So, the title is self explanitory, right? I hope so. I also hope my spelling is correct because if not, this fanfiction is going to be something along the lines of, "Hai. Mi nam is Lyz end I is Duntls intitiat end u is trnsfr." So, my spelling will be better than that, hopefully <3

Simple Guidelines

So pretty much, there are five factions, which are:

Abnegation - People who are selfless, never give a single thought abotu themselves and always put others first. Also, most Divergent tend to come from Abnegation but shh...
Amity - The Peacemakers, they always try to find the good in people and stay neutral on conflict.
Candor - The ones who NEVER lie. They are an open book and are transparent, meaning anyone and everyone knows their secrets.
Dauntless - The brave and the risk-takers. Remember, being a risk-taker does not always mean that you are brave.
Erudite - The ones striving for knowledge. They are always learning and always bringing new thoughts to the table.

So, our factions. So, all of us are transferring to... Dauntless. I am going to split us up into two groups. Dauntless-born Initiates and Faction-transfer Initiates.

I already chose two of our admins to be trainers. The Dauntless-born Initiates are training with Jade unless she wants a spot in which I am screwed c:

The Faction-transfer Initiates are goign to be trained by Wingman.

So pretty much, I want 22 people here for the fact that we have more spots open if we do so, right?

11 Dauntless-born, 11 Faction-transfers. Simple.

Oh, well, did you know I was going to be in this? Yeah, Dauntless-born. I always forget something, that happens a lot. So like, it'll be my POV along with a Faction-Transfers POV as you get two sides to every story.

Now, with the faction-transfers. I need to set some guidelines.

  1. I don't want everyone to be from Abnegation just because they want their character to be Divergent. Your problem with that is that on average, only 1, maybe 2, Abnegation transfer.
  2. Having a ton of Amity-transfers is rare as Dauntless and Amity are mortal enemies. If there is an Amity-transfer, more than likely it'll only be about 1.
  3. That means you all can argue over who becomes Candor and Erudite! YAY!

Simple enough. Alright, let's move on, shall we? c:

So, all the transfers are 16 as that is when they have their Choosing Ceremony. The names also go backwards. Meaning last names Z-A. Since I'm not going to ask for last names, we'll go backwards from first names, Z-A c:

In Initiate training in Dauntless, only 10 members can go on btw c: So I'mma skip around and choose who I want using some sort of site and we shall see who makes it.

Did I forget to explain Divergence? Well, being Divergent means your brain makes you more like two different factions. Or, in the case of Tris Prior, three.

I think that's everything. I'm having KEAP yell at me if I forgot something. Oh, btw, if you need an explanation on what the factions wear, tell me and I'll put it up.

The Initiates


  1. Liza
  2. Emma
  3. Oli
  4. Dani
  5. Caylin
  6. Wes
  7. Charles
  8. Dustin
  9. Jay
  10. Zach
  11. Lily
  12. Sam
  13. Gutless ('cuz I'mma have fun with this character)


  1. Erlend - Erudite prev.
  2. KEAP - Abnegation prev.
  3. Justin - Candor prev.
  4. Anna - Amity prev.
  5. Morgan - Erudite prev.
  6. Annie - Abnegation prev.
  7. Kiki - Candor prev.
  8. Callam - Erudite prev.
  9. Alice - Erudite prev.
  10. Julia - Candor prev.
  11. Kekai - Candor prev.
  12. Colin - Candor prev.
  13. Berry - Erudite prev.

Day 1: The Aptitude Test (Liza)

I sit up in my bed, looking around the room with hurried eyes. I take a deep breath, trying to remember what would of been able to spook me, a Dauntless 16-year-old girl. Then, like a slap to the face, I remember.

We have our Aptitude Test today at school after lunch.

I hurriedly clamber out of bed and change into a black tank-top and black skinny jeans. I grab my brush and run it through my blonde with pink highlights hair, removing any tangles that had gathered there while I slept.

