Okay, these games are just sign-ups for now. I am still working my my Dream Games at the moment, but I may just work on writing the two games together.


I know, I hate rules too but there is going to have to be some rules so you people don't get out of hand. So, any way.

  1. Do not start yelling and scream at me if your tribute dies, I will back slap you. Hard. Or at least send the potato army after you.
  2. Do not yell at others for their tributes killing your tributes. I will send the frying pan army after you.
  3. Do not, under any circumstance, find it alright to cuss out my games or "bad-mouth" something I wrote down or misspelled. I will send the narwhal army after you.
  4. Do not cuss at anybody, including me. I will be cussing because these are kids killing each other. There's gotta be some language.
  5. There is going to be sex, I have to point this out because I have been yelled at for this sex issue by some users before. Oh, Erlend, I know you are reading this. You too, Jade. It will not be graphic sex.
  6. Have fun, try to enjoy the games as much as you enjoyed reading the Hunger Games.
  7. Reservations... I'm going to be nice since I know some people have not gotten on in forever, and put the limit to about... a week. But that's for people who have early reservations. For those who are reserving today and onward, you have, say, three days?
  8. To prove that you read this, say, "Rainie is the awesome goddess of Potatoes, Frying Pans, and Narwhals."


  • Who hear has ever heard of the game called "The Midnight Game"? If not, here is a link for you: The Midnight Game. The tributes will be playing this game the entire time. The point of this is, is to not get killed by The Midnight Man.
  • These are going to be the "extreme" version of the games. When you summon the Midnight Man, he will not leave until "3:33 AM" as stated in the instructions on how to play. However, if he finds you, you are dead. He will blow out your light, and will give you 10 seconds to surround yourself in salt or eles you die. However, the tributes, for however long they last, will have to replay the game until only one tribute remains.
  • You can kill a tribute if you find them, but be quiet, or else the Midnight Man will come and will kill anyone he can.
  • Never. Let. Your. Gaurd. Down.


There is an olded, abandoned camp ground in which has been used for the arena of this years games. There are old cabins with native flora growing against the walls. There are also spooky walls.

During the games, the tributes will be split up into groups. For an example, there is Cabin 1 filled with blah, blah, and blah. Cabin 2 has blah, blah, and blah. And so on. Each cabin can hold up to 4 people.

In the cabin, in which there is plenty of different rooms, you can walk around to try and avoid the Midnight Man and kill someone. Someone will always die in a cabin.

The cabins are big enough only so the tributes can have enough room to walk and not have to deal with the Midnight Man with everyone else. There are a total of 4 seperate rooms. Got that? Good.

However, you are allowed to leave the cabin and wonder camp grounds while playing the game. But be warned, the Midnight Man is more likely to get you out here than in the cabin.

When it's not day, you tributes can go play some spike-ball dodgeball or play Truth or Dead. It lowers the numbers of tributes faster and gives the camp grounds more use.

However, I would much recommend your tributes sleep during the day, but we know they'll be playing games to get ready for the Midnight Man. Be warned, if the camp officals that are there get annoyed with you playing a game, they will kill all members who played the games.

All tributes will be split into cabins. 8 cabins, 4 per cabin. This all will be posted below.


District Gender Name Age User
C F Pearl Illitize 12 Kaeghan
C M Scepter Mist 18 Kekai
0 F Mystique Seasonal 16 Ryan
0 M Patriot Bluemoon 16 Kekai
1 F Misty Bull 16 Vinny
1 M Knox Shade 14 Hawk
2 F Metallix Gleam 16 Ryan
2 M Earl Zoranovic 18 Colin
3 F Serenity Winds 16 Kaaitlyn
3 M Sean Host 16 Julia
4 F Kraken Reed 17 Hawk
4 M Whistle Frost 12 Ryan
5 F Anastasia "Rho" Flash 13 TMG
5 M Bolt "Epsilon" Summers 13 TMG
6 F Ava Nile 13 Lilith
6 M Axl Lockhart 17 Colin
7 F Harmony Blues 16 Kaaitlyn
7 M Harvey Dent 17 Prezzie
8 F Aurora Mendoza 15 Colin
8 M Jay Sonenclair 17 Julia
9 F Jasmine Firethorn 13 Colin
9 M Hunter Hayes 16 Junior
10 F Vivan Incomstanti 16 Kaeghan
10 M Furry Anderson 17 TD
11 F Trick Treat 17 Kekai
11 M Kai Shadows 15 Bella
12 F Rowanne Tamora 12 Ninja
12 M Coal Black 18 Jay
13 F Louisa Diemena 16 Vinny
13 M Ice Hunts 17 Kekai
14 F Jonell Trillur 16 Kaeghan
14 M Buzzy Tee 12 Emma


