So hello everyone these are my fifth games but they are again going to be different than normal and shall be more detailed than my previous ones! I have decided to do another games and end my beloved and infamous Pain Games (I have no idea why they are infamous). I hope you all enjoy them.


So these are The Chess Games and the arena is going to be like a huge chessboard and it will work slightly like chess but without the different types of chess pieces (all tributes will be equal but there will be two teams competing until one team is defeated). The thing is though that during the Training Sessions I shall pick a King (or Queen) for the two teams and in my writing they will decide the runnings of the battle and what the tributes should all do. So lets get this underway!


  1. I do not reserve unfortunatly as I cannot be bothered to chase people up to give me their tributes.
  2. In these games, there will be Districts but Careers do not exist. But please do not make every single tribute an 18 year old who is amazing with swords. Try making a reall weak tribute. You never know- they might win!
  3. Please prove you have read these by putting: "I love pink frilly things" in the middle of your tribute's backstory/personality. Anybody who does not do this shall not have that partcular tribute accepted.
  4. I want all tributes to have a personality and a word count of at least 300 words.
  5. You can only have 4 tributes each.


There shall be 45 tributes and I will select which team the tributes shall be in and which two tributes shall be the leaders. If you desperatly want your tribute in a certain team then please tell me. PLEASE NOTE: the two teams are called Black Team and White Team. I mean no racial offense by this, I am just sticking to the original chess game rules. And I know there will be an odd number of tributes so one team will have one more tribute but I shall do this so it is fair.

Name District Age Gender Weapon(s) User Team
Iris Arcus The Capitol 17 Female Sword or Machete Wesolini
Scepter Mist The Capitol 18 Male Sickle, spears and knives Hybrid Shadow
Symphony Decibel The Capitol 17 Female Throwing Stars and Throwing Knives EHKnight
Indigo Kannaton 0 17 Male Scropio Shurikens EvilhariboMadness
Synthesia "Sylvia" Velonte 0 16 Female Bow and arrows and Curved Swords EHKnight
Cosmos Frost 0 14 Male Scythe ClovelyMarvelous
Penny Tishler-Dawson 1 15 Female Wire and Sword XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Topaz Grace 1 17 Male Katakana and Kives Junior ii
Astoria Lovelace 1 17 Female Swords or Throwing Knives AxedFox
Phantom Blade 2 13 Male Scythe Jabberjay78
Artemis Kane 2 17 Female Bow and arrows, dagger and throwing knives Beetee19
Viper Blac 2 16 Male Knives St.Berry4evers
Atlas Aura 3 17 Female Crossbow and Axe St.Berry4evers
Courage Blitz 3 14 Male Swords Jabberjay78
Issabella Electrode 3 18 Female Spear, sword and hammer Prezziesnow9704:)!
Cygnus Dark 4 17 Male Twin Swords AxedFox
Cassandra Oracion 4 15 Female Trident and Throwing Axe EHKnight
Trident Bekke 4 15 Male Trident and Net Junior ii
Fawn Cloud 5 15 Female Sickle and Spear Beautiful Mistake
Zaire Greenpond 5 15 Male Scythe ViniciusDeAssis1999
Calypso Gale 5 17 Female Anything Jabberjay78
Doomsday Terror 6 17 Male Knives and Axe Prezziesnow9704:)!
Emma Grace 6 15 Female Throwing knives and Mace Obnoxious Blue Unicorns Stole My Dignity!
Redlow Fexpo 6 18 Male Mace and explosions Wesolini
Odessa Roehr 7 13 Female Dagger, Trident and Axe Lily!
Beech Tree 7 15 Male Knife Polinarose
Willow Firethorn 7 17 Female Throwing Axe and Katakana District1 Obsessed
Dome Citadel  8 16 Male Hatchet Hybrid Shadow
Silvia Hake 8 15 Female Knives and Bow and arrows HungryTeen
Tobias Clarke 8 16 Male None MallietDistrict2
Gardenia Loranne 9 14 Female Throwing Knives and wire ViniciusDeAssis1999
Detria Glace 9 14 Female Throwing knives and Blowgun Annamisasa
Darnell Washington 9 17 Male Scythe Captainsv
Vulcan Olympus 10 14 Male N/A TheMysteriousGeek
Jinx Vikus 10 18 Female Butterfly Swords AxedFox
Hunther Hayes 10 16 Male Spear Junior ii
Lia Mainwaring 11 17 Female Spear and Bow and arrows Annamisasa
Grass Whistle 11 16 Male Stick and Bow and arrows Jabberjay78
Sasha Tompkins 11 13 Female N/A TheMysteriousGeek
Leo Algeiba 12 15 Male None Beetee19
Noiri Blance 12 15 Female Scimitar Wesolini
Volcanic Activity 12 17 Male N/A District1 Obsessed
Amphitrite Velas 13 17 Female Ninja stars and Throwing Knives Beautiful Mistake
Monroe Pierce 13 16 Male Spear Everderp
Danielle Laura- Anne Anners 13 17 Female Blowgun Polinarose