I walk out of my apartment room. I walk down the dank halls, lit only by a blue light every corner, and work my way to the Pit. By now, the trip is almost to easy.

I reach the Pit. I can hear, just very faintly, the sounds of the Chasm. I walk along the walls and head over to the Cafeteria, where everyone has gathered for breakfast. I get in behind the line of waiting Dauntless.

Once through the line, I sit down with my group of friends. Emma smiles at me and elbows me. "Aptitude Test is today, you worried?" she asks me, a smile plastered on her face.

I roll my eyes. "No way," I say, lying. However, it must of been convincing because she goes back to talking with Jay, Zach, and Oli.

I look down at my food and suddenly, I feel all thoughts of hunger leave me. I stand up, getting a look from Emma and Zach.

"I'll see you guys at the spot where we wait for the train," I reply. Before they can answer, I walk away from them. I walk out of the Pit, to the stairs that lead to the Glass room. From there, I leave out a door and sit on the grass next to the train tracks.

In no time, I hear the familiar horn. Everyone that has to get on the train for school is awaiting patiently. The train slows down as it goes past us. We all run by the train and jump, clambering into the train carts.

In my train cart are Emma, Oli, Dani, Caylin, Wes, Charles, Dustin, Jay, Zach, Lily, Sam, and of course, myself. I stare out the open train door the entire time, watching as everything blurs by and as the city looms closer.

The train slows down and I stand up. I wait a few seconds before jumping off the train, followed by the other Dauntless kids.

We all start laughing suddenly, like we do every time. Emma walks over to me and leans against me, still laughing. I can't help myself but laugh also.

I feel eyes on me, though. I look up at the window where I felt the stare come from to see an Abnegation boy quickly walking away. I give a slight narrow of my eyes before Emma and the rest of our gain head off the class.


I find myself tapping my fingers on the table where all the other 16-year-old Dauntless are. We are all shouting and screaming at each other, also laughing. It helps get rid of nervous anxiety.

As the volunteer Abnegation steps forward, the room quiets, even the Erudite who were probably even louder than us.

Once every 10 minutes, she calls two names from each of the five factions.

"From Candor I need Justin and Julia. Erudite, Erlend and Dustin. Dauntless, Liza and Lily. Amity, (TWO RANDOM NAMES, YAY!). Finally, Annie and KEAP from Abnegation."

I stand up and notice the Abnegation boy, KEAP. He was the boy who watched me from the window as Emma and I laughed about jumping off the train.

We all walk into a hallway. Lily signals a "later" to me while walking into her room. I open the door numbered 2 and walk in. Inside is a reclined chair and a monitor sitting next to it.

Also in the room is an Abnegation volunteer.

"Hello, my name is Bella, please sit in the chair. I'll inject a serum into your neck and then attach some wires so I can monitor what goes on."

I nod to her and sit in the chair. She walks over and pushes the hair away from my neck and pushes the syringe into my neck, injecting the cloudy gray liquid into my neck. I close my eyes.

I open my eyes once more and find myself standing on a roof with a little girl. She is in tears. I walk over to her when I look down and see how high up we are. "Wow," I murmur. I look over at the girl and she is shaking.

I walk over to her. "Hey, don't cry. Don't cry, it's alright."

"I-I-I don't wanna jump," she said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Jump with me, I'll keep you safe," I murmur softly.

Her dark eyes meet mine. "A-Are you sure?" she asks, her voice starting to shake even more than it already was. "Be-Because I'm afraid of heights an-and I'm so scared." She started to burst into my tears.

"I'm positive, I'll keep you safe while we jump. I've jumped several times before. Just... Trust me." I straighten up and her hand grabs mine. I pull her into my arms and walk over to the edge. I look down and take a deep breath. "Close your eyes."

I look over at her and see her eyes are squeezed shut tightly. I take another deep breath before closing my eyes and jumping off the roof.

