Hello and I welcome you to read my story about chat! Now you will understand how crazy chat is and for all newbies reading this, I warn you all to beware of chat and always be alert when on chat, for these fanfictions are based off of true stories...

Le Chapter 1 - Le Party, Y U Come Suddenly?!

I sit with Julia as we are randomly playing Pokemon games, staring intently at the screen, both hoping to win the game.

“HEY LIZA AND JULIA!” shouts Oli, coming into our house with a huge bang.

The moment he enters, we lose concentration on the game and both lose.

“GOD DANG IT, OLIVER!” we both shout.

Oli ended up laughing his ass of. I walked over and slapped him with my DS. “WHAT THE DUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” I question angrily.

“Just wanted to say, god dang it,” he said, rubbing his head.

Suddenly, our house is flooded with people. I look around. “What the fuck is going on?!” I question.

Oli looks at us. “SURPRISE, HAPPY PARTY!”

My eyes widen. “Colin is going to kill me!”

Suddenly I am surrounded by Morgan, Andy, Lexi, Luke, and PF.

“Hey Liza! We going to go roleplay upstairs now?” they asked.

“No, guys, I am trying to get rid of the party before-” but I am cut off.


“Shit,” I mutter.


Colin suddenly looks at Oli. “Is this true?” he asked.

Oli stares at the ground and for awhile, stays like that. Finally, he nods slowly. “Yeah,” he muttered.

Colin facepalmed.

Julia walked over to Colin after a few minutes of silence and when the party started up again.

“Hey Colin,” she said flirtingly.

“Hey Julia,” he said.

“So… How have you and your cute face been?” she asked.

I walked over in that instant. “Hey Julia, sister dear. Why don’t you call Anna and Adrian, you know, our siblings, to see how they are,” I suggested.

She shrugged. “Be right back, Colin dear,” she said before running off.

I facepalmed. She will never stop flirting with my boyfriend, will she?!

“Hey Liza,” Colin says.

“Hey Colin,” I smile. We both then hug.

Suddenly, a wild Erlend appears. “HEY LIZA! HAVE YOU SEEN MY FANFICTION ABOUT YOU GUYS?!” he asked as loud as possible.

I facepalm. “No Erlend, I don’t read your fanfics if I don’t have to.”


Kekai suddenly looked up from where he was standing with Julia. “GOD OF RAPE, WHAT?!” he asked as loud as possible.

I roll my eyes. “GO BACK TO KEEPING MY SISTER BUSY, KEKAI!” I shout.

“ALRIGHT!” he replies.

Jade and Annie come over from where they were drinking my fruit punch. “WHAT UP WITH ALL THE CAPITOL LETTERS AND SCREAMING?!” Jade shouts.


“Yeah, alright,” Annie says. Suddenly she starts fangirling. “OMG, LES MIS IS ON! I MUST GO WATCH IT WITH EVERYONE!” She ran off and I watch, confused.

Jade melts back into the party. Her and Luke and Andy start to argue over little things like who on Earth would want to own a sloth like Luke does.

I look back at Colin. “Ugh, not one day of silence is allowed here,” I say with an eyeroll.

He smiles but takes my hand. “Come on, let’s talk outside, it is more quiet there,” he says.

We both walk outside and I see Gareth and Kiki there, kissing. “HEY!” I shout. “GO BACK INTO THE PARTY AND DO THAT!”

Kiki and Gareth quickly pull apart but then walk back inside to go and make-out.

I roll my eyes but Colin laughs. “So, how has your day been?” he asks me.

“Good, minus the fact that Oli decided to throw a party in our house,” I reply.

He leans closer to me and just before we could kiss, I hear Mia screaming.


As she zooms by to get into my house, I hear her shout, “HEY LIZA, HEY COLIN!”

She quickly slams on the door. “LET ME IN!” she shouted.

The door opens and Mia zooms into my house.

“What a big entrance,” I mutter and laugh a little, causing Colin to laugh.

