Alright, so, I have school. It started August 19, 2013. The entire week, I wasn't on primarily. I came on maybe once or twice. I was busy.

I was once told by a wise woman, her name begins with an "R", told me to put school before my wiki, and that is what I'm doing.

So, yeah. Um... I really love you all, ya know that, right? I'm not leaving 'cuz I hate you all. I would never do that. I'm leaving 'cuz I have to, 'cuz school work is a bish.

I'll leave a list of you amazing pepz, 'kay?


Okay, so like, this must be said. I'm not... Persay... Leaving. I'm becoming less active. I'm still gonna get on, ya know. Just... I'm deprioritizing wiki to school work, I guess.


M'kay, so Anna, you are perf and amazing and I luff you so much. You need to come and visit me more 'cuz everyone needs their Anna, right?


Annie, you are my fangirl buddy. We can start screaming and squealing at the mention of a show or a sexy actor. We always have fun fangirling and you are an amazing person.


Berry, you are amazing, 'kay? I luff you so much and you need to come on chat much more so I can hug you to death.




Caylin, you are sassy and funny amazing and who can't love you? You became one of my bestestest friends the moment we started to talk together on chat <3


I'm not your pet, Charles. But, however, you are one of my first friends and I need someone that will throw me off a cliff. It brings a little excitement in life, right?


Claudia, you are perf and fabu and amazing. You can always make me smile even when I'm down 'cuz you put words together that just make it funny.


Colin... What can I say about you? You are amazing... Funny... Geeky... Adorable... Hot... I love you with all my heart, you've become the most amazing person ever. Even though you don't watch movies or read some of the same things as I do, I know I can convince you to watch TV shows. Things like Doctor Who. I love you because your individual and interesting and I can't help but laugh at listening to your stories.


Dani, you are fabu, deary. You are amazing and beautiful and hot, even if you don't know this or think it true. You are an amazing friend and I love to talk to you even if you are snappy half the time.


You are amazing and perf, Dustin. I love to talk to you, a lot, actually. You are an amazing writer and I love your user game ideas, like Who Dunnit.


Emma, where do I begin with you? You are beautiful and funny and hilarious. I feel that I can come to you and talk and you'll understand and not criticize me. You always seem to understand what I'm going through and always try to help and I love you for that.


Erlendo, you are a perv, but your really nice and funny. When you aren't making comments about sex, either you're laughing around with everyone or we are talking in PM and we are having a non-sexual conversation. You aren't as big of a perv as everyone says you are.


Jade, I love you so much. Charles gave us both the same nickname, Rainie. I think that along with Charles and a couple others, you are one of my first bestestest friends here. Your writing is amazing, gurl.


I love you, okay? I don't care what others say about you, I care about you, and they can say crap about you, I don't care, you can always talk to me about anything. I'll help you and I'll be there for you when you're down.


Julia, even though you aren't active, I'm still putting you on here. You're my bestestest friend and you're my sister. We have so much in common and I'm glad I got to meet you while I was around.


You are my bestestest friend, and I love to write with you. We come up with several great ideas for our stories. I love how you come around and help me when I'm down and save me from falling deeper into a hole of depression.


Kaeghan, you are amazing in your own way. I know that sometimes we have had issues, and I know that some people in chat have issues with you, but you've always been one of my best friends.


KEAP, you are amazing at writing. You pick on me and you make fun of me, but you are still amazing. You make amazing user games and I somehow always either make it to the Finale 2 to be elimanated/killed or become some sort of Sab and get kicked out. But it's well worth it.


You aren't very active, but you are amazing and funny and you are a perv, but not a major perv. You are funny and an anime freak and that's what I love about you.


You are funny and sweet and kind and beautiful. Yes, beautiful. You can say you aren't but you are. Even though you don't have breasts, you are amazing. We are amazing friends and I don't want that to change.


Mist... I don't know you that well, but your tributes are amazing. You make tributes and they never cease to amaze me in all the different ways you can make different backstories and ideas. You, Mist, are amazing.


So, you are my son and the twin of my Kiki and I love you so much. You are an amazing friend and so friendly yet you can have your moments where... Um... How should I explain this... Better yet, I shant. You are amazing, and are 2fabu4usall c:


Okay, so I call you Cindy but I decided taht since everyone else was by their name except for KEAP and Sky, you should be by your name. You are funny and amazing and beautiful. And we should leave it at there, because that's what you are. You are perfection.


You are funny and amazing. I've known you for two years, working on three years. You have been one of my bestestest friends in the entire world. I love to talk to you. We've fought in the pass but now I think that we have gotten over that and I know I can trust you with secrets. Also... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Sam, my gosh, you make me laugh a lot. I love to talk to you 'cuz you're funny and I really don't know what I'd do without you lightening my days.


So I haven't talked to you much, and I really don't know if we haven't talked much except for us yelling about Sab in chat. But I do know that you are fabu and perf and you look bootiful.


Wes, bby, ily so much <3. You are like a big brother to me sometimes. Other times... I feel like either I'm your older sister or... Eh, need not be said. Any way, I love you, 'kay? Stay awesome.


Zach.. You are amazing. I don't know what I would do without you. I know that recently, it looks like I've ignored you, and I really regret that. You help me so much and I now want to hug you and apologize and make you feel better.

Alright, So...

I guess now I should sign off. Comment if I forgot you, and, um...

I love you all. Later... ;-;

Everyone needs their Rainie <3

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