Cabin One

District Gender Name Age User
C F Pearl Illitize 12 Kaeghan
3 F Serenity Winds 16 Ryan
7 F Harmony Blues 16 Kaaitlyn
11 F Trick Treat 17 Kekai

Cabin Two

District Gender Name Age User
0 F Mystique Seasonal 16 Ryan
4 F Kraken Reed 17 Hawk
8 F Aurora Mendoza 15 Colin
12 F Rowanne Tamora 12 Ninja

Cabin Three

District Gender Name Age User
1 F Misty Bull 16 Vinny
5 F Anastasia "Rho" Flash 13 TMG
9 F Jasmine Firethorn 13 Colin
13 F Louisa Diemena 16 Vinny

Cabin Four

District Gender Name Age User
2 F Metallix Gleam 16 Ryan
6 F Ava Nile 13 Lilith
10 F Vivan Incomstanti 16 Kaeghan
14 F Jonell Trillur 16 Kaeghan

Cabin Five

District Gender Name Age User
C M Sceptor Mist 18 Kekai
3 M Sean Host 16 Julia
7 M Harvey Dent 17 Prezzie
11 M Kai Shadows 15 Bella

Cabin Six

District Gender Name Age User
0 M Patriot Bluemoon 16 Kekai
4 M Whistle Frost 12 Ryan
8 M Jay Sonenclair 17 Julia
12 M Coal Black 18 Jay

Cabin Seven

District Gender Name Age User
1 M Knox Shadow 14 Hawk
5 M

Bolt "Epsilon" Summers

13 TMG
9 M Hunter Hayes 16 Junior
13 M Ice Hunts 17 Kekai

Cabin Eight

District Gender Name Age User
2 M Earl Zoranovic 18 Colin
6 M Axl Lockhart 17 Colin
10 M Furry Anderson 17 TD
14 M Buzzy Tee 12 Emma

Pregames: Part 1: The Letter

Information: A letter went home to 32 "lucky" children to go to a camp that takes place around the time same time as the Hunger Games use to take place. Only, the Hunger Games were cancelled, weren't they? Well, three random tributes picked as of right now are going to show you what happened.

Mystique Seasonal (0)

I walk outside of my house to get mail for my family. The cold, crisp air hit my face but I smiled. It was so inviting, I don't know why, it just is. I've always loved the cold.

I walk down my walk-path to the mail slot. I open the door and pull out the mail.

I close the mail slots door and start heading up to our shack. However, a letter written in a small yet delicate hand writing with my name written on it catches my eye.

I open my door and close it behind me, and instantly am consumed by the warmth radiating from our fireplace. I walk over to my parents and hand them the mail but keep mine for myself.

I sit down across from my mother and look at the envelope.

"What do you have there?" my mother asks, eyeing the letter suspiciously.

"A letter," I say.

My parents both share a quick glance before looking back at me.

.*frame switch to see from this point on in a perspective of a different tribute*

Jasmine Firethorn (9)

"A letter?" asks my mother.

I nod. "Yeah. Addressed to me."

My little sister, Magnolia, comes running up and snatches the letter. "She is right!" she squeals.

My father takes the letter from Magnolia and flips it over.

"Jasmine Firethorn, District 9, 14 Willenton Street 54672."

"Well, they were very thorough, whoever sent it," mother says.

My father looks at my mother. "Should we open it?" he asks.

"Now hold up. This is my letter. Why can't I open it?" I ask.

"Because it could be a trap just waiting to happen," my father says.

"But it isn't. So we should just open it."

The both cast another wary glance before handing it to me to open.

I break the seal of the envelope and take out the neatly folded piece of paper to read it.

.*frame switches once more to another tributes perspective*

Pearl Illitize (Capitol)

"Dear Pearl Illitize,

you have been selected to participate in a camping trip this year. You along with 31 other kids will go out into the woods for a relaxation period away from troubles at school or anything that could be bothering you. This is fun for you and you only. This is a once in a lifetime offer, however, as you have been selected, it is required that you show up as if you don't... Well, you are missing out on many great funs.

We do hope you come and visit us, we, the Capitol, will be getting you to the campsite and back free of charge! It is all up to you if you come though. This event takes place on May 13. There will be several fun midnight games to partake in. You wouldn't want to miss those, now would you? Late night games are fun for everyone, so come on out to visit!

Please consider our offer and come visit us for some fun!


The Capitol"

I look back at my parents. "Well?" I ask.

"Well... If the Capitol is sponsering this..." my mother starts.

