• Rainbowninjas

    36 Annual Hunger Games

    November 19, 2012 by Rainbowninjas

    HI these are the rule for making a tribute:

    1.) Be fair dont make them ridicoulosly strong

    2.) 3 tributes per user

    3.) PLease fill the entire form out

    4.) Do not argue if i kill your tribute

    5.) If you make an allaince you can use each other sponser money to help the alliance out

    6.) Have fun

    Sponser money

    each tribute has 300$ the price of things will go up each day in the Games

    Matches: 10$

    Crackers: 15$

    Rope: 22$

    Bread from your district 40$

    A bag full of random items (water bottles, food, etc) 89$

    Darts and blogun: 100$

    A small knife: 100$

    Sleeping bag: 130$

    Medicene: 150$

    Meal(Soup, Water, Crackers),: 150$

    Big weapon( Bow n arrow, Sword, Trident,etc) : 225$

    Tribute Template









    Image( Lunaiis):

    Backstory: …

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