Prologue:Dark Days are Over

"Hello, and welcome to the first Hunger Games sense the Dark Days! So, we have decided, to teach all the Districts about how bad an uprising is, we are sending two tributes, one male, one female, into the arena! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Chapter 1:The First Reaping of District 4

I woke bright and early one day to find my younger sister, Violet, getting ready for later on. She was 14 today, and I was now 17. I hugged Violet, knowing that one of us might be drawn in the Reaping. She hugged me and then I left to go for a swim before getting ready.

I got to the lake to find that Antonio, one of my best friends, waiting. I sit down next to him and he puts an arm around me. "Happy first Reaping Day," he said quietly.

I nod. "Same," I murmured, resting my head on his shoulder. His arm tightened around me then after awhile I pushed his arm away. "I have to get ready."

I start to walk away but he grabs my arm. "You don't have to," he said.

"What?" I ask, turning around to face him.

"We can run away, me, you, our families, out in the wild, the arena will not be easy, and if you are reaped... I couldn't stand it, Lily," he said quietly.

"I have to Antonio, Violet would never make it in the woods and neither would my father," I said, pulling away. He looked at me but I turned and ran home.

My father greeted me when I got home and i nodded then went to get ready. I saw a beautiful dress in a pale pink that was really close to white. I changed into it and walked downstairs.

"You look wonderful, sweetheart," he said, looking me over.

"Thanks," I said silently. My father led us to town square, where a Capitol Lady with light blue hair waited.

Then, when the clock rang that it was 2, she started to speak. "Welcome all," she said in a very annoying voice. "This is the very first Hunger Games, and we all know why we were brought here, the Dark Days. And remember, may the odds be ever in your favor. Now, we shall draw names, ladies first," she said, going over to a glass bowl.

My heart pounded against my chest as she reached in and shuffled the papers around. The silence was so loud that I wanted to scream. Then she returned to the mic.

"And the female tribute is..." she said, reading the paper, "Lily Jamerson," she said loud and clear.

My heart skipped a few beats then I slowly approached the stage.

"LILY!" shouted Violet. She tried to push through but the Peacekeepers stopped her.

"No Violet, no," I said behind my shoulder. I then reached the stage and walked up. The Capitol Lady greeted me then went over to the glass bowl containing the names of who might be the male tribute.

She dug around for a bit then grabbed one of them. She crossed over and unfolded the paper. She read the name aloud. "James Lillington!"

Lily watched the boy come to the stage. He had curly brown hair, nothing like my blonde hair. He stood next to me and the Capitol Lady waited for volunteers. When no one came, she smile then led us into the Justice Building.

I was put into a room and I pounded on the door for awhile until it opened and my father and Violet came in. Violet, who was crying, hugged me as tight as she could. I bent down and brushed the hair out of her face. "Violet, calm down sweetie," I said soothingly.

"But what if I lose you?" she cried.

I sighed then looked into her violet eyes. "I promise I'll try to come back if it'll make you feel better," I said silently to her and her only.

She nodded and then the Peacekeeper's came and took them away. I sighed then the Capitol Lady came and lead us into a car. We rode to the train station and we caught a train to the Capitol.

Chapter 2:Train Ride

"Hello tributes, I never introduced myself, I am Trancy," she said.

"Hi," James and I said together, not really caring what happened.

"Well, I hope you two will enjoy the Capitol, we will get there by early tomorrow, and remember, train hard," she said, still being cheery.

"Yeah, and what happens if we both die? Do you even care?" I ask, temper rising.

"Well, it will be grieved much by people that liked you, but, keep in mind that Sponsers will send gifts to help."

"Yes, that is, if we do something they like," James protested.

"That is true, but you will have a stylist to make outfits that others would notice and people to help train you for interviews," Trancy said.

"Right, well thanks, i'm going to sleep now," I said. I leave quickly and head off to my room. I dress in an aqua blue nightgown and rested on my bed then fell asleep.