I feel a since of weightlessness before I feel ground underneath me, making me stumble forward. I look over and set the little girl down. She opens her eyes and they seem to brighten. "THANK YOU!" she said and hugs me. She then runs away from me.

I see a man walking towards me when I turn around. He's in my face in a matter of seconds. "Did you just jump off that building?" he asks a stern tone in his voice.

"No, I didn't jump off the building," I reply coolly.

He glares at me. "I saw someone jump off that building. You saying it wasn't you?"

"Yes, it wasn't me." I wonder how this is all slipping past him. I use to be one of the worst liars ever and apparently now I'm one of the best.

I find myself sitting awake in bed and Bella has a puzzled look on her face. "That was odd," she murmured. "You see, you helped the girl by calming her down, Amity. But then you jumped, Dauntless. You lied at the end to keep a fight from breaking loose which is again Amity, but you have a true heart of Dauntless. There is a word for this, a word that you must never repeat. Divergent.

"Now listen closely. I'm going to change it to Dauntless, it'll save you. Be careful, Liza."

I stand up and look at her strangely. "Really? Why would you do this for me?"

"Because you are just as important as the next kid. Now, hurry on." Bella leaves the room and I follow her. I sit back down in the Cafeteria and stare at Emma.

What I am is Divergent. It's dangerous, pretty obviously. No one can know. Not even my own parents.

So lovely.

Choosing Ceremony (KEAP)

I wake up in my bed, the covers falling from covering my torso to falling limply to my waist. I look around and a single word echos around in my head.

Divergent... Divergent... Divergent...

I shake my head and get out of bed. I change into the gray robes that is common in Abnegation. I walk downstairs and eat breakfast with my family.

My father smiles at me. "I hope you pick well, my boy," he says, patting me on the back. I smile back at him but I don't think he'll be happy.

A couple years back, my older sister had chosen Erudite,making my father angry. And although I want my father to have one of his children, I'm not sure if I want to stay in Abnegation. I don't feel as if I belong here.

We all finish breakfast and head to the awaiting bus. We get on and head to school/Choosing Ceremony building. Once at arrival, we start climbing the stairs, which will take about forever since we need to go to floor 20.

This is one of my few issues with Abnegation. We always take the stairs and we can't think about ourselves. What a life.

I look over at Annie, walking in the crowd. She is one of the few people I can actually stand here in Abnegation. She's like me, she hates the way we live in Abnegation, it's one of the few things we can talk over.

We finally reach the 20th floor. My parents go and sit with the other Abnegation. I walk over and sit down where I am required to sit, between Kekai and Justin, two Candors.

I watch as the Dauntless leader walks to the front, her black hair tasseled, piercings on her face and tattoos covering her entire arms and legs. She waits a moment before shouting that we all be quiet.

Silence falls over the room. "Now, we are going to go backwards from Z-A. You will cut your hand and place your blood into either grass for Abnegation, earth for Amity, glass for Candor, coal and fire for Dauntless, and water for Erudite.

"Before the factions, the world was split in war. So, the people gathered together and created the five factions.

"Abnegation believed that selfishness had brought mankind to war.

"Amity believed that overall, it was violence and corruption that had created war.

"Candor believed it was the lies mankind told one another that created war.

"Dauntless believed cowardice made man fight man.

"Finally, Erudite thought that the lack of knowledge forged war between mankind.

"The factions came together and have lived in harmony for years. Our ancestors believed that by 16, the children should be free to choose where they wanted to live their lives. And thus, here we are now, waiting to see where our children go. The first person is Zach."

A boy moved from his seat and walked to the Dauntless leader. Zach and the leader looked very similar and it hit me like a slap to the face.

Zach was her son.

Zach took the knife from his mother and cut his hand. He put his hand over the coal and fire and let his blood drizzle onto the coal and fire, his choice was made. He was still Dauntless.

The next person to choose Dauntless was Wes, another Dauntless-born kid.

Next was Sam, who was, of course, a Dauntless-born kid.

