Okay, so hey. The title, since I couldn't think of any twists off the top of my head is fair enough to get me through any twist, correct?

Well, if not, who cares? I'm starting these little games so I have something to work on alongside Prom. Cool? Cool.

The Rules

  1. Once a spot is filled, it is filled. This is a first come, first serve kind of games, and I will not budge on this. Ever.
  2. There will be 28 spots, district 1-13 and the Capitol. In the past, I've done 0 and 14, but that is no more! Sorry...
  3. There is a series of twists that will pop up randomly in the twist chart. Keep a close eye on that chart because a twist could show up and you wouldn't know if you haven't checked.
  4. If your tribute dies, there is a good chance you will die also if you complain. Fair warning.
  5. I will curse just a tad. Sorry to anybody who doesn't like cursing. I just find it fitting because kids are killing kids and you would expect the occasional use of profanity.
  6. Have fun. This is an order, not a suggestion.
  7. Stay active, please. If you don't, your tribute will likely die. I hate killing all the active peoples' tributes while you take a hiatus and return to have your tribute win. It's unfair to those who have stayed active and have cheered there tribute on.
  8. Reservations will last two days. Unless I get an explanation of why you have to take more than two days, you will lose the spot.
  9. I'm setting the tribute limit to 1-3 per user. This may change depending on the activity.


Name District Gender/Age User
Giselle Terrence 1 Female/18 Haley
Uzi Kystrel 1 Male/15 Blake
Aerona Koirala 2 Female/15 Ninjanerdwithmojo
Lucas Shine 2 Male/15 Bee
Mallory Percistance 3 Female/16 Ray
Dennis Rystentia 3 Male/12 Blake
Amy Oceania 4 Female/15 Eli
Billy Davis 4 Male/16 World
Snowflake Pawpaw 5 Female/15 Ray
Troi Cian 5 Male/15 Joan
Stacy Sidrat 6 Female/18 Haley
Orlando Johnson 6 Male/15 World
Piper Rose 7 Female/14 Ninjanerdwithmojo
Jayson Huff 7 Male/17 Gold
Thalia Combe 8 Female/16 Cas
Connor Smitherson 8 Male/14 HaraiGoshi345
Maisie Atwood 9 Female/17 Ninjanerdwithmojo
Elias Angerrage 9 Male/14 Eli
Jessica Woods 10 Female/16 World
Eli Winersin 10 Male/14 Eli
Crescent Ombra 11 Female/16 Joan
Justice Dust 11 Male/17 Philip
Quinn Aites 12 Female/13 Bee
Jakub Kunnson 12 Male/14


Daenerys Kystrel 13 Female/17 Blake
Slim Shady 13 Male/18 Brendan
Cerise Black C Female/16 Bee
Viggo Flame C Male/17 Nick


  1. At the end of each day, I will pick four people who have died. By the time I edit again, the person with the most votes will be brought back to life. WARNING: This lasts up until the final 8.
  2. If a tribute gets a kill, the owner is allowed to send in one gift for their tribute as well as a letter of advice, which is allowed to bestow the information for your tribute like if a group is after them.
  3. After the reapings, everyone will vote and say which district was the best. The best district will then have an advantage that belongs to them and them alone. The users will get to figure out when and where they want to use their advantage.
  4. Users who get comments 69, 100, 200 and so on, get an advantage. Comments 169, 269 and so on do not count because you cannot beat 69, sorry...


Coming Soon


Bold names mean that the tribute is the leader of the group.

Italicized names mean that the person is co-leader, usually only found in the Careers and Anti-Careers.

Bold-Italicized  names mean the tribute is a double agent, working for several groups and having no true alliance.

Crossed names mean the tribute is dead.

Underlined names mean the tribute is looking for alliance.