The next thing I know is that Trancy is knocking on my door. I sigh then get out of bed. I take a shower and i change into any random thing in the dresser. I walk out and they are eating breakfast. I eat something and then we arrive at the Capitol.

Chapter 3:Chariot Ride

Soon the other tributes were around and they all went to where their so called 'prep-teams' were.

I meet mine, they were a little to cheery for me. But I didn't object, I knew it would do no good. They removed every hair on my body and painted my nails to look like waves.

I looked at my nails in wonder but them my stylist came in, her eyes very bright. "Hello, my name is Marisol," she said calmly.

"And I'm Lily, and you seem to be the only calm Capitol person to meet so far," I mutter.

She walked over and sat down next to me. "Let us have lunch first, then get you ready, we can talk also," she said, brushing the hair out of my face.

I faked a smile then we ate what was there for food. She then lead me over to where a hanger was hanging and she removed the cover that was over it and revealed a dress that looked like waves. She helped me into it and put me in 6-inch high heels and made my hair curly sense the prep-team forgot that.

The last thing she grabbed after she had put a tiara on my head was pulled out the locket that I had held near and dear to me. She put it around my neck and I smiled. She then led me to where the carriages were.

James was already there and I took my position next to him. He was smaller then me, yet again, I was 17 and he was 14... He reminds me of Violet, sweet, defenseless little Violet, the same age, same hair, same eyes...

Snap out of it! I thought in frustration. I then looked at the other tributes. District 1 people were beauitful in satin outfits, District 2 looked tough, District 3, like gadgets, District 5 looked like lightning bolts. District 6 looked odd though, not like the other tributes, not so... shocking. The Other Districts didn't look to well either, especially District 12.

I felt eyes looking at me and I tried to rub away the feeling but it didn't go anywhere. So I took my position on the chariot with James and so did the other tirbutes and we all went down the tunnel to face Capitol people roaring in appreciation. When we appeared, I heard gasps of people and then it suddenly changed to more cheering. I noticed us on the screen, center of attention.

I closed my eyes as tight as possible and the next thing I knew is the President was talking so I opened my eyes.

"Welcome tributes, to the first ever Hunger Games! Last year was the bombing of District 13 and the end of the Dark Days. Why, looking around, some of you older tributes look fimiliar. Of course, the remaining 12 districts had a price for what they had done. So, as punishment, we are sending two tributes, one male, one female, into the arena to fight to the death until one lone victor remains. And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

His last sentence clung to the air and made me shiver. I looked around at the other tributes. They were all smaller and I felt pitty for them, they were smaller and younger then myself. I was the oldest tribute, and my stomach tightened. What if I do win? What will I become?

Then the president dismissed us and we were in a room. There were elevators, I think, that led us up. James and I got in one with the two tributes from District 12. They were covered in coal dust, which was terrible. Then we got to the 4th floor and James and I got off.

Chapter 4:Training Scores

James and I have been training for a couple days. He threw things around, I learned how to shot an arrow and I'm actually pretty good.

But today... the worse day that Trancy has told us about. We have to go infront of these so called Gamemakers and they have to evaluate us...

The District 1 people went. Then 2. Then 3. Time went by so fast. Then I heard them called James' name. He got up shaky but i stopped him.

"James, good luck," I said, looking into his eyes.

"Thanks Lily," he murmured before walking in.

I waited for 15 minutes, the longest 15 minutes ever. Then they called, "Lily Jamerson!"

I walk in and all eyes are on me. I blink then head over to the bow and arrow, which i have more then accomplished.

I grab the bow and one arrow. All of them are staring and I shot and hit the target exactly pin-point middle. I hear murmur's of approval and grab another arrow.

I aimed torwards the other targets, always hitting perfect. Then the 15 minutes were up.

"Thank you Lily, you may leave," said the head Gamemaker and i nodded and put the bow up. I then walked torwards the elevator and went to the 4th floor.

It was later that day, we were having dinner. We all ate in silence until Trancy finally spoke up. "Well, I think it is time we watch the training scores," she piped.