Oli, who came next, was another Dauntless-born child.

Finally, an Erudite girl named Morgan, walked forward. He curly brown hair falling around her shoulders. She took the knife and cut her hand, letting her blood fall on the Dauntless bowl.

After a few more kids, the girl with the blonde hair with pink streaks in it steps up. I can see the edges of a flame etching out from her shoulders underneath the black dress she was wearing. She took the knife, freshly cleaned from the previous kids blood, and cut her hand. Her blood falls onto the carpet between Dauntless and Amity before she allows her hand to fling out towards Dauntless. She quickly walks away and stands behind the other Dauntless initiates.

Next was Lily, another Dauntless-born child who also picked Dauntless.

The girl, Kiki, stands up and I realize her name was called. I watch as her black hair bobs along with every step she takes. She takes the knife and chooses Dauntless.

Kekai walks up after her and also chooses Dauntless.

Then I hear it. "KEAP." I stand up, hands shaking. The Dauntless leader cleans the blade and hands it to me. I take it and cut my hand. I move over to the bowl with Dauntless and let my blood sizzle onto the burning coals.

I stand behind the other Dauntless initiates. I hear my father give an angry shout and I feel bad. I look down.

"QUIET!" shouts the Dauntless leader. I look up and watch as other kids choose their faction.

The other Dauntless initiates were Justin, Julia, Jay, Gutless, Erlend, Emma, Dustin, Dani, Colin, Charles, Caylin, Callam, Berry, Annie, Anna and Alice.

We all leave the room and start running down the stairs, cheering. I follow behind them, and Annie catches up to me.

"What's going on?" she asks.

"No clue," I reply. We both speed up to catch up with the group. Then I realize it.

We have to jump on the train.

The First Jumper (Liza)

I jump onto the train and turn around. I see a boy with short brown hair and a large build struggling a big. I reach out my hand and haul him in. Before we can talk or even learn each others names, I turn back and look outside.

One last girl remains. A girl with long black hair and a small frame. I reach my hand out for her. "SPEED UP!" I shout over the roaring wind. She struggles a bit more but grabs my hand. I haul her into the train cart. The boy who I helped earlier comes over and helps pull her in.

Once she is in, I lean against the wall of the train. The boy sits down next to me. "Hey, what's your name?" he asks me, a smile in his features.

"Liza, what's yours?" I ask, looking at him.

"Colin," he replies. He leans back. "Thanks for helping me," he says after a few seconds of silence.

"Your welcome, Colin," I reply. I look out the train and see that it starts to slow down. I stand up and so does Colin. I grab his hand. "Jump with you," I say, barely audible over the rushing wind. He smiles at me.

Then, we both jump off the train, landing on the roof of a building.

I start to stumble but Colin pulls me closer, steadying me.

A girl with curly brown hair walks over. "Hi, my name is Morgan," she says, a smile plastered on her face.

"Liza," I reply with a weak smile.

"I'm from Erudite. Who is your friend?" she asks, looking at Colin.

"My name is Colin. I'm from Candor," he replies. He shakes hands with Morgan. Morgan smiles.

"You were in my History class. And Liza... You were in my Science class, I think," she says, her smile growing.

Suddenly, the Dauntless leader, Pam, claps her hands. "Alright, my new initiates. I am happy to say that all of you somehow survived the train ride, yay. Any way, to continue on, you must jump off the building and down the dark whole at the bottom. That is 7+ stories to fall. So, do we have a volunteer?"

The kids shift uneasily but a smile draws into my features. I walk forward, leaving the semi-circle of initiates. I walk over to the ledge and look over and I feel my stomach drop. That's a long way down, I think to myself. Suddenly, I feel Colin's hand wrap itself around mine.

"We jump together," he murmurs softly. I look back over the edge and nod to him. "1... 2... 3!" We both jump off the edge of the building. I get a sensation of being weightless as we fall through the air. I watch as the scene flies by until we dunk under the whole and land on the net.

