Title says it all. Pretty much, I am going to be taking maybe... a week off or sth because I have a ton of play stuff to work on. If you don't think it's that serious, last week I stayed until 11 every night afterschool working on the play. Also, this week is kinda busy. Tomorrow (Friday), I am going to school and I'm not coming home 'till around 11 because I'm staying after from 2:30-11, which will be spent working some problematic errors in my play out and then running it all at 7 for a live audience. That's right, I'm managing my third play night for Three Musketeers at my school and it's really fun and all :3

Any way, Saturday isn't going to be so hot, either, as first I have to do chores that I missed last week because of the play and this weeks chores, and then leave for a play which I will be managing.

The five-six days afterwards will be me working on things that I missed because I always get home, crashing into bed. So I want to use that free-time making up assignments for teachers so I don't get stabbed by them, because I'm pretty sure they all are ready to. I hope you all understand this and I hope you all can handle a week/week and one day without me <3

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