Alright, so this is like... My last attempt at games. If this fails miserably, I am like... Done.


  • Regular districts, 1-12, along with districts 0, 13, and 14, and the capitol. So that comes out to be a total of 32 tributes in total.
  • The whole point of these games is that when you get reaped and put into the games, you are put into a dream state where you are attacked mentally. To wake up, you must complete your challenge or else you will be killed physically by some greater force.
  • If your tribute wakes up, they will be in a white room where there is a weapon laying around along with a small pack with things to survive them a few days. They must then fight there way out of the hospital they are in.
  • After a total of two days, either your tribute will be killed or will move on. 16 will die because of being attacked mentally or dying from a greater force.
  • The tribute, if they do make it out alive (which 16 will), they will then actually have a fight in the arena. Where the games will continue. Each part of the arena is set to kill someone if they stay there to long. At night, this is disabled so your tribute can sleep just because the Capitol wants to be nice.
  • Another twist, which was so brilliantly thought of, is that you can not in necessasity kill someone. Meaning that when you are in your dream state or even your wake state, you cannot kill someone. So, you can feed them poisonous berries of the sort or lead them to where they are to be killed, but you cannot take a weapon and stab them/kill them. However, you are given your own weapon just incase the temptations are to great or you want to kill yourself or hunt for yourself. Be warned, killing someone can lead to your own death.
  • For those few tributes that accepted the terms and got out early, well... They were told they would get some help. Out in the forest, there is a person waiting for each tribute who will team up with them. This person is the one who offered them the gift of getting out. Thus now, the tribute who accepted help, who now, by the way, is evil, has two lives. However, you cannot cause any harm to the tribute. Now, there is an exception to the "no-killing" rule. You can kill the person helping the tribute, as they are not actual tributes. However, they will haunt you for the entire game if you do so.


So I decided to finally tell you all about the arena. So... I guess here it goes!

All tributes are put into their own seperate rooms in a big hospital. This is where they're dream state of the arena comes into play. The tributes are given the option to either forget their past and forget love to become evil, or to accept the challenge. There are the few who will kill to win though. And killing is a big no-no. A ninja will come into your room and will kill you once alerted that you killed.

If you do escape the dreams though, there will the the hospital. It is your responsibility to get off Hospital grounds and into the surrounding forest, which leads you to the fun.

If you decide to stick around the forest, there is a vast variety of mutts and darknesses awaiting you. Ghouls will meet you, and so will mutts. Some mutts you can befriend by feeding them, others will feed on you as a sign of frienship. You need to decide whether or not the mutt will eat you or not if you want to try to befriend it.

If you decide, however, to leave the fun forest, you can go to any other part of the arena. There is the cherry tree grove, filled with the obvious cherry trees, and even more mutts! However, once you have left the forest, you are prone to any mind attack that the Gamemakers can send your way. The Gamemakers will always send some mind attack your way once you are out of the forest.

Past the cherry grove is a building. This is the safe-zone. It is a white building. You may or may not of recognized this, but the arena is the District of Columbia area, or Washington DC. You may enter the safe-zone area, and you are safe from all mind attacks from the Gamemakers, but that does not make you vulnerable. The White House is filled with many horrors, and it will kill you if it has to.

However, there are those few that did stay in the forest area. They can head back to the Hospital, but as a warning, that is Mr. Ninja's favorite place to stay. He is authorized to kill you. And you can't kill him because he has 1 million lives :3. No, just kidding, but he is well armed and he can kill you as soon as you say, "MISTER-". Yeah.

If you leave from the White House, you'll find the Lincoln Memorial. This is where many spirits like to hang around. There is the Black Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King Jr, and then there is President Abraham Lincoln. As a fair warning, Mr. Lincoln will summon the Union Calvary if he feels threatened for his safety. So watch out, or else you're dead in seconds.

The arena, in each area, will kill you if you stay there for to long. Thus meaning, if you stay in the White House for over, say, 4 hours, you will be killed. However, this is disabled during the night time hours, between the hours of 10 PM and 8 AM. So you better bet your money that you are not a heavy sleeper.

My People

I decided to tell you all of my awesome people that have been mentioned.

Name: President Leigh Penelope Blacktrail

Age: 19

Gender: Female, duuuuurrrrr

Personality: Leigh is not a bad kid. She does what she does because she knows it would make her father, whom has passed on, proud of her. She truly doesn't mean harm, in fact, she hates the games, but she can't change the rules now as her father had already preset the rules.

Backstory: She has 4 younger siblings, of which she has to take care of by herself now. Her father and mother are both dead. Her father died of illness a week before the games started, so that is why she is such a young age and hosted the Reapings for the Capitol. If it were up to her, she would cancel the games, but she knows her father would disapprove of it and she doesn't not want to upset her late father. She is rumored to be engaged, but these are just rumors... Maybe...

Appearance: Leigh has jet black hair that she keeps up in a bun. Strands always fall into her pale yet beautiful face, but never once has it disturbed her icy blue eyes. She doesn't have the Capitol look but it still adored and loved by many.

Name: Iraizabate Sutaaruku (Ninja 1)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Iraizabate is sweet and caring yet she will chop your head off willingly. She was kinda forced into doing this entire "being a ninja" thing. She doesn't care though.

Backstory: She is a Capitolian, yet she doesn't have the Capitol look, making her a somewhat outlaw. She traveled to Panem from another country, but people are unaware of how she came to this country. She does speak English, but that's only so she can make it here.

Apperance: Iraizabate has dark brown (appears black) hair in which always lays around her shoulders, ya know, when she isn't being a ninja. She has slightly tan skin and dark brown eyes.

Note: She is very skilled and will hurt you. She may or may not sleep with a couple guys in the arena. (NOT BEING GRAPHIC, ERLEND AND JADE!)

Name: Arekusu Baezaru (Ninja 2)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Arekusu is a rule breaker. He doesn't give a shit for other peoples well being, well, unless its someone he finds adorably cute. Arekusu will be tempermental yet sarcastic.

Backstory: He is a Capitolian, minus the look. He along with Iraizabate and Erajiha came from the same country at the same time to Panem to work there. They are vaguely familiar with the English language. Arekusu has alwyas had an interest in the males.

Apperance: Arekusu has a medium-dark brown hair, and very dark eyes, in which look semi-black. His skin is noteably darker than most people form his country but he doesn't really care.

Note: He is the one who helped Mist out of the Hospital and is fairly interested in Mist.

Name: Erajiha Wite (Ninja 3)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Erajiha is loud when he is really in a talking mood. However, he tends to be silent. He is a women person, and loves to have women around him. Not that he gets many in the Capitol...

Backstory: He lives in the Capitol, minus the look. He came to Panem with his ninja partners, Iraizabate and Arekusu for work. Again, noteable that he speaks fluent English, a bit better than the other two. Erajiha use to be all about Iraizabate, but he still, he let himself wonder around to meet other people. Soon, he got over Iraizabate, a bit, and is constantly with some girl.

Note: He will end up kissing quite a few girls in the arena, maybe sleeping with one or two if it comes to it. (NOT BEING GRAPHIC, JADE!)

Name: Rougan Jihounzu

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Funny and crazy. Sometimes she can be smart, but that's only because she is really trying.

Backstory: She came to Panem from another country, the same country as Erajiha, Iraizabate, and Arekusu, just shortly after they had come. Noteable that she speaks fluent English, not as well as Erajiha, but pretty well. She sometimes thinks of Erajiha in her spare time but tries not to have to much time to think of him.

Note: She is bisexual, but more than likely that if she were to interact with tributes, it would be with a guy.










