We are on the brink of a new year so this title is very fitting, don't you think? Well the general impression you would get from this title is that the twist is something about the times and that it will either be an old fashioned styled games or futuristic. You're wrong. You're all forgetting the other meaning of century.

Century means one hundred. Yep you got it! Thats the twist. For these games there will be 100 tributes. But to be honest all the numbers are going to be a bit fiddly for the tributes to add up to 100 but stay with me here. You can find out more about the tributes and districts in a bit. Stick around and read these rules though.


And for everyone wondering, I am continuing with the Pain Games and the Luanii Competition.

  1. Please do not make every single tribute an 18 year old who is amazing with swords. Try making a really weak tribute. You never know - they might win!
  2. Please prove you have read these by putting: "I love pink frilly things" in the middle of your tribute's backstory/personality. Anybody who does not do this shall not have that particular tribute accepted.
  3. To prove you have really read these rules, don't post the above quote.
  4. I want all tributes to have at least the following sections: Name, Gender, Age, District, Weapon, Strategy
  5. Links to HGRP and reservations ARE allowed.
  6. You can have 8 tributes each.
  7. Post a few times like encouraging your tributes.... Or me!


Right here I am again! Miss me? Have fun reading through the rules? No? Spoil-sport. Anyways this is where the real fun begins (yayayay). There will be 15 districts (The Capitol, Districts 1-13 and District 14), each district having 6 tributes except Districts 3, 5, 6, 13 and 14 which will have 8 tributes each. This was all voted on by chat yesterday. Anyways these are the tables. Instead of making one massive table I have decided to make 15 small ones basically because I don't want to make a massive one and its much easier to flick back to for reference later on.

The Capitol

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Mahogany Vesta 17 Capitol F Throwing knives Justin
Cyan Vesta 17 Capitol M Sword Justin
Lulu Glades 14 Capitol F Blowgun Erlend
Allen Greensworth 12 Capitol M Sickle Salmon
Tabby Euphoria 16 Capitol F Gun Sam
Vento Azure 17 Capitol M Hammer Wes

District 1

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Glow Décor 15 1 F Spear Sam
Lorcan Madden 13 1 M Throwing knives Kekai
Toph Beifong 13 1 F Throwing axes Sam
Platinum Marble Clos 18 1 M Knife, axe, spear KEF
Andrea Marshall 17 1 F Knife, crossbow, axe Prezzie
Pacster Chalmers 17 1 M Sword, throwing knives World

District 2

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Raven Silence 14 2 F Throwing knives Erlend
Soul Silence 14 2 M Scythe Erlend
Scarlett Rosen 15 2 F Bow and arrow Royal
Tynan Kearn 18 2 M Throwing axes Wes
Willow Shrullux 15 2 F Sword, bow and arrow Rebekah
Blade Spectrus 14 2 M Spear, knives, sword Blake

District 3

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Karla Flake 16 3 F Knives Sam
Shock Huxley Eleator 18 3 M Wire, sword, throwing knives KEF
Juliet Spencer 17 3 F Bow and arrow, throwing axe, throwing knives MissRandomStuff
Ajax "Hercules" Emerson 17 3 M Sword, spear Nick
Luna Glitchturn 17 3 F Knives MissRandomStuff
Andrew Simmons 13 3 M Wire Ben
Petra Mines 17 3 F Knives Joan
Lyno Nactuna 15 3 M Throwing knives, bow and arrow Kaeghan

District 4

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Cassandra Oracion 15 4 F Trident, throwing axe Erlend
Konami Aretino 14 4 M Trident, crossbow Blake
Cady Heron 16 4 F Spear Ichilly
Cristopher Kosmos 16 4 M Spear, knife Joan
Silver Croft 17 4 F Whip, blowgun Ichilly
Olly Waves 18 4 M Trident Aspen

District 5

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Athena Lightningbolt 16 5 F Saw Royal
Aron Lightningbolt 14 5 M Saw Royal
Missy Randos 15 5 F Bow and arrow, throwing knives MissRandomStuff
Ember Tantum 15 5 M Knife, blowgun KEF
Albert Heller Brites 16 5 F Knife, blowgun KEF
Yul Zhu 17 5 M Throwing knives Wes
Taissa Sinnet 16 5 F Dual long knives Wes
Seedum Plant 15 5 Male Knife, axe, hammer Kaeghan

