Time for our games! Excited? Well, you better be xD


District 1

Male: Kellon Hero, 18, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Sparkle Zidaze, 17, GlimmerandSparkle

District 2

Male: Zerro Yesselle, 18, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Zara Lancaster, 17, NerdDFTBA

District 3

Male: Gregom Anthony, 15, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Missaya Henred, 15, The Hunger Games Girl

District 4

Male: Johny James, 18, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Serenity Calver, 15, Paigeelizabeth92

District 5

Male: Cole Lightning, 12, Polinarose

Female: Candice Bolt, 12, Polinarose

District 6

Male: Isaac Harrelson, 16, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Willow Henders, 16, The Hunger Games Girl

District 7

Male: Redd Jones, 13, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Maggie Lewelle, 12, The Hunger Games Girl

District 8

Male: Terran Enloved, 18, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Lavendar Gomez, 14, Immortallyrandom

District 9

Male: Skylar Wing, 17, 50thGamesFTW

Female: Roxi Malfava, 18, 50thGamesFTW

District 10

Male: Tristan James, 13, FHT

Female: Aven Rosedain, 17, GlimmerandSparkle

District 11

Male: Timothy Hall, 17, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Julianna Massorome, 16, The Hunger Games Girl

District 12

Male: James Jones, 14, The Hunger Games Girl

Female: Andie Marris, 12, The Hunger Games Girl


Day 1

Bloodbath:Ciera Flickerman P.O.V.

The clock ticks down. 60, 59, 58...

The tributes all stare at each other, all anticipated for what is next...

40, 39, 38...

Juli (11) grabs her token and throws it next to the plate of Roxi (9) and Johny (4).

3, 2...


The tributes run off their plates. Terran (8) runs to the cornucopia first. He grabs a pack, knives, bread, dried meat, and ran into the door labeled:District 8.

"Go Terran!" I couldn't help but squeal a little.

Tristan (10) meets up with Andie (12) and Juli (11) and together, they ran into the door labeled:District 11 with a large pack and three knives.

The bully career pack, now only Zara (2) and Kellon (1), reach the cornucopia next. They grab the first weapon they saw that they liked and fought tributes. Zara runs over to Gregom (3) and be-heads him.

"Aw no," I murmur, looking at Gregom's head.

Then there is an ear splitting mixture of a scream and a cry. The camera is looking at Missaya (3), on the ground, breaking down. Well, I guess she really didn't hate Gregom that much I guess...

The image turns to the bullied career pack, Zerro (2), Sparkle (1), and Serenity (4), and they have finally agreed to join with the bully careers just to kill them in their sleep.

Sparkle runs at Missaya who suddenly jumps up and bulls, to my shock, a small hatchet and swings at Sparkle with it, lodging it in her neck.

Missaya starts to cry a lot more. I would two, I mean, she just killed someone!

Missaya then stands up tall and runs for a pack with her hatchet in hand. When Serenity lunges at her, she be-heads her. Kellon lunges at her and she takes her hatchet and brings it down on his head.

Zara and Zerro, the only two Careers left, back away and let her grab anything she wants. She had just taken out three Careers and such.

Missaya grabs the biggest pack, grabs a very big hammer and big axe, and then a lot of bread and meat and fruit. She then runs through the door labeled:District 3.

"Wow, she went a little crazy," I murmur. My father nods. I love him very much, and I miss my grandfather, Ceaser Flickerman.

Aven (10) watched Missaya kill three Careers and couldn't help but smile. She grabbed a sword that Zara had used to kill Skylar (9) and ran at the last to careers and cut Zara's head off. She smiled and then did the same to Zerro. She ran after where Tristan, Andie, and Juli ran.

"Oh my gosh! The first games without any Careers!" I gasped. My mother nods, to shocked to speak.

The screen then shifts a bit and you see Timothy (11), Redd (7), and Cole (5) fighting to the death. They all have knives and through them at each other. You hear two loud thuds. When the dust clears, you see Timothy and Cole dead and Redd running away with three knives in hand. He grabs Maggie (7)'s hand and run through the door labeled:District 7.

Isaac (8) grabs Willow (8)'s hand and runs in the door labeled:District 6. The camera stops at the door and then shifts to look at someone else.

Candice (5) is overwhelmed at the death of Cole and runs to grab a sword when Lavender (8) grabs it instead. "Put down the sword now and we can be allies!" she shouts.

Lavender blinks but nods. She drops it and lets Candice grab it and she grabs another thing. They both nod and run into the door labeled:District 5.

James (12) is the only person left, but he doesn't like it. He starts to scream.

"Why is he screaming?" I ask my parents.

"The Gamemaker's trick for the last person at the Cornucopia. It'll make them kill themselves," my father murmurs. I see him on his device that he uses in the games and I can't help but smile.

