Yes, the title is very straight forward as to what the arena is. Very simply, this is a roleplay that I want you to join and help keep alive until but one person remains standing, and that will be the victor of these games.


So, the Arena is very simple yet complex.

The arena is an under ground system of tunnels. Inside the tunnels, though, is where things tend to get creepy. You start at a giant carousel that turns at the will of the ghost who shall be explained later.

From the carousel, you shall head down a hallway/tunnel, carved from volcanic activity from the before time. The first room you'll find is a storage room with a wedding gown and a black dress as a prominent feature, which you are never to where without our ghosts consent.

Afterwards, you can find the dining room, a room with giant, towering chairs. At the table sits a doll and teddy bear, both enlarged.

Next room is the bathroom in which an under ground river flows underneath.

Heading from there, you will find a bedroom with 10 beds, two giant beds and eight meant for humans. A giant Raggedy Ann doll and a giant wooden Clow occupy this room.

Heading out, you'll find the ballroom/library/second carousel. Here there is a fireplace.

However, there was yet one other way. Heading left, you would of head down to the Dark Way. Never should you have the issue of going there, unless you interfere with Jessamine.


The giant, under ground doll house is haunted by ghosts. You may encounter Henry or Audette, by chance, but you are most likely to encounter Jessamine, a 15-year-old girl with the mind of a toddler. She will want a friend and for you to follow her rules if you do stick around.

There is also but one other muttation, also something you cannot touch... yet. It is a shadow, a looming shadow out to kill. If it finds you, you are to not give in, for admittance is a sin.


Name Age District Weapon
Ashy 16 1 Sword
Tara 16 1 Axe, Sword
Renfield Ashar 17 2 Bow, Wielding machete dual
Potato 18 2 Rebudding
Gamzee 14 3 Anything
Toast 14 3 Garrote, throwing knives
Kaeghan 13 4 Throwing knives, bow
Tamora 17 4 Sword
Joan 14 5 Dagger
Banana 16 5 Darts
Brendan Jack 14 6 Kukri
Summer 14 6 Crossbow, cleaver, morning star
Jayson 17 7 Axe
Bee 14 7 Axe, throwing knife, spear
John 13 8 Dagger
Liza 15 8 Bow, throwing knives
Adrian 15 9 Sickle, bow
Rebekah 13 9 Mallet
Eli 14 10 Axe
Lady Vauche 12 10 Scythe
Aidan 13 11

Trident, bow, sword

Lexi 14 11 Throwing Knives
Destro 18 12 Long axe
Jessa 15 12 Bow, sword

Death Chart

Place Name Killer Cause of Death
24 Banana Ghosts Heart Attack
23 Potato Ghosts Heart Attack
22 Lady Vauche Ghosts Heart Attack
21 Jessa Eli Axe to head
20 John Eli Axe/Sword combo
19 Destro Brendan Kukri to neck
18 Tamora Eli Sword to head
17 Ashy Brendan Some means I'm too lazy to state
16 Liza Eli Slit neck
15 Brendan Toast Chocked by garrote

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