Careers - Giselle Terrence (1), Uzi Kystrel (1), Amy Oceania (4), Billy Davis (4), Troi Cian (5), Thalia Combe (8), Daenerys Kystrel (13)

Aerocus - Aerona Koirala (2), Lucas Shine (2)

Moflake - Mallory Percistence (3), Snowflake Pawpaw (5)

Connis - Dennis Rystentia (3), Connor Smitherson (8)

Alliance 4' -' Quinn Aites (12), Viggo Flame (C)

Loners - Stacy Sidrat (6), Orlando Johnson (6), Piper Rose (7), Jayson Huff (7), Maisie Atwood (9), Elias Angerrage (9), Jessica Woods (10), Eli Winersin (10), Crescent Ombra (11), Justice Dust (11), Jakub Kunnson (12), Slim Shady (13), Cerise Black (C)


District One; Uzi Kystrel

Deep, agonizing pain. That seems to be my only emotion.

Of course, I'd never show this. I put on a smile as I push through the crowd of bumbling, spoiled brats. They get all they want and I get stuck with guilt.

A small child points at me and starts to shout something about how her older sister was scared of people like me. Her mother quickly picks her up, muttering to the girl about her behavior.

I keep my eyes up and focused on the crowd. No one should deal with my pain, no one but me. I don't want their pity. No one's close to me...

Except Daenerys. But she's in 13, I don't have to worry about her. She'll be safe, she has to be.

While I'm distracted, a bleach blonde girl bumps into me. "Hey, watch it, you fleabag. This dress costs more than you're worth."

Her friend grabs her arm. "Come on, Giselle. Don't waist your voice on him. You need your voice for when you volunteer, unlike some kids I know."

Giselle and her group of girls start laughing as they walk away. I realize that I was starting to get angry and quickly mask it away with a smile. I get in line and get my finger pricked. I look around by force of habit, looking for Dragunova. I look down for a second before going to the male section.

Just as I settle down, bells chime throughout the square. The last minute stragglers settle down as a pompous lady in a vibrant dark blue walks out.

"Welcome all, welcome. I want to thank you all for coming out and joining us for the first ever Death Games." Cheers echo around as she smiles a breathtaking smile. Well, almost breathtaking.

"Now, since these are a new games, we don't have to sit through long speeches and all. So let's get started. Ladies first." She walks to the bowl and I roll my eyes. Typical from one.

Everyone shifts around me, so I do the same. After the female is called, we'll all be trying to get the spot.

"Now, the female spot is... Casanova-"

"I VOLUNTEER!" Several of the females are jumping up and down, screaming for the spot. The escort picks one of them and the girl runs up to the stage. She looked all too familiar.


"I'm Giselle Terrence and I'm going to win for District One!"

Cheers echo around as several people start chanting her name.

"Yes, yes. Alright. Calm down!" Everyone quiets and she smiles. "Time for the male name."

She takes her time picking a name. Anticipation blooms around me, but I want no part in this. I don't, truly don't...

"Uzi Kystrel!"

Oh you've got to be kidding me.

I wait for someone to shout I volunteer, but silence rings on. People cast me weary glances and I want to scream. Instead, I put on my best smile and walk to the stage.

Oh how I wish Dragunova was here. He'd help me. He'd tell me what to do and he'd be there for me. Why did I have to accidentally kill him. Why?

The escort hands me the mic, expecting me to say something. I keep my act up and think of what some cocky District one kid would say.

"I'm Uzi Kystrel and I'll be bringing home victory." I cast a glance at Giselle who glares at me. "I'll be the downfall of everyone!"

Roars of approval rain around.

If I believed in God, I'd ask him what the hell I just got myself into.

District Two; Aerona Koirala

"Come on, Seraphine!" I shout as I bang on her door. "You have to hurry up or we'll be late!"

A minute, that surely felt like an entirety, later, she opens the door, dressed in a dark gray dress that falls around her near perfectly. It makes me regret wearing the blue dress with flowers that my mother got me.

"Calm down, Aerona." I push her a little and she stumbles to be caught by Gillian who roles her eyes.

"Careful. Our parents want us arriving in the Reapings in one piece." The girls then laugh and head for the Square when a familiar blond head runs our way.

"Aerona! Seraphine! Gillian!" Lucas shouts as arrives, joining our group as a sweaty mess. His eyes then fall on me and he stops in his tracks.

"You... you look nice, Aerona," he stutters.

I force a smile. "Thanks, so do you... although you are really sweaty." I cover my mouth for a split second before dropping my hand and sighing.