I start laughing. A net! I think to myself. Colin laughs a little too. We both get off the net and a girl with long blonde hair looks us up and down.

"Two of 'em. WING! WHAT DO WE DO?! THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!" she shouts to the man leaning against the wall.

"Well, they're both first jumpers, right?" calls Wing. "So, Jade, I suggest you shout both of their names."

"Okay, so I know Liza, she is like, my younger sister. But who are you?" Jade asks, looking at Colin.

"My name is Colin," he replies.

Jade nods and walks over to the net. "FIRST JUMPERS: COLIN AND LIZA!" she shouts. A few cheers answer her and soon after, everyone has jumped off the roof and is waiting in a group.

"Alright, so, we are splitting into two groups. Dauntless-born Initiates and Faction-transfer Initiates. In the first round, we work on physical training. Second round is emotional training. The final round deals around mental stability," Jade says in a loud enough voice so we can all hear. "In the first round, we train separately. Oh, did I mention that only 10 of you will actually make it?"

Murmurs ripple among the group. Then a single voice raises out of the group.

"Why only 10?" asks the girl with the long black hair.

"Jobs are limited here in the Dauntless compounds. Now, let get move along and head to your dorms. Dauntless-born initiates, follow me. The rest of you follow Wing."

The group practically splits apart. I wave goodbye to Colin and follow Jade to the Dauntless-born initiate dorm.

Learn to Use a What Now? (KEAP)

I sit up in bed, having been shaken awake by Annie, my Abnegation buddy.

"Hey, wake up. We are heading off to shoot guns with Wingman. The Dauntless-born Initiates are gonna join us up until we head off into fighting. So today and a couple days later when we learn knife-throwing," she says. Practical Annie, always catching up on all the knowledge.

I roll my eyes and she leaves to go change in the bathrooms. I grab a shirt and a pair of jeans from the drawers under my bed, and head off towards the male bathrooms.

After I've changed into the shirt and jeans, I walk back to the room where everyone is waiting in a group around Wingman. When I arrive, we all head off.

We meet with Jade's group and follow them blindly down the hallways, the room lit by a blue light every corner. I can barely see, but the Dauntless-born Initiates seem to have no problem with the lighting.

I look behind my shoulder to see Liza and Colin talking to each other quietly. I turn back around and see a girl with long, ginger-brown hair.

The girl falls behind and walks next to me, but doesn't talk. So, to break the silence, I do. "Hi, I'm KEAP," I say to her.

"Hey Stiff," she says and I cringe.

Stiff... I thought. Why does someone always find that insult?

"So, Stiff, how is life? Horrible, I assume," she replies to herself. She keeps going on, finding things to insult me with and I allow myself to fall back.

I'd rather deal with the lovebirds rather than the insults I thought bitterly.

Annie, who was at the back of the group, speeds up. "God, the lovebirds make me want to puke," she mutters to me and I can't help but laugh a little. The group turns and enters a room and I look around. The room was huge...

Jade stands in the middle, Wingman at her side. "ALRIGHT INITIATES, LISTEN UP!" she shouts, grabbing a gun and some ammunition. She turns around and fires at one of the targets. The sound silences the group and Jade smiles. "Alright, today, you shall learn to fire a gun, like I just did. You pay attention to Wingman as he demonstrates the proper way to shoot a gun and then you all shall go and shoot at targets."

Wingman grabs a gun off the table and turns around. Some of us, like myself, are focused on the way he holds himself up, on the way he holds the gun, the way he pulls the trigger back. The others just stare at the target to see if he hits a bulls-eye in one of the three targets.

He does.

Wingman turns back towards the initiates and smiles. "Simple. Now get training!" he snaps.

We all scramble for a gun. I grab one of the guns on the top of the pile along with a couple rounds of ammunition as there was enough to go around.

