Okay, here, the interviews, chariot rides, and training scores will be held =)

Chariot Rides

The District 1 chariot, holding Abella Grace and Dia Monty, rides up. They are dressed in white outfits with diamonds ingraved into it. The crowd rolls their eyes out of displeasure for this outfit is so old and to... predictable.

The District 2 chariot, holding Christine ??? and John Drew F. Adams, comes up. The tributes are dressed up gothic to go along with a theme of the 13th Hunger Games. This catches the crowds attention and it is far more appealing to them then that of the District 1 tributes.

The District 3 chariot, holding Audacia Undersea and Platinum Meridious, rolls up next. Though the outfits are slightly different, the bright lights catches the crowds attention. It has their attention until they hear that another chariot is coming.

The District 4 tributes, Vaitya Demien and Jared Holland, are dressed in seaweed outfits. It is something new, catching the eyes of everyone. They let out small murmurs, pointing at them, then turn their attention to watch more chariots come, but some don't want to look away.

Quinn Riley shows up in a black dress with gold pants, while her district partner, Lukas Kovalsky, shows up in a black shirt with gold pants. It matches but doesn't go with what their district is about. The crowd is silent then turns to watch District 6 roll in.

Keziah Bianca and Benjamin Woodrew are dressed in dark clothes with headlights on their heads. The crowd is silent still, watching them go by.

Arine Lacow and Treno Raporus of District 7 show up dressed like trees. Only, these trees are more natural looking. They look like they are wearing bark with leaves on their heads and on their shoes. It seems to catch the crowds attention but they turn to watch District 8, even though they want to watch them longer.

Violet George and Cameron Stephens look like they are wearing quilts. They are throwing needles into the crowd. It makes the crowd bored because the needles aren't sharp and no one is getting hurt and the quilt is kinda odd.

The District 9 tributes, Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows and Mason Krieger, are wearing outfits that look like grain. The girl has the grain woven into her hair and around her silk-made dress that is the same color of it. The male tribute looks very similiar except for the grain in his hair. This chariot seems to be a crowd favorite.

Lillianna "Lila" Maganachi and Silver Creed show up dressed as... cows. This is much to the crowds displeasure and they turn away in disguist, but then turn around to see the District 11 tributes.

They are dress like potatoes. The crowd starts to "Boo!" because a lot of chariot rides have been awful. Hopefully there would be some more, unique stylist next year!

Finally, the District 12 chariot rolls up. Eucy Collier is standing very close to Kole Roch, and... Wait! Are they holding hands! Amazing! This causes the crowd to murmur and point at them, with quiet voices. We knew they were friends but not that close!


1st: District 2

2nd: District 12

3rd: District 4

4th: District 9

5th: District 7

6th: District 3

7th: District 5

8th: District 6

9th: District 1

10th: District 8

11th: District 10

12th: District 11

Training Scores

Abella Grace: 9

Dia Monty: 8

Christine: 10

John Drew F. Adams: 7

Audacia Undersea: 5

Platinum Meridious: 3

Vaitya Demien: 8

Jared Holland:10

Quinn Riley: 7

Lukas Kovalsky: 5

Kezaiah Bianca: 9

Benjamin Woodrew: 7

Arine Lacow: 8

Treno Raporus: 7

Violet George: 8

Cameron Stephen: 7

Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows: 5

Mason Krieger: 8

Lillianna "Lila" Maganachi: 6

Silver Creed: 8

Mirabelle Readmint: 7

Rune Cereno: 7

Eucy Collier: 6

Kole Roch: 5


Ceaser: Welcome all you of the Capitol! Tonight, I will be interviewing the tributes, and they might be interviewing me also!

(laugh from crowd)

Ceaser: I would like to welcome Abella Grace of District 1! Abella!

Abella: Hey Ceaser!

Ceaser: Why hello there! And might I say your gorgeous to night!

Abella: I'd be lying if I hadn't heard that before.

(laugh from crowd)

Ceaser: Yes, now down to buisness, tell me, are you a Career this year or not?

Abella: So that little Lily's (from a different thing) word for us caught on. Well, any way, of course. It'll be me, Dia, Christine, John, Vaitya, and we might include a few extras. (winks)

Ceaser: Interesting, now, tell me, how is this different from District 1?

Abella: Oh, not by much, I mean, the Peacekeepers dress like they would here, it is beautiful, just like you and I, and it just makes me think of home so much!

Ceaser: So I see, is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to?

Abella: Yeah, to my little 13-year-old sister! I love you and stay out of trouble!

Ceaser: Okay, wel-


Ceaser: Oh! I'm afraid that's all the time we have, ladies and gentlemen, Abella Grace! Now I would love to welcome to the spotlight Dia Monty of District 1!

Dia: Hi...

Ceaser: So you don't like to talk much, do you? I can tell by how you said that.