Several glances are thrown our way. Just as we are about to get into line, my parent's and Carys show up.

"Hey little sis," Carys says with a smile. "You gonna volunteer for the big, bad, Hunger Games?"

I cast a glance at my parents who are smiling at me with pride, thinking that I would do something like this.

I wouldn't.

I put on the best smile I could muster. "You know it, Carys."

She ruffles my hair, earning her a glare. I push her and she stumbles into my parents.

"Damn, you've got an arm there, kiddo." Carys gets back on her feet and smiles at me. "Have fun."

They leave and I feel Lucas's hand on my shoulder. "Come on, Aerona, we have to hurry up."

He and I walk down the street. I think about how I've only ever told three people about my family, Lucas was one of them. Now he's basically pledged to keep me alive... forever.

The lady calls for whoever is next and Lucas leads me to the front. I get my finger pricked and wait for him. Once done, we go to our respective spots in the crowd.

The bells chime all around and everyone settles down. I watch as our escort, a female wearing a vibrant purple, walks on stage.

"Greetings everyone to the Reapings of the first ever Death Games!" Cheers are all she hears. "Now, with a new games comes new procedures. This time around, there are no silly videos, only the Reapings!" More cheers answer her.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat, but make it look like I was preparing to jump up and volunteer.

"Now, ladies first." She walks over and picks a name. "Aerona Koirala."

I half expected this. Oh well. Someone is bound to volunteer.

No one does.

I look around and meet everyone's expecting eyes. Slowly, I raise out of my seat and walk to the stage. Just as I am about to climb the final step, I hear it.


I would have screamed in happiness, but it was Lucas. I turn around to see him trudging towards the stage. He plays a cocky grin on his mouth but I know better.

I get the rest of the way up the stage and Lucas joins me.

"Well, well. Who are you, young man?"

"Lucas Shine. I'm going to win or die trying..." He looks at me with soft eyes that I quickly react to with an eye roll. Well, attempt to, any way.

"What about you?" The escort looks at me but I cross my arms, vowing to stay quiet.

She backs away from me suddenly and looks at the crowd. "Your tributes!"

Everyone cheers as we are lead off the stage.

Well, all but two.

District Three; Dennis Rystentia

I look around as the orphanage kids mill about. My chain necklace swings lazily around as I twirl, trying to catch sight of everyone in the orphanage. Thinking of the chain makes me think of mom and dad, though...

It was as clear as night and day, the day my family died. My parents were the first to go, then my grandparents. Finally, Avalon pulled me into her embrace, crying. One of us was going to die and Avalon knew who.

"Goodbye, Dennis. Mom and Dad wanted you to have this." She placed the necklace around my neck. We then looked at the screen in the plaza as the 5 female was killed by the tribute who would go on to win. Avalon's screams echo in my head, mixing with my own.

A much older girl places her hand on my shoulder. "Hey, why are you screaming?"

I recognize her from the orphanage. I start to sniffle because she sort of reminds me of Avalon. A concerned look crosses her face so I quickly speak up.. "I... I'm thinking of when my family died..."

"I'm sorry... my parents are dead too..." She looks away for a second before kneeling in front of me. "I'm Mallory, who are you?"

I think of lying to her, but it would do no good. She could just ask other kids about me. "Dennis. Dennis Drikker Rystentia."

"Dennis?" She ponders the name. "Everyone believes you died..." She stops herself. "Well, Dennis, I wish you the best of luck in these games."

Mallory stands and walks away. I start to run after her before stopping in my tracks. It was useless, she probably wouldn't understand. I get in line, waiting to get me finger pricked.  

The line was boring. And slow. When it was finally my turn, the lady gave me a soft smile, trying to show that she cared. But I knew better, the Capitol cared for no one but themselves.

She pricks my finger and gives me the okay to go. I get in the back of the male group, where the 12-year-olds stay. Silence is all that anyone can hear. Lone desperation as they hope their child isn't reaped.

I want my mom...

The bells chime and everyone hurries to their seats. I fiddle in my chair, watching as a silly person walks out wearing a gross color of yellow.

"Welcome, welcome, to the Reapings of the first ever Death Games!" Silence. She frowns before putting on a smile. "As tradition, ladies first."