The Reapings will explain most of the rules and how these games shall work as I have not explained most of the things to you. So enjoy!

The Captiol

Iris' POV

I was smiling. Why the heck was I smiling? It was the reaping day and I was smiling like an idiot with a mental problem. But I was getting looks from other kids who had freakish patterns all ovr their body whereas I only had rainbow hair. One kid in paricular who I knew from school, Scepter Mist, raised his green eyebrow at me. I sook my head, not wanting to speak about how annoying people were being today.

We had all filed into our allocated places in front of the lavishly decortated Justice Building when the musc blared out, hurting my normal, unmodificated ears. A bored looking District 7 guy strolled out, he had obviously been selected to be The Capitol's escort for these games. "Listen up Capitol! These are the Chess Games, a sick twist on the once popular game of chess. When you have been reaped you will go to the training centre where you shall be split into two teams and in each team there will be a King or Queen selected to lead you. If the other team kills the King or Queen of your team then you have two choices: Give into death or start fighting against everyone who comes near you, in a kinda free for all."

I had my mouth wide open, desperately searching for my rainbow obsessed parents to pick me up and carry me out of here, away from my future escort with normal hair and no tattoos. But he had started, "Now we will get on with our tributes! This year The Capitol will produce two girls and one boy", a few girls screamed out at this but the District 7 man carried on, "Yes yes its all very sexist for you ladies."

I was practically shaking by the time the male escort stuck his hand into the female's reaping bowl twice. He clearly called two names, "The female tributes are Symphony Decibel and... Iris Arcus!"

My stomach flipped over and I blacked out.

Scepter's POV

I was staring at her, the girl who I had stared at all year. The perfectly normal looking girl with the hair which turned me on like a lightbulb at Christmas. It hurt to even think about Christmas for what I was about to do would mean that I'd never get to see another Christmas, never get to see the joy on my family's faces and never get to see my Capitol home ever again.

The escort stumbled over to the male reaping bowl, obviously drunk with boredom and depressed due to the sun's rays beating his face. "Gok Wan!" The man cried and a tall boy with an amazing tattooed face pranced up to the stage. I breathed in and then breathed put. This is what I was trained for. "I volunteer."

The crowd was breathless as I walked up onto stage, pushing the reaped boy back into the crowd and taking my place next to an unconcious Iris and an equally pretty girl whom I had never seen before. She gave me a wicked smile and I made a mental note not to trust her, even if we are on the same team.

District 0

Cosmos' POV

So awkward! I thought muttering an occasional 'Excuse me' as I pushed through the crowd of children and ticked off astrologists who had been disturbed from their obviously riveting research. The sun was beaming down on my head, almost illuminating my arctic blue hair which I instantly regretted having. I let a small sigh escape my lips as a group of half naked 16 year olds passed me, laughing and joking about the games. After seeing this, I instantly regretted wearing a vest top, showing off my scrawny arms and bulging eyes. I was regretting a lot of things today, the fact that I had taken seven tesserae out to feed my malnourished family was amongst these regrets.