I turn back to the screen to see James grab a sword and stab himself to death.

12 cannons are heard throughout the arena. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Before the screen goes black for that day, you see the ground, covered in all the bodies. Then you also see all different areas that all connect to each other in different ways along the way.

Day 2

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

I keep running, why oh why did I never tell Gregom that I really liked him? Why did he have to die?

I then hear a rustle to my left and grab my axe. I see Aven Rosedain. "Allies?" she asks me.

"Why should I ally with you? Why should I trust you?" I ask, looking at her.

"Maybe because I killed the last two careers right after they killed another person. I think we would do good together," she said, eyes hard.

I think about this for a moment then nod. "Right, let's go, I have a feeling we will meet more tributes along the way."

She nods and we head away farther away. There is another rustle and I grab the axe and I see Lavender and I be-head her.

Her cannon sounds in the arena. BOOM!

Aven smiles and I do also. We both nod and kick her body into the shrubs and head farther down our lane, closer to the edge of the forest.

P.O.V. of Jaya Doobldehs, Gamemaker

"Rain! Aven and Missaya are getting to close to our hiden bridge and getting out of that maze. What should we do?" I ask, looking at our boss with milky-brown hair.

I watch her walk over and look down at my screen. "Randume! Send a Sparkle mutt after her, no butts about it," she said, looking at the female sitting on the other end of the room.

Randume nods and starts to design the perfect mutt on the screen and then inlarges it and shows it to everyone.

I look at it. It has Sparkle's blonde hair, her green eyes, her braclets on her wrists. It looks exactly like her, perfect. It's just the matter that it actually slithers but it stands on two legs at first to fool you then wraps around you and chokes you to death and then eats you.

It's perfect. "Send it out!" shouts Rain, the head gamemaker.

Randume nods and types something and then moves her hand a little and it is put into the arena.

P.O.V. of Aven Rosedain

Holy crap, holy crap, Sparkle is right in front of us!

Missaya, holding an axe in her hand, growls. She lunges at it and it lunges out and wraps around her.

"No!" I scream and come at it with her sword and start to cut her free.

It uncoils itself and I chop it's head off. I look at Missaya then I see she is still breathing. I sigh in relief and help her up. "Come on, time to keep moving," I murmur.

I grab a piece of bread and give it to her to eat before we continue on.

P.O.V. of Rain Star, Head Gamemaker

Crap, how the heck did the make it out of there alive! I swear apon all that is holy that-

"Rain, what now?" Jaya asks me.

I walk over to her and sigh. "Let them continue, maybe we could drive some tributes there way," I murmur. "Ben, send fireballs at one tribute and drive them toward Missaya and Aven."

He nods and types something into his screen. I hate that they are doing so well. It hurts my head.

P.O.V. of Candice Bolt

Aw crap. Fireballs. I hate you gamemakers.

I start to run to the right but then fire blocks my way so I head toward the left. The keep shooting at me and I am screaming and crying my eyes out.

I just narrowly avoid fireballs and then I realize that I hear talking. I want to stop but the fireballs are still chasing me.

They then stop and so do I and I am eye-to-eye with Missaya Henred of District 3 that killed three careers.

I notice Aven Rosedain next to her, the person who killed two careers.


Missaya lunges at me with her axe and I just narrowly dodge it. Aven tries to jab me with her sword but I still dodge.

How the heck do people do this for a living?

They both lunge for me but I jump out of the way. They collide but they are still safe.

Crap, crap, crap!

I run foward before they can try to hurt me again. "Wait!" shouts Missaya.

I stop and turn to face her. "What do you want?" I questioned angrily.

"Allies? We could use someone like you," she said.

I walk back and nod. "Sure," I murmur.

P.O.V. of Rain Star

"Are you kidding me?! God!" I am practically shouting. This is so annoying! Stop getting allies!

"Rain," says Jaya, "calm down."

"Why should I?!" I shout.

"Because there is still Juli who we know killed two people at the begginning. She could kill them."

"What if she allies them though?" she asked.

"Then we can use anyone else."

"Use Juli tomorrow then," I murmur.

Day 3

P.O.V. of Issac Harrelson

I look at Willow. She truely is pretty. If only I could actually speak to her, to kiss her...

"Hey Issac!" she calls over to me.

I walk over and she is looking at something in the distant.

I look over at where she is pointing and I see a bridge and three shapes over there. We smile and both run.

After awhile, I say, "Willow, I-I really like you, you know?" he asked, looking at her.

She stops suddenly and looks at me. I stop also and look at her also.

"Why do you bully me then?" she asked.

"Because I was unsure how to talk to you and I guess that my bullying you was my way of showing my feelings for you."

She smiles and then wraps her arms around my neck. I put my arms around her and pull her closer. I stroke her hair and then our lips meet...

