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    WARNING: The following was one giant messaged posted by Death4 at 5:38 GMT

    Death4 Asfbn AshtonMoioLover Jaxyfinky Rainbowdash is best Private Messages Justafox 1 5:06 Asfbn heard he quit? 5:06 AshtonMoioLover he did 5:06 Jaxyfinky GASPS 5:06 AshtonMoioLover we were besties 5:06 Jaxyfinky HE WAS SO NICE 5:06 AshtonMoioLover yeah he was 5:06 Jaxyfinky so sad.... 5:06 AshtonMoioLover anyone remember katnisslover13? 5:06 Jaxyfinky ya 5:06 Asfbn i think Welcome to the The Hunger Games Wiki chat 5:06 AshtonMoioLover send him a message in his talk page 5:06 Trackstar Kaitie I have not seen you in a while. 5:06 Katiehutchersonx User_blog:Katiehutchersonx/My_first_annual_Hunger_Games! #jointhisbecauseitsaweome ;D 5:07 AshtonMoioLover Okay Is D6 or D…

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