District 6

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Mimic Slaughter 16 6 F Any Sam
Zak Slaughter 16 6 M Any Sam
Randi Labrie 15 6 F Club, knives Glimmer
Brandon Ivey 15 6 M Sword, throwing knives World
Lana Khloros 16 6 F Hatchet Joan
Redlow Fexpo 18 6 M Mace Wes
Amor Rune 13 6 F Sickle, throwing axes Nick
Cario Paradox 16 6 M Bow and arrow Kaeghan

District 7

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Pine Everglade 12 7 F Axe Royal
Zorin Calpe 18 7 M Axe Wes
Rowan Amber Lindell 17 7 F Axe, dagger KEF
Crayolaya Licorice 17 7 M Spear, bow and arrow, trident Aspen
Kiara Himura 15 7 F Blowgun Wes
Caffiene Hassolfer 17 7 M Axe, awl Kaeghan

District 8

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Destry Gracia 16 8 F Sickle, scythe Charlie
Oxford Roope 17 8 M Knife Kekai
Lyra Pluto 15 8 F Bow and arrow, throwing knives Nick
Liir Fluor 12 8 M Trident, dagger Charlie
Wendy Shrullux 15 8 F Spear, blowgun Rebekah
Yoshi Holiday 14 8 M Sword, throwing knives World

District 9

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Lorelei Damion 17 9 F Whip Liza
Fire Fury 17 9 M Twin swords Prezzie
River Rain 16 9 F Trident Prezzie
Jarcus Pollish 16 9 M Scythe, sickle Kaeghan
Laurel Cinders 15 9 F Crossbow, hammer Royal
Rohan Calpe 16 9 M Axe Wes

District 10

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Clementine Everett 12 10 F Slingshot, sickle Ichilly
Clint Patriot 18 10 M None Tsteen
Sable Rose 18 10 F Throwing axe, whip Charlie
Kwartz Diodin 12 10 M Scythe, axe Kaeghan
Leena Vertech 16 10 F Whip Charlie
Boyce Logan 16 10 M Hammer Ben

District 11

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Isolde Esyllt 17 11 F Throwing knives Charlie
Cyprian Arys 13 11 M Sword, axe Charlie
Sierra Tulip Croft 13 11 F Blowgun, shuriken KEF
Ike Toussaint 14 11 M Machete, crossbow, throwing knives Mist
Blush Drixen 18 11 F Blowgun Royal
Ren Learey 16 11 M Wire Jinx

District 12

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Buttercup Mellark 12 12 F Bow and arrow Tsteen
Jacob Mellark 15 12 M Knife Tsteen
Charlie Fry 17 12 F Bow and arrow Ichilly
Willie Fry 13 12 M Bow and arrow, dagger Ichilly
Emily Fry 18 12 F Dagger Ichilly
Kale Elliot Malem 16 12 M Sword, spear KEF

District 13

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Shyvana Feuer 18 13 F Axe Erlend
Harley Swoop 14 13 M Knives Sam
Piper Quinn 18 13 F Bow and arrow Sam
Tails Power 15 13 M Throwing knives, sword World
Ebony Cestrel 17 13 F Sword, scythe Royal
Flippy Twinmind 17 13 M Dagger Mist
Fern Elysium Marx-Grenslev 15 13 F Throwing knives, dagger, bow and arrow KEF
Mart Karr 17 13 M Boomerang Kaeghan

District 14

Name Age District Gender Weapon(s) User
Olivia Alisu 17 14 F Whip, knives Wes
Anarchy Distortion 18 14 M Katana Erlend
Elixyvett Springs 16 14 F Slingshot, blowgun Charlie
Intensio Sirius 16 14 M Technology Tsteen
Areceli Chasity 13 14 F Kukuri, knives Royal
Ksy Rome 15 14 M Dagger, sword Charlie
Rebekah Ure 12 14 F Blowgun Rebekah
Vendetta "V" Fawkes 16 14 M Swords, daggers Mist

Train Journeys

Train C

Both Mahogany and Cyan were sitting on the far side of the carriage, whispering and keeping as far away from the other tributes as possible. Lulu and Vento were the only ones looking joyful, both stood up and cracking jokes with each other. Allen was sat on the floor with his slight back pressed up against the wall of the train, while Tabby was sat near him on one of the lavish seats.