P.O.V. of Ben Freean, Gamemaker

"Rain, switch the camera to Willow and Issac," I say to the head gamemaker.

She nods and types something into the computer and we are looking at Issac and Willow, kissing.

"That will be interesting to use to our strenghts," Rain says with an evil grin.

"Rain, what do you mean?" Jaya asked.

"I mean that we should somehow cause one of them to die," she says with a smile.

Randume and Cayen nod in agreement. But Jaya and I look a little pestimestic but we agree, we need this job for our families any way.

I watch Rain switch to Juli, Tristan, and Andie, about ready to break them up...

P.O.V. of Juli Massorome

Roxi and Johny mutt! Holy crap!

I start to back away and then they jump between me and Andie and Tristan and chases me.

Holy crap! Why me?!

I start running as fast as I can and I can hear talking not far away. I hear them growling and I feel like crying but I still keep running.

I break into another lane and I see Aven, Candice, and Missaya. I run into them and Missaya looks at me. "Allies?" Missaya asks me. I nod.

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

Oh good! 4 of the 11 remaining tributes are with us! Two more and the third uprising shall begin, and we all shall be free! Maybe we should get Andie and Tristan, or Redd and Maggie, or Willow and Issac, or Terran. Or all of us...

"Come, I want to find the last 7 tributes!" I said as if I was going to kill them.

They all nod and we head out...

P.O.V. of Randume Imorten, Gamemaker

"Rain, what do you think they are doing?" I ask our head gamemaker.

"Whatever they are, make sure it is to kill all of the others," she growled.

I just nod. "Do you want to drive anyone else there way?" I asked.

"Yes, send Terran," she said.

I nod and look at Ben who starts to type into his screen and then a Lavender mutt to go after him, set for tomorrow.

Day 4

P.O.V. of Terran Enloved

I keep walking when I hear screaming and I farther ahead and I see Ciera being attacked by... Lavender!

I lunged at Lavender and and started to slice at her. I then start to saw at her neck and realize she is a mutt. I send the knife throw its neck and end it. I grab Ciera's hand and look into her beauitful blue eyes. "Are you okay?" I ask.

Ciera hugs me and starts crying. "Terran! Thank you for finding me! Those Gamemakers threw me in here after trying to message you! Please! You have to save me!" she cries.

I nod and hug her. "Promise me you'll stay with me, forever! You will always be there, yes?" she asked.

"Always," I mrumur and kiss her.

I look at her hair which had not been died, it is a beautiful brown and her skin is a regular pale color. I grab her hand and start to walk farther down the lane.

P.O.V. of Rain Star

"Holy crap! How the heck did Ciera end up in the games?!" she started screaming at people.

"She asked to be put in," Ben and Jaya interject.

"Well holy crap! the girl will die!"

"Let Missaya find them then," Randume says.

"Fine, drive Missaya and her alliance there way using a Serenity mutt."

Randume nods, shows everyone the mutt, then Ben sends it into the arena.

P.O.V. of Aven Rosedain

"Missaya! Serenity mutt!" I scream. All four of us turn around and watch her walk over then hunch over and turn into an alligator thing that look like her.

We all scream and it chases us, leading us down certain tunnels. I then see Terran and Ciera. Wait, why is Ciera here?

"Why is Ciera here?" asked Candice.

"Gamemaker's sent her here," muttered

"Allies?" asked Missaya.

"Sure," Terran says quickly and Ciera nods her agreement.

I smile. "Now time to fine the other 6 tributes."

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

"I think we should hurry now," I murmured. We all start running, looking for Redd, Maggie, Willow, Issac, Andie, and Tristan.

To my surprise, as soon as I speak, I see Willow and Issac running at us. "Stop running now!" I order.

They suddenly stop and and look me in the eyes. "Why?" asked Willow.

"Because, we want to ally with you, we could use you," I say with a smile. No one knows of my plan, but after we find the last of them, all 12 of us shall get out of here alive.

"What plan?" asked Issac, pulling Willow closer.

"Okay, I guess I can tell you later tonight after all of Panem, even the Gamemakers, are asleep," I murmur.

"No, now," orders Issac.

"How about I whisper it in Aven who will whisper it to Candice who'll whisper it to Juli who'll whisper to Terran who'll whisper to Ciera who'll whisper to Willow who'll whisper to Issac, understand?" I asked.

Everyone nods and I whisper my plan to Aven who whispers to Candice who whispers to Juli who whispers to Terran who whispers to Ciera who whispers to Willo who whispers to Issac. "We are good now."

"So, what do you say Issac? Join us?" I ask.

"Sure," he says.

Day 5

P.O.V. of Maggie Lewelle

I look at Redd, we have been running forever! He stops and I slam on the brakes, happy. I listen and I know why he stopped, I hear footsteps!