She grabs a female name and I look at the crowd of females. They are all deathly still, including Mallory.

"Mallory Percistance!"

Mallory stands up, walking to the stage. No one volunteers, no one moves. Mallory gets on the stage and looks at the escort who practically shoves the microphone in her face.

"Go on, say something, darling," the escort encourages her.

"Do you want me to say something? If so, then  hear this. These games were set up so I would go in." An anger burns in her eyes.

"Well alright then. Males next." The escort walks over and picks a name from the bowl of males. I shift uncomfortably in my seat, counting the seconds until she says the name.

12 seconds.

"Dennis Drikker Rystentia!"

A murmur goes through the crowd and I stand up, slowly walking towards the stage. There is no one that will volunteer for me...

No one.

I get on the stage and the escort looks at me expectantly. She puts the microphone in my face and one single thought echoes in my head.

"Why did you pick me for the Death Deans?"

I must have said that aloud because Mallory shoots him a pitiful glance, like she felt sorry.

But how would I know? I'm just a kid.

Just a kid...

District Four; Amy Oceania

I look in the mirror leaning against my wall. My green eyes stare back at me as I brush out my long, blonde hair. I mess with it a little so the green highlights stand out like a beacon.

I grab my mask, sitting on the table beside me. I give myself one more look-over before placing on my mask.

A knock echoes throughout the household. I smile and give my dress a quick adjustment before running downstairs. I fling open the door and hug my boyfriend. He laughs and smiles at me.

"Hey Amy. You look... wow," he says with a smile.

I laugh now and take his hand in my own. "Come on, let's go."

We walk to the Town Square, pushing past several kids who dream of volunteering. I just laugh a little. They were being pointless, in all honesty.

My boyfriend pulls me into his arms, close to himself. I smile at him again and he gives me a devious smile. He leans closer to me and is about to kiss me...

"Get a room," says a masculine voice. I quickly push away from my boyfriend and smile at Billy.

"Billy!" I run over and hug him. "Hey Billy, how are you?"

"Good. Hey, did you hear about Crabbarotus?"

"Oh god, no. What happened?" I gasp. She is my teacher. I hope she's okay...

"Oh yeah, she's fine. She just has an infestation of crabs and roaches." He starts to laugh and I start to giggle. My boyfriend chuckles and slings his arm over my shoulders.

"Oh Billy, you are such a goofball," I joke.

"Wow, is that a sport? Goofball. I must be the Team Captain." Billy smirks.

"Oh quiet, Billy."

"Oi, you three kids!" shouts a Peacekeeper. "Get to the Town Square! The reapings start in five minutes!"

We quickly scurry away and get in the line. I am at the front with my boyfriend and Billy behind me. I get my finger pricked and wave goodbye to them as I turn and go to my section in the waiting teenagers.

Just as Billy gets through and seated, the bells chime and our escort walks out in a dark red.

"Welcome, welcome. These are the reapings for the first ever Death Games!" She smiles and picks a name from the bowl containing female names.

Everyone shifts around me but I just lean back in my chair. Nothing would bring down my mood. After all, I have a boyfriend to return to.

She walks back to the mic and I follow her movements. No one around me seems so relaxed, I'm almost shocked.


"Our female tribute is..." she unfolds the piece of paper and smiles. "Amy Oceania!"

Silence. Why isn't someone volunteering?

I look around and everyone eyes me. Someone volunteer... please...

I take a deep breath and stand up. I walk to the stage, feeling everyone's eyes following me. I try not to squirm as I climb the final step to the stage.

The escort leans over to me. "Hello, Miss Oceania. Please take off your mask and say something to the crowd."

I shake my head, which earns me a glare from the escort. She walks away and grabs a male name. As she walks back to center stage, she glares at me.

"The male for this year is..."

I start to pray that it not be my boyfriend... Please...

"Billy Davis!"

Oh gosh... I didn't pray for Billy... well... someone will volunteer...

No one does.

Billy walks to the stage. He gives me a sad smile and stands next to me, looking out at the crowd.

"Well, Billy... is there something you wish to tell the crowd?" The escort asks with a smile.

Billy pauses for a moment before taking the mic. "Do you know what woke me up this morning?"

