Fwahaha! The 2nd ever Hunger Games! I'm excited to get these started, the Victor shall be drawn from a hat later because I cannot decide, i've got many users, I'll write user names, it'll depend on how many times I see the user's name so if you entered two tributes your user name will be entered twice, drop them in the hat, if choosen, their tribute'll win. If they had multiple tributes, then their tributes names will be dropped in next and choosen. It's random and it'll help me find out who will win without using faovritism (sorry THGG, it'll be at random, though you have a good chance!). Good luck and may the odds (and randomness) be ever in your favor!


Okay, if crossed out, like this, that means your tribute has died. If not, that means yours is still alive. But, if your someone like Eucy who... eh, you'll see in day 3, yours will be underlined, like this. If crossed out or underlined, that means your tribute is out of the game. Also, if it is bold, like this, that means you are Victor.

District 1: Female: Abella Grace, 16, Lady Katniss

Male: Dia Monty, 17, Granger1000

District 2:

Female: Christine ???, 15, Hungerisnottwilight

Male: John Drew F. Adams, 17, KEWLBEN

District 3:

Female: Audacia Undersea, 13, Srish3211

Male: Platinum Meridious, 13, Wikia Contributor:

District 4:

Female: Vaitya Demien, 18, StarFighter10

Male: Jared Holland, 13, Prodigy27

District 5:

Female: Quinn Riley, 14, Madrigalmagic

Male: Lukas Kovalsky, 15, Wikia Contributor:

District 6:

Female: Kezaiah Bianca, 15, TheEmoticon24

Male: Benjamin Woodrew, 17, KEWLBEN

District 7:

Female: Arinie Lacow, 14, The Hunger Games Girl

Male: Treno Raporus, 13, Chirochibechirt

District 8:

Female: Violet George, 15, Granger1000

Male: Cameron Stephens, 12, Prodigy27

District 9:

Female: Lynnette "Lynnie" Handsows, 16, The Hunger Games Girl

Male: Mason Kreiger, 14, Prodigy27

District 10:

Female: Lillianna "Lila" Maganachi, 15, KEWLBEN

Male: Silver Creed, 16, 50thGamesFTW

District 11:

Female: Mirabelle Readmint, 16, Mirabelle Readmint

Male: Rune Sereno, 12, Chirochibechirt

District 12:

Female: Eucy Collier, 15, Henryjh98

Male: Kole Roch, 17, Henryjh98

Day 1

Lukas Kovalsky, District 5

We were lifted into the arena. I looked at Quinn but she was looking at the Careers. The clock was counting down, we could literally hear a low clicking that was loud.

3... 2... 1...

The gong sounded and I ran off my plate. I grabbed a pack and ran to grab a quick weapon. Just then I felt blood trickle down my leg. There was a searing pain and I grabbed the knife out of my leg. I dropped it on the ground and started to run but then I felt one pierce my back. I removed the knife and fell to the ground in pain. I saw the girl from 4, Vaitya Demien, I believe. Come up behind me with a knife and stabbed it in my neck. To be careful, she shot a dart into my skull. The last thing I heard was my name being shouted by a female.

Kole Roch, District 12

I jumped off my plate the same time as Eucy. I run over to her and tell her to run into the coverage of the jungle but stay close. I ran and got a couple packs and ran after her. The Careers let us leave because of being 'star-crossed lovers' or something. We ran as fast as we could and then finally stopped. I was out of breath and so was Eucy. We went through my first pack. Dried meat and fruit, a sleeping bag, iodine, and an empty canteen. Then we went through the second one. A couple knives, another sleeping bag, more dried meat and fruit, and a couple pairs of gloves. Perfect I thought. Enough to last us awhile.

John Drew F. Adams, District 2

I saw Vaitya kill that idiot from 5, Lukas. Quinn was hiding with Abella, Dia, and I. She helped us a lot though, she was a good killer. I saw that little Kezaiah Bianca and before I could be-head her, she says she wants to join us. I think of that 9 she got in training and nod in agreement. She goes to sit with Quinn. Good, I thought, we have good and strong people in the Careers. Then I see that Jared running after Eucy and Kole and then i turn into my brutal self and run after him with a spear. It goes through his liver and he falls, dead. I grab my spear and run back to the Coruncopia.