Lulu crouched down to Allen and waved, flashing him a grin. "Hey! Why don't you talk? Are you mute... Like an avox?!" Allen just averted her gaze and didn't answer. He had heard all about the façade of the annoying weak psychopath and wasn't going to be fooled by her persona like everyone else. Vento poked Tabby's cheek and shouted to Lulu, "This one seems more fun."

Lulu narrowed her eyes at Allen one last time before bouncing over to Tabby and Vento. "You should be more joyful, hm? You did volunteer after all."

Tabby slapped Vento's hand away from her cheek and kicked him against the wall before turning to Lulu and bringing her knee into her stomach. "I volunteered because I was bored, bored of the easy life. I didn't volunteer to be harassed by freaks like you."

Cyan hurried over, separating the girls while his sister helped Vento get to his feet. "Hey hey hey you two... As much as I would love to see Tabby beat you to a pulp, this needs to stop. Just wait for the fighting to begin." Once Cyan finished speaking he released his grip on the girls. The Vesta siblings then resumed their discussion.

Vento and Lulu looked like they would start to talk to them next so Mahogany poked Vento in the chest and growled, "Come over here and I swear I will throw you out of the train."

Train 1

The atmosphere was much calmer on the next train with most of the tributes already knowing each other and had been friends for many years. That was all except Toph. She didn't belong in District 1, she should be back in District 6 living a false life of a secret runaway. Instead she was here, with people who whispered and pointed and despised. Being blind was seen as a weakness in Career districts, less so in Anti-Career districts. She loved it in District 6, the district where all the people spoke about Careers with anger. Needless to say she wouldn't be joining the careers.

Lorcan and Pacster seemed to be the most joyous; sharing kind words and encouragement to the others. Glow just smiled all the time... It pissed Andrea off. Platinum was currently the one talking about tactics, his serious face set on the four careers in front of him. He was already acting like a leader... It pissed Andrea off.

"That covers the in-depth tactics now for the general fighting. Myself, Pacster and Andrea can handle close combat due to our upper body strength and size. Lorcan and Glow, you two should focus on ranged attacks and supporting the melee based Careers. We don't know what the other twelve Careers are like yet but we can put forward everything I have said in the past twenty minutes to them and try and make our strategy fit around them." Platinum closed his hands and sighed. Glow clapped and giggled slightly.

Pacster coughed, "Just two questions: What happens if the other Careers refuse the strategy and what happens if too many of the melee tributes get killed early on. We would have to make sure the support ones also know close combat and for everyone to know both skills."

"Thats a good idea, Pacster!" Lorcan nodded to himself, "We could all help each other out in the training sessions and on the last day we can double up and test that we all are good enough to fight any type of style if needs be. I mean myself for example, I might have knives but I'm more skilled in throwing them and the stabbing and slashing side of it isn't my best bit. So somebody could help me with close combat fighting (like somebody good with swords) in exchange for throwing lessons."

Platinum nodded too, "Good, we can propose that too."

Toph listened in silence, secretly stealing every idea.

Train 2

Train 2 was almost identical in atmospheric terms to Train 1 in that there were the Careers sitting on couches and talking together like old friends. The only difference in this train was that instead of one tribute sitting away from the pack, there was two: Blade and Willow. Willow was never sure about what alliance to join, she just knew that she wanted to be allied with somebody who was kind and showed at least a shred of respect to her. Blade was that person. He was telling her how great the Anti-Careers are and that she should join them along with himself. She was becoming hooked on his every word. Every beautiful word which fell from his lips which she breathed in like nectar.

Unlike Toph, Blade hadn't kept his true motives secret (joining the Anti-Careers) and everyone in District 2 knew him as a traitor, the first target. He glanced at Raven and saw her bright blue and red eyes glaring at her until Soul tugged at her arm, alerting her to what was being said. The Silence siblings hated him, he knew that at least.

Soul was talking quickly, coming up with a million and one possibilities for what the arena could be and how the careers could tackle the arena and use it to the best of their advantage. Scarlett wasn't really listening though as she hated the Century Games so her gaze and thoughts kept drifting to the boy sat next to her. Tynan was listening intently to the other boy, his head propped up with one of his arms and his head cocked to the side. Every so often however his eyes would flicker to Scarlett for a moment, but then return to their original position. Every time he did that her heart fluttered and his gaze ricocheted throughout her body. He was a player, dangerous. Then again all the District 2 boys were. Except this one, Tynan, seemed to notice her. Or maybe he was just thinking of ways to kill her, each one involving his body against her in her last moments. She didn't mind if she was just going to be one of his flings, it might have been her last ever crush.