“Very,” he mutters.

Le Chapter 2 - Y U Use Le Camera Phone?!

Colin wraps his arms protectively around me. I look up at him and he looks down at me. He leans his head closer to me once more.

Our lips meet (okay, fangirling :D) and we stayed like that for what feels like forever.

Suddenly I see Erlend with his phone out, taking pictures of us kissing out of the corner of my eye.

I instantly pull away from Colin. "ERLEND!" I shout.

Erlend comes out of hiding, followed by just about the entire of chat.

Emma is there and she is fangirling with all the girls and even some of the guys.

Suddenly, I see Adrian and Anna walking towards the house, deep in argument. Well, kinda. Adrian is ranting while Anna calmly explains how her perspective is right.

I look back at Erlend. "God, are you the paparazi or something? What the heck is wrong with you all?!" I question.

Morgan looks over at me. "Well, you see, we, well, I, saw you leave. I told Erlend and then he stopped the party. We left out the back door and headed towards the front of the house. Then well... We saw you kissing so just about everyone pulled out there phones and took pictures."

I glare at them all. "JADE! CO-MAYOR WITH ANNIE! WHY DID YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?!" I question the two.

"Unless orders come from Pam, we don't do much besides get rid of vandals," Annie replies. "Oh, and I give people frying pans to slap vandals when I find them trustworthy."

Suddenly, I see a vandal running around the street, spreading their icky spam and spray-painting on house bad things.

Suddenly, all the mods flew away and took care of the vandal.

Annie and Jade were cleaning up the spam on the road while Emma and Charles hit the vandal with their hammers. Mia, Anna, Lilith, Kiki and every other mod took care of fixing the house. Soon, the vandal left.

I shook my head. "Alright, all of you go back to the party and delete the photos! I find one single one online and you all will die."

Everyone scurried back inside and I sat down under the tree in my front yard. Colin sat down right next to me.

"You handled that well, darling," he says to me.

I smile slightly. "Thanks," I murmur. He kisses my cheek and puts an arm around me, pulling me closer.

I lean against him and watch as the party slowly leaks out of my house once more to take over the neighborhood.

Le Chapter 3 - Y U Get Water On Me?!

I watch as everyone is dancing. Claudia and Berry are at the edge of the entire dance mob, but are having fun.

I watch them as they finally walk over to Colin and I.

“Great party!” Berry says with a smile.

“Uh, thanks,” I say. “But you do know this is Oli’s fault, right?” I ask.

“Well I do, but you know, you didn’t stop it and this is honestly a really fun party, even if you didn’t start it,” Claudia says.

I smile warmly. The two then go back to the party. Only this time, they’ve grabbed a bucket and I get a look inside. I see water balloons inside of it.

“Oh crap, let’s get out of the way,” I say, grabbing Colin’s arm and trying to stand up.

“Why?” He asks.

“They have water balloons,” I reply.

We both instantly stand up and go to the other side of the tree, where we would be safe from the splash of water.

Suddenly, I hear the voice of Julia from the crowd.

“WATER BALLOON FIGHT!” she shouts.

Instantly, the laughter and screams of kids throwing balloons at each other fills the air.

I look around the tree and see Anna trying to push her way through the crowd, now soaked from the water balloons. I don’t get to see much more as a water balloon comes flying in my direction, thrown by none other than Adrian, and I hide back behind the tree.

“How good are the escape chances?” Colin asks.

“One in a trillion chance,” I mutter.

Colin wraps his arms around me. “I’ll keep you safe, darling,” he says softly.

I practically melt inside. His leans closer to me for the third time today.

Suddenly, I hear a shout come from Adrian. “HEY EVERYONE! LIZA AND COLIN ARE BEHIND THE TREE!”

“Crap,” I mutter. I grab Colin’s hand and start to run, trying to avoid the water balloons being thrown at us from the chat kids.

I run to the other side of the house and pull open the back door, leading Colin and myself into the house. I lock the back door and run to the front door.