Benjamin Woodrew, District 6

I ran from my plate and grabbed a pack. That girl from 1, Abella Grace, comes running at me, a bow and arrow in her hand. She shots one at me but it lands in the ground behind me. I ran much faster and ran into the woods but I didn't stop running. Finally I collapsed, gasping for air. I went through my pack and found dried up fruit and a book that told me what plants I could and couldn't eat. I smiled at the book, knowing it will help when i run out of dried up fruit. But how will I hunt for meat? I thought and sighed. Then i discovered a front pocket and opened. A knife! I thought happily. I then climbed up a tree to watch the bloodbath. It was still raging on, and on...

Lynnie Handsows, District 9

I ran and saw Benjamin Woodrew run into the woods. I'll team up with him! she thought happily. She then ran towards the Cornucopia and grabbed a pack, bread, fruit, and a few knives. I smiled and ran into the woods. Dia Monty ran over to me with a spear but I sped up and ran to the safety of the forest. I followed the way Benjamin went and soon found him. "Alliance?" she asked, looking at him. He nodded and I handed him the bread to store in his pack. I opened mine and stored my knives in my pack. I found a sleeping bag, night vision goggles, and dried fruit. I then stored the fruit in there with everything. I saw him climb the tree and I followed him up. We were watching the bloodbath. It was terrible, seeing the Careers fighting kids. Then I saw my district partner, Mason Kreiger, fall to the ground, dead, at the feet of Dia Monty, the person that tried to kill me. I let out a squeal, knowing I should of helped him. Ben looks at me but nods.

Quinn Riley, District 5

The Careers were quick to welcome me and Kezaiah. I saw Vaiya kill Lukas and I screamed his name but quickly recovered from my moment of panic. I smiled and then ran at the female tribute from 3, Audacia Undersea. I threw a knife into the base of her neck and she fell to the ground with a loud thud. I went and retrieved my knife, smiling a wicked smile. I ran back to the Careers and looked around for a new target. This was fun, most of these tributes were terrible at fighting apparently. My knife found the base of her district parnters neck, Platinum Meridious. He also fell to the ground with a thud. I retrieved my knife and quickly returned.

Rune Cereno, District 11

I looked around, rushed. I feel like screaming. I run to the Cornucopia, not knowing what to do. Then one of the Careers is chasing after me. I fell to the ground even though he never threw anything at me. He smiles at me wickedly and throws his spear right throw my heart. I pull it out and fall over. I hear a girl scream, but I never got to see who, for then I died.

Cameron Stephen, District 8

I ran far from the Cornucopia, not even bothering to get supplies. I heard talking further ahead and kept running. I break into an area and see two tributes sitting in a tree, watching the bloodbath. "Alliance?" he called up to them. The girl looks down at him and the boy and her start to talk. Finally, she shouted down, "Okay!" I smiled and climbed up the tree. The girl helped me up onto their branch and we watched the bloodbath, not even close to ending. Then I saw Kezaiah Bianca of 2 run over and stab Violet in the back and I make a sound between chocking and crying. The girl moves torward me and whispers in my ear, "I know, the same thing happened to Mason..." I learned their names were Benjamin, or Ben, Woodrew, and Lynnie Handsows.

Lila Maganachi, District 10

I saw Silver kill the male tribute, Treno Raporus, of 7. I ran over to him and pulled him away. "Alliance?" I gasped, looking at him. He takes awhile to think about it but then nods. "Of course," he said and they high-fived. He went in with knives to get some supplies. I grabbed a pack and waited for him near where i jumped off. He ran over to me and we quickly left. I felt sorry for the boy from 7, but I knew that would be one less person to kill. We ran throw, not caring what happened. We ran into Kole Roch and Eucy Collier and together, the four of us made an alliance. They had a nice camp and I went through my pack. Another sleeping bag, gloves, dried meat, and iodine. Kole smiled at our supplies, knowing we could survive for a long while. I looked over what Silver had grabbed. Meat, fruit, bread, a sword, and a beauitfully crafted bow with about 24 arrows in one beautiful sheath. I smiled and he handed the bow and arrows over to me. I looked around. Silver was the only one without a pack to hold his stuff. He decided to go back and grab another one. He soon returned with a pack and another sleeping bag, gloves, dried meat, dried fruit, and a canteen was in it. He placed his stuff in it and we all climbed up in a tree to watch what happened at the Cornucopia.