An anthem suddenly played and I craned my neck to see the olive skinned escort moving through the crowds of kids, shooing them away with her hands like she probably would have done with the crops in District 11. Finally making her way up to the stage she turned and looked at each one of us with startling emerald eyes which were outlined even more by the sun. "You all know the rules, so I won't waste your time with them. Just try your best and maybe you will get a high position in your team and if you do then the other team will kill you first. Yay for you!" A couple of kids grumbled at this, not liking how she was acting like it was all a joke. "SO!" She suddenly cried, making me jump and knocking over the two boys next to me. "For District 0 there will be one girl and two boys so congratulations boys, two of you are going to be reaped! Now we have to do the boys first because there are two of them!"

I gazed up at the stars which shone even in the daylight. And I marvelled at how the astrologists managed to make them visible all the time. I realised I would never find out when my name was called. "Cosmos Frost and... Indigo Kannaton." M heart leapt out of my chest as I spotted my fellow male walk up to the stage via the other steps. He had sparkling amber eyes and tanned skin which matched. I stared at my feet as I trembled onto the stage. Indigo looked at me and gave a small smile. At least I thought it was a smile, it was more like a smirk.

Sylvia's POV

Winning was my only opinion. I was going to get far far away from all these freaks who waked around here looking so smart. Ever since the move nothing in my life has been the same. Nothing except my skills. A small smile broke my mask as I crooked the corners of my mouth to the sky.

"Synthesia Velonte'

I didn't move.

"Erm... Synthesia Velonte? Come up to the stage now."

Still I did not move an inch. I heard a few girls behind me whispering to each other about how cool I was. And this spread like fire, trickling out of everyone's mouths until they were all talking about it. This had the desired effect! Slowly I shuffled to the stage and skipped up them, like I was happy to be there. I was a good liar.

As I stood besides the two males, one of them, Indigo I think, winked at me and cocked his head towards the other boy. Great! So from my district I had a flirt and a scrawny boy who looks as if he couldn't survive a conversation. I was already pissed off.

District 1

Penny's POV

My eyes opened to my mother staring down at me with her brown eyes. I was woken up quickly enough and I even gave a small squeak of surprise. "Get up quickly! You need to look your best when you volunteer." I sighed at my mother when she said this. I was not volunteering for this. Not after the pain I had suffered from my friend's father because I was fighting for my right not to volunteer. Dragging my fingers across the light knife mark on the base of my neck became a daily routine by now and each time it was done, I could feel my body closing up on it. I dressed in front of a mirror, making sure that I would look better than the other bitches in my District. Finally I tightened one of my mother's favorite necklesses onto my neck and smiled when I noticed it only just covered the scar. Good. I need to look sexy.

A loud clap of hands brought me back to the real world which I so often detested. The clap belonged to my mother who had froze at the door with her hands clapped over her mouth at my outfit. "Oh honey. You're going to volunteer then?" I snorted in disgust and pushed her out of the way hard enough for her bush of blonde hair to bang against the door hinge.

The trumpets of the great "United" Kingdom who would rule over us for these games rang across the diamond infested District. I followed all the other girls who were my age into the section of the crowd. That was when I noticed the tall District 1 man confidently walk out of the Justice Building. He was the most amazing person I had ever set eyes on and I instantly wanted to kiss him. We were lucky that the district's escort this year was from our own district. Perhaps too lucky for my own good.

Topaz's POV

I breathed in the morning air and drunk the heat which swam in the air. The sun had dried out my lips and so whilst waiting for the slower kids to get in line, I licked my lips slowly, biting on them occasionally and hoped some girl would notice me. Great, no such luck with that! Our tall escort strode out even though not everybody was in line. A couple of girls swooned at the sight of him and I was instantly jealous. This wannabe womaniser was stealing all my meat! Rolling my red eyes to myself I recalled how stupid I really was. No girl had actually even wanted me. A few needed me, usually to make other guys jealous but I had never actually had some fun times with any. I was becoming pathetic how I was seventeen yet still obtained my virginity. Yet I still stood there acting like the next sex god.

His voice rang out clearly across the crowd as he began to explain to us something which we had heard a million times before. Some crap about the rules and how we would be in teams. He then also announced that there would be two girls and one boy being reaped. I groaned, wondering who the lucky cow would be to get it on with two girls. But first, I just had to find out which two ladies would be leaving me behind. "And the two lovely girls coming with me today are... Astoria Lovelace and... Penny Tishler-Dawson. Please come on up to me." As soon as those words trickled from his perfectly shaped mouth the two teenagers were fighting their way onto the stage to see who stood besides the escort. I practically drooled at the sight of the females sweating over each other. Shame it was due to another guy.