Bloodbath Strategy:

Game Strategy:





District Gender Name Age User
Capitol Female Aphrodite McClean 16 Jackie
Captiol Male Artemis Achilles 16 Clovely
0 Female Caramel "Cara" Ice 16 Emma
0 Male Hawaiian Ice 18 Emma
1 Female Dymentia Lights 15 Ryan
1 Male Sean Dansin 15 Rainie
2 Female Melania Dannon 16 Lily
2 Male Thanatos Hydron 18 Bella
3 Female Maude Crow 14 Lily
3 Male Mist Silverstorm 16 Knight
4 Female Opaline Cascade 18 Ryan
4 Male Carlos Yuacke 17 Rainie
5 Female Celeste Ryder 12 Beetee
5 Male Charlie Ryder 14 Beetee
6 Female Siltori Mercedes 16 Clovely
6 Male Lucas Sunsong 13 Anna
7 Female Rei Maya 15 Atelda
7 Male Thorn Darkwater 18 Knight
8 Female Danielle Anners 15 Rosie
8 Male Luke Castellien 15 Rosie
9 Female Isabelle Anners 13 Rosie
9 Male Fred Red 18 Rosie
10 Female Charcoal Rosedain 16 Glimma
10 Male Talon Rosedain 17 Glimma
11 Female Ivy Florameadow 13 Clovely
11 Male Jasper Vine 13 Clovely
12 Female Astoria Lovelace 17 Bella
12 Male Garfield Slater 16 Beetee
13 Female Merlia Grace 18 Jackie
13 Male Octovio Pamelan 18 Clovely
14 Female

Thiara Maccedes

14 Vinny
14 Male Anubis Pyramid 18 Kekai

Bold: They have been turned evil

Crossed out: They have been killed, aka, dead.

Italicized: They are out of the dream state but aren't evil.


Capitol: Aphrodite McClean, Artemis Achilles

The sun shown brightly, but no one seemed to notice. The tall buildings, all painted of vast colors, were empty. Little to no people were on the streets or in their houses, which is unusual, as this was the Reaping day.

A young girl of the  name Aphrodite, named for the greek goddess of love, was standing around. She didn't blend with the crowd. Most of the people were all neon colors in the new fashion craze. Some people had even put in color contacts so their eyes would match their outfits.

However, Aphrodite had blonde hair with brown bangs. She was beautiful to everyone but the people of the Captiol. The Capitol believed being normal was not cool and in fact, it was ugly to them. But no, Aphrodite was beautiful beyond words. She would of been more beautiful, but she had a sickish glow to her, as she was sick at the moment.

A boy with pale skin and purple haired walked by. His name was Artemis Achilles, he got his name for the greek goddess of hunting and the moon and for Achilles, an unbeatable warrior except with his heel, thus the phrase, "Achilles-heel".

Several people were googling over the boy, finding him attractive.

The mass of talking soon settled down as a lady dressed in a white dress walked onto the stage. She looked around at her people, the people who found her family, even after this.

President Leigh took the microphone in her hand. "Welcome people of the Capitol," she said in a melodic voice. "To the Reapings of the First ever Dream Games. You all have been selected to participate along with every other district out there, due to the thoughts of my father whom just passed away." There was silence as they mourned the death of late President Victor. "Any way. So as tradition goes, I, the President, will reap one of your to participate in the games."

There was a few cheers from the people around. They were still thinking they were safe. The poor things...

She walked over to the bowl. She picked out a name. "Aphrodite McClean," she said into her mic.

The sick, sniffling girl walked onto the stage. She looked as if she could rip your head off, but at the moment, she was trying to get over a cold instead.

Leigh walked over to the males bowl after a few seconds. She picked another name. "Artemis Achilles."

The boy walked onto the stage, looking out at the crowd.

Leigh tried not to ponder to much on his name as she looked around. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captiol tributes for the first Dream Games."

People clapped for the tributes, more out of habbit then being truly excited. She lead them off the stage.

District 0: Caramel Ice, Hawaiian Ice

In the closest astronomy tower to town center was bustling around. People of major importance were running around, trying to get things ready. Later on today, there would be tributes here, saying goodbyes to their families. The escort was talking to the mayor. They were going over what would happen today and what they were going to say.

Down in the streets, people filed out of the astronomy tower. People were also walking around in the streets, having prep talks.

Two siblings, along with another sibling, were standing around. "Hawaiian, Citrus, I'm nervous," said a very quiet girl. "Relax, Cara," says the slightly younger one. The older, buffer one shrugged. "Caramel, if I am going to say anything, if you are reaped, I'm going with you." "Thanks Hawaiian," she said quietly. Citrus put a hand on her shoulder. "Relax Cara, you'll be safe." Citrus gave Caramel a necklace. "For good luck," he said. Caramel looked at her brother and hugged him. "I love you, it's beautiful, but I can't take it," she said, stepping away from Citrus. Citrus looked a bit crestfallen but nodded. "Alright." "You use it as  a good luck charm. So you won't get Reaped... Or ever Reaped again for these game."

The three siblings then split up, going to where they would sit.

The escort from earlier, Amethyst, walked onto the stage. She represented the gem she was named for, she was dark purple, completly dark purple. Everything about her was like the gem, minus the beauty that would be of her if she didn't have the Capitol look.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever Dream Games Reapings! Where one lady and one male from this district will be selected to participate in the Dream Games! The tributes choosen on the train ride to the Capitol shall be explained as to what these games are about. Is that understood?" Silence proceeded what she said in her Capitol accent.

"Alright. So, ladies first." She walked over to the bowl in which the female names are. She picked one and spoke into the mic. "Caramel Ice."

There was silence before the girl walked onto the stage. Citrus, amoung the boys, looked striken with grief. No one was volunteering for his sister. It was his fault that her name was choosen. He should of insisted she took the good luck charm. He should of...

He didn't notice, but the escort picked another name. "Citrus Ice." Citrus' eyes went wide. But then someone familiar shouted, "I VOLUNTEER!" He saw his brother step out of the crowd. Hawaiian walked onto the stage.

So many people looked confused as to why he would volunteer. No one understood why Hawaiian had volunteered. No one understood.

"What is your name?" Amethyst asked.

"Hawaiian Ice," he said.

"Oh, so the three of you are siblings?" she asked but looked down, instantly regretting what she said by the glare he gave her.

She stepped away from them. She then looked up again. "Ladies and gentlemen, this years tributes!" Silence answered. But someone was crying. The camera zoomed up and you saw Citrus there, trying not to cry but he was failing miserably.

The camera looked back as the siblings entered the astronmy tower.

District 1: Dymentia Lights, Sean Dansin

It was a warm, sunny day for the people of District 1. People were walking around, chatting happily to each other about something. They were all preping their children on what to do for the games. Many of the children, especially the older ones, were wearing devious smiles on their face as they nod, awaiting the events that would take place. However, there are a few people that are just standing around, looking skeptical. It seems like a normal day...

One girl is walking with her brother. Her platinum blonde hair is tied up behind her head, while her slightly darker bangs crop her pale face. Her dress is a tad revealing, but the smile on her face as she talks to her brother is outstanding. Her brother looks a bit skeptical though. "Dymentia, if you go into the games, I'm going with you. To protect you." Dymentia frowned. "But Dymento, only one person will win. So I am going in and you are staying." "Dyment-" "You are staying," she said, her light gray eyes turning into a small storm.

Her brother nodded quickly and they went to go to their places.

Another person of interest is standing with a few friends. One of his friends keeps casting glances towards him. The boy looks at her and shoos away his friends and looks at the girl. "You alright, Jade?" he asked. "Yeah, but.. Well... I'm worried for you Sean. Your going into these games one way or another. You could die and I could never see you again..." she trailed off. "Jade, I'll come back, for you. Your one of my best friends and I will win for us."

The girl brightened up a bit before they went to their areas.

Just as the final two were seated, a young lady, about the age of 23, walked onto the stage. Her hair was died pink and everything about her was... Pink. A bright, neon pink. She looked like a tell-a-tubby, in all truthfulness.

