Yes this is where you come to get somebody else to make a picture of your tribute (or anybody else for that matter). I know what you're thinking: "I can just do it myself and not waste the time!" Well if you were thinking that then you are right! But the great thing is that you can see what other people think your tribute looks like.

This is what you have to do:

The Steps

Step 1

Fill out this form-

Tribute's name:




Easy, right?!

Step 2

Make sure that the apperance section is filled in with as much detail as possible and then submit it. I will get back to you with the time it'll take for your luanii to be done.

Step 3

Enjoy what I've done! And if you have the time then please rate how happy you are and put a comment


For any examples of the luaniis that I do then just take a look at my talk page where there are 8 different ones for you to look at (and some avatars from a different dressing up game).

Waiting List

None at the moment.

Finished Orders

None at the moment

Ratings and comments

None at the moment

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