Train 3

Karla was sat under one of the bar stool with her feet pressed up against the wall. Despite this train having eight tributes it seemed a lot quieter than all the others. Perhaps it was because the only tributes actually talking and who seemed interested in making allies were Petra and Shock. Karla remembered Petra with a shudder. That cruel girl used to bully herself and Andrew. Her reasoning was that they were both 'weird' due to their mental disabilities.

Karla poked her head out from under the bar stool and scanned the train carriage. She couldn't find Andrew anywhere, he had probably gone to hide in the toilet. Her eyes settled on Ajax who was staring out of the window with glazed eyes. Petra probably would have bullied him too if it wasn't for his amazing strength. She also saw Lyno pacing up and down the train with a frown on his face. He was brought up by a poor family and found it hard to talk to people due to his shyness.

Juliet lazily glanced at the tributes. She made a mental note of the people who were in the room. Andrew: hiding in a toilet, clearly not a people person, scared, unlikely to get allies, possibly sponsored by people who feel sorry for him. Chance of surviving the bloodbath: 21%. Karla: hiding under a chair, scared of someone, inquisitive, if she swallowed her fears she could get allies, possibly sponsored by people who feel sorry for her. Chance of surviving bloodbath: 35%. Ajax: seems scary, could get allies with tributes from other districts, could show his caring side in the interviews to get sponsors, will get a high training score. Chance of surviving bloodbath: 100%. Luna: charming, quick, will probably get the Capitol on her side, survival skills seem to be her best bet on getting through the games, doesn't seem like she could do any fighting, likely to get sponsors and allies outside of District 3. Chance of surviving bloodbath: 73%. Petra: cruel, a bully, already has an ally in her friend, likely to get more allies, probably the career pack, too arrogant to get a lot of sponsors. Chance of surviving bloodbath: 94%. Lyno: weak, has a good aim, not afraid of other tributes as shown by the fact he is pacing, could get a small alliance with one or two other tributes, too shy to get sponsors. Chance of surviving bloodbath: 44%. Shock: nice enough to get sponsors, when allied with Petra is dangerous, will get many tributes to like her, probably will join career pack with her friend. Chance of surviving bloodbath: 80%.

Juliet rubbed her eyes with her thumb and forefinger. She had thought too much and now her head was starting to hurt. Also she had been thinking so much about other people that she hadn't even devised a strategy of her own.

Train 4

District 4 citizens were disappointed. It was made public that only three of their six tributes would be in the career pack. Silver, Cassandra and Konami were all said to be loners or not wanting to ally with the careers. The crowds had such high hopes for Cassandra especially after she had voulenteered for the games. Cassandra was the only one who knew that she was forced to voulenteer, forced to basically go to her death against ninety-nine others like herself.

Why did District 4 tributes usually have blue hair? That was the first question which had come to the forefront of Silver's mind as she walked onto that train. The other thought was how the tributes with bright hair would hide themselves in the arena. She then gazed over at the other two District 4 rejects who weren't typical careers. And finally looked at Cady and Cristopher, the typical looking careers. Cady was a typical female career: backstabbing, fake looking and too much makeup for her own good. Cristopher was a typical male career: strong, loves killing and sex appeal. Then there was Olly. He was the only eighteen year old there but he wasn't exactly looking like the most threatening. He, for one, didn't seem that comfortable on a train and kept scratching at the window muttering about the water. And he was still recovering from the loss of his mother which was four years ago.

Konami was a typical District 4 tribute who didn't really want to ally with other typical District 4 tributes. Currently the raging monsterous side of his personality had come out to play and he was nudging his teeth with an index finger, imagining that he was sinking his teeth into some squealing pig that was a tribute. Cady snorted as she strutted past him and joined Cristopher on a bar stool.

"Disappointing tributes this year. Should be easy enough to win." She snorted. Konami snarled and smashed a glass against Cady's head with enough force to knock her off the stool and half way across the train. He pinned her arms down and snapped his jaws inches from her face, making her scream and squirm and cry for help. None of the other tributes moved. She managed to overpower his left hand and bring her arm to cover her face. Konami simply sunk his teeth into the soft skin on the underside of her arm and ripped out a peice of her skin. At this point her entire body was covered in bruises, blood and scratches, she had a huge pain in the side of her head and was being pinned down by an impossibly strong boy. Then her vision went black.