She tapped her finger on the mic. "Is this thing working?" she asked, taking it in her hand. "Check one, two, check check," she sang before looking at the people, who were sort of covering their ears from her singing.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 1st ever Dream Games! You all are so lucky to be here, I must say. I will love all you tributes as I have for all the tributes before you. I bid you a happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" she said in her overly preppy Capitol voice. "Ladies first."

Several girls shifted in their seats, ready to scream and fight to be the tribute. However, Dymentia is in a conversation in how the escort, Darena, always dresses terrible. Dymentia looks up as soon as she says "Ladies first," and shifts, ready to fight if she has to.

Darena raised one neon pink hand and put it into the bowl. She shifted her hand around in the bowl before pulling out one slip of paper with a name written upon it. She unfolded the paper and read the name into the mic that was still in her hand. "Alana Ginny."

Several of the girls then started to shout, "I volunteer!" Through the mass, Dymentia slipped out of the crowd and walked towards the stage. She got on stage and several people noticed that Dymentia is now in the games.

"What is your name, sweetheart?" she asked, pointing the mic at Dymentia.

"My name is Dymentia Lights," she said with a smile.

"Hello Dymentia. Time for the men!" she said over happily into the mic. Darena walked over to the bowl and fished around until she pulled out a name.

"Alexander Kane," she said, but several people were already moving, shouting, "I volunteer!"

Two silhouettes made their way to the stage. They looked at each other and it turned into a dog fight.

The brother of Dymentia, Dymento, was fighting Sean Dansin. They were both wanting to become the tribute, and badly.

Jade, on the girls side, looked around. She saw a stray shoe, if you call a heel on the foot of a girl stray, and grabbed it, throwing it at Dymento.

Dymento got hit with the shoe and he stumbled back, giving Sean enough time to get to the stage.

"What is your name?" Darena asked, pointing the mic at Sean.

"Sean Dansin," he said.

Darena smiled. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the 1st Dream Games District 1 tributes!"

There were several people who cheered for the new tributes. Then there were people like Jade and Dymento, who stared solemnly at the stage at the two tributes being rushed off the stage.

District 2: Melania Dannon, Thantos Hydron

The sun shined through the crowd of walking people. They all spoke happily together about who was going to be reaped and what they would do if they were choosen as volunteer. You see, District 2, much like District 4, liked to pick their tributes off of who was most unique in hte eyes of the escort. Who would do better in the games in opinions. All the choice of the escort.

The Dannon family was among these people. Their eldest daughter, Melania, was wearing a black satin dress the hugged her body. Melania was beautiful, beyond the eye could see. Her parents were prepping her on how to get choosen. Being rich would get her higher up there, but despite that, Melania was strong. And that would surely get her picked.

Another family was walked right by them. The Hydron family. The eldest of them all looked around. "I will get in, I know it." he said. His little sister smiled up at him. "I know you can do this, Thantos." He smiles at her and ruffled up her hair. "Thanks little girl." Despite him trying to be happy, he remained neutral.

A bell sounded within the District, announcing it was 2. Everyone hurried to their places and watched as the escort, a lady by the name of Rena, dressed in all white, walked onto the stage. "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Reaping Day and I know you all are excited! I would like to start off with saying that I will pick who will go in. Understood?"

Murmurs replied to what she said. Rena smiled and walked over to the ladies bowl, drawing out a name.

"Dariah Hellen."

A chorus of replies answered her. But instead of letting them fight, she saw one girl in the crowd. The one that she knew would do good. She pointed towards her and the girl walked onto the stage.

"What's your name?" she asked her.

"Melania Dannon," the girl replied.

Rena nodded and went to the other bowl, drawing out a piece of paper, holding another name.

"Kevin Lores."

Several more "I volunteer!"'s answered her. She did not seemed very amused but she looked around at the crowd with her best fake smile. After awhile without finding someone who compared to one boy she found, she pointed him out and he came to the stage. "Your name?" she asked.

"Thantos Hydron," he replied firmly.

Rena smiled. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this years tributes for the Dream Games!"

Several cheers shouted back and she led the two tributes off the stage and into the Justice Hall.

District 3: Maude Crow, Mist Silverstorm

Sparks flew up into the air as people in the factory finished up a quick morning build. They went to their locker rooms and changed into their daily clothes. They all then huddled out to see their families before the Reapings took place.

A boy of about the age of 16 walked out of the factory for the Reapings. He had a hood drawn over to hide his face. Several people did, however, get a small glimpse of who he was, or rather knew who he was, and quickly walked away, scared looks in their eyes. The boy kept his eyes to the ground, walking towards where the 16-year-olds are grouped up for the Reapings.

Another person, a girl with ginger hair, walked around. A bunch of people who were jealous of how she was a smarticle, followed. They were talking about how she should so do their homework for them since they had forgotten to do so. The girl shook her head though. "No, do it yourself. You'll never learn if I have to do it for you. Recent statistics have proven this." The kids rolled their eyes and they all went their own ways.

A male as pale as snow walked onto the stage. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Reapings!" he boomed into the microphone. People quieted down. "I shall reap two of your lucky kids to be in these games. Understood?" he asked, looking around. Silence. Pure silence. Dread is hanging in the air.

The man nodded. "Ladies, you are up first!" he said. He walked over, picking up a name. "Maude Crow!" he said.

Screams answered him as the girl walked onto stage. There were her loved ones screaming, but primarily it was everyone who had depended upon Maude for answers to homework or something.

The snow man nodded to Maude before picking a males name. "Mist Silverstorm."

Silence returns him. "Mist Silverstorm? Are you here?" Finally, the hooded figure walks out of the crowd and up to the stage.

A face of panic comes across everyone's face. Including Maude's.

Mist stays quiet, a shadow on his face, casted by the way the light shined upon the top of his hood.

The man looked at them both as if expecting them to speak. After a couple minutes, he sighed. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the District 3 tributes for this year. Maude Crow and Mist Silverstorm!" he boomed.

There would of been crying for Maude, but everyone was staring at the hooded Mist. Everyone was afraid, not that he would die, but that he would come back and haunt the District forever. Kill more people. Cause more death. See more death.

The escort lead the two off the stage and to the Justice Hall. The crowd stood for no more than three seconds before the crowd started to move away, back to their homes, back to their families.

District 4: Opaline Cascade, Carlos Yuacke

It was a bright, sunny day. The sunlight sparkled off the blue-green water. Several schools of fish were just swimming around, going with the flow of the waves. Few ships were out on the calm waters, and they were only there as they were coming home for the Reapings after a few-day fishing trip with the family.

A girl with freakishly blue skin was with her family. Very noticeably, there were gills on the girls neck. People were walking by the girl, whispering things like, "She is so lucky!" and "Where do I get a pair of gills like that?" The girl flashed a smile and several people hurried by, as if she had not just heard how jealous they were.

"Are you really volunteering?" asked a boy with blonde hair and bright green eyes. The girl flashed him a smile. "Why, are you volunteering, Carlos?" "Well, yeah, but Opaline, it might be a bit awkward-" "No it won't," Opaline interrupted. "In fact, I'm going to win. With or without you, Carlos."

With that, she turned and walked to her section. Carlos blinked and scurried away to his section, having to get through a crowd of a billion girls.

Once everyone was settled in, a blue lady walked onto the stage. Literally. Blue. Dark blue. She looked much older than she really was. Everyone said she was about 34 when in real life, she just turned 19.

"Hello, District 4!" she said into the mic. Several people whistled and she smiled. "Welcome to the Reapings of the first Dream Games! I hope you will find them enjoyable! I would like to caution you all though. If any fist fights break out, it is your own fault if you do not become tribute." There was dead silence. She quickly moved over to the first bowl, mic in hand. "Ladies first," she said.

Her thin, frail hand hovered over the bowl for a few seconds before randomly picking up a name. "Vetra Wares," she said.

One firm voice spoke out. "I volunteer!" said the girl, Opaline Cascade. There was not one single other reply. This girl was obviously well respected.