I grab one of Redd's knives and then position myself to attack. I then see Tristan and Andie. "Don't throw!" pleads Andie.

I look at her with sympathy and lower my knife. It takes Redd awhile to lower his. "What's wrong? Why are you running?" I ask them.

"Snakes were down our lane but then we came down an exit one and we saw you, I think they are gone though," Tristan says, still trying to catch him breathe.

I walk over to them and nod. "Of course," I say understandingly.

I hear more footsteps, these ones are walking. I turn around and I see the 8 other tributes. I count. Wait, 8? Wait a minute, is that Ciera?

P.O.V. of Andie Marris

"Why is Ciera here?" I ask, clearly confused.

"Don't ask," Missaya says. "Follow us, now!" she says, clearly rushed.

I looked confused along with Maggie, Redd, and Tristan.

"Why?" Redd asks.

"Missaya's plan," says Candice with a smile.

I look at Aven, the one tribute that is standing alone in the back, disapointed.

"Why does Aven look like that?" I ask.

Everyone turns to face her. "Aven, what's wrong?" Missaya asks her.

P.O.V. of Aven Rosedain

"I don't want to be here, we are all putting our familes in risk of being hurt, maybe even tortured," I say, trying not to cry.

Candice walks over and puts a hand on my shoulder. "You realize that if this plan goes correctly, then we will all make it out alive, and Missaya promised nothing would ever happen to us, ever," she murmured.

"But I don't want to make it out alive if it means my family is hurt!" I say, starting to cry.

"Aven, Ben and Jaya promised Missaya that our families would stay safe," she murmurs again so the head gamemaker, Rain, wouldn't hear us. "Aven, follow us, we'll prove it, Ben and Jaya will keep them safe," she says, still murmuring.

I nod blankly and she takes my hand and we all start walking, closer and closer to the doom of our families.

Day 6

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

I grab everybodies hands and then I drop their hands and grab a bow and arrow that was on the ground next to me. I pull the arrow back and looked at the one spot where I had to shoot. I pull the string back and release.

It goes flying through and enters it and then a fire starts. I see the hovercraft above my head. The latter drops and I see the face of Ben Kewl and Jaya Dobbledehs. "Climb it!" Jaya screams.

I am the first one up, followed by Candice, Aven, Ciera, Tristan, Maggie, Andie, Willow, Terran, Redd, Issac, and Juli. I can see the Capitol hovercraft coming and I climb faster until Jaya helps me in. Suddenly I hear rope slowly breaking and then I help them pull everyone in.

After we get Willow in, the rope breaks. I manage to grab Redd's hand while Ben gets Juli and Jaya doesn't get anybody. I watch as the Capitol picks up Terran and Issac.

P.O.V. of Willow Henders

"Issac!" I shout as the door closes. I can just hear Ciera over my screams, screaming for Terran. I start crying and Aven walks over and hugs me.

"We'll get them back," she murmurs.

I look at her, tears streaming down my face. I hug her back and start crying on her shoulder.

Missaya walks over and helps everyone up, murmuring to them comforting words. She then gives them to Jaya who helps them to their room.

Missaya comes to Ciera and I finally and kneels down and gathers us together. "We will get Terran and Issac back, I promise, but you have to stay strong, understand?" she asks us.

We both nod and Jaya comes and leads us to our rooms.

I feel so lonely with Issac, I wish he could be here with me...

P.O.V. of Terran Envolved

I wake up in a room and I see Issac, thrashing around screaming. "Where are we?" I ask.

Issac looks at me and starts crying and says, "They took us! The Capitol took us! They are going to torture us like they did to people from the 75th Hunger Games!"

I see why he was screaming and I join him, screaming and crying, wishing Ciera was here. "CIERA!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

"WILLOW!" screams Issac. We both start screaming and crying when the door opens and in walks our president.

"Calm down," he says with a smile. "You'll be out in time."

I start to thrash around more and so does Issac. The president walks out and a sleep gas is put into a room. I'm getting tired, so tired...

I finally close my eyes and sleep.

Day 7

P.O.V. of Jaya Dobbldehs

"Tributes!" I shout. I watch the doors open, Ciera and Willow out of one room, Missaya and Aven out of another, Tristan and Redd out of the third room, Maggie and Juli out of the fourth room, and out of the fifth room came Candice and Andie.

"When are we landing in the Capital?" asks Missaya.

"What?" asks everyone of the other tributes around her.

"I did say I was getting Terran and Issac back, no?" she asks, looking around.

"But what if we are attacked?" frets Andie.

"You came out of those games, you'll make it. Now, get dressed and meet me in the main room asap!" I say, looking at them. They all go to their rooms to get dressed. I walk back to where we had helped them all get in and I can just see Terran and Issac falling again. I sigh and sit down on one of the chairs to wait for them.