Olly instantly forgot about his desire for the ocean when he saw the scene unfolding on the floor. The girl seemed like she had died; limp and unresponsive. Konami stood up with a smile on his bloodied mouth and shrugged, "She just passed out from blood loss. I wouldn't kill her... Yet."

Train 5

If there was one thing Missy hated it would have been crazy people. And there she was, trapped on a train with Taissa and the Lightningbolts. Those trio of tributes were a nasty piece of work. Luckily Athena and Aron had no interest in allying with Taissa and Aron had rejected her when she had asked. The other four were particularly quiet. Yul was the sort of boy who would join the Anti-Careers and Missy wasn't totally against allying with them herself. As long as there weren't any mentalists in that alliance. Albert was a nice boy, a year older than herself though so she never got chance to speak with him properly. She had known Seedum and Ember though who were both her age and in most of her classes at school.

Seedum knew Missy would beckon him over sooner or later. He liked to think that the two of them were good friends and so would have allied with her. Then Missy waved Ember over. Seedum knew that Ember and Missy were distant friends but he really didn't like her because she was cunning and deceitful. The boy had also overheard her talking about using her allies as things and that she has high standards for allies and how she would use them to her advantage. Seedum was not going to be treated like an object.

"Please Seedum. We need allies," Missy looked at him with her wide chocolate eyes and he sighed, giving in. Seedum doubted he would even get past the bloodbath anyway.

There was nobody in this batch of District 5 tributes that Albert wanted to ally with. He would have preferred to be a loner in the games so he wouldn't have to watch any of his friends die but it was apparently more beneficial for him to have allies. He glanced at the other tributes which were his age: Taissa, Athena and Aron. He didn't trust any of them. Three tributes a year younger than him had gathered together, making an alliance it seemed. And finally there was Yul. Yul was a really nice and caring person, evidenced by the fact that he volunteered to save his brother. Albert could put his faith in a guy like that and made a mental note to himself to try and get on his good side.

Train 6

This train's atmosphere was much like Train C in that two or the tributes, the Slaughter twins, were keeping their distance from the other tributes and were talking quietly. While this was happened none of the others really tried to strike up a conversation despite them all knowing each other and being nice people.

Redlow already knew what the others thought of him: underweight, tall, face of a twelve year old, weak. He older than all the other tributes by at least two years:four sixteen year olds, two fifteen year olds and the thirteen year old. The boy knew the sixteens year olds by name but the other three were a mystery to him.

Randi had herself pressed up against the wall and shrunk down in her seat as low as possible in an attempt to blend in. Brandon didn't notice her, he never really did. Lana would have noticed everyone and everything about the train if she ever looked up from her cup of water. The girl didn't want to draw any attention to herself, like Randi, as she knew she would have to backstab them later.

It seemed that there was a theme in District 6 with shy and quiet girls. Along with Randi and Lana, Amor was one of the ones that didn't want to stand out. Her past had left her scarred when she was beaten and kidnapped as a young girl. But inside the girl shared a lot in common with Lana as they both knew and accepted the simple fact that, in order to survive, everyone else in the trains must die.

Cario puffed put his lips. Everyone in District 6 was too shy just like himself and it annoyed him how shy they all were. The train ride ended with out any speech and, strangely enough, Lana found that her last thoughts before she stepped off the train was about the relative atomic mass of gold. Gold. Something she could have a lot of if she won.

Train 7

Kiara clapped her hands and squealed, mocking District 7's escort from the Reapings. Four out of the other five tributes laughed and joked along with her, ensuring Kiara an alliance with either one or all of them. Rowan was the only one not laughing. Instead she mocked the tributes, laughing in a shrill voice and making shouts of, "Oh Kiara I love you! Oooooooo."

Pine glanced at Rowan's mouth, lip reading her as she was deaf, "Leave her alone," she stood up and balled her hands into a fist, "We're all trying to get along here and make an alliance so we can survive. What's wrong with that."

Caffiene shrunk back down into his head and placed his head in his hands. Crayolaya also made no gesture to support Pine or Kiara as he was the sort of person who hated causing or even witnessing trouble. Zorin was the only other tribute who stood up for Kiara, having very strong morals himself. Kiara signalled for the other two tributes to sit down, "C'mon guys. We can all get along."

Rowan rolled her eyes and snorted, "Look at all of you: laughing. Act a bit more mature," those serious eyes then turned themselves to Crayolaya and Caffiene, "And you two... Grow some balls."