Mirabelle Readmint, District 11

I screamed when I saw Rune get speared by John. I ran over to him and shot an arrow into his neck. He fell to the ground with a thud. I grabbed my arrow and shot at Arine Lacow who fell to the ground, also dead. I retrieved that arrow and ran into the woods with a pack. Well, the Bloodbath must of been done by that for I heard the boom's of canons. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 9 canons. And soon, the Careers will do their night hunt. And I knew I would be a target sense I killed John who was a Career and their brains. I climbed up a tree, one of the tallest trees, and stared at the Cornucopia. The bodies were gone, probably picked up. But what made me chock a bit was that the Careers weren't there. I saw Lila, Silver, Kole, and Eucy in one tree off to my left. On my right, Ben, Lynnie, and Cameron were in a tree. And the Careers were traveling on ground, trying to find us, made of Abella, Dia, Christine, Vaitya, Quinn, and Kezaiah. They would find one of us, and I knew this tree was no good. I climbed down the opposite side I climbed up and a voice reaped up behind me. "I wonder what I'll do with you," said the voice of Christine. I turned around and stared at her and the Careers. They had Violet tied up. "Don't hurt Violet," I gasped, knowing her and knowing that she wouldn't be able to do much against them. "We won't hurt her, yet," smirked Abella. I looked confused but notice that Vaitya was missing. I turn around fast and a knife sank into my heart. I gasped and fell to the ground. I heard Violet scream before I died. BOOM!

Recap on Tributes!

Lila, Silver, Eucy, and Kole are sitting around in a tree, making jokes about how the Careers are stupid. Eucy is sitting close to Kole, always laughing at his jokes. Lila and Silver look confused everytime she laughs at his jokes, because most of them aren't as funny. Kole then starts to talk about how he misses his girlfriend, Lea Rose, and Eucy gets a disgusted look on her face.

Lynnie, Ben, and Cameron are talking up in the tree, looking at the roof of the arena which looks fake. They don't talk much though, but they do have small conversations.

The Careers are shoving a sleeping potion down Violet's throat so none of the other tributes would come and look for her. They have set up a camp at the Cornucopia and have taken many supplies away so the Capitol wouldn't take them away. They have many items, for they have taken most of it except for a few silly weapons. They are eating and now are getting ready to sleep, while poor Violet is knocked out.

Day 2

Cameron Stephen, District 8

I paced around, thinking of how they are torturing Violet. I can hear screaming and I start pacing more. Oh yeah, we aren't in the tree anymore, but we are at the base of it. Lynnie and Ben are talking while sitting in the roots of the tree, and Lynnie is staring into his eyes as if there is gold in them. I finally stop pacing and sit down and listen to the screaming. I know it's her's, and it makes me sick. Finally, the screaming stops, but no cannon sounds so I know that she was not killed... Suddenly Lynnie calls me over. "Come over here Cameron! We need to get a move on!" she called. I snapped out of my trans and followed. They both had packs but I had nothing. Lynnie was holding Ben's hand and was smiling at him. Suddenly I heard the flapping of a wing so I went to go find out what it was while they continued on. I found it and it showed razor sharp teeth and led me in a different way I had came. I ran and ran until I came to the edge of the arena. The brush around me shuffled and two tributes, Abella and Silver, step out. I gulp for I have no weapons while they do...

Silver Creed, District 10

I looked from Abella to Cameron. I smiled wickedly and ran over to Cameron, knife at the ready. It is about to pierce into him when I suddenly turn around and protect him. Abella looks confused and comes at us both. I shove my knife into her body and smiled. "Bye-bye Abella, have fun," I smirked and grabbed my knife. I ran away from the scene, and I could just hear Abella's cannon. BOOM! I don't know why I helped Cameron, but he would owe me, and he will pay one way or another. I soon returned back to Lila, Kole, and Eucy. Eucy was curled up beside Kole when I came back, and he was stroking her hair. Lila was going through the packs again to make sure that the Gamemaker's didn't take anything. When she was done, she walked over to me. "What happened?" she asked. "Flying mutts, they drove me, Abella, and Cameron into one area." "Oh my gosh! Who died?" "Abella." "Did you kill her?" "Yes..."

Violet George, District 8

I heard the cannon, and Dia was smiling. "Abella will be returning soon, she'll tell us all about who she killed. Hopefully it was that stupid Lillianna Maganachi." "Me to!" said Christine with a smile. I was pretending to be asleep, I didn't scream at all to keep that Vaitya from shoving sleep syrup down my throat again. Vaitya was pacing around though, not sure if they should be talking like she would come back. "But what if that little devil Lillianna or Silver killed her?" "If someone did, then she will be avenged," Dia growled. I tried my best not to flinch at his comment. This was terrible, I had to escape to ally with someone, maybe Cameron, maybe, just maybe...