"It sounds like fun, sweetie. Go get ready and you'll be on your way soon!" my father says encouragingly.

I give a slight nod. This seems a bit iffy but... I should at least go. If I don't like it, I'll ask to leave. Simple as that.

I go up to my room and start packing my bags.

.*screen goes black entirely*


And thus, the letters have been delivered and the tributes are on there way, unknowing that they are going into the Midnight Games...

Pregames: Part 2: Train Rides


All the tributes are on the train ride to the campsite. They are on there way to entering the Midnight Games, and all tributes are unaware of the fact that they were entered into the games. Follow the Capitol and District 0 on there way to the campsite.

Capitol: Scepter Mist, Pearl Illitize

Pearl walked out of her room, her bags sitting on her bed. She walked into the cart where only one other person sat. Scepter Mist.

"Hey," she says, sitting down at the table.

"Hey," he replies, not looking up from his notepad in which he was writing stuff down.

Pearl's eyes gazed upon the variety of food and thought of what her brother, Retro, would scavange for them as a family. She looked down before going to get a book from her bag.

Scepter looked back as Pearl left but quickly went back to writing.

Pearl opened her door and looked around for a moment, confused. Her bags had moved. She walked over to where her bags were know seated and opened it, grabbing her book before walking back to the dining cart.

Scepter looked at all he had written. He had written down his facts of matter on the letter, on how it was to suspicious. He only agreed to come because he knew something... Hunger Games was coming his way, and he loved it.

He looked over as Pearl walked in but looked back at his writing. He wrote down more stuff about how his competition was more than likely going to be like. He looked over at Pearl and shook his head.

He quickly scribbled down that Pearl seemed of a weak person that could easily be taken down if necessary.

Finally, he stood up and went to his room where it was quieter. He could focus more there.

District 0: Mystique Seasonal, Patriot Bluemoon

Patriot is sitting on the couch, writing about his plans to go to the moon. All his calculations and theories are within the pages of his journal.

He turns around to see a red-headed girl, Mystique, walk in.

"Hey Patriot," she says.

"Hey Mystique," he replies.

Mystique walks over and looks at his journal. "You could do it, you know."

"Do what?" he asked.

"Go to the moon. We study the stars and planets for a living, we have the technology. You could make it." Her voice was calm as she spoke to him.

"Thanks," he replied with a slight smile.

There was momentary silence until Mystique finally said, "I think we are to some sort of games," she replied.

Patriot looked back at her. "Why do you say that?" he asked.

She turned and ran back to her room. She then returned as quickly as she left, only now with a piece of paper in her hand. "You see, in the letter, it says we have been choosen to partake in this, which is participation, which does not mean we have to. But, however, it says it is required we go, meaning we have to. Then it says May 13, which happens to be the day that every Hunger Games started prior to this letter. Then the mention of the midnight games. You see, the Midnight Games are an old Pagan game that created fear among many people whom decided to play and summon the Midnight Man."

I look at Mystique and I do understand what she is saying. "So... This is an extreme version of the Midnight Game, right?"


"Why the hell did you come then?" I ask.

"Because I didn't know until I remembered that tributes use to sit in this room, going to the games."

Pregames: Part 3: The Big Reveal


Welcome. All tributes are unaware of the fact that they have been reaped as far as we know. Now it is time they all find out that these are the games. They shall go through all procedures like every other games before them. Chariots, Training, and Interviews.

The Reveal Speech

Attention all children riding on this train! There is something you must know something before we stop!

You see, this not an ordinary camping trip. However, you are being sent into the Hunger Games, or rather it be called by its official name, the Midnight Games.

You will all play a game known as the Midnight Game. There are 8 cabins, and you all have been assigned to one. Three of you from each cabin will die until we have 8 tributes remaining. From there, you will all try to kill each other.

While you all get started, I must inform to you that there is a game you will be playing to lower your numbers.

You see, there is a game called Midnight Game. You will summon the Midnight Man and he will kill one of your cabin members off each night.

When you get to your cabin, you will find instructions on how to play the Midnight Game. You all are required to play unless you wish to die and save your cabin members from having to play for that night.

It is your decision, however, and we do not want to influence you at all.

Happy Midnight Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Chariot Rides


The Capitol chariot comes out of the tunnel first for tonight. Their chariot is splashed with many bright and vibrant colors. It looks like a cow and all of it's black spots had been dyed to of been another color. The chariot wasn't so good, but then again, neither were the tributes. Pearl was waving shyly to the audience, wearing a dress that goes to the floor of the chariot, splashed vibrantly with several colors. Blue, red, pink, purple, green, and orange are among the many. Sceptor is wearing a similar outfit, only his is a toga in words. Apon Sceptors face, he wore a smile. A bone-chilling smile which sent shivers down the backs over several of the Capitolians. His looks scared them but they were stuck staring at him in shock.

