Yes, this is traditional to the actual 25th Hunger Games! I shall make up tributes, you will vote for them, based on what you think will be better be for the games. Also, there will be the reapings in the point of one tribute, then the train ride in the point of view of one person, a random tribute, and then the all important chariot rides in the point of view of a random capitol citzen, then the interviews in the point of view of tributes, and then the games in point of view of any tribute.

Please note that all tributes that I have put down have something wrong about them, it makes the games something =).


As you can see, you'll vote for your favorite tributes here.

District 1

Vote for your District 1 tributes here!



Name: Glinette Luxien

Age: 12

Personality: Shy and smart

Strengths: Agile, fast

Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand, can only see out of one eye, small

Weapon of Choice: Knives


Name: Climeny Hamenent

Age: 16

Personality: A tad mental but also smart and slightly brutal

Strengths: Can make someone start screaming by being herself

Weaknesses: Gets distracted really easily

Weapon of Choice: Herself

<poll>Which do you choose? Glinette Luxien Climeny Hamenent </poll>



Name: Loven Rimestone

Age: 14

Personality: Bad limp in leg and very, very quiet

Strengths: Strong

Weaknesses: His limp slows him down

Weapon of Choice: Hammer


Name: Lyen Diamon

Age: 17

Personality: Rude, color-blind

Strengths: Strong

Weaknesses: His color-blindness kind of ruins him because people love to make fun of him for it

Weapon of Choice: Sword

<poll>Which do you choose? Loven Rimestone Lyen Diamon </poll>

District 2

Come vote for your tribute!



Name: Cleven Dangeran

Age: 15

Personality: Rude, has rare disease

Strengths: Scares people just by coughing

Weaknesses: She could fall ill in the arena and die early on

Weapon of Choice: Her disease, it also is her greatest fear


Name: Dangena Clever

Age: 12

Personality: Quiet, smart

Strengths: Her hair can affect some peoples eye-sight

Weaknesses: Her hair can sometimes affect her

Weapon of Choice: Her hair, but it can also be her greatest fear

<poll>Which do you choose? Cleven Dangeran Dangena Clever </poll>



Name: Zalen Follen

Age: 14

Personality: Blind, causing him to be angry

Strengths: Has a good sense of hearing and taste and stuff

Weaknesses: He can run into things more then anyone and can't tell what someone has until its late

Weapon of Choice: Dagger


Name: Daggelen Revena

Age: 18

Personality: Broken leg, causing him depression

Strengths: Smart

Weaknesses: He can barely walk without crutches

Weapon of Choice: His brains

<poll>Which do you choose? Zalen Follen Daggelen Revena </poll>

District 3

Vote for your tributes here!



Name: Tecna Leana

Age: 12

Personality: Shy, quiet

Strengths: She can hide easily

Weaknesses: She can barely stand because of her knees

Weapon of Choice: Wire


Name:Defina Cyber

Age: 15

Personality: Smart

Strengths: She can make something very special with very little

Weaknesses: She is deaf

Weapon of Choice: Wire

<poll>Which do you choose? Tecna Leana Defina Cyber </poll>



Name: Enterne Daten

Age: 13

Personality: Smart, Quiet

Strengths: Makes anything be deadly

Weaknesses: Terrible eye-sight

Weapon of Choice: Wire


Name: Webster Dicona

Age: 16

Personality: Smart, outgoing

Strengths: Good with wiring

Weaknesses: He is gay

Weapon of Choice: Wire

<poll>Who do you choose? Enterne Daten Webster Dicona </poll>

District 4

Vote for your tributes here!



Name: Avelene Riten

Age: 17

Personality: Smart, awesome surfer

Strengths: Really good with escapes

Weaknesses: Half death, half blind

Weapon of Choice: Trident, woven net


Name: Swatum Caven

Age: 13

Personality: Silent

Strengths: She knows how to fight really well

Weaknesses: She can't speak, she is an avox because of what her brother did and now she suffered his punishment, but they let her stay

Weapon of Choice: Throwing knives

<poll>Who do you choose? Avelene Riten Swatum Caven </poll>



Name: Waven Surten

Age: 18

Personality: Talkative

Strengths: Can make someone want to kill themselves because of him talking to much

Weaknesses: Not talking for even a short amount of time, he can get caught easily

Weapon of Choice: Talking


Name: Taten Boren

Age: 12

Personality: Quiet, shy

Strengths: Strong, good-willed

Weaknesses: People, claustrophobic isn't good with other people

Weapon of Choice: Trident

<poll>Who do you choose? Waven Surten Taten Boren </poll>

District 5

Vote for your tributes here!



Name: Elecna Torvien

Age: 13

Personality: Cries a lot, quiet, shy

Strengths: Can make anyone's ears hurt just by crying and screaming at the same time

Weaknesses: Because she cries a lot, she might get discovered easily

Weapon of Choice: Her tears


Name: Tricina Tevan

Age: 15

Personality: Talkative

Strenghts: Can sing a very high-pitched sound that can make you want to kill yourself, and if loud enough, can make someone go deaf

Weaknesses: Her voice can sometimes mess with her if she does not cover her ears well

Weapon of Choice: Her voice, but it is also her greatest fear

<poll>Who do you choose? Elecna Torvien Tricina Tevan </poll>



Name: Wavlene Shock

Age: 18

Strengths: He is pretty strong and good with working with electricity

Weaknesses: He is fully deaf and fully blind

Weapon of Choice: Hammer


Name: Shocsten Elecma

Age: 12

Strengths: He is okay with wiring

Weaknesses: Can't see straight since he is cross-eyed

Weapon of Choice: Anything that does not require aiming

<poll>Who do you choose? Wavlene Shock Shocsten Elcma </poll>

District 6

Vote for your tributes here!

More later, this is going to take awhile guys, sorry DX


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Train ride

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Death Chart

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And the Victor is...

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