Eucy Collier, District 12

Kole was stroking my hair to keep me calm after we had heard that cannon. I thought it might of been Silver, he had gone missing earlier. I soon found out that he was alive and that he had killed Abella, the girl from District 1. I felt worry around Silver now. I look at Kole and he nodded, knowing what we should do. "Silver, Lila, there is now 13 of us left, we could stay together a bit longer, maybe for when two more people die, but after that, if we all have survied, we must seperate and go our different ways." Lila looked frightened at first but after I gave her a reassuring look, she nodded. "Of course, Silver and I will leave you after two more deaths, right Silver?" she asked, looking at him. Silver looked ready to attack someone but after Lila elbowed him, he snapped out of it and nodded.

Recap on Tributes!

Eucy, Kole, Silver, and Lila are about to go their own ways. Eucy and Kole are still very close.

Lynnie and Ben have found Cameron and are back together. Lynnie has confessed her love for Ben but Ben isn't shocked, he is actually a little happy.

The Careers have found out it was Abella who died, proving Vaitya correct and Dia is ready to avenge her death at all costs.

Day 3

Quinn Riley, District 5

Dia is pacing around angrily. Kezaiah, Christine, and I are watching him. Violet is still knocked out. We are surpised her sleep syrup has lasted this long. Suddenly, Dia stops pacing. "Come, we are going to have a little hunt," he smirked. I look at him and ask, "What about that one?" I pointed at Violet. "Leave her, if that brat Cameron finds her then fine by me." I grabbed a few weapons along with everyone else and headed off. We went the way we say Silver go, knowing that Cameron had no guts to kill poor Abella. Suddenly, we were in a clearing and a rock is thrown, though it was small. It hits Christine on the head and I look up. Those stupid brats from 12 and 10. I spot Silver and grab a bow and an arrow we had grabbed and took along. I am for his heart when suddenly a rock is thrown at me. "Stay away from Silver!" shouts his District partner, Lillianna. I growl and about grab a large rock when Kezaiah comes up behind me. "Remember, we are here to kill Silver," she murmured in my ear, looking up at the male tribute of District 10. I nod and aim for Silver again when more rocks hit me this time. The rocks keep coming, each one getting larger and heavier. One then hits my skull and cracks it. I fall to the ground, and the last thing I hear is the giggling of those stupid idiots before I die. BOOM!

Lila Maganachi, District 10

Dia Monty of District 1 looks up at us and grabs a big rock. "RUN!" I scream, trying to get everyone out of the tree. It releases from his hand and nearly hits my head. I scream and Kole, Eucy, and Silver start running on the ground. I get down to them and follow. Just then, once I think we are far enough, I hear many different animals, surrounding us. I get scared and grab Silver's hand while Eucy grabs Kole around his neck in fear. The screeching then turns very deathly. Then the animals leap at us. They go straight for our hearts. I stab one of them with my knife and it staggers backwards then goes to hide. We fight them all, and gladly, we all survive. We then started to run again, not sure what will happen next. I am scared for life. We stop in a clearing, it's so... peaceful, so... intreging. There is, much to our surpirse, and pond. We pull out the two canteens and fill them with water. We then drop some of the iodine in it and we eat some of the fruit and bread. I rested my head on Silver's arm. Just then, an annoucement came on. "Eucalyptus Collier. We have terrible news. Your father has... grown ill. We must remove you from the games for if he dies, your the next one to become mayor. But, there is a catch. You must kill either Kole, Lila, or Silver to leave now."

Eucy Collier, District 12

I look at Lila, Silva, and Kole. I can't kill either of them. I don't want to go back to District 12 just to become mayor either. I feel like crying when suddenly, Kole stands up. "Kill me," he murmured to me. I then start crying. "I-I can't kill you!" I said, still crying. "I-I can't kill any of you!" Kole sat down and put a protective arm around me. "You must, for District 12. Eucy, please, just kill me, that way you won't worry about me all the time. You know that I have a low chance of making it out of here. Please, for us Eucy," he begged, looking at me. "No, no, I-I can't." I then shout to the sky, "If you want me, you take Kole with me!" Then Cladius Templesmith's voice comes over the intercome. "Then you both must kill Lila and Silver." I look at Lila with pleading eyes and I see her eyes are the same. "I-I'm so sorry, you've been such an amazing friend," I whisper, giving her a hug. Silver is as stiff is a rock as Kole says his goodbye's to him. Then Kole and I both grab a knife that Lila had. I stare at her, about ready to cry. I hear a sickening sound come from Silver. I looked over at him and saw him lying on the ground, dead, BOOM! I looked at Lila and then put it through her heart. The same sickening sound comes out of her and then she falls to the ground, dead. BOOM! Suddenly two ladders fall torwards Kole and I. I grabbed onto one and so did he. We were frozen then pulled into the aircraft, away from the arena, forever.