Then the escort shifted to the other bowl and gracefully picked up a folded piece of paper. "Topaz Grace come on up." I widened my bright crimson eyes and staggered up to the stage, licking my lips. So I would get the chance to do my stuff in these games. Its about time the girls took notice of me.

District 2

Viper's POV

An empty bed next to me. An empty house. An empty life. Empty is what describes me. Even my eyes look dull and empty like no life is behind them. It was better that way as then people steered away from me and I never got too close to them. I wasn't worthy enough for friends or a family. Despite myself I whistled joyfully whilst dressing, trying to ignore the whole in the wall which I made last week. It was troubling that I was growing so quickly physically and regarding my anger. For some reason I was always angry at myself.

The closest shirt to me was a blood coated brown one which showed off my dark arms. It wasn't nice to look at but still, I didn't want to stride around shirtless. The sight of my abs for some girl would be all too much. Apparently just looking at my face was, I noted while exiting my house. The small group of girls who walked by my house almost everyday swooned at the sight of me. It was annoying. I absentmindedly ran my fingers through my spiked hair. This signalled for another chorus of screams from behind. That was it!

I spun round and leaned in close to the girls before calling them all ugly and swearing at them. Just as I was about to walk away I also called them fat. Okay, maybe I went too far with that one but they had it coming! I mean I have never been one to want attention from anybody... Really I haven't. Even in training I did it all by myself and tried to never do anything too impressive in front of an audience. I'm also pretty clever, if I must say so myself as I've worked out that two boys and one girl will be chosen from District 2. I had worked that out way before the lavishly dressed District 10 woman told us. Her voice was low and gravely, kinda like a cow's sound. It instantly annoyed me up until the point I had to restrain myself from going up there are grabbing the mic from her. In the end I just blanked her out until she chose the tributes that is. I was right, two males who were going to be picked first.

The escort coughed, hopefully choking on a cow bone I though, and began. "The two brave soldiers participating are Phantom Blade and Viper Blac." I tried to smile as I walked up to the stage and shake hands with the other dude. But its hard to look somebody in the eye who you're gonna kill and try to look nice.

Artemis' POV

Love would play no part in my strategy. These two handsome guys were not flirting their way past me, nor was anybody else going to. There would be enough romance in these games, with people knowing it would be their last living moments. Tributes may even be taking the chance to go "all the way"... In other words "get laid". Sex was never a problem for me as I saw what the result of my mum and dad having it was: Me. And no parent should have to have me as a child.

No tribute should have to have me as a competitor either. My name was called out and I smiled out of pure joy.

District 3

Issabella's POV

Yeah so chess wasn't my sort of game. I had tried to play it before, even tried to make some chess pieces which moved independantly but that all failed miserably. But I had guessed that I wasn't going to be Queen anytime soon nor was I going to be on the winning team. Any big fights which would happen would either kill me or make me run away crying. So I was eighteen but still a baby... Whats up with that?!

Already my body was fed up with standing in that humid square with hundreds of other kids all fed up too. Fed up with life. Fed up with these games. But most of all... Oh most of all! They were fed up with the heat. Seriously, its scorching out here. But those were the least of my worries when the music started up. It was going to happen and I was going to go through this without crying and without showing people I was weak. Because that would be telling the truth. My fourteen year old brother could beat me in a sprint over 40 yards. I was accurate enough with darts but there was no power behind that accuracy.

All of these thoughts were put at the back of my mind when the District 4 twins literally cartwheeled onto the stage, one on each side. These two female escorts had blue hair with identically shaped faces. I could only tell them apart by the hilarious size differences. The one on my left was tiny, smaller than me. And O was small! Yet the one on the other side was tall, like really tall. They both spoke alternate sentences as they explained the rules and then announced two girls would be chosen. So I had double the chance to be chosen now! Great.