District 0

The District 0 chariot comes out of the tunnel, erasing the shock from the earlier chariot. The chariot was dark blue, and almost invisible. As soon as they were going to face palm and hide their eyes, the chariot burst into light. The dark blue of the chariot was illuminated by star-shaped lights decorating the chariot. Mystique was waving to the audience. Her dress was silver, and is now shimmering, coming to life with the addition of light. Mystique has a shimmering make-up on. Her entire self was illuminated from both light and of happiness. She wouldn't let a simple Midnight Games get in the way of her joy, right? Patriot was in a similar outfit, but like the Capitol, it was a toga-like-outfit. He waved to the people, maybe a little more reluctantly. Patriot was shimmering besides his district partner, and they were beautiful. Patriot, however, was missing out on one little key thing. Mystique was a shimmering star, while Patriot was a moon, bright but not as bright as Mystique. But just as beautiful.

District 1

District 1's chariot rides out of the tunnel. Their chariot is designed to look like a clamshell that had just been opened to reveal two shining pearls. A lot of detail went into the chariot design, as every littlle notch found in a clam was found on this design. The tributes looked beautiful. Misty Bull had her hair down, framing her beautiful face, highlighted in bright white make-up, but yet not to noticeably. Misty is wearing a dress that gives the illusion of it illuminating from the pearls embedded into her dress, the pearls reflecting the lights to shine at the audience and light herself up. Knox Shadow's outfit, which is a tux rather than a dress, is giving the same illusion. However, while Misty waves to the audience, Knox just stands there, taking in his surroundings and giving a few nods and waves to the crowd. So far, District 1 has the best appearance, maybe not attitude but... Best appearance.

District 2

Following District 1 is District 2. Their chariot is dark with red and purple everywhere. It moves and occassionally, red lights flare up, giving the impression of blood-red eyes. Metallix has her hair down and is wearing a black outfit with a purple belt and purple make-up. She is wearing black fish-net leggings. Their chariot has bright lights that go on to show the tributes so that they don't go unnoticed. Earl is there also, wearing torn black pants and shirt. Earl is smiling like a maniac, ready to kill at any moment. Metallix just waves to the audience, but it is quite obvious that she is shy. The outfits are pretty good, but not the best out there. The performance was alright at best.

District 3

District 3 follows the gloom of District 2. Their chariot is making strange beeping sounds, and floating off the ground. The audience replies with "Ooh"'s and "Aw"'s. The tributes are in dark gray suits in which wires twirl around their bodies, entertwining them. Serenity's hair is down with a wire crown on her head. The wires go up her slim figure. Serenity waves to the audience, a smile on her features. Meanwhile, Sean is dressed similarly, only keeping quiet. He keeps his eyes down, ignoring the Capitol people and keeping to himself. The outfits were beautiful, but not so much in attitude.

District 4

Distirct 4 comes out of the tunnel next. Their chariot is designed to look like the beach, and it is very well detailed. The sand looks real, and the shells are very realistic. Kraken is dressed in a blue-green bikini with a see-through, long skirt tied around her waste. She is waving to the audience, a smile on her face. Her make-up is turquoise. She looks as if she just got back from the ocean, the way her hair is wet but yet full. Whistle has a white shirt on along with blue-green swim-trunks on. His hair is also wet. He waves to the audience, but as many other's, is reluctant. They are beautiful, though there wasn't much thought put into the design. It was more along the lines of something you would buy at the store.



Earl Zoranovic; Arrival

I pull my bags along, other tributes marching ahead of me. I roll my eyes and look at the amount of Peacekeepers in the arena to make sure we all go to our proper cabins and that our bags have no explosives. Please, my mom made me leave that bag at home.

A burly looking Peacekeeper takes my bag and rummages through it, taking out my tooth brush, tooth paste, brush, deodorant, and, well, everything except for my clothes, and even then removed most of them.

I roll my eyes, wanting to just rip someone's throat out. Eh, there will be time for that later...

"Cabin 8, first to your left," replies a very deep voice. I roll my eyes and start heading off there with about three other ding-a-lings. I arrive first, though, and pull open the rustic door. Inside are two bunk-beds.

"I CALL TOP BUNK!" shouts one of the guys behind me as he then forces his body to jump up onto the bed.

"Easy kill," I mutter in which gets me a look from the kid.

"Wuddya say?" he asks in which I just shake my head. I walk over and plop down on the bed under him. If this maniac survives today, I sure as hell will!