Ben Woodrew, District 6

I looked at a sleeping Lynnie. I moved closer to her. Suddenly I heard the annoucement for Eucalyptus Collier. I heard her scream that Kole has to come with her if she agrees. They agree but they had to kill Lila and Silver. I heard their cannons go off and saw the shape of the hovercraft come and two shapes get pulled in. Lynnie woke up by the sound of the annoucement and moved closer to me. "I can't believe that they had to kill their teammates," she murmured. I nodded my agreement and felt sorry for them. I hugged her, not knowing what else to do. Then, I suddenly noticed that Cameron was missing. "Where's Cameron?" I asked, looking around. Lynnie shrugs but we hear a rustle and we both stand up. Then we see Cameron with Violet George. "Where did you find her?" I asked, lowering a knife I happened to of been holding. "The Careers camp, I saved her." "It's true, I was the one screaming on the first two days, but I fell sorry for Eucy and Kole, killing two innocent people..." "We all do," Lynnie and I said together. I looked into her eyes but we set up camp. We watched the anthem. You saw Quinn Riley of 5, the poor tributes of 10, Lillianna and Silver, and then you saw Eucy and Kole, they were only up there because they were taken out. I sighed and we all fell asleep.

Recap on Tributes!

Lynnie, Benjamin, Violet, and Cameron are enjoying a meal, talking about how they tortured Violet and about Kole and Eucy killing Lila and Silver to leave.

The remaining Careers, Kezaiah, Christine, Vaitya, and Dia, are eating food and trying to see how to split up the weapons now.

Day 4

Vaitya Demien, District 4

We come back to find out that someone had taken Violet, our prisoner. I am pretty mad. I get so mad that I grab a trident and go storming into the woods. Dia, Christine, and Kezaiah try to stop me but I don't even hear their begging. I found those four and lie in wait for the perfect time to kill one of those stupid, little, brats. I see Cameron and Violet together, laughing. I growl but then Cladius Templesmith's voice booms into the intercome. "Final 8 tributes! We are having a feast at the Cornucopia! Career pack, your items have been moved momentarily, best of luck. And may the odds, be ever in your favor!" I narrow my eyes and start walking away, towards the Cornucopia. To my surprise, all of our stuff was really gone. I smile and Christine and Dia run to go eat some of the food. Kezaiah and I are unsure weither to eat it or not. They stuff their faces and start to gather some to bring back. Suddenly, they drop and two cannons sound. BOOM! BOOM! Suddenly, we hear footsteps behind us and those brats run in. Violet runs towards the food, but Cameron stops her in time. "The food is laced with poison," he murmured and I growled again.

Lynnie Handsows, District 9

Ben and I waited for Violet and Cameron to return when we hear to cannons sound. BOOM! BOOM! I fell worry grow inside me. Ben pulls me closer and I can't help but whimper a bit. "What if they have died?" I asked. Suddenly I hear rushed footsteps coming in our direction and I try not to squeal like a little girl. I look up and see that it was Cameron and Violet that returned. "CAMERON! VIOLET! YOUR ALRIGHT!" I scream and run up to them. I hug them and Ben comes up behind me and pulls me away. "I was so worried for you both, I-I-" "We have to split up," Cameron said. "What? Why?" "It's to far into the game," he murmured. He grabbed Violet and they ran in their own direction. Ben pulls me into a hug and I start to cry. "It's alright, it's going to be okay," he murmured. I sniffled and we climbed up a tree. I laid down, pushed up against him while holding onto him. He had a protective arm around me. I watched the sky, not sure what was going to happen know. Then I hear another cannon and fear spreads through me again. "It's alright," he murmured.