The girl walked onto the stage and took the mic. "I am Opaline Cascade!" she said. Several people clapped. The escort, Seres, took the mic back. "Well alrighty then. Gentlemen next!"

She literally jumped over to the other bowl and fished around the bowl before pulling a name out. "William Marks."

Several males tried to volunteer. Seres looked around the crowd for one person. She then saw the blonde hair and bright green eyes. Those electrifying green eyes. She pointed at Carlos Yuacke and he stepped out of the crowd, walking towards the stage. "What's your name?" she asked.

"Carlos Yuacke," he said clearly.

Seres smiled. "Ladies and gentlemen, this years tributes for the first Dream Games!"

People clapped and cheered for them as they were lead off stage.

District 5: Celeste Ryder, Charlie Ryder


District 6: Siltori Mercedes, Lucas Sunsong


District 7: Rei Maya, Thorn Darkwater


District 8: Danielle Anners, Luke Castellien


District 9: Isabelle Anners, Fred Red


District 10: Charcoal Rosedain, Talon Rosedain


District 11: Ivy Florameadow, Jasper Vine


District 12: Astoria Lovelace, Garfield Slater


District 13: Merlia Grace, Octovio Pamelan


District 14: Thiara Maccedes, Anubis Pyramid



Day One

Hawaiian Ice

I open my eyes and I'm in a red room. I look around, confused at first but then put on a pokerface. "Who's there?" I shout. My voice echos around the room.

Dead silence returns my demands.

However, after a few seconds, I hear footsteps coming from down the hall. Someone walks in. Someone... familiar.


Siltori Mercedes

I open my eyes into my dark room. Silence. Everything is black. I'm surrounded by darkness. "LET ME OUT!" I scream.

A voice enters my head. The soft voice of the President Leigh. "Relax, Siltori. Relax and you'll see your challenge. See what you have to face."

I stare around my room. The voice is gone. I take several deep breathes and then finally, I am more relax then ever.

That's when it happens. That's when she comes. My mother.


Anger starts to boil up inside of me, like lava wanting to erupt from a volcano. "MY FAULT?! I DIDN'T GET MYSELF REAPED INTO THESE GAMES! THE CAPTIOL DID THAT! I DIDN'T GET MYSELF PREGNANT AND GOT STUCK WITH SOME DAUGHTER I HATE! YOU DID!" I shout.

My mother just laughs. She then starts to change shape into something... deadly. That's when she disappeared into the pitch darkness. "Oh Siltori darling. You don't know what I'm capable of. What I can do to you. You can die right now. I can kill you easily. However, I'm not here to kill you personally."

She then forms again right in front of my face, making me tumble to the ground. "You're nothing. You're a pathetic excuse for a daughter. I understand why your father left finally. I can see why he would want to. To get away from you, the daughter he never wanted. He doesn't want to admit you are  his daughter."

I scream and she laughs. Her blood-curdling laugh echos around the pitch darkness. It echos around in my head.

"THIS IS MY DREAM!" I shout. A machete appears in my hand and my mother's head goes flying off, banging against the wall before rolling to a stop next to my feet. The crimson liquid is now on my machete and I stare at it. My mother's body collapsed with a thud and her hair is now drenched with the scarlet liquid that is her blood. The blood that is in her head leaks out and covers my bare feet.

"Tsk tsk, Siltori. I thought you would do better," says President Leigh.

I look confused but now I understand what she was saying. I collapse to the ground, gasping. Blood pours from my neck. I grasp at my neck, trying to find where it was slit to see if I could stop the bleeding. That's the problem. There wasn't one.

The blood continued to come from my neck. My white shirt and pants were now stained scarlet with blood. A pool of blood was gathering around me.

I give one more shaky breathe before collapsing to the ground, everything turning the same pitch black as surrounding me.

Isabelle Anners

I look around the room I am in. I draw in as much of it as I can. The indigo blue walls, the golden lace trim around the walls, the dark figure standing in front of the door, the bed, the window... Wait... Figure? What?

"Uh... Who are you?" I ask, looking the figure up and down. You see, this is not someone I would know by the body language. Well, I should know who it is, but you see, several people have that cocky-slouch so... Yeah.

"I'm surprised, Isabelle. Surprised you don't remember me," says a creepy voice. In to the light iluminates the face of my adoptive father. I scream and tumble back and he laughs. "Oh Isabelle, I'm not here to hurt you. Torture you, yes, but not hurt you."

I end up whimpering and he smiles, placing a hand on my cheek. "Such a young, adorable face. I'm going to hate seeing what happens to you."

My eyes go wide and I start to cry a bit. I usually never cry, but it fits the occasion, honestly.

His eyes flicker down to the necklace around my neck. He pulls it from it's resting place and holds it in his hand. "Ah, pure gold. A gift from your sister, I assume? Right before you left us?" I don't reply, but he just continues. "Well, I think that this belongs in there." He points and the fireplace, in which I did not notice, bursts into flames.

"NO!" I shout and lunge forward. I manage to grab the token but he topples over onto the ground. "I-It's mine," I say shakingly.

He growls for a few seconds but then instantly calms down. "I have a challenge for you, Izzy. Complete it, they'll let you go. I'll be gone forever."

"Wh-Why are you offering me this?" I ask.

"It's part of the entire role I'm here to play. You see, Siltori, who died a few minutes ago, was to busy yelling and screaming to hear her mother out about the challenge. You, however, are more level-headed, so I have time to tell you the challenge." He looked me straight in the eyes. "Do you except to hear me out?"

I give a slight nod and he smiles.

"Well, Izzy. I need you to let go of your past. Let go of everything. Let go of love, let it all flow away from you." He then smiles deviously. "Grow into the person you were born to be. You weren't suppose to be level-headed, you were suppose to be arrogant, a jerk. Instead, you studied others and became the person everyone admires. You've been given this challenge so you can continue on in the games."

I gulp a little. "Wh-What do I have to do?" I ask.

His smile widdens drastically. "Do you agree to your challenge? I can help you over come this. To get out of here. First, all you have to do is shake on it."

I stare at his hand, now pointed out towards me for a handshake. I hesitate before I take his hand, shaking it.

He then pulls his hand away. For a few seconds, we stare at each other. He then puts his hand back on the top of my head. "Isabelle, I think that your world has been turned upside down." He smiled and I suddenly jolt awake.

I look around my new room. White. Everything. Besides the rucksac sitting on the counter. I quickly get up and noticed I'm already dressed in an outfit. I grab my rucksac and run out the door as fast as I can and into the vast forest that is only part of the arena.

Hawaiian Ice

"Citrus, why are you here?" I ask, staring my brother up and down.

"Dear, dear, Hawaiian. I am here as... Moral support. For both you and Cara. A challenge awaits you both. I'm prepared to give you an offer, however. If you let yourself go, let go of all your past, you won't have to do the challenge that so desperately awaits you. Would you like to hear my offer?" asks the calm voice of my brother.

"I'll hear you out, but I won't agree if I don't want to," I say in a calm, yet slightly rough voice.

Citrus nods. "Well, if you let go of your past, forget everything in your past, and just let yourself be, forget about everything you ever learned or loved, you can leave now. It's all up to you, though. Do you except my terms?" he asked.

I shake my head. "No, Citrus. Forgetting everything I love is like you losing the token that Cara gave back to you. Like losing my family. I won't agree."

"Fine," he said, clearly now upset. "Have it your way." He turned and walks away.

The door closed behind him and visions came to me. Visions of blood, gore, dead bodies all at my feet.

Several, however, were of loved ones. People I cared about. I collapsed to the ground and saw the necklace Cara had not accepted from Citrus. I look up a bit and see Citrus' body, ripped apart limb-for-limb. The bones stuck out of each limb and his broken off limbs were bent at odd angles.

I lifted the locket from the ground and noticed the scarlet liquid on my hands.