We all walked over to the couch and we sat down. I held James' hand to keep from falling over or fainting or something.

The images of tributes popped up with their score. The district 1 guy got an 8. The girl got a 10.

The guy from 2 got a 10 also. The girl from 2 got a 7.

The guy from 3 got a 4, not so impressive but expected. The girl did better with a 6.

James got a 9, not bad at all. And, of course, I froze when mine came up but then gasped as I got an 11. I could just hear the other tributes that got lower, maybe not from 3, very angry.

The guy from 5 got a 7. The girl got a 9.

The names continued on and on. The girl from 12 that seemed to be following me or something got a 9, not bad, she seemed younger then me, maybe 13 or 14.

Then it was over and Trancy turned the tv of. "Well, impressive scores," she said.

I nodded then went torwards my room, not wanting to talk. I knew the interviews were to be the day after tomorrow so i just got dressed in a flowing aqua-blue nightgown like the one from the train and went to sleep on the soft bed, not ready for what was to come.

Chapter 5:Interviews

I woke up the day of the interview, Trancy had figured out my approach and had taught me to walk in high heels. Of course, her approach for me was to act harmless and play girly and win over the crowd, and she said that I had what it took, I didn't think so but i went along with it.

My prep team got to work as fast as possible, washing my hair, making my hair wavy and part of it tied in the back (like when you tie up the front of your hair/clip up the front of your hair to the back of it). They also painted my nails a very icy blue which made me stare at them in astoinishment.

Then my designer, Marisol, came in. She led me over to where we would have lunch, which was pretty good. Then she got down to buisness and led me to get me dressed. She got me an icy blue dress that was long and felt of silk, it matched the color of my nails.

Then she replaced what they were using to keep my bangs back with a special comb (those that you use for your hair) the held it back there and looked like the waves. She then smiled as she realized that it was perfect and led me to where I would wait.

Then they called for people to come and I sat down in where i was suppose to. This time, the females went first. I paid attention to how every tribute was and what their names were. The girl from one was named Twirl, and her male companion was Stanley. The two from district 2 were Death and Kara. The two from district 3 were Kiana and Techno. Then it was my turn.

"Hello Lily," said the interview, who's name was Ceaser Flickerman. (i am using it 'cause for all we know, he's been our interviewer for every hunger games) "Tell me, what was it liked being reaped?" he asked.

"It was definatly... something. I mean, everything was suddenly different, and now I've been put into an arena, with barely any information of what's going on." I said, trying to act as harmless and girly but it was kinda hard.

"I see, well, I don't think it would be that hard to figure out how a knife works," he joked and the crowd laughed.

I faked a smile. "Yeah," I said.

The crowd fell silent and he continued. "So, Lily, there were a few people that we happen to know that you are close to. Even though your sister is much younger then you, what would you do if she had volunteered?"

"Well, I wouldn't be the happiest person on world and I would make her go back as kindly as possible. I would never let my little sister into such a dangerous thing."

"And what was your parting words to her?" he asked.

"That I'd come back for her, to make sure she would never be alone," I murmured.

"Well," he said. "Best of luck to you Lily Jamerson." The buzzer went out and the crowd roared. I turned and my dress looked like ice, sending the crowd roaring louder. I sat down and the interviews continued.

The tributes from 5 were Lightning and Stacy. 6, Nina and Liam. 7, Chuck and Stara. District 8: Lavander and Ron. 9, Nichole and Ryan. 10, Tina and Jeremy. 11, Jasmine and Tyler. 12, the girl that followed me is here, Flora and Cole.

The tributes were interesting, and we all left. I got to the 4th floor and had dinner. We watched the interviews and i said the names again in my brain to remember them closely. Then I went to bed, tomorrow, the games were to happen, and I would either have to kill or be killed.

What I last thought, the kill or be killed, re-ran in my head even after I had fallen asleep.