Kezaiah Bianca, District 6

I stood over Vaitya's body, smiling. Her cannon sounded. 3 dead today. I was glad I thought to shove that poisoned food down her throat. Now I just have to kill Cameron and Violet, then Ben and Lynnie. Then I'll be victor, I know I can do this. I smile and head into the forest so the Gamemaker's can clean up and take the three bodies. I wait and come back later to find them gone. I smirk and ate our food. Something is wrong about the Career food we had though. It taste... different, odd. I sniff a peice of bread and start to feel woozy in the head. I then start to scream, noticing poison in our food. I try to cough it up but it's to late. Well, the last thing I thought I heard was the whispers in my ear saying, "Join us in your rightful place, Kezaiah, you belong with us." It then went black, everything, black, cold, and silent. BOOM!

Congrats Final 4!

Congratulation to Lynnie, Ben, Violet, and Cameron! You made it to the final four! Tomorrow, one (or more, haven't decided yet) tribute will be crowned victor! Congratulation, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Day 5

Ben Woodrew, District 6

I look at Lynnie. She is awake. I push over to her and then our lips meet. Our first kiss, and our last unless the rule is changed. Suddenly, a voice is booming around the arena. "Attention final 4! You all may make it out, just like Eucy and Kole, if you all four can take on one final mutt. You will notice a mountain has now appeared. You will all head there, with your wits, your weapons, and the clothes on your back. You must take down the mutt, also, you all now share a connection with the person next to you, so if one of you dies, you both die. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" I look at Lynnie and see fear in her eyes. I hug her and we leave, towards the mountain. We know Cameron and Violet are heading the same way. We meet up at the bottom of the mountain and go to fight whatever lies in wait for us. Suddenly, I see it, and Lynnie screams. A spider mutt.

Violet George, District 8

Lynnie screams, seeing the mutt. I don't show any feelings but grab a knife, ready to fight it. Cameron walks up next to me and Lynnie and Ben line up next to him. We walk towards it and it hisses and lunges at us. I then scream and so does Lynnie. Our knives pierce it's body. It hisses again and tries to bit me. I jump out of the way and Cameron yanks my knife out of it along with his, Ben's, and Lynnie's. He tosses them their knives and hands me mine. I go up to it and my knife finds it's eyes. Everybody else's knife gets close to it's heart. I yank mine out and shove it directly in it's heart. It hisses defiently and falls in many spasms. It then goes still. I feel it, it's cold. We all walk out of the cave. I wait for the trumpets to play but none happen. I look around. No ladders. "What's wrong?" I call, looking around. Then, Cladius Templesmith's voice booms again. "Attention tributes! That was amazing, but we, sadly, can only let two of you live! Best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Cameron Stephen, District 8

I look at Violet and hug her. "It's okay," I murmured, not wanting to make her feel worse. Then Lynnie speaks up. "No, I won't allow this! If you don't want all of us, you can't have none of us!" "Lynnie, what do you me-" "I mean that we should kill ourselves." She passed out knives and I look at mine. "Why?" I ask her finally. "Because, it's not fair if us all can't win, so none of us will." "STOP!" shouted Cladius Templesmith's voice. "You can all win, just don't kill yourselves!" I smiled and held Violet's hand. Four ladders fell. I grabbed one and froze. I was lifted in. The last thing I heard was "Ladies and Gentlemen, the four Victors of the 2nd Hunger Games! Cameron Stephen, Violet George, Ben Woodrew, and Lynnie Handsows!"

Lynnie Handsows, District 10

We watched the recaps of the Hunger Games. They made me sick. I was hugging Ben and he had his arm around me. I was curled up against him, smiling. Violet was resting her head on Cameron's shoulder, also smiling. Ceaser was asking them questions and then turned to look at us. "Your from different District's, where do you plan on living? Which District?" he asked and I looked at Ben. "Whichever, providing we can be together. But I think that Lynnie would like to have her mother there to help her raise a child." "Ben, I think I would rather go to District 6," I say and the crowd laughs. Ben does also and then kisses me. "Whatever you want." He smiled and brushes my hair out of my face. Then the interviews were done and we got to leave. Before the trains came, I looked at Violet and Cameron. "Good luck in District 8, and remember, we'll miss you." "We'll miss you also," Violet said and ran up and hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back. Then they got on their train back home and we got on our train back to District 6. We would be mentors next year along with Violet and Cameron. I give a final glance at the Capitol and then we headed back to the Districts.

Hey guys!

Okay, four victors, something totally unexpected, eh? Well, keep an eye out for my next games! Also, if your person won this game, you have the option of making them a mentor in my next games! Best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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