At the same time, screams filled the air. I looked around frantically and saw Cara's body twisted abnormally. Her beautiful face smeared with her own blood. Her joints were bent the wrong way and her blood was now in a pool around her, coming out for the variety of cuts on her body.

I screamed.

"Enjoy the torture, Hawaiian Ice. If you can end it by tomorrow by or before the clock strikes midnight, you are free to leave. However, if you cannot you will be killed. Happy Dream Games."

Garfield Slater

I look around the room that I am chained to the wall with. The chains are burning at my wrist, obviously socked in some sort of capitol liquid used for torture.

Someone walks into the room. My mother. Quickly followed by my father.

"Look what you've gotten yourself into, Garfield. You should be ashamed of yourself," my mother says. She stalks over, pulling a key out of her purse. "Now, Garfield, I'll let you go only if you promise to hear me out."

I give a slight nod, my wrists feel like they're bleeding from the liquid.

My mother puts the key into the locks and unlocks both handcuffs. She then helps me stand up. "Alright, now, Garfield, you have a challenge coming," she says.

"And you can get hurt," my father adds.

"So, we would like to offer you to avoid the challenge."

"All for a simple trade."

"What's in the trade?" I ask.

"Well, you get out of here. You get to start the real games. All for the trade of your past, everything you learned or remember." My mother looked me in the eyes. "Do you except?"

I think about this offer. Sure, it seems nice, but theres more to this... Forgetinng everything I learned seems alright... But...


She smiled. Suddenly, a knife appears and I send it throw her chest. I pull it out and notice the scarlet blood and the bits of flesh clinging to it. My mother gags as she falls to the floor. I run to my father and slit his throat. He stumbles down too.

"You two are the idiots now," I say calmly.

"Oh no, Garfield. You are the idiot," says the voice of the President. "I hate to say this, but you failed the challenge of not killing someone."


"Yes, it does. Good night, Garfield."

"But it's only 8:30 AM, Pres-" but I am cut off by my own gagging. I fall tot he ground and noticed blood coming from my throat and my chest. Breathing is hard, so I puncture a lung...

I start to search for cut marks, but I can't find anything. This is terrible. Why, why can't I stop the bleeding?

The blood is coming out in a pool. My head starts to fall back as if it is coming off my body. Wait... I think it is...

I reach up a hand to try and stop my head but it keeps going as if my hand was never there.

A sickening snap comes as my neck bone starts to crack. My head stops for a moment...

Then SMASH! goes my head, flying to the other side of the room.

Talon Rosedain

I'm walking around a room that reminds me of Mari's eyes. Yeah know, the blue-green color, how it seems to go on forever with many great depths to it. However, when I hear footsteps, I instantly twirl around and see her standing there, her red hair.

"Mari," I say before running over and hugging her.

Her warm arms wrap around my torso in a hug. "Talon..."

She steps away from me and looks up at me. "Talon, I'm giong to get you out of here. Please, just believe me. You don't have to do the challenge. They're allowing you an offer. Talon please. You have to come back for me... For Amber..."

I look at her. She seems to be in tears. Well, she is... "Mari, the offer. What is it?"

She looks up at me and wipes away her tears on her sleeve. "Talon, please except my offer, please. I-I can't let you die here, Talon please."

"Tell me the offer, Mariette," I say. This is the one of the few times, but I'm calling her by her real first name.

"Talon, I can't tell you. Please just accept and I'll get you out of here. Please just take my hand and then you-no, we- can get out of here."

I shake my head. "No, Mari. I'm sorry...."

She screams, falling to the ground. I instantly run over and kneel beside her. "Mari," I gasp. I notice the tip of a knife sticking out of her stomach and look around for her attacker. Suddenly, she disappears, everything does.

I'm standing in a mob of people, of my ex's. They are yelling at a post in which something tied up. I push through the crowd and that's when I see Mari, her eyes closed tightly as she cries. As the rope burns on her wrists and knees are clearly visible. As scarlet liquid flows down her leg to a gathering pool of blood below her.

These visions have come to me before. Of the exact same thing. Of her tied up, of her bleeding to death. I try to move towards her but get tripped by somebody. Trying to stand up, straps come out of the cround and pull me towards the Earth to watch helplessly as she is hurt.

"Talon Rosedain, you are one to defy the Capitol in the past. To defy me," says the President. "Well, going through your mind before the game, we found these visions you've been getting. Found out about her. Happy time in hell. If you manage to get out of your bonds, save her, and get through the door and into the waking world before tomorrow at midnight and be out of the building by that time, your challenge is completely. Until then, happy Dream Games."

That's when I start to pull at my bonds, hoping to get free. I notice how loose they are... I start to pull my hands free. But my feet...

I'll get out and I will return for her...

Sean Dansin

I jolt awake from where I am laying on cold, hard stone floor. I look around and notice the same beautiful face I had seen all those times before. From the dirty blonde hair to the brilliant blue eyes to the freckles of sunlight.

"Jade," I say, a little aghastly. She smiles.

"Hey Sean."

Now, you see, I have never, EVER, told Jade how I felt about her. She is a really good friend but I love her so much!

She looks like she is about to talk but instead, I pull her close to me and kiss her. Her lips are so soft against mine, her eyes close and so do mine.

My tongue pokes at her mouth and she opens and we dance around in her mouth. It feels so right.

I feel her hand creep along and start to unbotton my shirt. Soon, she has it pulled off.

I bite her lip and start to tear at her shirt. My mouth then starts to trail down to the base of her neck. I can feel myself becoming more... bigger? She gives a slight moan of happiness and I start to remove her skirt. Her fingers lace up through my hair and she tugs on it, which feels really amazing. I'm becoming bigger with each aching moment.

She ends up pulling my head away from the base of her neck and back to her mouth. We go back to a heated and passionate kiss.

Her warm, delicate touch trails down my torso to remove my pants. Or so I thought. Instead, her hand crawls down into my pants and into my underwear, making me groan through the kiss. Her hand runs along my growing member and I shiver with pleasure. 

I hungrily unhook her bra. I slide my hands down her body and notice how wet she is. I slowly pull down her underwear and start to rub her inner-thighs. Making her moan in pleasure.

With my free hand, I slide down my own pants and underwear and take her hand from my growing member.

Her legs wrap around my waist, pulling me as close as our two bodies can be. She gives me a slight pleading look that was filled with an also very passionate look. "Take me away, Sean."

Mist Silverstorm

I look around the bright blue walls surrounding me. I try to collect where I am when I remember the dream state, thus why these games were called the Dream Games.

Looking around, I see Dorian stalking across the room towards me. "Hello Mist," he said.

My eyes widden in fear and he laughs.

"I'm not here to hurt you. What would you say if I can let you out of here, all for the price of your memories?" he asked.

I look into his eyes. "That it? The price of my past? My memories?"

Dorian nods. "I'm going to be there in the games to give you encouragement. If you agree to this, I'll forgive you for killing me. You get to run free. All for the cost of your memories, for your past."

He stuck his hand out towards me and I hesitate. It would be a good offer... But it's Dorian... And he's working for the Capitol... But he'll forgive me, he'll help me get out... help me forget everything I hate...

I take his hand and we shake on it. Dorian smiles. "Wake up."

I jolt awake in my bed. I look around and see my pack sitting there. I grab it and rummage through it. A flash light, a sleeping bag, iodine, a bit of food, a cateen which was empty, and a scythe. I grab the scythe and give a slight smile which isn't like me. I look around the room. Nothing special minus the black ninja standing in the corner.

"Hey there. Wanna show me out of this place?" I ask.

He shook his head. "You're lucky you're cute," he mutters so I can hear and leads me out of my room and out of this wierd hospital place.

Along the way, he pointed out which tributes were in each room and that if I came out of the games, I would be his, living in the Capitol with him and away from all these crazy people who hate me.

I nod and finally we are at the exit. There is a dark, gloomy forest. "This is as far as I can lead. So, enjoy the games and come back. He then disappeared and I grabbed my flash light and entered the forest.