All most instantly, all of them pile in and take a seat.

"Alright, Ben, you got those guns ready?" I shout down the hall.

There are a few murmurs before Missaya asks, "I thought Maggie was promised a special bow and arrow, and so was I, you know, after she helps me learn a bit," she says with a slight smile.

"Of course," I say with a smile. "Ben!" I shout again.

I see him running down with the many things, but the one thing that catches my eyes are the two beautifully crafted bows, and slung over his shoulder are the two sheathes of arrows. I smile.

Once he hands them out, he looks at Missaya and Maggie. "You two, follow me for practice shooting."

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

This shooting range is amazing! I look at the two bows and I see a third one, probably for Issac. But one of them, velvet-colored bow, is really something, I feel like... it's calling me. I walk over and pick it up, and I feel a strength grow between me and the bow. Missaya grabs the aqua-marine bow with a smile.

Ben hands me a sheath, though not one of the ones he was holding earlier. These are regular arrows.

I notch one of the arrows. I pull the string back and aim for the target, looking down the arrow. I then let go and the arrow fly's. I can only hear my heartbeat, pounding against my heart as it fly's in slow-motion. Then it hits the middle and I gasp and then hug my bow.

"God shot," Maggie congratulates me. I mean, it is my first time with a bow and I get a bulls-eye.

"You would make for a good archer," praises Ben.

I smile and nod. I grab another arrow and then notch it. I pull back to the string again and then look down the arrow and then release again. Then I watch it go toward the target and then it splits the other arrow in half. "I think I agree," I murmur to both Ben and Maggie.

"Yep, but let me have a few tries!" Maggie jokes. I step aside and let her shooot.

She makes a bulls-eye after hitting right next to it. "Nice," I say with a smile.

"Please, you did better," she murmurs.

I walk over and put an arm around her. "You did excellent," I say with a smile.

She smiles also and then Ben gives us our real arrows and tells us we are landing in 5 minutes. We both run back to the main room and everyone is waiting for us. "Good, your done," Jaya says with a smile.

I sling the bow over my shoulder and nod. After 5 minutes, Ben shouts, "Get over here! We are dropping out! Don't worry, we are close to the ground and we are landing where interigations are!"

P.O.V. of Issac Harrelson

What is that noise?

"Terran," I moan. I look over at him. "Terran!" I moan again. He looks at me and then looks around. There is screaming and then an explosion.

Then the door breaks down and Willow and Ciera run in and hug us. I moan a little and then helps me get out. She grabs my arm and then pulls out a gun from her back pocket.

I then notice the Gamemakers, Jaya and Ben. Ben walks over and gives me a bow and arrow. I feel the strength it is giving me and I smile. He hands me a sheath of arrows and then head out. I follow and I notice Terran has a gun.

I notch a bow and then scope around with Missaya and Maggie, ready to shoot whoever we can. Missaya sees someone first and shoots him. It lodges in his neck. "Good shot," I murmur to her.

"Thanks," she murmurs back.

We soon are out of there and ladders fall, one for each of us. We all grab on and are pulled into the hovercraft. I count something in my head. First, these games aren't over. Second, they've been on for a week and already we are killing Capital people non-stop.

Once on the hovercraft, I run to Willow and kiss her. I give a quick glance and Ciera and Terran and see they are kissing also, but the only thing that matters is that Willow is alright and alive.

I pull apart and everyone looks at Jaya who is smiling. "Well, the games may of ended earlier but really, they just began. Now, everyone, to your sleeping corridors. You two, follow me," sh esaid to me and Terran.

We follow her and then she lead us to a room where we would stay. I lay down on my bed, not bothering to change and fall asleep almost instantly.

Day 8

P.O.V. of Tristan James

I wake up to a screaming. I look around and I see that Redd is up also. We both jump out of bed and run outside. Everyone else is up also.

"Tristan!" scream Andie. She runs up and hugs me.

"Andie, what's wrong?" I ask her.

"A nightmare that James comes back," she says and starts crying. I hug her tighter and walk back to my room. I look at the clock and see that it is really late. I watch everyone sigh and go back to their rooms. Redd walks in and sighs.

I help Andie into bed and lay down next to her, hugging her the entire time. "It's alright now, I'm here," I murmur to her. I look at the clock. 2:48. I sigh. I look back at Andie who is fast asleep. I also fall asleep next to her, not caring to seperate us apart first.

P.O.V. of Redd Jones

"Tributes!" comes Jaya's voice, instantly waking me up. I walk out of the room, followed by Andie and Tristan. I open the door and we step out.

"We shall be landing in District 13 in 12 minutes, get dressed, and Andie, go back to your room," she said, looking at Andie.

Tristan lets go of Andie and she runs back to where Candice is who hugs her quickly. We all go back to our rooms to change.

