M'kay, so I apologize 'cuz I'm pretty damn sure that there has been an Illusions Games before. But um... Any way, so, I want you all to join. I'll probs turn this into a series, maybe. But um... So, I want you all to sign up 'cuz you love me. Put in any tributes.


M'kay, we all hate rules. Get over it, I make games, rules come with it. M'kay? M'kay.

  • Make original tributes. Give them an amazing backstory. I don't want a backstory like "he trained as career. he kicked ass. murdered family." Like, that annoys me so much. Give depth and detail into your tribute.
  • There will be 2 tributes from each district, 0-14 with the Capitol. 30. One female, one male. First come, first serve. If you complain about wanting a spot that's taken, I will hurt you. Severely. Above the head, neck, shoulder and arse.
  • Don't bitch because your tribute dies. 'Kay? I will seriously slap you across the face. Like, this is the Hunger Games. You know the mother fucking consequences of entering a tribute. You've read the books/seen the movie and I don't want to hear that shit.
  • I swear to god, don't spam me with every tribute, 'kay? I don't care how many you enter but at least keep it below 3. I don't want one person submitting 20 tributes and leaving me 12 spots, 'kay? 3 or 4 is the max as of currently. This could change due to popularity but we'll see.
  • There will be curse words, every five mother fucking sentences. No doubt in my mind. Like, I curse. A lot. So if I blow the "F" bomb, I don't want you to bitch about it. I curse, and so do kids who are about to get mother fucking killed in the Hunger Games. So shut it and enjoy the games.
  • You can give advice to your tribute... If... IF... If it is realistic. I don't want you advicing you tribute to use their mother fucking secret powers to climb walls and eat their allies or some shit like that. 'Kay? Be. Realistic.
  • No names dealing around Rebellion. I may sound like a bitch but come ON now. The moment a kid were named after something around the rebellion, the family would be killed and the child renamed and put up for adoption.
  • You can reserve tributes, but the reservations will last 2 days unless you give me a good reason. Like, for example, if you tell me you'll be gone due to family issues, I'll extend it to the day after you return. However, if you say your cat ate your laptop or some dumbass shit like that, I'll laugh in your face and tell ya you have 2 days.
  • If you don't follow these rules, I will hunt you down. I'm watching >-<

The Tributes

District Name Gender Age User
C Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte M 17 Mist
C Mahogany Vesta F 17 Justino
0 Grayson Darlon M 17 Kaeghan
0 Luna Sunkin F 15 Blue
1 Alric Gould M 18 Colin
1 Ameriele Joseph F 17 Panda
2 Sajay Opaclipta M 17 Kaeghan
2 Ryla Shynx F 13


3 Justin Hart M 16 Crtha
3 Phoebe Kressila F 16 Colin
4 Poppa Rocks M 15 Mist
4 Atla Gillson F 17 YFS
5 Twix Marvenspool M 17 Aspen
5 Skye Silverguard F 13 Anna
6 Buck Rockwell M 16 YFS
6 Violet Clareson F 16 EAHF
7 Ike Toussaint M 14 Mist
7 Jennifer Woods F 18 Justino
8 Banette Tsukomogami M 15 Mist
8 Zoey Halst F 18 YFS
9 Jake Price M 16 Justino
9 Wayde Heartby F 18


10 Ajax "Hercules" Emerson M 17 Nick
10 Bella Mustang F 15 Kekai
11 Konami Aretino M 14 Blake
11 May Morningleaves F 14 Anna
12 Pine Shynx M 18 EAHF
12 Reyna Alvarez F 13 Colin
13 Grimm Shynx M 14 EAHF
13 Ebony Cestrel F 17 RD
14 Gaara Ryûghan M 13 Jade
14 Areceli Chasity F 13 RD


Comin' Soon :3


They were reaped, lolololololol. Happy days, the end.


Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte

I arrive in the training vacinity with Mahogany Vesta. She's an interesting girl but everytime she comes out of her room, out mentor likes to point at her and shout, "THAT'S MAHOGANY!" much similar to that of Effie Trinket, an escort from years ago.

