Welcome! As you last heard, our choosen tribute must of been bullied and that their bully would go into the games with them. And here, we'll have interviews since no one turned in chariot outfits except one person >.< Let the interviews and training scores begin.

Training Scores

District 1

Male: Kellon Hero - 11

Female: Sparkle Zidaze - 9

District 2

Male: Zerro Yesselle - 9

Female: Zara Lancaster, 17 - 11

District 3

Male: Gregom Anthony, 15 - 4

Female: Missaya Henred - 5

District 4

Male: Johny James, 18 - 10

Female: Serenity Calver - 8

District 5

Male: Cole Lightning - 8

Female: Candice Bolt - 7

District 6

Male: Isaac Harrelson - 8

Female: Willow Henders - 8

District 7

Male: Redd Jones, 13 - 9

Female: Maggie Lewelle - 7

District 8

Male: Terran Enloved - 8

Female: Lavendar Gomez - 7

District 9

Male: Skylar Wing - 7

Female: Roxi Malfava - 9

District 10

Male: Tristan James - 6

Female: Aven Rosedain - 8

District 11

Male: Timothy Hall - 8

Female: Julianna Massorome - 6

District 12

Male: James Jones - 7

Female: Andie Marris - 5


Ciera: Welcome all to the 200th annual Hunger Games! This is my first Hunger Games Interview, glad to see how it goes. Please welcome our tributes!

(crowd cheers as tributes come onto stage)

Ciera: Hello tributes! I would like to welcome Sparkle Zidaze to the stage!

Sparkle: H-Hi.

Ciera: Your pretty nervous, aren't you?

Sparkle: A-A bit.

Ciera: Well, tell me something, any alligances you'd like to mention?

Sparkle: Zerr-ro, Sere-Serenity, no-no one that's a-a bully.

Ciera: Oh, okay hun. Well, I hope you'll get to make it through the first day. We all know that I wouldn't last even a minute!

(crowd laughs a bit)

Ciera: Are you laughing at me? (looks accusingly at crowd) Oh well, I would laugh at me two. How about you, Sparkle. Do you find me funny?

Sparkle: Ye-Yes Ciera-


Ciera: Afraid that's all the time we have! Please welcome her district partner, Kellon Hero! And might I say you look good tonight.

Kellon: I would be lying if I didn't hear that before!

(crowd laughs)

Ciera: So, who do you plan to allie with?

Kellon: Zara, Johny, maybe a few extras.

Ciera: Anyone that was bullied?

Kellon: Most defiently someone there, providing they got a good score.

Ciera: I see. What is your favorite thing about the Capitol?

Kellon: Nothing, really. It's so much like home except all the bright colors.

Ciera: Of course, of co-


Ciera: Best of luck Kellon. Please welcome, Zara Lancaster!

Zara: Hey...

Ciera: How are you?

Zara: Good.

Ciera: One word questions, I see.

Zara: Yeah.

Ciera: Why is that?

Zara: Because.

Ciera: I guess we won't get much more out of you, correct?

Zara: Yeah...


Ciera: Best of luck Zara! Please welcome, Zerro Yesselle!

Zerro: Hi there.

Ciera: So we are getting more words out of you then Zara!

(crowd laughs)

Zerro: Yes, for a bully, she doesn't talk much.

Ciera: So I see. Most tough guys don't talk much. Like Thresh of the 74th Hunger Games.

Zerro: Who?

Ciera: You don't know Thresh, your grandparents or great-grandparents might know about him though. Yeah, Cato killed him.

Zerro: Cato?

Ciera: Any way! How do you like the capitol?

Zerro: It's amazing! So bright, amazing fo-


Ciera: Afraid that's all the time we've got! Best of luck Zerro! Now, please welcome, Missaya Henred!

Missaya: Hey guys, of the Capitol! (giggles like a little girl)

Ciera: Hi there! How are you tonight?

Missaya: Oh grand! And might I say, you look gorgeous in the red, white, and blue!

Ciera: Thank you! I got the idea from our long distant ancestors that had these colors as their nations colors.

Missaya: Oh sweet!

Ciera: Yes, what do you like most about the Capitol?

Missaya: The bright colors, the way you people are so kind! Who wouldn't love it here?

Ciera: I have been asking myself the same question!

Missaya: Makes sense. But honestly, it is beau-


Ciera: And that's our buzzer! Best of luck, Missaya, please welcome, Gregom Anthony!

Gregom: Hi.

Ciera: What do you like most about the Capitol?

Gregom: The colors, of course. The food also.

Ciera: Agreed! The food here is so to die for! I could eat it all day long!