However, the moment I make a move towards the front door, it is pushed open. “THERE IS LIZA!” Emma shouts.

I make a run for upstairs but I am cut off by Julia, a water balloon in her hand. “Oh no you don’t,” she said with a smile.

“Hey, come on, what did I do to you guys?” I asked.

“It is only fair that you get a little wet to, Liza,” Kiki says with a smile.

Claudia climbs on top of a chair with Berry.

“Ready,” says Claudia.

“Aim,” says Berry.

“Let’s not get rash here,” I said almost a little to loud.

“FIRE!” they both shout and suddenly, several water balloons are thrown at me, soaking me from head to toe and making me scream.

Colin runs downstairs. “LIZA!” then freezes. He sees the mob of people and instantly runs back upstairs.

“RUN COLIN, RUN!” I shout but instantly, a huge swarm of people push past me to go and get Colin. Once they clear, I sit down on the couch, my sweats and tank-top completely soaked. “Well, I’ll change after they get him, I guess,” I murmur.

I grab my DS and start to play Pokemon, waiting for them to return downstairs with a soaked Colin.

Le Chapter 4 - Le Awww :3

After about 10 minutes, everyone floods back into the living room, Colin soaked from head to toe.

"Yeah, thanks for the help," he says sarcastically.

"Oh you are so welcome," I said with a smile.

I look around to see Gareth and Dani making out with a corner while Kiki and Caylin, his two other wives, just chat away.

I shake my head. The cheating bastard. Though the sick part is, they all know about it! Oh well...

I shrugged off the feeling and grabbed a cup that was sitting on the counter that I know hasn't been touched.

I walk over to where Colin, Julia, Charles, and Annie stand. "Hey guys," I say with a smile.

"Hey Liza," they all say.

We all just stood there, chatting away, until Colin asked to be excused for a moment. I watch him walk away before going back into the conversation with Annie, Julia, and Charles.

"You know, we should so go watch Charlie the Unicorn after this," I say.

They all nodded in agreement. "We should because it is..." Julia started.

"CHARLIE THE UNICORN!" we all shouted.

Erlend walked over to the group. "Oh, after Charlie the Unicorn, you and I should go watch Ray William Johnson, Liza," he said.

"OMG, YES!" I shout.

Suddenly Colin rejoined us. "What is up with the shouting?" he asked.

"Oh, we are just going to go watch some youtube videos later," I say.

"Oh, cool, I'll be there," He said.

I smile and he wraps his arms around me, kissing the top of my head.

Erlend quickly flashes out his camera and takes a picture of us. "You two are so cute together! Plus, I can use these pictures, if edited, for my fanfic."

I give him a glare.

"Oh yeah, I said that aloud. Well, I'll be going now." He then ran off, phone in hand. He then met up with his fanfic lovers and he shows them the pictures he got. They all start fangirling and disappear to my computer.

Colin kissed the top of my head again. "It's alright," he murmured to where only I could hear.

I just nod.

Suddenly, Kekai joins the group. However, he and Julia start to disappear into their own little bubble. They are honestly a sweet couple and are adorable.

Thus, leaving Charles, Annie, Colin and I.

Charles, after awhile, left to go speak with Anna and Jade.

Annie stares at us. "I'm going to go before I have to look at another disgusting couple," she said before running away to speak with Lilith and others about Les Mis.

I shift to look back at Colin. He looked as if a thought had come to his mind, but as soon as it came, it left, leaving him confused.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

He shakes his head. "Nothing, darling." He kisses the top of my head. "I love you," he says.

"I love you too," I murmur.

He leans down and kisses me once more, but briefly. The kiss lingers on my lips for a few seconds.

As the touch of his soft lips fades away, I can't help but smile.

Le Chapter 5 - Le What Are You Speaking Of?!

I watch as Colin fades into the atmosphere of the party, leaving me alone. Suddenly I am joined by Bella.

"Hey Liza!" she says.