However, she didn't take well to it as she threw a knife at our mentor's head and it landed in the plank right beside her head. Long story short, Mahogany is now in trouble with our mentor.

I look around and notice that we are the last to arrive, probably because of the mishap earlier. Oh well. The trainer, her name was Summer. "Alright, tributes, you've all been reaped into these games. Congrats. Now, what you all have to do is focus on how to live. Do keep in mind, however, that survival skills are just as necessary as knowing how to use weaponry. Now get a move on." She meet the eyes of all the small and scared tributes. They all scurried away and she left the training room.

Mahogany grabs my sleeve and I come face-to-face with her burning red eyes which makes me want to shrink back in shock. But I don't, I won't...

"Where are we off to first?" she asks, trying to sound sincere, but something deep down tells me she doesn't mean it. That she'll turn around and backstab you the moment she can.

"Uh... I'm just going to walk around, maybe try a few weapons out. Same old," I lie. But she believes me and walks to the sword-area. I know she is hiding her good skills, she is smart, I'll give her that.

I walk to the net-making area. I already know this, but I need to seem like I needed help. The trainer gives me weird looks every time I successfully finish the next step faster than a lot of the tributes. However, they always rub it off, thinking I'm a fast learner. Soon, I finish the net and throw it at one of the dummies. The dummie is flattened by the net and I hear clapping.

I turn and see the Career pack there. Only... They are so small. So far, only the two male and the four tributes are there. "Well done," says the 2 male. "You seem pretty good with traps. Would you join us?" he asks, looking at me.

At me.

"Um... I don't know," I say, letting my shy instincts take over.

"Oh come on, we could use someone like you. Someone smart. Join us," he says and reaches his hand out to me.

Cautiously, I take his hand and we shake. A devious smile settles across his face.

"Welcome to the club, Blanc."

Luna Sunkin

I sit with a small group of tributes at the fire-making station. Suddenly, the 1 boy burns his hands and I snicker. "Looks like you got burned on that one," I say. It takes a moment to sink in and suddenly, the 11 female gives a snicker but then straightens. "That wasn't very mature, Luna," she says, going mature on me. I nod and go back to my fire when 1 burns himself once more.

"Watch it..." May says, looking at me as I hold back another pun. But instead, I let it out, unable to keep in the pun. "I've heard of over-done but this is ridiculous." That got a snicker out of 1 and I smile, going back to my fire. He clears his throat to cover up for it but a smile creeps onto my face. He goes back to making his fire.

My fire doesn't seem to want to grow... Strange... I rub the stick even faster against the piece of log and flames start to appear and they float up. I smile smugly. "That's how you do it, 1," I say with a smirk sitting on my face.

1 looks up at me. "The name's Alric," he says.

"Okay. Well, Alric," I say, the name rolling off my tongue, "would you like to ally with me?"

"Ally... No thanks," he says and goes back to his fire. He curses once more as her burns his hand.

"Fine, hot cakes." The 3 female walks by and snickers. She notices me looking at her and she clams up, backing away as she heads off to the dagger station.

Huh, good with daggers... I could use her as an ally...

Alric Gould

I watch as Luna, says May, walks away. I shake my head and go back to making a fire. With a couple more tries, a fire starts and a smile creeps onto my face. May smiles also and heads off her own way to whatever she does best.

Suddenly, as if to make my life hell, falls the girl from 12 who was trying out the rope course up above. Sand falls onto the fire and I say. She suddenly looks at the fire and covers her mouth, sizing me up and noticing that she isn't match for me.

"I'm so sorry... I-I-" she starts but I interrupt her.

"It's alright... Just... Go..." I mutter. That seems to kill her and she scurries away. I sigh and go back to the fire. Suddenly, Luna comes back with the 3 female hot on her trail. They sit down and watch me as I start to make the fire.

Here we go again...

Possible Interviews (If I can :3)

Comin' Soon :3... Possibly :3


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