Dia: No, I-I don't.

Ceaser: Oh, well, would you like to send a shout-out to someone back home?

Dia: Yeah, my mother, father, and my friend that told me I had to win!

Ceaser: Okay, any way, I heard you mentioned for a Career, what is your strategy?

Dia: To kill anyone I can to get sponsers, and to help the female tributes of our pack, because I have a feeling that they would be able to make something good for us!

Ceaser: Yes, and what will you miss more about the Capitol?

Dia: The food! It is amazing! It's pretty close to what we have in District 1 but nothing like here!

Ceaser: Of course, now-


Ceaser: Well, that's all the time we have Dia! Next up, Christine of District 2!

Christine: Hey Ceaser, how are you?

Ceaser: Good good, and how are you, you know, being a tribute and all?

Christine: Pretty good, the other people of my pack are funny. You know? Dia kinda lightens the mood up, Abella brings glam to us, John is the brains, and Vaitya is the funny one!

Ceaser: So I've seen! Any shout-outs you wanna give?

Christine: Yeah, to my family with whom I would not be here. And I want my siblings to know that I will make it home!

(crowd aww's)

Ceaser: Of course, now, how did you get-

Christine: Don't ask! I don't want those gamemakers after me! (fake squeals)

Ceaser: Of course, we-


Ceaser: Best of luck Christine! Now welcome to the spotlight, John Drew F. Adams, her district partner!

John: Hello.

Ceaser: So, talking to your district partner, Christine, she says your the brains of the Careers. Is that true?

John: Yeah, i grew up in a very smart part of District 2 and I am very proud of being smart.

Ceaser: I bet so. So, what is different her then your District?

John: Well, peacekeepers are made in our district, literally. There are none here, that is different, very different.

Ceaser: As much as that is true, we have some, just hidden as regular citzens of the Capitol!

John: Your regular and our regular are two different things!

(crowd laughs)

Ceaser: Very true, so-


Ceaser: Sorry John, that's all the time we have. Next up, please welcome, Audacia Undersea of District 2!

Audacia: Hi Ceaser! How are you?

Ceaser: Good good, but the question here tonight is, how do you think of that 5 you got?

Audacia: It was really good, infact, I got-

(Gamemaker's run on stage)

Gamemaker: Don't reveal how you got your score!

Audacia: Alright, if it'll help you sleep at night.

(crowd laughs a bit at her comment)

Gamemaker: Please!

Audacia: Alright! Now go please!

(they leave)

Ceaser: Well, any way, a 5, pretty hig-


Ceaser: That's our buzzer! Best of luck Audacia Undersea! Now welcome to the stage, Platinum Meridious!

Platinum: ...

Ceaser: So you don't like to talk much either, eh?

Platinum: ... No...

Ceaser: So I see. One quick question, any shout-outs?

Platinum: My, uh, family.

(quiet for the rest of the 3 minutes)


Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have Platinum! Now weclome to the stage, Vaitya Demien!

Vaitya: Hello Ceaser! Don't you look amazing tonight!

Ceaser: Aren't you a people's pleaser? Well, any way. What do you think of that 8?

Vaitya: I think I could of done a bit better, but, uh, it was pretty good. Ya know? It is good to be skilled with weapons!

Ceaser: But of course! Any shout-outs?

Vaitya: Yeah! To my family, I love you all, and you all have to move on if I don't get to come back!

Ceaser: That is very touching. I hope you can make it back to them.

Vaitya: So do I, they all are just... amazing and I hope they will all get to send me a goodbye if I don't.

(crowd feels pity for her)

Ceasaer: I see, well-


Ceaser: Best of luck Vaitya. Next up, her District partner, Jared Holland!

Jared: Ceaser. (slight nod)

Ceaser: So Jared, I hear your not going to be a career. Care to comment?

Jared: Well, I don't like the Career's! It's there fault and so many people die, and it is just not fair!

Ceaser: You probably don't find these games fair, do you?

Jared: Of course not! Innocent kids die! You hear that Snow? I'm calling you out! These games are pointless, kids die for no reason and it's your fault!

(crowd shifts uneasily but you hear the murmurs of tributes that agree)

Ceaser: I think you just want these games over, am I correct?

Jared: Yes, because I know those Careers'll come after me for not joining them.

Ceaser: So I see, well, the buz-


Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have. Ladies and gentlemen, Jared Holland! Now I would like to welcome Quinn Riley of District 5!

Quinn: Hi everyone of the capitol! Especially you Ceaser!

Ceaser: Hello Quinn! Now tell me, who do you plan to ally with during the games?

Quinn: Anyone that i can ally with! Maybe my District partner, maybe the Careers if they'll allow me to! If I show them what I can do then they totally might!

Ceaser: Yes, I remember hearing Abella say that she might just ally with someone that's not from 1, 2, or 4!