"Hey Bella! Hold up... BATTLE ROYALE!" I shout.

We both start to fangirl. We have both loved the Battle Royale books, they were amazing, and just... undefineable in words.

"So, any way," I say once we are done being idiots, "how are you?"

"Eh, life is kinda down," she murmurs. "I'm leaving for awhile, and everybody knows."

"Made sure they wouldn't start asking questions," I said. "So don't worry."

Bella smiles. "Thanks."

I nod but suddenly the door opens and Alice comes in. "HEY PEOPLE!" she shouts.

"ALICE!" I shout in return, running over and hugging her.

"Hey Liza!" she says.

Bella joins us again and we all speak. Then Alice and Bella look at their watches.

"Aw man, I gotta go!" they both say. We say our goodbyes and they leave.

I walk through the crowd of people, looking for someone to talk to.

Suddenly, Erlend pops up in front of me. "HEY LIZA!" he shouts but then lowers his voice. "Liza, I wanna show you something."

He grabs me by the hand and pulls me outside, away from the party.

"What is it, Erlend?" I ask, looking around outside.

"Liza, I know something. Anna told me that Charles told her that Dani told him that Oli told her that Colin told him something."

"What did he say?" I ask.

"You ready to hear it? Ready?" he asks, now starting to get on my nerves.

"Yes, Erlend! Tell me what he said!"

"Well, he said-" he starts but is cut off.

"Hey Erlend! You aren't going to tell her, are you?" asks Oli, coming outside. "Because it is a surprise, and Liza should wait to hear it after all."

Erlend frowned. "But Oli-"

"No buts. Come on, back inside," he says.

We all trot back inside. I am both anxious to know what Colin said, and I am kinda mad at Erlend for not telling me the moment he dragged me out there.

Oh well.

Le Chapter 6 - Le Cliffhanger Again :3

Okay, so there are a total of 5 people who know what Colin was going to tell me. And I am clueless.

I look around and see Anna walking over to me.

"Hey Anna," I say. I think of the fact taht she knows what Colin has to tell me.

"Hey Liza," she says with a smile.

"Hey, Anna, you see. Erlend-" I start.

"No, I won't tell you what he said." Anna shook her head. "Sorry Liza, I promised Charles who promised Dani who promised Oli who promised Colin to not tell."

I pout.

Suddenly, both Kekai, Kaeghan and Wes join us.

"Hey, hey Liza," Wes says. He pokes me and I give him a small glare.

"Have you seen my Glee fanfic?" he asks.


"No, Wes. I haven't gotten the chance. AND I KNOW RIGHT, KEKAI?!" we both flail.

Kaeghan looked at us. "And then there is me. I have my games..."

I nod. "You do," I say with a smile.

Anna smiles. "I should go back to Charles now. Later guys!" she says.

"Bye Anna!" we all reply.

I watch her walk back into the mass of people crowded in our house.

Suddenly, Julia came back. "Hey Kekai, come on, come back and dance with me, please?" she asks with a small pout.

Kekai nods and leaves with Julia back into the mass of people.

"I'll talk to you later," I say to both Kaeghan and Wes. I walk through the crowd to see Colin and Oli talking.

I can only catch bits of their conversation over the music and the mass of talking people.

"Well... I can't... want..." I here from Colin.

"Yeah... just tell her... want... her," Oli replies.

The two look around at the people surrounding them.

Colin's gaze catches mine but quickly skims back over the crowd before disappearing their own ways.

I quickly look down at the ground before walking back to Kaeghan and Wes to find that they are talking to Annie and Jade about something.

I shake my head before I start to walk through the mass of dancing people, avoiding conversation.

I am confused as to what is going on and I don't know if it is bad or good. Just a surprise.

Le Chapter 7 - AGAIN OLI?!

I look back at Wes, Kaeghan, Annie, and Jade talking. I watch Jade walk away from the group and then is followed by Wes. He keeps his distance but Jade can tell he is there.

Suddenly, someone touches my shoulder, making me twirl around, ready to slap someone.