Zorin took a deep breath and pinched the tender skin on the bridge of his nose. There is always a trouble causer. In an instant Caffiene had swiftly moved in front of Rowan, splashed her with the contents of his glass and smashed it into her face.

Crayolaya widened his eyes and muttered, "Things just got real."

Train 8

Liir never liked the Games, like most people. He also hated his birthday, unlike most people. See here, the problem with Liir's birthday was that it was Reaping Day. And on Liir's twelfth birthday, his first reaping day in the wrong side of the red rope, he was reaped. Four other tributes were reaped with him and they all matched his gloomy face. Liir noted the girl who volunteered: Wendy. But for some reason Wendy then broke down and cried on the stage, screaming about how she only did it to become a matyr who will die to save somebody else. She had kept crying all the way through the train ride.

Lyra suspected that there was a underlying reason as to why Wendy had volunteered and thus declared to herself that the tears were fake. Lyra also declared Yoshi to be dangerous and simply turned her back on him when he waved and smiled at her. Instead Yoshi started chatting away to Destry.

Oxford and Liir were the only ones who seemed to appeal to Lyra's senses and so she tried to make some small talk with them.

"How unfortunate," she said to Liir, eyes closed tight. The boy nodded and kept his eyes fixed on a small patch of dirt on the floor. Lyra huffed at his shyness and strutted over to Oxford.

"I bet you're hoping the arena is full of snow"! She joked and pointed to his hair. Oxford looked up at a light blonde strand of hair floated onto his nose.

"I believe snow is white whereas my hair is blonde. Are you perhaps colour blind? If so then I can give you a few pointers on how to distinguish colours which you have trouble with..."

The boy kept rambling on about colour blindness for a good twenty minutes but for some reason Lyra couldn't stop listening and, without her realising, she grew to admire the strange boy who stood out from everyone else.

Train 9

Lorelei had been Rohan's first kiss. He thought that in his bullied and pathetic life, she was the only light which he could follow, the only light which would let him follow. Fire and River were always the ones to beat him and make his life a misery wherever he went.

It had been going on for a few weeks by now: their relationship. It all started when Rohan had been asked by his Biology teacher if he would be so kind as to teach some students who were struggling in the subject. Lorelei was one of those students. The first time he visited her house, they had mainly spoken about the work but things started to get more social until Rohan was being invited into her house because she actually wanted to talk to him. One night they were just speaking about school, everything seemed normal until she leaned over and pushed him onto her bed. She playfully pinned him down and they kissed. Rohan's heart fluttered that day and the two were dating ever since.

The following events of the train rides were possibly the worst moments of Rohan's life though. He had been reaped with his girlfirend, his friend, a girl who was younger than him, and his two bullies. Lorelei had been sitting besides him for half of the journey until Fire came over, lifted her chin lightly with three fingers and embraced her in a kiss. Rohan balled up his fists and was about to confront the older boy when he saw what was really happening. The sides of his girfriend's mouth were turned up and her arm was draped around Fire's shoulders as she kissed him back.

After what seemed like at least a whole hour the pair broke the kiss and Lorelei smirked. On her face was a different expression as to what he was used to and her voice came out in a dull, mocking tone. "What? Did you really think somebody like me would be interested in you?"

Rohan ran out of the car.

Train 10

Clementine, Kwartz, Leena and Boyce were all reaped because they were unlucky. Clint volunteered because he was a nobody. Sable volunteered because she was some body. That was all she was, all she ever was and all she would ever be. By volunteering for the Games she rid herself of the life she had back at 'home', whether she survived these or not. She was hoping on not.

"This is stupid!" Boyce suddenly said (shouted almost) and leapt up from his seat, "Why are we sat in an awkward silence? We all trust each other, don't we?"

There were a few grumbles in disagreement.

The boy pinced his eyes shut and sighed, "Fine. We all know each other then. What harm could it do for us all to be in an alliance? District 10 alliance!" Boyce then grabbed six knives, threw five of them on the floor and stretched another one outwards before giving the five other tributes an expectant look. Slowly each one of them picked up a butter knife and mimicked Boyce. Some, like Kwartz, did so instantly but others, like Clint and Sable required some gentle silent persuasion. Eventually though all six tributes stood in a circle and all six knofe blades were touching and overlapping. The Alliance of District 10 was formed.

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