Gregom: Can't we all?

(crowd laughs)

Ciera: Of course! That's why we have this drink that'll make you barf up your food, you can eat everything all night long!

Gregom: Great way to lose your food, right?

Ciera: Yep! Tell me, is there any shou-


Ciera: Sorry Gregom! Best of luck Gregom! Now welcome, Serenity Calver!

Serenity: Hey Ciera! How are you enjoying your first ever Hunger Games?

(crowd cheers a bit)

Ciera: They are wonderful, all you young tributes and older ones, your amazing to interview!

Serenity: Any favorites?

Ciera: I love you all, come on, I don't use favoritism here!

Serenity: Right, of course!

Ciera: How was it in District 4?

Serenity: It was amazing, ya know, minus Johny Adams.

Ciera: So he's that bad?

Serenity: Terrible, in fact, I wanna tell him something. (turns around to stare at him) You are a-


Ciera: Out of time! Best of luck Serenity, now welcome, Johny Adams! So, Johny, why are you so mean to Serenity?

Johny: I just don't like her. Out of all kids I could of bullied, I picked her because she was easy to dislike.

Ciera: How is that?

Johny: I don't know, she just... is...

Ciera: She just... is? Come on, that's not an answer Johny boy!

Johny: Yeah... don't call me that.

Ciera: Fine, but what's the answer. The honest answer.

Johny: It's nothing, nothing at a-


Ciera: That's all the time we have! Best of luck Johny Adams! Now welcome, Candice Bolt. So, Candice, what do you think about the Capitol?

Candice: It's amazing! Do you love us tributes?

Ciera: But of course! What do you think about this years tributes?

Candice: They are... something. I just hope that Cole doesn't win, really...

Ciera: Why do your parents want you two to marry?

Candice: They think that we are good together, so to prove that we aren't, he bullies me to tears everyday...

Ciera: Oh, i'm so sorry!

Candice: I-It's okay (starts to cry)

(crowd feels sympathy for her)


Ciera: Sorry hun, that's all the time we have. Please welcome, Cole Lightning.

Cole: (slumps onto the stage) What?

Ciera: Why do you hate Candice? I mean, she is actually a very pret-

Cole: Because I can! She is stupid! I hate her!

Ciera: ...

(silence for the rest of the three minutes)


Ciera: Best of luck Cole. Now welcome, Willow Henders of District 6.

Willow: Looks like the last two tributes took away your fun, that sucks, they're are a lot of tributes left!

Ciera: But of course. Now, Willow, what do you know about Isaac?

Willow: Well, besides he's a bully? Nothing, except that he really makes me cry every day.

Ciera: Did you ever expect he liked you?

Willow: Isaac? I'm not sure...

Ciera: Any shout-outs?

Willow: To my family, I love them all.


Ciera: Best of luck Willow Henders! Now please welcome Isaac Harrelson!

Isaac: Hi Ciera.

Ciera: Hi! This is the one question I have been dying to ask. Is there anyone special in your life?

Isaac: Well yeah, but she probably hates me...

Ciera: Why is that?

Isaac: Well, I've kinda been mean to her for a long while...

Ciera: Wait, is it Willow?

Isaac: Wellll...


Ciera: Best of luck Isaac! Pleas welcome, Maggie Lewelle!

Maggie: H-Hi...

Ciera: You nervous honey?

Maggie: (nods)

Ciera: Oh, it's okay. Want to tell me anything about Redd Jones?

'Maggie: (shakes head)

(quietness for the rest of the 3 minutes)


Ciera: Best of luck Maggie! Pleas welcome, Redd Jones!

Redd: Hi (glares back at the quiet Maggie)

Ciera: Why are you so mean to Maggie? She may be quiet but she is a nice girl (pouts a bit)

Redd: Its because she's silent, I don't like it.

Ciera: Why not?

Redd: Everyone talks to me, everyone. She's the only person that hasn't...

Ciera: So it's because of attention?

Redd: Yes...


Ciera: Best of luck Redd! Please welcome, Lavender Gomez!

Lavender: Hey Ciera! How are you tonight?

Ciera: Good-good, and you?

Lavender: Amazing. I just feel bad that I am going to have to go into the arena tomorrow and kill some people...

Ciera: Yes, I feel sorry for everyone, I love all you amazing tributes, but seeing you die is terrible...

Lavender: Then why don't you do something about it? This quell never had to happen. Why can't we be like Katniss Everdeen? Fearless, she caused the second uprising but died bravely, why can't we?