I try not to focus on the people around me but it's hard. They all talk and shout at each other from across the room. I can hear Liza as she shouts something at Sam for stealing a round of ammunition out of her pocket. Sam yells back at her and Morgan, Anna, and Annie join the argument, all against Sam.

Jade walks over to the quarrel and yells at Sam. Sam shrinks back and returns the ammunition to the girls before slinking away to his own target.

I roll my eyes and look at my own target. I practice the stance that Wingman had showed us and I also practice how to hold the gun correctly before even thinking about shooting at the target.

Jade, after a few minutes, walks over. "What do you think you're doing, Stiff? You haven't even shot the gun, yet," she says, her voice going quiet. It sends a shiver down my spine. Quiet voice, no es good.

I keep myself calm as I lift the gun up. Oh how my father would be so angry if he saw my pull this trigger...

I aim at the target, my finger hovering over the trigger. I pull back the trigger and look at the target, along wtih Jade. The bullet hurtles through the air and lands in the target, hitting near the outside ring of the middle target.

"Not bad, Stiff. You are doing better than a few others," she replies. She walks away and continues to instruct and insult initiates.

After a few more tries, I finally hit bulls-eye. A erudite girl smiles. "With recent statistics, you should of hit the target after a couple more shots, being from Abnegation. Good job on beating the statistics, Stiff," she says. She smiles at me and goes back to shooting at her target.

After a few minutes, I have a bulls-eye in all the targets along with a few other members. We all wait for them to finish up.

After the last person hits their bulls-eye, Jade claps her hands together. "Alright, initiates, you can leave for lunch. After lunch, we all head over and work on your punching, kicking, and other fighting aspects. Have fun." She waves us away, signaling we can leave. The group does so and we all walk down the dark halls to the Pit and to the cafeteria.

Let's try not to start a food fight, shall we? Not likely. Oh well.

Learn to Fight Right (Liza)

I watch as Jade stands in the middle of the Pit. The group walks over to her and once we have all gathered, follow her into another room.

Colin grabs my hand and I fight off a smile from entering my features.

Once inside the room, I look around. A bunch of punching bags are lined up around the room. I walk over to a punching bag and stand behind it. Colin and Morgan take the two punching bags beside me. Across the room, I see the two Stiffs talking to each other in quiet voices.

Jade claps her hands and when the silence doesn't die down, she looks over at Wingman. "Sorrynotsorry," she says and slaps him in the face before kicking him in the junk. He lets out a loud scream and everyone is suddenly paying attention.

The room errupts into laughter. Once Wingman has regained his wits, he is gasping for air and glares at Jade. "What the hell!" he hisses. Jade smiles cockily and the group pays attention. Jade turns her attention to the group rather than the angry Wingman.

"Alright, so, I want you all to punch and kick the bags. Some of you with a smaller frame, like the Candor girl with black hair. Whats your name?" she asks, looking at Kiki.

"Kiki," she replies.

"Alright, people like Kiki, it's best to use your elbows and knees as it will have more force behind it." She looks over at Wingman. "If you want to be like Wingman, however, it's best to leave now. He should really learn to wear a cup, just saying."

Another wave of laughter errupts from the group. The laughter quickly dies down as Wingman walks over and trips Jade's feet out from under her. Jade glares at him and stands up. "You all punch at your bags. Wingman and I have to take care of some issues." With that, the two left the room. Outside, I hear a shout and a scream.

Suddenly, I hear bare skin hits the rough surface of the punching bag.

I step back a couple steps before sending my fists smacking into the punching bag and kick at the bag. At first, it doesn't move much. After awhile, I get use to the movement and the bag moves much more. That is when I hear it.

The door opens and Jade strolls in, Wingman stumbling after her. Jade walks around and corrects some of us. She stops behind me to examine me for a few seconds. I can't see her but I feel as her hand hits the back of my head.

"Ow!" I say, turning around to look at her. "What was that for, Jade?" I ask, anger rising in my voice.