Astoria Lovelace

I wake up and I'm sitting in my bedroom. My two sisters, Daphne and Anastasia are sitting in the chairs by my bed.

"Hey Astoria. You alright?" Daphne asked.

I smile at her but it quickly fades. "I-I thought I was reaped into the games..." I mutter.

Anastasia nods. "You were. But Astoria. You can get out of your dream right now if you agree to something."

"What is it?" I ask them, looking them over.

They both give wary glances at each other before looking back at me. "You can forget your past right now. You can get out and we'll be by your side to help you. Well, I will any way," Anastasia says quietly.

"I-I don't know," I murmur.

"Please Astoria. I want to help you," Anastasia says, louder.

"F-Fine, just... Don't get hurt while helping me..."

Anastasia takes my hand and we shake on it. "Wake up, Astoria," Daphne says.

I jolt awake in my white room. I don't waste a minute. I grab my pack and run out of the hospital at top speed.

I run into the forest and rummage through my pack before finding the flashlight. I turn it on and walk through the forest.

After about 5 minutes, someone tackles me to the ground. I twist for a while before elbowing the person. I look back and see Anastasia. "Dammit, come on." I help her up before we start walking together.

While walking, I notice something move in the bushes. The bushes shake again before a mutt jumps out of the tree.

I look at the mutt, not fearing a thing. Meanwhile Anastasia hides behind my back.

The mutt, which was a purple cat with splashes of odd colors all over it's body. It was a pretty big cat, too. It was almost as tall as me just on four legs.

I reach for my pack and grab some food. I lift my hand up to the mutt and it sniffs at the food cautiously before licking the food up. It rubs its head against mine and lays down next to my feet.

"Get up, Anastasia," I say. I grab her hand I put her atop the mutts back. I clamber on behind her. "Lilith," I say, naming her after a greater-demon, "take us to the safe-zone. I want to check it out."

Lilith shakes out her fur and stands up, running us out of the woods and into the cherry grove. From there, we head off to the safety-zone. The White House...

Sean Dansin

After earlier, Jade and I got dressed again. "So, what's going on again? Why are you here any way? You weren't reaped."

"I know, I came with a message. We sorta got side-tracked." Her blue eyes shimmer while looking at me.

"What is the message?" I ask.

"Well, you can get out of here and I can come help you. If you agree, of course."

"Yes," I say and she practically bursts with joy.

"See you in the arena, babe. Oh, and you can wake up now."

I sit up in my bed and rub my head. (OH, THAT RHYMED!) I look around and see my pack sitting there. I rummage through it, bored. Bottled water, a banana, bread, dried jerky, dried fruit, sleeping bag, a flashlight, a sword, and a whip. Well, I can give the whip to Jade... But there's only one sleeping bag... OH WELL!

I sling the bag over my shoulder and run out of the hospital. As soon as I leave the doors, someone jumps for me. I catch who it is and smile. "Hey babe."

Instead of kissing me like in our dream, she punches my arm. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU GOT ME DRAGGED INTO THIS MESS! IF I DIE I WILL FUCKING HAUNT YOU FOREVER!"

"Woah woah woah. Calm down," I say. "You gave me a message... A message so we could be together. Don't you want that?"


I just smile and kiss her to silence her. After a few seconds, I pull away. "Come on," I say and pull her along.

Along the way, we ran into a bunch of little small mutts. Nothing that I would want to mess with. But we stumbled across a bunny and Jade just HAD to have.

I roll my eyes and grab the bag of beef jerky. I give it to Jade to feed the mutt. She bends over and feeds it, giving me a perfect view of her ass.

The little bunny hopes into Jade's arms after she feed it and it opens its mouth, revealing razor sharp teeth. She is about to scream in terror but I run over and cover her mouth. The little bunny snuggles up in her arms and she takes a deep sigh of relief.

"Come on, we need to get moving," I mutter. I take lead and she follows behind me, the bunny curled up in her arms.

Only thing that could be better was if I had a giant cat mutt to eat that damned fluff ball.

Dymentia Lights

I look around the white room. It was beautiful, honestly. The pure nature of it reminded me of my room, but then again, I hated my house. Filled with everything I wanted except a normal life.

Into the room walks one of the girls that my brother Dymento and I used to play with. Ya know, until my parents got her executed along with the other three.

"Hey Jane," I say.

"Hey Dymentia. How's life?" she asks.

"Good. Why are you here? Don't you hate me?"

"Naw, I'm over your parents getting me killed. Any way, I'm here with a message."

"Oh, a message?" I say, interested. "What message?"

"To get you out of here. I will tag along of course."

I frown. "But Jane, you are dead. And wait, isn't this just some dream?"

Jane walks over and places a cold, chilling hand on my cheek. "That's only partially correct. You see, a dream is that fine line between the living and the dead. Anything can throw it off balance to one side or the other."

Her voice had gone cold and hard. It sends shivers down my spine, just the way it sounded. I push her freezing hand away and she smiles.

"What's wrong, Dymentia? Am I getting into your pretty little head? Freaking you out? Becoming your worst nightmare?" She laughed after she finished her sentence and disappeared into thin air. The entire room went dark and her voice echoed around.

"I'm always around, Dymentia. Whether or not you can see me is your fault. Oh, and what I said early, was a lie."

I look around, scared. "Jane... Stop it... Please..."

Her blood-curdling laugh echos around the room, piercing my ears. I close my eyes to try and try to focus. I open them and jump backwards, landing on my back to see Jane standing right in front of me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I scare you?" she laughed. She kneeled down and smiled. "I'll try better next time. Maybe your parents were right. Maybe I wasn't a good friend for you. But, either way, I can get my revenge now if I wanted."

I know what she is going to do. Kill me. I have to stop her! But...

I look around and see something shine in the darkness. Who knows how long that the axe has been there but either way, I grab it and swing at Jane. Everything slows for a few seconds, and I see Jane's blood come out of her neck as her head goes flying and her body falls to the floor.

I look at my axe, at the blood shimmering in the now bright again room, and the flesh clinging to the axe.

"I'm sorry," says the voice of President Leigh. "Sadly, you failed our number one rule. Do not kill."

"I don't care," I murmur. "Kill me..."

The president hesitates in her reply. "Okay, I guess..."

I feel the blood start to pour from my neck but with no wound. As my head feels heavy against my body. How there is a sharp pain in my stomach as more blood comes from my body.

I scream and collapse to the ground. I feel the sharp blade from the living world cut into my neck. As it then digs deeper into my neck. A whisper echos around the room.

"I'm sorry," says the voice of one of the four ninjas. (Yes, there are four, it's been decided XD)

I try to force myself to open my eyes and I do, somehow. I've proken free of the Capitols world.

The ninja, (Not Mist's ninja) is standing over me as I open my eyes. "I know," I choke.

The thing in my brain, the chip, it starts to pull me back to the Dream World, obviously it is pissed that I somehow broke free. The ninja kisses me softly on the lips before raising his katana and cutting my head off.

President Leigh

I'm just sitting at my computer. My Gamemakers are brilliant people. However, they can be stupid. They decided to put two tributes in a dream together who hate each other. They'll kill each other, I know it, but it was a stupid decision.

I stare at the monitor in which I have to watch these poor kids die. I never did like the games... But daddy would be so happy to see me carrying out what he had planned to do...

The two tribute boys are Fred Red and Luke Castellien.

Fred is the first to wake up. He looks around and sees Luke and an instant look of disgust enters his face. A growl slips from his lips, causing Luke to wake up. The two stare at each other for a few moments...

Both notice something gleaming from them. A weapon. They both lunge for their weapon and then head into fight.

Luke, Fred, Luke, Fred... They keep slashing at each other constantly. Their blood covers the floor.

They both make a final lunge and end up piercing both of their stomachs with the weapons. They fall down.