Quinn: Yes! I remember also! I may have to kill some people but if I join with them early but then leave one night while I'm on guard duty, or maybe I could lead them into a trap and then escape while they are killed!

Ceaser: Excellently thought out. Any shout-outs?

Quinn: My family, I love you all and I want you all to understand, I will try and come back for you all!

(crowd sniffles in amazement)

Ceaser: Why yes, that was ador-


Ceaser: Best of luck Quinn Riley! Welcome to center stage, Lukas Kovalsky!

Lukas: Hi Ceaser.

Ceaser: 'Sup? Any way, Quinn said she might ally with you, would you agree or disagree with her offer?

Lukas: I don't know, I was sorta planning on being by myself but if she were to ask me, I would agree and everything!

Ceaser: Of course, out of the kindness of your heart?

Lukas: Well, that and that they could be helpful later on in the games!

Ceaser: Of course! What do you plan to do, go to the Cornucopia or go into the surrounding areas?

Lukas: I would tell you but that is a secret, isn't it?

Ceaser: Well yes but-

Lukas: But nothing! It's a secret and I don't think that-


Ceaser: Best of luck Lukas! Now welcome to the stage, Kezaiah Bianca of District 6!

Kezaiah: Hello Ceaser!

Ceaser: Why hello! What do you think of that 9 you got in training?

Kezaiah: It was defiently one of the highest and I'm proud of it!

Ceaser: I bet you are! Do you think you could be one of those extras the Careers were talking about?

Kezaiah: Oh most defiently. I have no doubt in my mind that I could be one of them, they could use someone like me, especially with that 9 I got.

Ceaser: Yes, they could use that to their advantage also though.

Kezaiah: Yes but I can tell when they are trying to do that, I've been learning a lot from backstabbing friends.

Ceaser: Yes, before you go, any shout-outs?

Kezaiah: To my wonderful family, I love them all, infac-


Ceaser: Best of luck, Kezaiah Bianca! Next up, Benjamin Woodrew!

Benjamin: 'Sup?

Ceaser: 'Sup? Is there any nickname that we can call you?

Benjamin: Ben is fine.

Ceaser: Okay. Well, Ben, do you think you could ally with anyone?

Ben: Well, there might be Kezaiah, or maybe another person, but most definetly not the Careers.

Ceaser: Of course. Any shout-outs?

Ben: Anyone of District 6 that knows me, because I can get along with a lot of people.

Ceaser: Yes, what do yo-


Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have Ben! Now welcome to center stage, Arine Lacow!

Arine: Hello Ceaser! How are you enjoying the interviews?

Ceaser: It's fun interviewing all you wonderful tributes!

Arine: Which tribute is your favorite so far?

Ceaser: Shouldn't I be interviewing you?

Arine: Yes but this is fun! We were on a good roll!

(crowd laughs)

Ceaser: But of course! What is do you miss most from your home?

Arine: Well, I miss the feel of people working on new ways of transportation.

Ceaser: But of course, well, any sh-


Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have, best of luck Arine Lacow! Please welcome now, Treno Raporus!

Treno: Hey.

Ceaser: Hey. So, what do you think about the tributes this year?

Treno: They are certainly... something. It's like a high school. You got your athletes, your brains, your rich people, you have your hot girls (wink)...

(Capitol girls squeal)

Treno: ...and you got your people that don't have their own group, the outsiders.

Ceaser: And where would you qualify yourself?

Treno: That 7 I got was okay, I play a few sports but good grades, and you really can't be in both groups, so I am in my own group, an outsider.

Ceaser: Yes, and quick shout-o-


Ceaser: Best of luck Treno! Now welcome, Violet George!

Violet: Hey Ceaser. What's the most surprising thing about this years tributes?

Ceaser: How they are all different, but all are linked back to one another in some sort of way.

Violet: Can you explain some ways on how that is?

Ceaser: Like Treno said, it is like high school with all your people. Where would you put yourself?

Violet: Well, I know a few people that would say I was that, a-hem, hot-girl, but them i've got people that say I'm the brains of everything, but I'm not sure...

Ceaser: Of course, any shout-outs?

Violet: Not really...


Ceaser: Aw! We'd love to hear more but sadly, your times up. Now please welcome, Cameron Stephens!

Cameron: Hey Ceaser!

Ceaser: Hey! Your not going to interview me like Violet or Arine, are you?

Cameron: Not unless you make me!

(crowd laughs a bit)

Ceaser: Of course, any shout-outs?

Cameron: Yeah, my six younger siblings. Oh, mom, dad? I think I would like to thank you drug-addicts least of all.

(crowd shifts uneasily)

Ceaser: So there is high-tension in your family?

Cameron: Yeah, it's just th-


Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have Cameron! Next up, Lynnette Handsows!

Lynnette: Hey Ceaser, what's up?

Ceaser: Nothing much, is there a nickname we can call you?