"Work with your elbows and knees. Let's face it, Liza. You can create more force with your knees and elbows rather than your hands and feet. Maybe work on transitioning," she replies. She then moves on to the next initiate.

I take a deep breathe before going back to punching and kicking the bag. I work on the occasional transfer but not much.

Jade claps her hands. "ALRIGHT INITIATES, LISTEN UP!" she shouts. Wingman is leaning against the wall behind Jade as she shouts at the initiates.

"So, we are splitting back up into two groups. My group of Dauntless-born Initiates, do follow me. The rest of you follow Wingman. No 'Ifs, no 'buts, do as I say if you like your dick/vagina the way they are." Jade's eyes look around the room and everyone is as still as a statue. Then Jade moves towards the door and so do all of the Dauntless-born intiates.

As I walk out the door, I wave a goodbye to Colin. I turn back around and leave.

K.O. Round (KEAP)

I walk into the training room and look around. In the middle is a small area, dipped into the ground. Off to the side of the small pit stands Wingman next to a chalkboard. He writes down pairs of names. "Before you ask, you all are going to fight today," he says, not turning around.

Once he finishes, he steps aside. One name isn't on there, Annie. I watch out of the corner of my eye as she casually sits down on the ground, leaning against a wall.

I look back up at the list and see my name paired up against... Julia.

I look around and see Julia standing around. She has long brown hair and glasses. She is talking to Wingman who hands her a box. She rolls her eyes and walks out of the room to return a few seconds later, glasses in hand. She must be wearing contacts...

She sits down next to me and we watch as Kekai and Erlend fight in the pit. Kekai sends a fist hurtling at Erlend. Erlend stumbles back before he regains his balance and sends his foot towards the boy. The boy crumbles to the ground, hand over his crotch. A scream echos around the room.

Wingman quickly walks over to them. "ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ENOUGH!" he shouts. He helps Kekai stand and Erlend smiles, walking back over towards the other group of inititates and sits with them.

Wingman walks back to the center of the ring. "Alright, next... KEAP and Julia!" he calls and then quickly leaves the circle.

I stand up and so does Julia. We both walk over to the circle and stand a few feet away from each other, facing one another.

She makes the first move, a fist flying towards my nose. A narrowly jump to the side and avoid getting hit. I send my foot out behind me and trip her. Julia falls to the ground at the same time as me. We both stand up and she charges.

Her elbow comes up and hit me in the nose. Instead of allowing me to stumble back, she grabs the back of my head and pulls me forward, sending her knee into my gut.

I fall to the ground. I grab her foot and yank her down. A scream comes from her from shock. I grab the back of her shirt and hoist her up, sending my fist into her face.

Julia stumbles back and I see tears welling up in her eyes. I freeze, which gives her time to act. Her elbow rams into my eyes while her foot hooks around my right leg. She pulls my leg out from under me, making me fall.

I try to get up but everything starts to swirl and turn. Black dots are everywhere in my vision. I can barely see her as she starts to walk away. I just barely manage to trip her one last time.

I watch as she falls and then stands back up. Her flaming eyes meet my slowly clearing ones.

She sends her foot into my face one last time and the black spots develop everything as I pass out.

You're Playing MY Game (Liza)

I'm curled up in bed, when suddenly, the door bursts open and several flashlights shine throughout the room. I sit up and look around. A flashlight shines directly into my eyes and I rub my eyes, pain bubbling behind my closed eyelids.

"ALRIGHT!" shouts Jade as I open my eyes. "WE ARE PLAYING PAINTBALL, WE SHALL GO FIND WINGMAN AND WE SHALL GET THIS GAME STARTED! ANY QUESTIONS?!" she shouts, looking around the room of startled-looking initiates. We all slowly nod and a smile creeps onto her face. "Then let the games begin."

Jade leads us out of the room and to the Pit where the Faction-transfers had already gathered.


(Sorry, I was gonna update more but then I got sidetracked by stupidity c:)

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