"Calm down, darling," Colin says, looking at me.

"Sorry," I murmur. I lower my hand and Colin hugs me.

"It's alright." He looks at me. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asks.

I shake my head. I'd rather not tell him that I was listening in and heard stuff about telling her, whoever she was.

He strokes my hair. "You know you can tell me, right?"

I just nod.

He sighs. "I'll be around if you need me."

I nod once more. I can't find words anymore. They are stuck in my throat.

I watch him join the party once more before turning and walking away.

"I SAID TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" I hear Jade shout from the kitchen. Something clangs and shatters on the floor. I run over and open the door.

I see Wes there, curled up in the corner, being scowled at by a seething Jade.

I look at them both and words seem to form once more. "Jade, stop breaking my stuff. Wes, stop following Jade. Jade, stop trying to hurt Wes. Wes, stop trying to get with Jade. Now both of you, out," I order.

They both look at each other, stunned I would say something that would be rude-ish. They then both walk out of the kitchen. I sigh and start to clean up the mess left by Jade throwing my plates around.

Erlend walks into the kitchen. "Liza, listen, I have not long before Oli realizes I am missing. I have to tell you what Colin said."

I instantly look at Erlend. "What did he say?"

"He said he wanted to-"

"ERLEND!" shouts Oli. He busts down the kitchen door. "STOP TRYING TO TELL HER!" Oli slapped Erlend in the back of the head before dragging Erlend away by the ear.

"Well damn," I mutter. I clean up the mess before throwing away the shards of ceramic. I sit down on one of the stools in my kitchen and sigh.

Le Chapter 8 - Le Secret Is Told

Suddenly, the kitchen door opens and Lily came in followed by Annie.

"Come on, Les Mis is awesome," Annie says.

"I know that. But I like Game of Thrones just as much," Lily replies.

Annie restrains from eyerolling but then looks at me. "Oh, hey Liza babe!" she says.

"Hey," I reply.

"What has you down?" they both ask.

I sigh. "There is something going on. Colin wants to ask, or tell, me something."

"Oh, that? It isn't anything bad, Liza," Annie replies.

"Everybody knows!" I mutter.

Lily puts a hand on my shoulder. "Relax, believe me when I say you will be told soon," she says with a slight smile.

I just nod. "Alright, go back to the party."

"Not with out you," they say together. They both grab a wrist and pull me outside of my kitchen and into the party.

"Yes, because the nice way is to drag everyone to Easter Island and back," I say sarcastically once we stop.

Lily laughs. I sigh. "I am going to go and see who there is to talk to. Go back to your Les Mis talk," I say.

"Toodles, Rainy!" Annie says. Lily waves and I go back into the swarm of the crowd.

I look around. Everyone knows the secret but me, and it is supposedly good.

But that is the problem, everyone knows I don't like surprises.

Erlend casts glances at me and Oli. Oli is like a shadow, never leaving Erlend's side, knowing that if he did, Erlend will come straight to me with the answer.

Erlend then looks over at Anna. She looks at him and they have a conversation with looks. Erlend still continues to cast glances at me.

Anna walks over to Oli. She speaks to him, distracting him from Erlend. Erlend weaves through the crowd towards me. He looks at Jay who quickly walks over to Oli to keep a conversation between himrself, Oli, and Anna.

Erlend finally reaches me. "Rainy, Colin is giong to ask you to marry him."

"What?" I ask.

"You heard me woman," he says, sounding really rushed. "Now, Oli, or anyone for that matter, cannot find out that I told you. Understand?" he asks me, looking me dead in the eye.

I nod. He quickly disappears and is back by Oli's side in seconds.

I stand where I am for a few seconds before turning around and running upstairs.

Le Chapter 9 - Four Simple Words

I am sitting in my room, on my bed. I am on my phone, trying to forget about the surprise that Erlend told me about.

It isn't that I'm not happy, I am, but... It was better a surprise now that I think about it.

