and follow simple rules.


Just one example is Lukey. He has requested TAP that he gets blocked from the wiki until December 10th. I understand his reasons but this is possibly a big blow to us all. He is one of the most well known users here and everybody likes him.

We understand the people that need a break. But I think it's sad how some people feel pushed out of the wiki due to some bunch of users who annoy them/ bully them or anything else. Admins do do their very best to make this a happy, secure and argument free society. They do a good job but we can help need to help. If things get rough, don't leave. You will always have friends here and I for one will always listen, as will any admin, chat mod or rollback.

Stick to the rules and we will be the happy wiki we were when I joined.

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