"Umm... your will to live?" yells an 18-year-old in the front row.

"Your hunger!" shouts a girl.

"No... no." He smirks at me and I smile. "No. It wad the ass crack of Dawn."

Laughter bubbles up from the crowd, but the escort frowns. She takes the mic away and signals for everyone to be quiet. "Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes!"

Everyone cheers and demands that Billy tell another joke. However, we are removed from the stage, into the Justice Building.

All I can think about is my boyfriend. He is probably losing his mind... I need to see him again. I just hope it isn't going to turn bad... 

District Five; Troi Cian

I keep my eyes focused on the ground. The thoughts of killing everyone here excites me, but I can't show it.

The smirk that was starting to play onto my face disappears. I clutch the medallion that lays in my pocket.

One kid bumps into me. I look up and study his face, making sure I have it perfect... for my plans.

"Watch it, weirdo," snaps a burly male. He shoves me again and I fall on the ground.

I look away as the thoughts start to flood my mind. I imagine perfectly what to do to him. I imagine tying him in bonds, throwing him to Peacekeepers. I'd tell them that he was stealing bread. He could try arguing but no one disagrees with me... ever. They'd take him and beat him to death.  

It's near perfect.

A girl leans down next to me. "Are you okay?"

I look up at her. She would make a good target...

"Hey, kid," she says as she waves her hand in front of my face.

"Yes?" I ask quietly, putting on my act of shyness. She must have bought it because she smiles.

"I'm Snowflake. Snowflake Pawpaw." She pauses, and I can tell she wants to say more. "I was wondering if... after all this... if neither of us get reaped... if you'd want to hang out. I'd love to have a friend and I'm guessing you do, too."

I take this all in. It would be easier to have her come to me rather than vice versa... Also, this gives me all of the reapings to plan her death perfectly... or to turn her into the Peacekeepers with some fake story...

"Sure..." I say shyly. She smiles and skips away from me. I get myself off the ground and go to get my finger pricked.

I imagine her face. Her hair... how simple it would be to just give her to the Peacekeepers. I couls end her now, have the Peacekeepers kill her on some fake charges and give me money...

"Next!" snaps the lady. I walk up and she pricks my finger. She then waves me away and I get into the section for 15-year-old males.

The kid from earlier sneers at me. He walks over to me and leans closer to whisper something into my ear.

"You got my mom killed. Now... I hope you pay." He then stalks away, leaving me shocked. I quickly put my poker face back on and look down.

My eyes keep finding the clock, waiting for the Reapings to start. I feel the adrenaline pump, waiting for what I would do to Snowflake Pawpaw...

The bells chime and I quickly look around. Our escort walks out in a dark green... almost like money...

She smiles at us all, even though we show no eagerness. "Welcome, welcome. This is the reapings for the first ever Death Games!"

Silence echoes around. She frowns but quickly recovers. "Any way... as tradition... we shall reap a female first."

She walks over to the bowl. I imagine how many times Snowflake is in there and nearly laugh. She can't get reaped. I'll still be able to hand her over and get a pretty penny or two...

"Snowflake Pawpaw!"

Oh crap... she got reaped... but then... my money...

Snowflake walks onto the stage. She takes her spot next to the escort, who tries to get her to say something. Instead, she bursts into tears.

"Well... alright then. Males next."

She walks to the bowl and I pray that it is that jackass who has it out to get me. He looks back at me with narrowed eyes and a smirk.

"Troi Cian!"

Crap... but my job...

I stand up and keep my eyes on the ground. Two Peacekeepers come and escort me to the stage. However, one of them stops me.

"Troi... come home..." She then walks away.

I slowly walk onto the stage and Snowflake looks at me with sad eyes. I keep my poker face intact as I stand next to her.

The escort tries to get me to say something but I just shake my head. The escort sighs and looks at the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes!"

As we are lead off stage, I look at Snowflake. "You're my best friend... if one of us were to win, I hope it's you..."

She smiles, taking my lie for the truth. I keep my laugh inward as we are lead offstage.

Lies bind people, don't you think?  