"The first tribute is... Atlas Aura!" Said the smallest twin as we all watched boyish shaped girl. "Issabella Electrode." I promised myself I wouldn't cry if I was picked. So I automatically broke down in tears. I was crying so much that I didn't feel the gloved hands throw me onto the stage. Nor did I hear the name of the District 3 male. And I defiantly didn't see Atlas and Courage Blitz make a silent alliance.

District 4

Cygnus' POV

Crowds aren't really my thing and there was a big problem whenever I was near crowds. I sweat. But luckily today because it was so hot, I could hide it. I just hoped that the arena wasn't a freezing snow covered wasteland otherwise the whole of Panem would laugh at me. Desperatly, I searched for my guy friend, Bekke. Trident and I had been friends since birth almost, both of us learning to swim before we could walk and catch fish before we could each solids. Our skills with water were second to none. And Trident had liked it so much, he changed his name and spent all his time catching fish, so he really was a human trident.

Our escort this year was some dude... Or was it a girl? Anyway, which ever it was it was from Distrct 9 and it had... Yellow tinted skin?! Looked like something put of a freak show. Or the Capitol.

Cassandra's POV

Okay so the escort is a freak. Half of us are wondering which gender it is, the other half is wondering how s/he got their sikn like that. But whats bugging me even more is the reaping ball on the right hand side of the stage which has four slips placed into it. My lips curved up in a smile as she (the yellow person's voice was too high to be a man's) announced the gender being picked twice is the boys.

I had never liked humans. Men in particular. Ever since the incident with Caspian it was like there was nobody I could trust anymore. Caspian used to be the person I trusted due to him saving me from years of prodding by Capitol folks. Yet he started doing the same thing to me which they had done. So I killed him. It wasn't particularly hard but all the same it upset me from time to time. Finally I brought myself back to reality just in time to see two strong looking teenage boys jump onto the stage and shake hands like old friends. Now it was time.

"And the lady is... Marcealna Evrece."

I coughed and the entire district turned to look at me. "No its not. I am the District 4 female." My nostrils flared as I walked up to the stage, it was a sign of my fear but because of how isolated I have been for the last two years, nobody knew.

District 5

Fawn's POV

I elbowed the girl behind me. She kept pushing and jumping around like a spring lamb and it ticked me off. Acting like she was so damn happy that she could be about to be reaped. I turned to look at the girl when she tapped my shoulder and came face to face with this seventeen year old. Maybe it was because I'm not very clever but for some reason when I looked at this girl, I instantly wanted to kill her. For example, I imagined myself garrotting her with her own bra strap and then snapping off one of her feet with my teeth. I had lovely thoughts sometimes.

The girl pursed her lips and stared hard at me. She looked me up and down and immediately thought that I wasn't worth it. Now that really pissed me off, so much that I launched myself at her head and tried to break her pretty neck. It wasn't long before we were both torn off each other by the Peacekeepers but not before I had ripped a handful of hair out of her little head.

The Peacekeeper who had hold of me took me to the edge of the crowd and sat me down. "That girl can fight with just about anything. If you were both reaped, you wouldn't want her as an enemy in the arena. Do you want to die?"


Zaire's POV

I kept my head down, the hood of my deep navy jumper was pulled over my head, fastened at the neck so nobody could see anything other than my eyes. Nobody had ever seen my face, not even at school. Actually I barely ever went to school, there was too much drama going on over there which I couldn't deal with and keep my identity at the same time.

This was proven by the screeching which started up on my left side where two girls were hidden amongst the tangle of hair and the invisible screen of their screeching. This was why I didn't come out in public. I guessed that this time was special though for what was going to happen today. The thing bulging underneath my left sleeve had been ignored by the Peacekeepers, regarding it as a growth of some sort. But I had plans and the so thought 'growth' was a part of it. The anthem started up and the screeching suddenly stopped, like the children had been shushed by their conscious parents. A man, who looked just old enough to escape the Chess Games, stalked onto the stage and scowled at us all. "Now District 13 has better tributes then you slackers." I rolled my eyes at this obviously military man. "Now unfortunately we have two ladies, instead of men, going out to fight so the one man that does... You better win! Anyway lets pick the child bearers for this year."

I could feel gasps from the audience and even I, who had no emotions when it came to girls, was glad District 13 wasn't my home. "So these ladies are: Calypso Gale and... Fawn Cloud." They were both about my age but I picked the one that looked the youngest, the Fawn girl. "And the boy is..."