Ciera: Lavender, you should know that I-

Lavender: That was for our audience. They may enjoy this, but if they think about us tributes, they would stop this, please, everyone, pl-


Ciera: Best of luck Lavender, now welcome, Terran Envolved.

Terran: Hey.

Ciera: I love your name. It's amazing.

Terran: Why thank you, in fact, you are very pretty.

(whistles from crowd)

Ciera: (blushes a bit) Why thank you. You do look charming.

Terran: Yes, but you truely are pretty. (note from author:Pfft, such a kiss-up, but I think he could like Ciera...)

Ciera: Thank you very much. I think our crowd is inlove with you, no? (looks at crowd)

(femine in crowd squeal in delight)

Terran: They may love me, but there is better fish out there, and I think I am staring at one. (looks at Ciera like she is made out of gold)

Ciera: (starts to blush a lot more) Wel-


Ciera: Best of luck Terran! (blows a quick kiss) Please welcome, Roxi Malfava.

Roxi: Hey Ciera.

Ciera: Hello Roxi. I love your name, it's something new. But nothing like Katniss.

Roxi: Oh, you mean the person that sparked the second rebellion? Yes, she was a very interesting person.

Ciera: But of course she was! Now, tell me, why do you bully Skylar?

Roxi: Because he broke up with me on my birthday. It was terrible and I wanted to get back at him.

Ciera: Oh, well, I'm sorry for you honey.

Roxi: Yeah, I just hope that-


Ciera: And that's our buzzer! Best of luck Roxi! Pleas welcome her district partner, Skylar Wing!

Skylar: Hi Ciera.

Ciera: Why did you choose to break up on Roxi on her birthday?

Skylar: I don't know, I wanted to break up with her sooner but I couldn't find the right time...

Ciera: So you thought the right time was her birthday?

Skylar: No-no! It's just that was when she would actually let me talk to her freely outside of school.

Ciera: So, what I am getting at is that she dated you just for popluarity?

Skylar: Pretty much. It was so stupid.


Ciera: Best of luck Skylar! Please welcome, Aven Rosedain!

Aven: Hey Ciera! You do look very daring in red-white-and-blue, like mentioned before!

Ciera: Why thank you! Now, why did you bully Tristan?

Aven: He was always so weak in training classes! I would always beat him without trying! It was to easy!

Ciera: Aven, I don't think that's a reason...

Aven: Oh but it is! It's sad that I beat him at everything. He never tried, never!

(hurtful cry from a tribute from behind)

Aven: Tristan, just shut the f-


Ciera: Best of luck Aven! Please welcome, Tristan James!

Tristan: H-Hi (sits down, still crying)

Ciera: I'm betting Aven hurt you pretty bad...

Tristan: (nods, not wanting to speak because is still crying)

(grunt from a tribute from behind)

Ciera: (shots a glare at Aven then looks at Tristan in sympathy) You okay?

Tristan: (shakes head)

(quiet for the rest of the 3 minutes)


Ciera: Best of luck Tristan! (gives him a sympathy hug before he goes to sit back down) Please welcome, Julianna Massorome!

Julianna: Hello Ciera. You can call me Juli!

Ciera: Okay, well, Juli, what do you think of all the tributes.

Juli: They are very interesting, but of course, the bullies are something a little more interesting.

Ciera: Why do you say that?

Juli: Because I'm not one, and that they are different from the bullied people, so it's fun to learning something new.

Ciera: Of course!


Ciera: Best of luck Juli! Please welcome, Timothy Hall! Can you please tell me why you bully Juli?

Timothy: She's just easy to bully.

Ciera: Of course but someone who I won't name that I meet at District 11 had caught you staring at Juli. Anything you want to say to that?

Timothy: NO!

Ciera: Okay, okay.

(silence for the rest of the three minutes)


Ciera: Best of luck Tim! Yeah, I gave you a nickname. Please welcome, Andie Marris. Hey Andie.

Andie: H-Hi (starts to cry)

Ciera: Why are you crying honey?

Andie: (points at James)

Ciera: Oh...

(silence for the rest of the three minutes)

Ciera: Best of luck Andie. Please welcome, James Jones! Now, James, why did you bully Andie?

James: Because she was never that pretty, dumbfounded, small, and pour. Who wouldn't bully her?

Ciera: I wouldn't. You realize that what you say now can affect people later, right? it also affects you.

James: I really don't care.

Terran: (comes up to stage) You be nice to her!

James: Why don't you just-


Ciera: And that's all the time we have! Goodnight to everyone at the Capitol and remember, you all shall be very impressed with this years games! Goodnight!

(screen goes black but then turns back on and you see Ciera and Terran, hugging and kissing and then it goes black again)

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