I stare at their bodies for a few more seconds as the life drains from them, trying not to cry. I finally look away.

I look back after awhile, the screen is black. I look around for another Gamemaker. I spot the Head Gamemaker. "You, start the next dream challenge."

"Yes ma'am, President Leigh," he says quickly before hurrying off.

I look back up at the black screen, waiting for the next video to come up.

And watch another kid either escape, take the challenge, or die...

Not how I EVER imagined being President would be like.

Thiara Maccedes

I look around my room. I plan to defy the Capitol. Yes... Make them regret putting ME into these games.

"No killing people, eh?" I ask with a smile.

Suddenly someone walks into the room. It's my friend, Marissa. "Hey there."

"Hey," I reply.

Marissa walks over to stand besides me. "You know, I can offer you a gift. It'll fuel your little anger for the Capitol."

"Go on," I say, clearly a little interested.

"Well, you can get out of here early. I can come help. You'll be fearless and you can take down the Capitol if you win."

"I like it," I smile.

Marissa smiles to and holds out a hand for me.

I look at her hand and take it in mine, shaking it.

She then fades away and so does everything else. I wake up in my room and look around. I see a ninja just sitting there.

"Oh hey there. Which ninja are you?" I ask.

"Erajiha," he replies. He walks over to me, examinig my body by the looks of it. He smiles and kisses me. I don't know why, I'm different than before, but I kiss him back.

... (rest of what happened is CUT OUT. Not turning this into Guaken, Erlend)

I walk out of the Hospital, fully dressed. Marissa had been sitting against a tree. She looks up at me. "Where the hell were you?"

"I was busy," I say with a smile. I toss her the pack after removing the beef jerky. "Now, let's get a move on."

We both walk on from there. However, I saw this really cool dog mutt. It looked like it was about to eat Marissa. I grab some of the jerky and hold it out to the dog. "Come here boy. Some food."

The mutt looked at me before cautiously walk over and eating the food.

Marissa looked at us in awe. Then I put the food back up. "Alright, time to get a move on," I say. We walk on, the mutt tagging along behind us, wagging its tale.

Thorn Darkwater

I wake up and look around the room. It's red, the color of blood. A smile creeps into my face.

I hear footsteps and turn around to see Aurora standing there. "Aurora?" I ask, startled. My past, the past that happened after Aurora left, seemed to lift a bit but then landed with a big thunk in my head. "What the hell do you want?"

"I want to offer you something. Something of importance."

"Why the hell would I want anything from you?" I questioned.

She seemed to start crying but it is quickly replaced with laughing. The lights in the room flicker on and off and couple times to then stop at off.

"I can control your life. Your damned life, Thorn. You ruined mine, and now I'm here to ruin yours. You killed him, Thorn. You killed my boyfriend, my life, my meaning!"

An invisible force pushes me to the ground and all of a sudden Aurora reappears, leaning over me.

"You killed him, and I want revenge."

"No... STOP!" A knife appears in my hand. "FOR SATAN!" I send the knife throw her chest before yanking it and slitting her throat.

Her body falls to the floor with a loud thud. Blood pours from her lifeless body to the floor in a gathering puddle. "For satan, I sacrifice my own sister."

I throw the knife at her body and it embodies itself into her skull.

A voice enters my head. The voice of the president.

"Thorn, you have failed the challenge of not killing."

"IT WAS FOR SATAN!" I shout in protest.

Another voice enters. I think it is one of the Gamemakers, Erlend or whatever the fuck his name was.


"What the fuck?" I question.

"Don't question..." Erlend mutters.

I feel a knife dig into my neck. It digs deeper and deeper until my head is disembodied from my body.

Thantos Hydron

I look around the black painted walls with dark splatters all over them. I can't help but notice they are blood stains. I walk over to one and poke it with my finger. I look at my finger. Yep, that's blood alright.

I hear footsteps and turn around to see my father just standing there. "MY BOY! I KNEW YOU WOULD MAKE IT IN!"

I roll my eyes. "Yeah, yeah. Hi daily torture," I say, using his nickname that he finds to be a good nickname. The man is very stupid.

"Yes, yes. Hello, Thantos. Tell me, how are the games?"


"Yes, yes... DAMMIT, WHERE THE HELL IS MY NOTEPAD?!" he said, freaking the fuck out.

I do an extreme facepalm. "Daily torture, this is a dream. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK IN ALL OF FUCKING HELL DO YOU EXPECT TO HAVE A NOTEPAD IN HERE?!"

He frowns but then lightens up. "I have an offer."


"Either its the offer or the challenge."

"Fuck off, daily torture."

"But Thantos-" he starts but I cut him off.

"FUCK NO!" A battle ax appears in my head and I swing, cutting off his head.

The bone in his neck snapped as his head went flying across the room. The bone in his neck sticks out from the stub that is his neck like a sore thumb. His head is leaking blood along with the rest of the body. I can help but smile.

"Thantos. Y U FAIL CHALLENGE?!" questions the Gamemaker, Bella.

"Where is the President? Why isn't she doing this?" I ask, confused.


"How did I fail you?"


"Dammit," I mutter.


I feel my head come loose from the rest of my body. Blah blah blah, it fell to the floor and I died. WOOHOO!

Merlia Grace

I look around my room. Sitting on the table is my sister, Anna. "Hey there," I say.

Anna jumps off the table and helps me sit up. "Hey sis, do you want to get out of here?"

"Depends, what is here?"

"The dream state, silly!" she says. "Any way, all you have to do is shake on it."

I think for about one second. Well, I don't really think, it hurts a lot...

I shake her hand on it. "DEAL!" I shout.

Anna smiles. "Wake up."

I jolt awake in my bed. I run over and grab my pack. I rummage through it and find a bow and a sheath of arrows. Holy shit, this is Hermione Granger's bag from Harry Potter 7 Part 1 and 2. This bag can hold anything in the world! Maybe even the world if it tries hard enough.

I shove it all back into the bag before running out of the room. However, I see several other doors and I just have to take a look inside.

In one, I found the hot boy from 10. I thought about doing something to wake him up... I did try splashing some water that was sitting on the table in his face, but a ninja came in as soon as I was done.

"GET YOUR ASS OUT OF HERE!" she shouts.

"Sorry. Oh hey, which ninja are you?"

"Iraziabate. Now, will you live or do I have to kick your ass out of here?" she questions, grabbing the hilt of one of her katanas.

"I'll get out," I murmur before running off.

Once outside, I see Anna sitting there.

"Hey bitch," I smile.


"First, nothing. Second, NOTHING! Third, trying to wake up tributes and pissing of the ninja, Iraziabate."

"Alright. When I asked WAHT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, I meant for you to tell me WHY THE FUCK YOU WOULD BRING ME INTO THIS!"

"That way if I fuck up, you can always harm me and not get hurt. Plus, I can't die until you die. IMMUNITY!" I shout.

Anna slaps her forehead but says nothing. We both then start walking off, me humming some song about putting a banana in your ear. Dafuq is up with my head? I am going CRAY-CRAY!

Lucas Sunsong

I look around my dark room. The lights switch on and it is a mirror-room. I look in the mirror and see myself standing, with my mother, Anika, standing right behind me.

I turn around as fast as possible. "MOM!" I shout, shocked to see her.

She smiles warmly and walks over, hugging me. "Lucas, my boy. I've missed you so," she murmured.

"H-How are you alive?" I ask.

"I've been brought back to help. Lucas, listen to me. You can get out right now. I won't be there, I can't... But Caleb will."

"B-But mom, he is dead," I murmur.

She looks me straight in the eye. "No, he is here, your twin will help you and he will bring you out alive. Keep you alive just like he always wanted. For his twin and family to be alive."

I hug her and nod. (I feel like i'm writing from the POV of a 2-year-old :D Oops XD Let us beef this up with the cussing that comes after he wakes up XD)

My mom looks at me and she suddenly says, "Wake up."