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

I get dressed into a yellow summer v-neck shirt and black skinny jeans. I look at myself in the mirror and smile, I look beautiful.

I look at Aven, she is wearing a black v-neck with regular jeans. I smile, she looks beautiful also. I walk over to the corner of my room and sling my sheath over shoulder along with my bow and walk outside of my room with Aven who has her gun in her hand incase of any attacks. I look around, we all look beautiful.

We all gather around and then Jaya shows up with Ben. Jaya has a silver shirt and blue jeans on. Ben is wearing the same thing. "You all look wonderful," Jaya praises us. I look at the time. 1 minute...

We land and then Jaya pushes past me and we start walking. She leads us to a whole in the ground and taps her foot on the ground two times. Suddenly an elevator appears and we all step in. Surprisingly, all 14 of us fit with a lot of space left over.

The elevator continues to go down and down until we are on floor level 1, the closest to the ground above us. When the elevator opens, there are people there. They are screaming because their new Mockingjay is here along with her group. I wave to everyone, a little nervous with all the attention.

I stop often to talk with the people, like Jaya and Ben instructed me to do last night before bed. I also smile and hug the children and kiss their heads.

One person in the crowd comes forward towards me when I am about to talk to one of the children. He introduces himself as Troy Venca. "Hi Troy," I say to him with a smile. I can tell he likes me, but I don't like him, I don't like anyone, not after Gregom's death.

I keep walking until we walk into a room, the cafeteria I believe. "Now, everyone, keep close, your getting your first meal of District 13, you are staying here until we go to the Captial again, we need to gather up some more people to help, to keep all of you safe," Jaya says, looking around.

We all get our meal and sit at an empty table and eat. I look at the time, it's already noon. we have much to do 'till we go to sleep.

P.O.V. of Ben Freean

"Okay, so while we got you all hear, we need to establish jobs," I say while we are eating lunch. "Missaya, we all know your the Mockingjay. But we really need to know is what are you all going to do for work."

I look at all of them when Ciera says, "I've always wanted to be a vet or something," she said with a smile. Terran smiles and then hugs her.

"Okay, well there are pets in District 13, we've never had anyone ever want to learn about being a vet, so of course. Do you know about animals?" he asked.

"Of course I do," she says with another smile.

"Then we have your job. But what about the rest of you? What are you good at? Oh, wait, Maggie, you are going to be assitant to training the archers," I say, remembering what President Warent said.

Maggie beams then nods. "And Issac, you'll be helping Maggie also, you two are the assitant archery teachers."

Issac nods. Then I look at the rest of them. "What to do with the rest of you," I murmur, looking them over.

"Ben," says Aven. We all turn to look at her. "Is there a job that I can have that will deal with shooting or whips?"

I think for a moment, going through a list of jobs that the President had given me. "Yes, one Assitant job left for gun shooting," I say, eyes closed as I think. I open them and she is beaming.

"And that just leaves 8 of you," I murmur.

"I'll help with Agility course," says Tristan.

I nod. "We need a head for that, we haven't opened yet because no one wanted the job," I say.

Tristan nods and then looks around at everyone.

"What about knife throwing?" asks Candice.

"Assitant," I say. She nods and then we all look at the last six tributes, wanting to find their jobs.

"Axe-throwing?" asks Redd. I look at him and he is smiling the worlds biggest smile.

"Head," I say. He has a huge grin on his face.

"How about teaching people to get under barbed wire without getting hurt?" asks Terran. He looks a little nervous but still smiles.

"Head." Hmm... there are a lot of head positions left.

"Snare tying, you know, for like, trapping people and also good for hunting?" asks Willow. She is calm, and that's pretty much it.

"Assitant," I say matter-of-factly.

"I want to do something with medicine, maybe help people in the hospital wing or something," Andie says. I look at her and I see that Tristan has his arms around her in a hug.

"Of course Andie, you will most definetly be helpful there," I say with a smile.

"And that just leaves you, Juli," I say, looking at her.

"Umm..." she says, looking around at the other tributes. "Anything with throwing spears?" she asks.

"I think there is," I say. "Yeah, the assitant for that."

P.O.V. of Andie Marris

I give Tristan a quick peck on the cheek before walking to the hospital wing. I am quickly greeted by one of the female doctors.

"Hello Andie, I am Dr. Silken. Is anything wrong?" she asks me.

"I'm here to help out," I say with a smile.

Dr. Silken's eyes looked shocked at first but then she smiles. "Of course. We have a sick patient over there," she says, pointing to a place with curtains pulled everywhere. "Tell them I sent you, they'll let you help," she adds before walking off. I can hear screaming. "Pregnant women," she mutters before walking off.

I walk over to where she told me to go and pull the current over a little and walk in. "Hi, Dr. Silken sent me here to help," I say.