I had taken tesserae 68 times this year.

On purpose.

"Zaire Greenpond."

I grunted and pushed through the crowd of starers to get to the stage. Then I pushed back my sleeve, making the crowd gasp like a theatre audience, and plunged the concealed knife into Fawn's stomach.

District 6

Emma's POV

These games would be perfect for me. I could imagine myself as the mute bishop, waiting for somebody to get to the King or Queen and for me to strike. To kill somebody in real life was my goal. I had died many times in my dreams and even scared a child to death (weak heart I suppose) but never when I was in my own body. I wanted the murderer inside me to break free, for my spirit to fly once again. I wanted to imagine every tribute in these games as my enemies. Those I hated. Those who I hate. Those who have hated me. The list of names is endless.

I was so eager for this, I had been waiting in the spot all day even before anybody else was there. I was eager... Very!

The latecomers were scolded by the peacekeepers and then were eventually allowed to join the group. Then the sign was given and music started up. There was a guy with bronze skin, twinkling in the sunlight so it looked like armour. I guess it made sense seeming as he was from District 2. He had been talking for a while but I had just blanked him out until I sensed the actual reapings were getting near. "Well now that you know the rules its time to pick the two boys and one girl."

Everyone took a sharp intake of breath as the escort strode over to the male reaping bowl and took out two slips of paper, one in each hand. He read the left one first then the right one. "And the males are Redlow Fexpol and Doomsday Terror."

Everyone gasped again when they saw a seventeen and eighteen year old cooly walk up to the stage. It seemed District 6 had a good batch from the boys. Then the man picked up a slip of paper from the other glass bowl. "Akino Clayton." A small twelve year old was about to walk up but I was already there. I was on the stage before her and when she tried to walk up the steps, I grabbed her face and pushed her off so she fell backwards. The District 2 escort looked surprised, "Oh it seems we have a volunteer. You would like to volunteer?"

I nodded. This year District 6 is a force to be reckoned with. And not just because of the boys.

District 7

Odessa's POV

I really loved the Justice Building in District 7. Just because of the appearance, nothing else. But the high rising evergreen trees bordering the courtyard was like a fir smelling prison. Their branches stretched outwards like an overhead canopy when a few pines dropped on my head. It was beautiful to me. I found it so beautiful that I didn't really pay attention to the music around me and the signs of disgust as a District 8 man pranced onto the stage. It wasn't his fault that he was picked... But he didn't have to look so happy about it.

"Well everyone you've been told the rules many times before but this time I want to give everyone some general advice. You guys are strong. Whoever is the king or queen in your team wants a second in command who is strong. This is what you should strive to be and if given the king or queen position... Step down. Please trust me." The man was serious at this point and something about his face made me want to believe him and do as he said. In fact I was too shy and weak to be picked as any high ranking position or regarded as strong.

He pranced over once again and annoyed all the lumberjacks again. Its never a good idea to piss of men with axes. "The two females are Odessa Roehr and Willow Firethorn." Cheers came up from behind me as a seventeen year old girl stepped out of the crowd. She was obviously the favourite and very popular. I couldn't compete with that.

"Beech Tree"

And when I saw the boy, I knew I was going to die.

District 8

Tobias' POV

There was a delay in District 8. I hated delays, it meant more waiting around for people who couldn't be bothered to do otherwise. But it did mean that we got to watch District 0's reapings and that gave everyone a general idea of what we were up against from that district. I decided that if I was going to trust somebody or if I was going to actually speak to anyone from that district, it would be the Cosmos dude as he was most like me. Maybe if Dome, Dome Citadel that is, was reaped and wasn't in the other team he'd protect me until we won. At least I hoped he would. Dome might have been a fool but he was a good friend of mine and somebody who I knew I could trust.

A small wrinkly man with iron rimmed glasses stepped on stage, obviously confused as not all the people had filed in yet. But he started speaking and whittered on about District 0 so much that we realised he was from there. "You nice kids remind me of the District 0 ones except most of you have more drive. More spirit. Just not more brain." A peacekeeper on stage motioned for him to hurry it along.