Lynnette: Yeah, Lynnie.

Ceaser: Oh, okay Lynnie. Any shout-outs?

Lynnie: Well, there is the couple that raised me, and I love them dearly.

Ceaser: So their not your real parents?

Lynnie: No, my real parents were starving and couldn't raise me so they gave me to the couple that has raised me for so long.

Ceaser: Have you ever meet your real parents?

Lynnie: Well... no. I'm not sure they are even still ali-


Ceaser: Sorry Lynnie! That's all the time we have! Please welcome, Mason Kreiger!

Mason: Hey...

Ceaser: So, what's the most interesting about the Capitol for you?

Mason: Nothing really... except that it's a little more crowded.

Ceaser: What would you do back home?

Mason: I used to get bullied by classmates, uhh... I don't think it will be going on much longer.

Ceaser: No? Why no-


Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have! Please welcome, Lillianna Maganachi of District 10!

Lillianna: Hey Ceaser!

Ceaser: Is there a nickname we can call you by?

Lillianna: Yeah! Lila.

Ceaser: That's beautiful! What's your favorite part about the capitol?

Lila: The lack of cattle first of. And second off, all the bright and different colors! Infact, when I first came here, I saw one of the Capitol people that looked very... bright, a red-orange-yellow-pink mixture. It was something for sure!

Ceaser: Yes! What do you think of my colors this year?

Lila: The blood red compliments you very well.

Ceaser: Thank you. Any shout-outs?

Lila: Yes, my family, and to those Peacekeepers, with whom I would never know how to fight.

Ceaser: Did they teach you how to fig-


Ceaser: Sorry Lila! That's all the time we have! Please welcome, Silver Creed!

Silver: 'Sup?

Ceaser: 'Sup? Now, what would you do back home?

Silver: Take care of animals.

Ceaser: Anything besides that?

Silver: Not really... My mother died and I had to take over...

(crowd feels sorry for him)

Ceaser: How did she die?

Silver: Stamped.

Ceaser: Oh, any shout-out-


Ceaser: Well, that's all the time we have. Ladies and Gentlemen, Silver Creed! We are now approaching our last two Districts. Welcome to the stage, Mirabelle Readmint!

Mirabelle: Hey Ceaser! Don't you look amazing tonight in blood red?

Ceaser: Yes, yes. Any nicknames we could call you by?

Mirabelle: I liked to be called Mirabelle, but Mira is fine.

Ceaser: Okay, well, Mira, what do you like most about the Capitol?

Mira: The food. We barely had any, we just grew it, we didn't get to eat much of it.

Ceaser: So I see. Any shout-outs tonight?

Mira: To my parents, and their wonderful friends that are past victors that feed us, I'm sorry my name was reaped but I can't cha-


Ceaser: We would love to hear more but sadly, your times up. Welcome her District partner, Rune Sereno!

Rune: Hey.

Ceaser: Do you like the Capitol at all? Most of the tributes have loved it, but do you?

Rune: No, here is where I will meet my death, here is where everybody that I love gets to see me die.

Ceaser: So you think your going to die early on?

Rune: Yeah, I don't feel like these games are really in my favor. I hope that Mira or someone other then a Career'll win, and that-


Ceaser: That's all the time we have! Best of luck! Now please welcome, Eucalyptus Collier of District 12!

Eucalyptus: Hey Ceaser! You can call me Eucy, I knew you were going to ask.

Ceaser: Of course Eucy! Now, tell me, why did you sign up for the tesserae?

Eucy: To feed the poor people of the Seam. I felt sorry for them and many people die of hunger everyday. Being the mayors daughter, I can't sit back and watch that happen!

Ceaser: But of course. Any shout-outs?

Eucy: Well, obviously my wonderful parents. Also to my friends back in District 12!

Ceaser: Well, I have yet to ask this question. Is there someone special back in District 12?

Eucy: He's not back in District 12 exactly.

(crowd gasps)

Ceaser: So it's... Kole? That is ver-


(crowd protests, wanting to speak to Eucy more)

Ceaser: Afraid that's all the time we have. Now welcome Kole Roch, her District partner.

Kole: Hey!

Ceaser: So it appears you have an admirer.

Kole: Apparently! And the sad thing is that I have a girlfriend, Lea Rose.

Ceaser: I can just imagine her face right now!

Kole: Yeah, she is probably a little mad and everything.

Ceaser: Any shout-outs?

Kole: To my girl, Lea, and then to my three younger siblings and my grandmother. They are all amazing and I wish that they could se-


Ceaser: Well, that's an end to our interviews! I got interviewed along the way but oh well! Good luck to all tributes, and now, DJ, play us out.

(anthem plays and screen goes black as tributes walk off stage)

Okay, I will be posting part 3 very soon! Keep an eye out and remember, May the odds be ever in your favor!

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