They all look at each other then nod. They let me join up after putting on gloves, a long robe, tying my hair back, and putting on a mask. I walk back over and look at the patient. He is an elderly man. "It looks like he has Pnemonia," I murmur.

The rest of them look at me then understand. "You need a needle. Knock them out though, it's easier." They nod and knock him out by giving him some medicine. I then grab some stuff and started working.

After a few hours, we are done. I step back and look at them. They are nodding in approval. We all leave so he can have some time to recover.

Dr. Silken greets me when we are done. "How was it?" she asked.

"Well, we did finish, he will recover soon," I say to her and she smiles.

"Of course. Oh, do you want to see the newest member of District 13?" she asks me.

I smile brightly and nod. She grabs my hand and then takes me to where she was working earlier. I walk in and smile.

"The mother is Calvette," Dr. Silken murmurs into my ear.

"What's his name?" I ask, looking at the newborn boy. I can tell it's a boy, because one, he is wrapped up in a blue blanket with a blue snow-cap on, and two is because I know what a baby boy looks like from a baby girl.

"Devin," she says.

I smile. "That's a beautiful name," I murmur.

Calvette smiles and nods.

Dr. Silken grabs my arm and takes me away. "You should go and get some sleep."

I nod and take off the robe, gloves, mask, and put my hair down.

Once I step out of the hallway, everyone from the games runs up. They grab my hand, well, Tristan did any way, and takes me to where we are suppose to stay.

We are split up in different rooms with the same people as earlier. Candice and I get ready for bed and then lights go out. "Time for bed," I murmur.

I lay down in bed and close my eyes. I drift into a dark sleep.

Day 9

P.O.V. of President Taylor, Capital

I am tired of all these stupid uprisings. They never get it, do they? These people in the districts never get it!

I walk out of the balcony. Where I am standing is where President Coin stood and was killed. And that is when my grandmother took over and started the games back up from the 75th Hunger Games. Such a cruel world, yes, but then again, is anything ever not cruel?

"President Taylor!" comes the head Gamemaker's voice comes.

"Yes Rain?" I ask her, turning around.

"We are being attacked by the Districts!" she shouts.

I shout a curse word then run, followed by Rain. I run to the bomb shelters. "Rain!" I shout. "Get children and station them around my house. They won't attack if children are on the line," I say with a slight smile.

Rain nods and says something into a phone, but I don't hear her over the explosions. Then she drops it and we both start running for our lives.

We both run into the underground of my mansion and I hear the cries of kids outside of my mansion while i am under them.

The explosions stop but then I hear running footsteps. I grab my gun from my pocket and wait to see who is coming. Damn, and it's only 1 in the afternoon.

An arrow goes flying past my head and I fire into the hall. I don't hear any screaming. It means I missed. Crap.

Another arrow goes flying and lands in Rain's neck. "RAIN!" I shout. I drop on my knees and look at my daughter. I go by my first name, never my last name.

"Mom," she murmurs before she closes her eyes and her heads leans off to the left.

I shout in rage and fire into the hall.

"CRAP! MY ARM!" shouts a boy.

"Don't worry Issac, I can get her from here, Maggie, take him back," comes a girls voice.

I hear running footsteps getting fainter.

Then an arrow comes flying and it lands in my shoulder. "OUCH!" I scream.

Another arrow goes flying, and this one bursts into flames mid-flight. It goes flying and lands in my heart.

I fall over next to my daughter. I brush her hair out of her face and close my eyes. I can just hear my cannon sound as I die.

P.O.V. of Missaya Henred

I run back to the mansion doors and meet Maggie who is pacing around. We both run outside and run to where our group is. The bombs have stopped and everyone is now silent.

"Well?" asks Jaya.

"Dead," I say.

Jaya beams and then she looks around. "Get Issac to Andie, she'll help him. How is everyone else?"

I look at everyone and I see that Willow is limping. "Willow is hurt." I look around again and I see Ciera is holding onto her leg. "Ciera is also."

Jaya nods and Terran carries Ciera into the hovercraft and Candice helps Willow in.

Jaya nods and says something into her speaker. Then out of the hovercraft comes a beautiful woman wearing a silky brown dress, her long black hair flowing. "Hello, I am President Venatte Mellark." She smiles.

I smile and nod. "Is she the new president?" I ask Jaya.

Jaya nods. "But she's not assigning any games, right?" Jaya asks, looking at President Mellark.

"Correct, no games," she says with a smile. I can just see Katniss Mellark in her.

She then walks towards the Capital building. "It should be cleaned first, shouldn't?" she asks, looking at the red on the walls, the black on it. The white is completely covered.

"We shall get to that," Jaya says with a nod.

I smile and go on the hovercraft. Everyone is already looking better. I can't wait for life to get better.