Chapter 6:Day 1

Marisol took me to the arena. Well, not literally, a hovercraft took us there, Marisol just accompanied me and got me ready for the arena. I wore the locket that had a picture of my sister and father and on the other side was blank, soon to be replaced with an image.

Then the countdown began and I walked over to a metal plate and a glass tube incased me. I saw Marisol and she mouthed something i didn't catch because I was starting to move up. I closed my eyes as tight as i could.

Then, when I opened them a split second later, I was on my plate, infront of me stretched a fresh water lake. It was amazing and beautiful. To all sides, there was soft green grass. I felt like jumping in, but on the other side, the male tribute from three, Techno, jumped off his plate and into the water when there was a big explosion and i sheilded my eyes.

Okay, that won't work. How long do we have to stand here? I thought. Just then there was a countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 then there was an explosion of a canon as the tributes slowly jumped in. No explosion happened so i jumped in and swam to the horn thing.

The first thing I saw was a trident. I grabbed it, then a bow and arrow, then a few food items, then a bookbag, then a few knives. The other tributes were struggling and I ran off the island then swam away, leaving the other tributes looking at me but then continuing on. I ran across the soft grass to find sheltering in the few trees.

Someone grabbed my arm and I turned to see James. "James!" i gasped, grabbing the knife.

"No no no," he said, letting go and lowering my hand. "We should team up, we both know what to do, we both have things that we need," he said, showing me everything.

I thought about it for a few seconds then nodded. "Okay, we will team up."

Then I heard someone call our names. I turned to see Twirl racing torwards us. I grabbed the knife and got ready to throw it when she stopped. "I want to talk!" she called.

The other tributes were still struggling, except for the District 1 and 2 people who were watching her.

"What is it?" I asked her suspiciously.

"Team up with us, we are stronger then the rest, we could talk them, the rest of us have teamed up, join us, you could be useful," she said.

I looked at James and his look reflected in his eyes, they were the same, confusion. Then we turned back to Twirl.

"Fine," I finally said. James nodded his agreement and we walked over to her and then we all swam back to the rest. I stored my knife in my backback along with the other knives and food before swimming. I had my bow in hand but I still swam considerably fast.

I made it back to the Cornucopia the other tributes called it. Then we all gathered and as the other tributes got on, we started to shot and throw things at them. The other tribute from 3, Kiana, died from my trident. I shot Ryan in the neck with my bow and arrow.

I retrieved my arrow and trident to see James going after Cole from District 12 who had taken one of our items. I then grabbed the arrow and aimed but then the girl Flora got in my way and I couldn't kill her. The other tributes saw this and noticed that she might help despite her age. They grabbed her and hid her behind them and then i saw James kill Cole.

I smiled that Flora was safe then we started to shot random tributes and kill them. By the end of this, my victims were Kiana, Ryan, Jeremy, Tyler, and Stara. James had killed Cole and Nichole. The other ones had killed Ron, Liam, Stacy, and Lightning. Only 9 tributes out of 24 were killed, 1 blown up, it was small but enough to send the others into the woods with no weapons.

Flora, Twirl, Stanely, Death, Kara, James, and I sat around the Coruncopia, eating some food and practicing with some weapons. Blood was everywhere, a bloodbath. Flora sat next to me and i dug out a blanket from one of the backpacks and put it around her. She then went to sleep and the rest of us started to talk.

"It is late," I said finally, looking at the sky. Just then, the anthem of the Capitol played and the names of tributes appeared.

Kiana, Techno, Stacy, Lightning, Liam, Stara, Ron, Nichole, Ryan, Jeremy, Tyler, and Cole. 10 tributes, 7 to go that weren't of our alliance, and then we would all kill each other off until only one last person stood. I carefully washed my arrows and my trident and knives then curled up beside Flora who was fast asleep. She reminded me of Violet, I knew I could trust her.

As I slowly drifted to sleep, Violet's voice came into my head. "Good job on staying alive, win so I can see you again soon." Then it disappeared as i drifted into sleep.

Chapter 7:Day 2

I woke up to hear James screaming and Flora jumping to her feet. I looked around to see Twirl stabbing James in the back.

