Really I have been thinking about this for a while but this blog and the whole planning of it has been pretty spontaneous in the past few minutes.

Anyway the podcast will be a monthly thing and we plan to have four permanent members and one guest user every episode. Currently the four permanent members are myself, Wes and Emma. But we need one more so if you are interested then pop it in a comment and I will pick between them. The only requirements are that you must be active and I must be convinced that you will actually do this and not stop when you get bored. The guest user will be picked by the four permanent members at the end of each episode. That user will of course have been asked before we announce it.

What we are going to do is do a group call on skype will all five people, record it, upload it onto youtube under a youtube account which will probably be called "THGWikiPodcast" and then upload it onto the wiki via youtube video thingy mah jigy. Its the same method that we do with trailers. Currently we are still trying to figure out who and how we are going to record it though.

This is what we plan each episode will be like:

  • Welcome
  • Book and film discussion
  • News
  • Quiz
  • Question time
  • Interview with guest user
  • General discussion
  • Finish

For the Question Time we would like each user to post three questions for us and we will pick the best ones to answer on the podcast.

<poll> What do you think of the idea? Über excited! Sounds great! Alright Meh Craaaaaaaaaaap </poll>

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