District Six; Stacy Sidrat

I see my picture is posted everywhere, but the name is definitely wrong. It says, "Stacy Noble". I know for a fact I'm not Stacy Noble, I'm Stacy Sidrat, it told me. It is also correct, it knows all.

But it is still curious as to why it shows me for the picture. Perhaps this Donna Noble person is mistaken.

I grab the picture and pull it down with a little more force than necessary. It tears off the post and I crumple it. No one needs to think about me as Stacy Noble and turn me into some person I don't even know.

I toss it into a trash can. I shake my head and put my hand to my head, which has an immense headache. Sadly, this is normal, ever since I forgot everything about my past. I just know that I need to find that blue box. Maybe I'll get reaped this year and I can find it along with the sonic screwdriver...

While deep in my thought, a boy bumps into me. He has ruffled, light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I freeze for a second before quickly regaining my wits. "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going. I mean... Of course... The probability of this happening isn't often, I try not to get too deep into thought while walking around but apparently it happened that way and... Sorry."

The boy smiles shyly. "It... It's okay."

I brush the hair out of my face, looking away for a moment before looking back at him. "I'm Stacy. Stacy-"

"Noble?" he cuts in.

I laugh a little. "No, Stacy Sidrat. Why do you say Noble?" I ask him as I think about the poster I saw earlier. So people have seen the posters... This might be more difficult...

"Oh, well... There are these posters and um... They were looking for a girl who looks like you... Stacy Noble, Donna Noble's daughter." The boy scratches the back of his head. "I'm Orlando Johnson."

"Hi Orlando. Listen, I should go, we have exactly ten minutes, 37 seconds and 23 miliseconds until the Reapings start." I turn and hurry away from him. I hurry towards the Town Square before realizing that I was so deep in thought that I took a wrong turn awhile back ago.

"Dear Time Lord, I'm losing it." I back track and in two minutes, I find myself at the Town Square, in line behind Casey Marelle, a 13-year-old girl who lives right next to me.

"Hello, Casey," I say sweetly.

She turns around and smiles brightly. "Hi Stacy!" She pauses, realizing something was off. "There are pictures of you all over town... But the name is wrong, it says Stacy Noble..."

"Yeah, I saw. Someone must have put up the wrong picture of their daughter..." I shrug. "I mean, something in me, around 17%, tells me it's correct but the rest of me, 83%, says it's wrong."

I shrug once more and Casey giggles. "You and your statistics." She then turns around and gets her finger pricked. She then skips away and I get my finger pricked, going to the very front of the females with the other 18-year-olds.

Several people look at me funny as they settle around me. I just tap my fingers on the rope. If I don't get reaped, it won't matter. I'll just come up with another way to find the blue box and sonic screwdriver that doesn't mean I risk my life.

The bells chime, two times to be exact. The escort comes onto stage, wearing what people would mistake as blue but is instead indigo. She smiles brightly at us and it tells me her name is Penellope Bonaparte, age 31, born September 3 at 5:57 P.M.

She grabs the mic and taps it a couple times. The sound echoes around and her smile brightens. "Welcome all, welcome, to the Reapings for the first ever Death Games! We are skipping all the silly videos and getting straight to the reapings." She pauses, waiting for our applause. Instead, she gets the deathly silence.

Well, in all honesty, you can't have deathly silence, just silence. The silence can be described but in all honesty, it is just silence. It just depends on the persons views.

"Ladies first," she says, walking over to grab a slip. She fishes around before grabbing a name.

She waits exactly twelve seconds before saying the name. "The female is... Stacy... Stacy... Is that Sidrat?" She looks at it before confirming her suspicions. "Yes. Stacy Sidrat, to the stage."

I move out of the crowd and walk to the stage. I start to go up the first step when a woman comes running out of the crowd. "Stacy!"

I look over at her. Two Peacekeepers run and grab her arms, holding her back. She struggles against their hold, shouting my name.

Somewhere deep down, she looks familiar. BUt it tells me that she isn't someone I know. I shift uncomfortably before getting on the stage. Right when I'm almost on the last step, she shouts something.

"Stacy Noble, where have you been?" she shouts but I ignore her. I climb the last step and walk over to where I stand beside the escort. They drag the lady away, the lady whose name is Donna Noble, who thought I was Stacy Noble.

