As the title states, this is the second installment of the Dollhouse Games, only it's not another Game.

Sort of.

Basic Overview

In the last RP Games, President Balthazar threw kids to fight to the death in a lone, underground dollhouse. Several escaped and are not waging a war.

However, as last seen, their only help is gone. Cassie and her group have ben taken to a secret location, a house on the cliff of a French Island. There are a few options of coming onto the island. One is by Shadow Express, another is by boat. However, escape has another option.


In their escape, Balthazar has found the information for the rebellion and is creating a war of the dead against the living. Who shall win?


Basically, don't godmod, which is possessing ones character that isn't your own and controlling them.

Now, um... oh, don't scream or diss me if something doesn't go your way.


To join, ya need to follow a template. Sucks but whatevs. Even if you were a survivor of the last games, enter.

Oh, know this. As for roles, your character can be a ghost or a human. Or a ruler of a shadow, which will be explained later.



District of Origin:



Where you start off: (Capitol-13, Australia or French Island)


Now this is important, because there are so many roles.

  1. A survivor - You survived the first Dollhouse Games, as a human. You are set to start in Australia, no matter what.
  2. A ghost - The character died at some point in their life in which they had unfinished business or had a deep will to remain as a ghost. These characters can range from being an expert like Henry, a ghost who can control anything, especially other ghosts, to Liza, who died and is but a mere projection. She can't touch anything solid yet, and can't much control anything.
  3. A Shadow-Lord - As a shadow-lord, it means you've enveloped a shadow into yourself and use it's powers to go where you want. However, this isn't any shadow. The shadow is belonging to a group of serpent's who are envading, but isn't our problem... yet. A shadow-lord can use the shadow as protection and as teleportation. However, having a shadow is painful and sadening, draining away some life force.
  4. A rebel - Noting as nothing of much interest, they can do anything the survivor can. You have option of where you start like ghosts and Shadow-Lords.
  5. A loyalist - You fight on the side of Balthazar, doing his bidding. You do as he wishes when he wishes. You can start anywhere, but know that Balthazar roams the French Island...


Liza - A ghost of the 4 girl from the Dollhouse Games

Cassie - A girl from Australia, rebel

Ethan - A guy from Australia, rebel

Balthazar - President, residing in a French Island

Rebekah - 9 female of Dollhouse Games, survivor, located in Australia

Megan - Brendan's little sister, in 6

Gamzee Makara - survivor from 1, in Australia

Bee - survivor from 7, in Australia

Jayson - survivor from 7, in Australia

Lexi - survivor from 11, in Australia

Eli - survivor from 10, in 10 currently

Areas to Be

Alright, you pretty much know about the Districts and the Capitol, so that is needless in this. However, I'll go over some places from the book/games.

  • Australian city - This is where Cassie and her gang come from. The Dollhouse is located in a forest/mountain area near the city. The town is decently small with local families and everything within walking distance.
  • French Island - Home of Balthazar and his army of ghosts. There is one old castle sitting on a gorge, with an old tree with a horrifying backstory. Maybe you'll find out... soon.

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