10 Years Later

Troy grabs my hand and lifts it above my head and twirls me around. I smile and then look around. Issac and Willow are sitting, smiling along with Andie and Tristan, Maggie and Redd, Ciera and Terran. Aven and Juli are also there, very happy. Aven with Cotven and Juli with Wilkam.

Troy pulls me closer and smiles.

I guess your wandering, why did I go with Troy? He was like Gregom in so many ways. He also sorta looked like him.

Troy's breathe is against my neck, warm. I smile and lean in and kiss him again.

Oh yeah, it's our wedding day if you didn't know. He smiles and then twirls me again. Then we go to sit with our friends.

Aven is smiling for me. She didn't feel right about an uprising, but I think she's happy to be alive.

Tristan and Andie are giggling. At 22 and 23, they are still good together. Odd enough is that everyone else was married before Troy and I, but it's okay.

Troy puts an arm around me and I lean my head against his shoulder.

"Hey Troy," I murmur into his ear so no one could hear me.

"Yes?" he murmurs back.

"I think I might be pregenant," I murmur.

"Why do you think that?" He asks in a murmur.

"Feeling different, and besides, we have still had special times together, no?" I ask in a murmur with a smile.

He smiles and kisses me.

Where does everyone stand? Andie is now head doctor, Dr. James. Everyone is doing good, everyone has the perfect job, married, life couldn't' be better right now in District 13, officially a district again.

The Child

Same P.O.V.

I hug my baby son. I then walk outside. Ciera and Terran have their daughter, Cayleigh. My son is called Warrent. Oh, Jaya and Ben are married, they have two twins, Vienta and Calven, the two twins, nothing alike, one boy, one girl, one's crazy while one is calm, one hates school while one loves it. But they still love each other.

Warrent giggles in my arms and I smile. I look where he is pointing and I look. I laugh a bit as you see the two twins in a cat fight.

I laugh and then sit down in a chair. Wow, we've gone a long way from the games to now.

Troy sits down next to me and kisses me. I smile and rest my head on his shoulder.

I was right on my wedding day. Life couldn't be better.

Death Chart

Place Name District Killed by
24th Roxi Malfava 9 Juli Massorome
23rd Johny James 4 Juli Massorome
22nd Gregom Anthony 3 Kellon Hero
21st Sparkle Zidaze 1 Missaya Henred
20th Serenity Calver 4 Missaya Henred
19th Kellon Hero 1 Missaya Henred
18th Skylar Wing 9 Zara Lancaster
17th Zara Lancaster 2 Aven Rosedain
16th Zerro Yesselle 2 Aven Rosedain
15th Cole Lightning 5 Timothy Hall
14th Timothy Hall 11 Redd Jones
13th James Jones 12 Suicide
12th Lavender Gomez 8 Missaya Henred

People in District 13

Name Original District Job Relations
Missaya Venca 3 Currently in charge of the army, even though it's not very needed. She is the Mockingjay, best friend of Aven Anderson, married to Troy Venca, has a son named Warrent.
Candice Vortez 5 Head Knife-Throwing Teacher She marries the other Assitant Knife-Throwing Teacher, now they both lead Knife-Throwing
Willow Harrelson 6 Head Snare Teacher She is married to Issac Harrelson.
Redd Jones 7 Head of Axe-Throwing Married to Maggie Jones.
Maggie Jones 7

Head Archery Teacher

Married to Redd Jones.
Tristan James 10 Head of Agility Course Married to Andie James
Aven Anderson 10 Head Shooting Teacher Best friend of Missaya Henred, married to Cotven Anderson.
Julianne Gojel 11 Head Teacher for Spear-Throwing Married to Wilkam Gojel.
Andie James 12 Main Doctor Married to Tristan James.

Ciera Flickerman

Capital Main Veternarian Granddaughter of Ceaser Flickerman, married to Terran Envolved, they have a baby girl named Cayleigh.
Issac Harrelson 6 Assitant Archery Teacher Married to Willow Harrelson.
Terran Envolved 8 Head of the 'Boot Camp' Married to Ciera Envolved, has a baby girl name Cayleigh.
Troy Venca 13 Head of Army Married to Missaya Venca, has a son named Warrent.
Wilkam Gojel 6 Head of Throw-Spearing Married to Jullianne Gojel.
Jaya Freean Capital Head of Escapes Married to Ben Freean, they have two twins, a boy and a girl, named Vienta and Calven.
Ben Freean Capital Head of Escapes Married to Jaya Freean, they have two twins, a boy and girl, named Vienta and Calven.
Warrent Venca 13 None Son of Troy and Missaya.
Cayleigh Envolved 13 None Daughter of Ciera and Terran.
Vienta Freean 13 None Daughter of Jaya and Ben, twin of Calven.
Calven Freean 13 None Son of Jaya and Ben, twin of Vienta.

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