The escort looks at me, confused. "You are Stacy Sidrat, correct?"

She shoves the microphone in my face. I look at her with a calm look. "I am Stacy Sidrat. I don't know the lady who claims that I am Stacy Noble. I am Stacy Sidrat."

She nods and she quickly puts her smile back on her face. "Well, men next!" She waits for the cheers that will never come. She sighs and grabs a name. "The male is..."

She takes a dramatic pause, making me want to scream. It tells me the name, Orlando Johnson.

"Orlando Johnson!" she calls out.

I find him in the crowd with the 15-year-olds. He comes out to the aisle and I watch his approach. He climbs up the stairs and comes to stand next to me.

The escort walks over, trying to get Orlando to say something but he closes up. She sighs and looks at the crowd, playing on a fake smile. "Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes!"

Once more, she pauses. She waits for the cheers and gets nothing but the screams of both Donna Noble and Mrs. Johnson, only one who has actual reason... Or so it told me.

Once she finds out there will be no response, she just turns around and we turn with her. She places a hand on each of our shoulders and walks us into the Justice Building. The last thing I hear is Donna Noble's screams.


District Seven; Jayson Huff

I swing the axe around in the grass where I found the gold medallion. I never meant to get emotionally attached but... it was so shiny and I just had to have it...

I put the axe over my shoulder, heading back to my house. I follow the path that I made off the main path for timber-choppers. I head back to my house, sneaking my axe past all the guards. I slam my door shut and my mom looks at me as I enter. I learn the axe against the dirty-white wall and my mother smiles.

"Welcome back, Jayson. Get ready for the reapings, there is an outfit and some warm water upstairs for you to get ready in."

I just grunt in a response, heading upstairs. The warm water has become lukewarm by the time I strip to just my underwear. I wash away the grim of the forest, a little upset about this. The trees have been something I love... especially my axe... and my medallion...

I quickly dry off and change into the outfit my mom picked. A plain, dark green shirt with black dress pants or whatever...

I walk downstairs and my mom smiles as she looks up from my fathers head. She waves that I can go ahead and I just grunt again. I head outside and look around.

I hurry away from my house, getting mixed up in a crowd. My mind goes to the medallion in my pocket, wondering if I should put it on...

A girl bumps into me from behind. I turn around and meet the blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.

"I... I'm sorry..." She quickly backs away, frightened by my size.

I look away and she touches my arm. "I... I'm Piper... Piper Rose... I... Who are you?"

"Jayson Huff, I work out in the trees with my trusty axe." I don't look back at the girl as I start to walk again.

Piper shouts my name but I don't turn around, not wanting to talk. I keep walking through the streets, pushing past people. I get in the line, pushing a few people out of the line so I can put distance between myself and the girl who keeps trying to talk to me. I get my finger pricked and hurry away.

I start to think of my axe, sitting at home all alone... I want to turn around and get it, but I know the Peacekeepers would try to hurt me.

The bell chimes, interrupting my thoughts. I think it rings three times... or was it two? You see, there are three types of people in this world... those who can count and those who can't... wait...

The escort walks out wearing a brown that reminds me of the handle of my axe. But her hair is a yellow like my medallion...

"Welcome! These are the first every Death Games!" She pauses... maybe she forgot what she was saying... she does frown...

"Well, as tradition, I do suppose we will reap the females first!" She walks over to the bowl, grabbing a name. She walks over the microphone that is on a stand. She is pretty stupid... she could of just brought the stand with her, duh.

"The female tribute is... Piper Rose!" Silence echoes around. Maybe Piper has gone stupid too, forgetting her name...

Piper walks to the stage suddenly. Maybe she remembered her name...

As she climbs the last step, a male comes crashing out of the crowd to be held back. "Piper!"

The escort gives Piper the mic and she looks like she is crying... is there any onions around?

"I'll come back... for you, Andrew... And Hazel and Isabelle and Tawis..." She then backs away, keeping her head down.

"Alright then. Males next." She grabs a name, forgetting the stand again. She will never learn... it would be simpler...

As she walks over, I feel impatient. Finally, she says the name. "Jayson Huff!"