I ran over and kicked her away. I then stopped the bleeding, not sure if infection would happen, and shot Twirl in the knee.

Twirl turned around, screaming and cursing like there is not tomorrow. Then Flora, who had ran to get a rock, walked up behind her and hit her in the back of the head, killing her. The other tributes went after Flora but I grabbed her hand and James and dragged them away from the island and into the water.

Considering Flora was actually really good at swimming, we made it to land again not soon after we left the island. Then we ran as fast as we could. James staggered every once in awhile but we still made it to the little bit of forest there was. We soon made a camp.

"James," I said, looking at him. He was hurt badly so I decided to find water. I then noticed I had to go back to the lake, but not today. "I'll get you water soon," I murmured, resting my hand on his head, stroking the hair out of his face.

"Thank you," he murmured before drifting of to sleep.

I sighed then rummaged through my bag for the blanket. I gave it to Flora, knowing nighttime would fall soon. I climbed up on the closest tree and stood guard for awhile. I watched the remaining careers, my word for them now, going through the food supply.

I then climbed down as the anthem started to play. Twirl, Chuck, and Tina, only faces projected on the screen. 11 of us left. I would fetch water soon, of course, but I didn't want to leave James, not when he was so badly injured. I sighed then rested my head on the soft grass after climbing the tree and drifted to sleep.

Chapter 8:Day 3

I woke up, the sun beaming on my face. Flora was just waking up and James was still asleep. I nodded and went to get water. I grabbed the container from my bag and ran torwards the lake. I filled it with water and then ran back. I heard the Career's shouting as they saw me running but I ignored their shouts.

When I got back, James looked sicker then ever. I knealt beside him and gave him the water. "Drink something," I said soothingly, pushing the hair out of his face.

"No, drink first, Lily," he said, then coughing.

"James, drink something, your sick, you have to," I said, my eyes filled with consern. Flora was next to me and nodded her agreement.

"Please drink something," Flora said. That was the first time I had heard her talk.

"No, not until you two have drank something," he continued.

"Please don't argue James, you have to, please!" I pleaded. He then gave in and drank some of the water.

I set the container next to him. "Drink all of it by tomorrow, you have to stay hydrated, Flora and I can get water ourselves," I murmured.

He gave me a stern look and then went back to sleep.

I sighed. Just then I heard a cannon ball go off and turned around frantic and saw a hovercraft pick up the remains of someone like a creature had gotten to them.

10 left, I thought. I sighed and laid down on the ground. More deaths would happen, surely, once we got to 8 people left. I watched the sky and saw that the person who had died was Lavander. I then drifted to sleep.

Chapter 9:Day 4

"Lily!" shouted Flora, shaking me crazily. My eyes flew open and I stared at her.

"It's worse! Where he was stabbed has signs of infection! He's dying because of it!" she shouted, starting to cry.

I about jumped 100 feet in the air. I ran over to James and found him gasping for air. "James!" I cried, falling to my knees next to me.

"Li-Lily," he croaked and it made me cry. Flora was next to me, shaking uncontrollably.

"James," I murmured pushing the hair out of his face. "What is it?"

"One thing," he murmured, smiling. "I've always wanted a kiss from Violet, but ever sense the Games began, I knew that wouldn't happen. You look more like her then you think... Would you be to troubled to kiss me?"

I leaned forward and kissed him. As one tear fell onto his cheek, his eyes closed, never to open again. I sat up, knowing he died happy. Flora and I hugged because James had left us. Then his cannon sounded and we walked away. I gave him a final kiss before walking off.

Flora and I looked behind us as the hovercraft carried his body away. I rubbed my eyes that were now red from crying.

We had our stuff also. Then we walked back over to our campsite and set up camp. Nothing would be the same, never, not without James. Flora went to sleep and i kept watch. I watched the faces on the screen. Stanley, Death, Kara, and Jasmine. However the Careers were killed, all i gotta say is thank you whoever did this.


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