Oli suddenly slams my door open, dragging Erlend behind him.

"DID HE TELL YOU?!" Oli shouts.

"Tell me what?" I ask, not looking up from my phone.


"How do you know he told me?" I ask.


Suddenly, Caylin walked in the room. "Hey guys, I'm stealing Liza. Someone is looking for her," she says. She comes and grabs my wrist, dragging me away from the shouting Oli and the quiet Erlend.

"Who is looking for me?" I ask.

"Julia," she simply replies. She drags me downstairs to where Julia is waiting, her brown hair tied up, out of her face.

"Hey Julia," I reply once Caylin stops dragging me.

"Hey Liza. You can go Caylin," she says with a smile.

Caylin nods and disappears to find Gareth or something.

Julia grabs my hand and leads me outside.

"Why do I keep getting pulled to places today?" I ask.

"Well, this time, you'll like where you are going," Julia says, looking back at me with a smile.

Dani is standing, talking with Emma. Dani is holding her knife and Emma is talking. They both look at me and Emma smiles while Dani shakes her head. I can just barely hear, "I still don't approve of them."

Julia opens the door and takes me outside. She looks around before leading me over to where Colin sits under our tree. She lets go of my hand. "Have fun," she says with a smile. She quickly turns and runs away.

I can't help but smile as I sit down next to Colin. We are sitting to where we can see the setting sun. The colors going across the sky are beautiful. A mixture of orange, pink, and even a bit of purple and blue.

Colin looks over at me. "Liza, we have been together for awhile. I love you and you love me." I look over at him. Even if I hadn't of known what he was going to ask, I would of known at this very moment with those few words.

"Will you marry me?"

Le Chapter 10 - Congrats!

I smile and nod. "Yes."

Colin beams and hugs me. I hug him back.

He suddenly kisses me but I kiss him back. I feel comfortable in his arms.

I hear a murmur behind us. Only this time, it is Colin who reacts. "HEY, GUYS!" he shouts, breaking away from me.

I turn around and end up laughing. Erlend is there, a camera phone in hand while he and Colin are there, shouting at each other while Colin attempts to slap Erlend with a baseball bat.

I grab my phone and take a quick picture. I quickly put my phone away before watching the two fight.

This goes on for about ten minutes until Colin slaps Erlend with a baseball bat.

Erlend fell to the ground. He looked around before smiling and waving his phone over at me. I roll my eyes.

Julia and Kekai suddenly appeared. "CONGRATS SISTER!" Julia says.

"Thanks," I smile.

Kiki came over with Gareth, Caylin, and Dani. Dani just stands there, shaking her head in disapproval. "Hey Liza! Congratulation!" Kiki says.

I stand up and hug Kiki and Caylin. I go to hug Dani but she juts walks away.

Claudia, Berry, Charles, Anna, Annie, Lilith, Annie, Oli, Mia, Wes, Jade, Emma, Dustin, Lauren, Adrian, Jay, Callam, and Paul (think that was everybody that I can think of, I am terrible so I forgot a lot of you XD) walk outside. The party starts out here, but this time is more of a congratulation party rather than some random part thrown.

Colin walks over to me and hugs me. "I love you."

"I love you too," I murmur.

He kisses the top of my head. "I know."

We stay here for awhile until someone shouts.

"HEY EVERYONE! GUESS WHO HAS ALCOHOL!" The voice is none other than Wes.

"Oh crap," Anna mutters. She slowly backs away from the group. She isn't a drinker. Well, now there are going to be a bunch of drunk people in my house. Yay.


"Aw," answers my reply but I shake my head.

"Nope, no alcohol. Sorry, I know. I don't want a billion drunk people at my house!"

Colin just laughs. I smile slightly but then Adrian shouts. "GET THE WATER BALLOONS AND THROW THEM AT LIZA!"

"Crap," I mutter. Repeat of earlier, minus the fact that the time was different and Colin and I weren't engaged and all.

I grab his hand and make a run for it.

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