Ha, the sucker. Wait... My name... Jayson Huff... Did she just say... But... my axe...

I stand up after being shoved by some kid behind me. I slowly walk to the stage, thinking about how my axe will take this. My axe will probably be upset... maybe my parents can send it to me as a sponsor gift... yeah... of course.... of course they will...

I climb the last step and the escort points the stick with the ball on the top to me. I just shake my head and she frowns. She looks at the crowd, putting on a smile. Why is she always so happy? It's so... unnatural. Maybe she's bipolar because she's smiling one minute and not the next.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes!" Silence echoes around. Maybe she was expecting some big response from the crowd... nah.

We are lead off the stage. I think about my axe and how it is sitting at home, how it will sit there until I come home.

I will come home. For my axe.

District Eight; Thalia Combe

I twirl my hair around in my fingers, laughing playfully as Connor, the boy I so cleverly manipulated to come over, tells some stupid joke.

"Oh Connor, you are such a funny person," I joke, playing it off like I do best. He smiles at me, getting dirty looks from several others. Even his friends hate him, just because I brought him along. "It's just such a shame... these games."

"Thalia, please... don't volunteer..." he says quietly in that innocent voice of his.

"You can't stop me, no matter what. Your begs only make me want to do so more." I sigh dramatically. "I should go and get ready for the reapings." I stand up, looking at Connor. "Sadly, I must call an end to our friendly outing and leave."

"Wait... Friend... Oh... okay..." He rubs his arm before scurrying away. I turn around, laughing lightly to myself. I stroll down the streets, getting several wide-eye stares from guys and jealous girls. I flash them a smile as I walk by before walking into my house, kicking the door shut.

I walk through the five-room home, coming to my bedroom. I open it, using my heel to kick it shut. I sigh once in my room and look around. I head to my closet and pick up a spaghetti-strap, purple dress. I put it on and put on a pair of matching heels. I brush my hair a bit to give it that beautiful wind-blown look that drives everyone crazy.

I smile at myself in the mirror. I walk out of my room and out of my house, walking down the busy streets. Everyone seemingly parts for me as I strut down the streets like a model. I flash seductive smiles here and there, knowing that one day, I'd have them all doing my bidding.

I get into line. Several males in front of me turn around and offer me their spot so I can faster get through the line. Being me, of course I take it. It will just put all those girls that are jealous of me in their place.

That's when I see him running down the street towards me. I moan inwardly and put on my most attractive smile as Connor gets in line with me.

"Don't you have friends you can hang out with? Or did you not understand when I said friendly?" I ask, laughing. Connor frowns for a moment before shaking his head.

"I... my friends... they... when we had our... friendly date... they sort of... abandoned me..." he says quietly.

I put on my fake pity face and hug him. "I'm sorry." I then turn to the male behind me who so kindly gave his spot for me. "Would you be friends with this boy?"

"Anything for you..." the boy mutters, almost as if under a spell.

I smile and motion for Connor to talk to the boy. Connor looks confused but I just turn around, get my finger pricked, and go to my section.

In mere minutes, the reapings start. The escort walks out wearing a bright orange dress and wig. She smiles at us all.

"Welcome, welcome, to reapings of the first ever Death Games!" I smile brightly, getting weird looks from girls in the crowd.

"As tradition, ladies first." She walks over to the bowl and picks up a name. "Mariet-" she starts but gets interrupted.


A few gasps ring out as I walk out of the crowd, making my way to the stage. The escort looks shocked before clapping. "What's your name, darling?"

"My name is Thalia Combe, and I am going to win for District 8!"

I smile over at the escort who smiles brightly back. She then walks over to the bowl and picks another name. She walks back over to me, opening it. I catch a glimpse at the name inside and moan inwardly.

"Connor Smitherson!"

Connor moves out of the crowd, slowly. He walks to the stage, slowly. He couldn't move any slower if he tried.

He finally gets on the stage and the escort smiles. "Ladies and gentlemen, your tributes!"

Connor looks over at me as we are lead off-stage. "Allies?" he asks quietly.

I shake my head, smirking at him. "Sorry, got bigger fish to fry." I then walk faster, leaving him dumbfounded.

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