So this is a blog where I am celebrating my time on this wiki, the people on it and all the things I have enjoyed. Hmm? Whats that? Its two months late? Yeah well I like to copy what others do so thats why I did this! But thats not all. I picked this title because its true.

Its seriously true. My first year on this wiki was amazing. Sure there have been bad times when I just wanted to leave, or give into haters but something held me back. Wanna know what that was? You guys. Every single user on this wiki is the reason. You all held me back and because of that I feel like a mother to you all... Yes a very immature and embarrassing mother but a mother all the same. I want to protect and care for you all, because you have cared for me. I want to help you all, because you have helped me. And most of all I want to be you all, because you guys are perfect to me. The best users a wiki could have and so my (late) anniversary blog is going to be taken up by me dedicating a whole blog to just a small section of you guys.

The People

This is why I am here. These people are the foundation of this wiki and my reason to stay here. This list is not in any order and I am very sorry if you are not on it, the only reason is because I am forgetful and lazy.


Oh Anna. What can I say? Possibly one of the nicest users on this wiki. She is truly amazing at just being a person and at being a mod. Your beautiful and kind personality shines through on chat and in everything you do. Please read this and remember: You are amazing and everything you have done on this wiki is brilliant. Have more confidence in yourself because everyone else has confidence in you. I love you.


It was hard for me to start this off. There were too many comments flashing around my head about you and far too many to put into this blog. You are one of the best users in everything you do. Your modness, your editing, your activeness and your attitude. You know why everyone loves you? If not then you really are stupid Ryan. But I love you all the same. Actually I am in love with you XD.


My Jack Quaid grammar wizard whom I have too many words for. Your personality is just brilliant and everyone thinks so. In a newbie's eyes you're that crazy user who hangs around chat but in actual fact, you ARE crazy... But you are much much more. I love you.


My little stalker with many talents and one of the funniest personality I have ever known. You have many talents but you just don't know it yet. Actually I don't think you know what everyone thinks of you. Despite all their joking around, everyone loves you. And I don't think I have ever told you this... But I love you.


That cray cray saucepan handling goldfish who always comes to me for food when Ryan abuses her. But thats not all there is to her. There is much much much more which people see of they pay enough attention. This girl is fun loving, bubbly but most of all you are fantastic. And what do I think of you? I love you.


Oh Berreh Berreh Berreh. I sometimes think I may eat you because you are so cute... But also because you have a food in your username. What good things do I have to say about you? A better and shorter question would be what bad things do I have to say? Nothing. Really nothing bad at all. And you know why? Because I love you and your berryness.


That little template creating Totoro lover who I love too. If I had an avvie of a user, it would be of Alice. Mainly because she is another of of my stalkers but also because she would happily make me one. Alice, I love you!


Lily you may not know what I feel about you but I am about to say it for the first time. Lily you are a great mod and I am happy to know you. And also... I love you.


Now now now. What is there to say about a hyper, stalker who likes to read and write porn whilst scaring people with his sexual fantasies about them. I have found something else to say though: I am glad you aren't leaving because chat wouldn't be the same for me because I love you.


Again, you might not know what I think of you most of the time. And most of the time I don't know my feelings for you. But I do know one thing, you are a great addition to the wiki and because of this, I love you.


I now consider you to be knowledgeable... Hahahaha, funny joke! But really you are a user which has made the wiki a brighter place with just your personality and modness. I do love you.


Oh Luke. I thought we would always be together. It seems like you grew to hate this wiki after your demodding and that pained me. Our story has been long but we grew apart until you did something which made me angry. You openly bashed this wiki and myself. For this I cannot bring myself to forgive you or love you anymore. But at least I can tell you that I loved you.


My fellow admin who I have always admired throughout my time here. I was an honour for me to finally be at your level and I now hope that everyone loves me as much as I know they love you. And for good reason because you are crazy. Crazy but utterly brilliant and so I love you.


I am so glad you came here. Everyone now knows just how valuable users can be to us all in every aspects. I hope you like my nickname for you because I like it. It shows that, like Berreh, you are a user who I want to eat due to their sweetness and their cuteness. I love you and your taste.


I cannot spell your username. To be honest I cannot spell most things but what I can spell is what I think of you: Kind. Helpful. Amazing. An example to us all. And guess what? I love you.


One word to describe you: Beautiful. I have never seen your face but I am sure you are this. I know this because your personality is beautiful and I love you.


Mia, you may not know this. But I hope you can see it after you read this. You are an amazing mod and something Oli said about you on chat today really made me think and say "Actually she is. We just all take her for granted." Well not anymore. Starting from now Mia I love you even more.


Fun loving. Hyper. Friendly. A friend to us all. And a special one to me. I love you.


Something you said on chat the other day kinda upset me. "Is everyone annoyed with me?" How could anyone be annoyed at you? How could I ever not like my little Gruffles? I love you, my Gruffles.


I could write a whole blog about you Scarlet. I really could. But I won't because I am afraid you won't see it. But I am also scared you will see it and it will make you upset. I don't want you to be upset, I always want you to be happy because I love you. And the thought of not seriously saying that to your face hurts me.


The whole world is lighter when you guys are here. And I hope you read this just so you know that I haven't forgotten about you because I love you.


Why are you not here? I feel like you have took a part of me with you when you left. I laugh when I think of our times together, you protecting me with your brawl and me protecting you with my brain. We were a team and I liked that. But I never told you that I love you and our times together.


I hope you still remember the fun we had. I hope we have this sort of fun again but it seems you have moved on. Yet I still love you.


Why couldn't you have just not have been on this wiki? It would have been easier for me because then I would not have grown close to you and loved you before you were ripped away from me. I await your return and I hope it is soon for I love you. And most importantly I love your tackle hugs.


I thought you were a spammer. But look at you know! You have grown into a user who is loveable in every way. And so I love you.


I haven't known you that well for long but I thought you outta be mentioned on this blog because you are special. I hope you know that I do love you and your personality.


I was the first person to greet you I think. And I am glad of this because you turned out to be a friendly user and a loved member of the community. I love how you decided to be an active user here and join the rest of us.


The most important and valued member of this wiki. I want you to see this and I want to put you on here. Your work is amazing and I admire you, I look up to you. And I am kinda jealous how you get the time to do all the amazing things you do! Nobody ever has enough time, but you take the time out to help everyone who needs it. TAP is the definition of a proper Administrator. I love what you do.


So this took me a while! Two hours to be precise! But you got the gist of it, the common thing on everyone. Yes, thats right.

I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. This wiki was my home for a year. And I hope it is a home for me for many many many more years. I love you, The Hunger Games Wiki.

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