I start to unpack my bag, throwing my clothes in the trunk given to me under the bed.

Then, as if by magic, a voice appears over the intercome.

"Attention camp-goers! Head towards the mess hall. You will be assigned a weapon that you will use throughout the Midnight Games. We also have some new standards for the games which shall be read upon everyone's arrival. You are also given one pack, containing anything from a rock to a bag of apples to a sleeping bag. Oh, that is another thing, all beds have bed bugs, so you cannot sleep in them."

The guy who took the top bed instantly jumps down and starts to shake, as if ridding himself of said bed bugs. Jesus, some people are idiots!

"Welp," says one of the other kids, "let's get to the mess hall. No killing each other, promise?"

The other 2 nod but I just stand there. I won't promise bull shit. The others sigh and we all walk out of cabin 8.

Mystique Seasonal; Mess Hall

I walk with my arms crossed over my torso, towards the mess hall. Cabin 2 and myself are in a silent agreement to not kill each other, but we can't say the same for the other cabins...

I see the dark, ominous and looming mess hall standing just mere yards away and I can't help but shiver a little. I have to remember to run and never turn back. I cannot kill anybody, I cannot kill anybody...

A boy bumps into me and I stumble before regaining my step. He gives me a small smirk before catching up with his own cabin and I sigh.

I shouldn't of come, I knew this was a trap. I will end up making friends that I will either kill or get killed by...

Aurora looks at me with wavering eyes as the mess hall doors creek open. Inside stand several peacekeepers but the inside is inviting. We all rush inside and go to where a Peacekeeper holding a sign with our names on it.

I see one of the nicer-looking Peacekeepers holding my card with my name on it. I walk over and she smiles.

"Mystique Seasonal, you have been assigned a bow and a quiver of six arrows. We had budget cuts so we cut the amount of arrows, apologies. Now, take a seat with the other tributes according to cabin numbers. We do hope you enjoy the games."

With that, she turns and walks to the table. She hands me the bow, quiver and a bag of assorted things. I head towards the seats and sit with the rest of Cabin 2.

Patriot Bluemoon; Mess Hall

I see Mystique sitting with her cabin members and look back down. The Capitol had stole all my charts and now I was without them and probably the one person who at least semi-understands my dreams and isn't constantly worried about my eye patch.

A lady with long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes walks on stage, followed by several Peacekeepers, armed. Only a fool would not recognize the lady as President Liza Rain. A man follows in pursuit, the Head Gamemaker, Colin Bee.

A few murmurs echo around as to why these two people of such importance stand before us. Well, some of us. I do wonder, though. One cannot stop the imagination...

"Attention tributes!" Liza calls and silence falls. That rhymed...

"You may be asking why we are here. I am here to read the new standards while my associate, Mr. Bee, is here to make some minor repairs to the arena that the computers were unable to fix."

More murmurs fill the air and Liza rolls her eyes. "Children, children, calm down. Mr. Bee just came to make sure the structure was safe, which it is. As for the others, they are checking the cabins to make sure they can withhold great disasters."

More murmurs spread and she sighs. "Shut it, willya?" She then recovers. "As for the new standards, every night, one cabin, chosen at random, will play, rather than all. The Midnight Man will then choose but one to win. As for living quarters, we had to cut down to one room and one bathroom. So, to play, each cabin will play in here, the mess hall, where the Gamemakers shall control lighting and sounds. I do hope you understand." With that, she turned and walked away, followed by Colin, who grabs her hand thinking no one would know of their affair, and the Peacekeepers.

All tributes look around when a burly woman blows a whistle. All eyes turn back to the stage where she holds a slip of paper.

"First cabin!" she shouts, reading the paper. "The first cabin is cabin 2!"

I look at Mystique who's eyes betray her and show the fear in her eyes. Slowly, everyone leaves except poor Cabin 2.

Night will fall, and soon...

I make sure I am the last to leave. Mystique looks at me with sad eyes.

"Make it home and to the moon," she says softly and I almost hug her. She turns and I say one more thing in a hushed voice.

"I will..."

Death Chart

Place Name User
32nd TBA
31st TBA
30th TBA
29th TBA
28th TBA
27th TBA
26th TBA
25th TBA
24th TBA
23rd TBA
22nd TBA
21st TBA
20th TBA
19th TBA
18th TBA
17th TBA
16th TBA
15th TBA
14th TBA
13th TBA
12th TBA
11th TBA
10th TBA
9th TBA
8th TBA
7th TBA
6th TBA
5th TBA
4th TBA
3rd TBA
2nd TBA


Name Age User

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