The escort cleared his throat amd began, "Two boys are going to be picked and they are... Tobias Clarke and Canopus Gradci." I shivered as I stepped onto the stage and immediatly picked out Dome's wide orange eyes and saw him push his way through the crowd and call out: "I voulenteer in place of Canopus Gradci!" A gasp went up. Why didn't he voulenteer for me? That was the question everyonewas thinking. As the old man called the female tribute, Silvia Hake, up to the stage I asked him that question.

He looked at me and said, "Because if I die, I want you there. And if you are in danger, I want to be there,"

District 9

Darnell's POV

Urgh my bandages were already coming off around my wrist, knee and hip. They had been torn due to the amount of exercise I had been doing of late but it was embarrassing to say that I came about these handicaps because I fell down the stairs. Its pretty lame. It was also pretty lame how I was scared. Scared of what would happen to me if I was reaped into the games like this, a partly disabled little boy. I was weak, scared and injured. No doubt I would die in the first minute alone.

There were many boys gathered around me and it was then that I realised the reapings would be happening soon because outside the Justice Building there were so many children. It appeared that District 9 had a baby boom twelve years ago and so all of those kids born then were now here. I was regretting I was born in District 9 because as I looked around, it seemed that some of those twelve year olds had actually trained for the games! The range in fitness was overwhealming but not nearly as dazzling as the escort. A Capitol female no less clip clopped her dainty high heeled feet onto the stage and gave a little squeal. It seemed the onees who trained for the games and were going to voulenteer, thought otherwise.

Detria's POV

I didn't look up. Why should I? As soon as I heard the loud footsteps I knew which 'district' our escort would be from. I just stood there, occasionally shifting my weight from side to side and playing with the skin on my elbow. I had always wondered why, when you got older, your skin around your elbow goes all loose. That was my main focus during the reapings. I didn't really hear when this escort was saying the names of the two females, "Gardenia Loranne and... Detria Glace."

I wasn't listening.

Somebody nudged me.

I continued playing with my elbow.

I was nudged again and lifted up into the air and placed onto the stage.

I kept playing with my elbow even when the male, Darnell Washington, made his way onto the stage.

I was playing with my elbow, but my eyes were full of tears.

District 10

Vulcan's POV

She called me cute. Genuinely called me cute. I had a spring in my step that day because of that. Despite it being the reapings, I was still happy. Happy that somebody had acknowledged me and that if I was reaped, more people would pay attention to me. The faint sound of neglected animals drifted from the slaughter house, calling me to set them free. I wanted to do it again, like I had done last week and saved a whole heap of animals from death. But not today, too many witnesses to see my liberation.

But I was still cute! Yet so were cows. I won't die if I get reaped! But the cows will. That was it. I set them free, sneaking in between the crowds and opening their cages so they could run out of the district and into the wild. It was an amazing feeling to be responsible for saving their lives. It was amazing until I was thrown on stage and was told I would be one of the male tributes.

Jinx's POV

What the hell? I had never seen that before, a tribute publicly forced to be in the games... And because of something so trivial! Fluttering past my nose was a butterfly, its lilac wings quickly moving in the air. I loved butterflies. Anything with butterfly in its name turned me on... And not in that way.

The boy was kinda hot either way though. Even if he was some sort of mad vegan cow lover and was four years younger than me. The gay little Capitol escort stared at the dude with purple eyes. No literally! The whole eye was bright purple so we had no idea where he was looking. Anyway he walked over to the boy bowl and picked out one name. "Hunther Hayes is the second-a male tribute-a."

Okay what the hell was that accent? It was like some Italian prostitute mated with a purple dragon. The Italian Capitol Dragon walked over to the girl bowl, his high heels (yes high heels) and plucked one piece of paper out of the top of the pile and read it out in a clear Italian voice. "Jinx Vicky is te a female tribute." So that annoyed me. Not the fact that I was reaped, but the fact that he pronounced my name wrong... And that he had shocking grammar.

District 11

Grass' POV

Teardrops splattered onto my bushy tail and matted the strands of fur together. Nobody wanted to be friends with me. Nobody liked me. Everyday I curled up in my little corner and cried, wishing I was never like this. A freak. An outcast. Not human.

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