Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say this. This fighting is pointless.

I hate seeing the bickering, and I kinda want chat back because everybody that I know knows that I do something that helps the wiki/do something with my blogs while i'm on chat. I don't want to pick sides here, both of you newer users and older users have valuable points for your side of this situation.

You newer users (or the insulting term 'newbie') are upset about chat. I get it. And you all are pretty peeved about the 'Hall of Fame' because some of you newer users have over 100+ edits and haven't even been here for a month. You want to be remembered for that. I know I do, I have 300+ edits and I feel that they are getting a tad more attention and are their shadows, but they see it differently. You want chat and some attention, we all do. But, also, you shouldn't be on chat all day, that's another reason that we lost chat.

You older users (or the 'veterans') are mad that the newer users are kinda protesting and that they sit on chat all day and discuss Peeta vs. Gale or do nothing and don't edit. We all know arguing won't help get chat back, but the newer users are pretty peeved about losing chat. You see that 'Hall of Fame' as something to show that you've been around for 6+ months and your happy to get attention for it. Most of you are mods or rollbackers or admins or something, anything. Your special and stand out, but the thing is, you stand out a little to much.

What do I think?

I think of me as Switzerland, neutral, not picking a side. And why, you may ask, is because this fighting is pointless. I want this wiki to be an amazing wiki, but bickering about chat being gone and the new 'Hall of Fame' is kinda pointless. I think that the newer users could get more attention then they are getting, and that you guys actually pay attention. I don't want a fight to happen and a downfall to become of this wiki. If you want this wiki to survive, we need something called peace.

Also, to all you mods. On a chat on a wiki that is very highly rated that I am on, the mods don't take crap. If you don't listen to them, banned, back talk 'em, banned, arguements and not listening to users wanting to go to a different topic, banned. If you sit on chat all day and haven't touched one page with a good edit, banned. I think that it might help if chat ever comes back, more mods and more inforcement.

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