Okay, i decided to get this made. Any way, well, we need some... devious plans for our tributes this year.


Okay, well, I was thinking that the Arena could be kinda like the 75th hunger games only these are all trees and the water is undrinkable and if you try and kill an animal, it fights back. There will be no clock effect like the 75th games though, but things will happen at random, no certain time, but things will happen in a certain order for sure. Also, yes, you can send a tribute something to get water out of the tree, but it will be hard with all the animals that attack.


Okay, well, I was thinking we could use things like flying mutts that look harmless that will kill with one bite, and even without biting you, they use their tounge to wrap around the tributes to strangle them to death like a boa constrictor.

We can use more mutt ideas, but I want you all to think of that.


Coruncopia, looking at the weapons, there should be no weapons that you can see visibly, they are going to be in the back of the Coruncopia, well hidden along with the food to drive the tributes into there for weapons and food. Some can go for the bookbags that hide them, but I'm sure the Careers'll gaurd them well.

Day 1

Well, we need ideas. Day 1 is most definetly the bloodbath. During the end of the day, we could drive maybe a few towards each other to where the fight, maybe the Careers and a lower district person that didn't die.

Day 2

Well, we can drive a few tributes towards the edge of the jungle maybe by sending the flying mutts after those few select tributes and make them fight. There will most definetly be fights.

Day 3

We introduce to the tributes the animal's that fight back. Some may have found a few and have been badly injured, but all the surviving tributes will definetly meet them and either fight and live or flee/fight and die.

Day 4

If there are still a few tributes, we introduce a feast. It seems early but with all of our little tricks hidden, it might do well for us. We leave little food at the center of the arena so the tributes fight, but the food is laced with poison. If anybody survives the feast, they are drove back into the forest by another mutt.

Day 5

Remaining tributes will be drove to the Coruncopia by a different mutt then yesterday and a different one from the flying mutt. They will try and kill off tributes until only 1 lone tribute stands. They may leave early providing that we decide that they can, say if two from the same district (which might not be so) so we make the mutts leave and leave the two to fight to the death which won't take long from the severe injuries they have.


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