I jolt awake in bed and look around. I roll my eyes. MORE FUCKING WHITE! DAFUQ, CAPITOL, DAFUQ?!

I grab my pack and run outside, not giving a fuck on what it holds inside.

To my surprise, Caleb WAS sitting there. Only... Older. Not young.

"Damn child. You've aged. How dafuq are you alive?"

"The capitol revived me and put me in here to help."


Caleb does a facepalm before grabbing the bag.

"GIVE THAT BACK NOW, CALEB!" I say, almost lunging for him. He sidesteps and looks inside the bag.

I look in a puddle and see myself reflected. Damn right, I look sexy.

Caleb pulled me back from my reflection. "Here, catch this."

I turn around and catch the blowgun he throws at me. He also throws me a pack of darts and poison.

"NICE!" I say.

Caleb once more rolls his eyes. "Come on, lets get out of here."

We both walk back, but I am to busy looking at the poison, a smile on my face. This will come in handy.

President Leigh

Since Lucas Sunsong got out, Cara Ice got out. And then Carlos Yuacke died.

I look back over at my Head Gamemaker, Colin. I smile at him and he smiles back. He then types stuff into the computer and a list of all the dead tributes appear to all the Dream State tributes and all of the tributes in the arena.

I look back at my screen and sigh. Poor kids, so defenseless... I would stop this, stop this for them, but I can't, I know I can't.

My computer turns off. "Alright, all Dream State tributes minds have gone blank for the night and all tributes are asleep," says Lilith, walking over to me.

I stand up and grab my bag. Colin looks over at me but then Lilith starts talking to me.

"Hey, Leigh. How are the games going?"

"Just fine," I say.

Colin walks over. "Hey Lilith, why don't you go see if the mutt department needs some help before we let the night Gamemakers take over."

"Sure, alright." Lilith walked away from us to the group of people huddled over. Consisting of Erlend, Charles, Kekai and Emma.

Colin looks at me. "I'll walk you home if you'd like."

I smile. "I would like that a lot."

I look back at my Gamemakers, all making final plans for the games. I look back at Colin and we head out the door.

Day 2


Isabelle Anners is walking around with her adoptive father and is thinking of killing him off herself, considering extra help doesn't count for the "No-Killing" rule. She has a bird mutt that'll bit heads off.

Mist Silverstorm is with Dorian and they are having a laugh, there sick twisted minds... Mist is thinking of Aresuku, the ninja a lot though. Mist has a wasp mutt and a tracker jacker hive. Fair warning, he can control the tracker jackers with his flying wasp mutt. They came together :3

Sean Dansin and Jade are flirting and making out. Jade's rabbit mutt is fast asleep in her arms and she has grown use the mutt and is falling in love with it. Sean plans to kill it. It is food, right?

Astoria Lovelace and her sister, Anastasia are walking around the safety house, aka the White house. Their giant cat mutt is looking around, bored. It starts to play with some of the artifacts... It just shredded the US Constitution. YAY!

Thiara Maccedes and Marissa are playing the the dog mutt, which is a real sweetheart. It won't hurt you for nothing. Well, not Thiara and Marissa any way.

Merila Grace and Anna are walking around. When Merila isn't thinking about killing all the Capitolians, she is thinking of Talon Rosedain. They have a monkey mutt, which eats bananas, which brings up the song Merila was humming earlier which confuses her deeply.

Lucas Sunsong and Caleb are just sitting, quietness everywhere. A wolf mutt, which looks vaguely like the one that killed their mother and might of killed Caleb, is their companion. Lucas is going crazy in the head but other than that, he is ruthless to the heart.

Caramel, oh, sorry, CARA, Ice is walking around with Citrus. Citrus is trying to talk her into being good but she is just walking on without a care in the world. Citrus is trying to give her the necklace she should of had but she won't accept it. Their mutt is a panther mutt. 

Everyone else is sleeping. ONWARD WITH THE GAMES!

Talon Rosedain

I try to pull out of the bonds. This is the 20th time I have gone through the full vision of her being hurt and then her burning me and the last one, which I have no power over, of me letting her fall to her death.

I cool, relaxing voice comes to her and I look over to see Saffron.

"There, there, Talon. You can get out now. I can help you. In turn for something." She smiles.

She seems to block out all other noises from the screaming and crying that I can hear so vividly. The blood and tears seem to disappear, and now I stand in a dark room before Mari and Saffron.

Saffron walks over to me and whispers into my ear. "Break her heart, Talon. Break it and you can walk out."

I grimace but Saffron ignores it.

"Kiss me and you can walk out right now. Back to the arena, win, go back to your family. Your love, your child, you sisters. Everything. All for the trade of breaking her heart right now in the dream." She moves to stand in front of me.

I look back at Mari, her blue-green eyes staring at us in confusion.

I shake my head. "I won't hurt her, Saffron."

Her eyes turn into flames but she snaps her fingers and everything disappears.

I'm back at the beginning of this vision. I run to the town but pause. I, instead of running through town like the dumbass I was the previous 20 times, I walk around the town.

Back here, I find a club. Well, time to go knock some bitches out and save Mari.

I walk back to the town entrance and instantly start running through, hitting heads with the club. I am being careful not to kill them, but hard enough to knock their asses out.

I reach Mari and quickly untie her bonds before slapping some people with my club. I look around before making a run for the door, pulling her along.

Once I slam the door shut, I kiss her.

But as quickly as the kiss came, it all disappeared.

I sit up in my room and look around. I shift out of my bed and grab my pack. I look inside and grab a flashlight. I quickly run out of that room as fast as possible. Out of that hospital...

Out into the arena to fight to the death.

Melania Dannon

I walk through the endless maze. So far, I haven't killed anyone. I've drawn blood which has caused cuts along my body, but nothing that would kill.

I feel close to the ending. I keep walking, closer and closer to the exit.

Suddenly, everyone I faced earlier surrounds me.

"Where you going, Melania?" smiles my brother.

"Yeah, where you off to? To get out? I don't think so," sneers my best friend.

"No... Move.. GO!" I shout.

A chorus of laughter answers me. "Oh Melania, I wish I could but... Sorry, not my job," she replies.

I can't help but scream which causes more laughter.

That is when I lose it.

I grab my weapon, which happened to be a long knife, and send it through her body.

She looks down at her stomach where blood is seeping out and then back at me, fear in her eyes. But then it changes to a smile as she falls back to the ground, dead.

A calm voice came into my head. "I am so sorry Melania... You have failed the challenge of not killing. Your task was to get through the maze without killing and you did just the opposite. You were so close too... I had hopes for you..."


There is dead silence for what feels like a century. Finally, her voice returns. "I didn't want to do the Dream Games. I just do what my father would be proud of."

The silence goes on as if she expects an answer. Finally, when I don't reply, her voice comes back. "You have to die now... I'm sorry..."

I feel a knife dig into my neck and I gag. I know I am dying from a ninja killing me.

The knife leaves my neck and instead, goes to run through my chest, killing me instantly.

Hawaiian Ice

I look around frantic. Several cuts litter my arms. I try to find the attacker, the one trying to kill me, but I can't.

"Oh Hawaiian, are you lost?" asked one single voice. A voice all to familiar to me. My old trainer from District 4.

"Why are you doing this to them?" I asked.

"Why? Oh I don't know. You left our District so you could be with mommy and daddy again. You tell me why, Hawaiian. My best student just packs up his bags and leaves. Wouldn't you be mad?" asked the voice.

A hand touches my shoulder and I spin around as fast as possible and kick the body to the ground.

My past mentor hisses and before he can get up, I pin him to the ground with a hold around his neck.

"Give me one good reason to not snap your neck," I growl.

He laughs. "You might as well do it, because I'm out of ideas, Hawaiian."

I grab his head and snap his neck with all force possible. I throw his body against the sides of the ruins surrounding me and all the dead bodies.

"I'm sorry, Hawaiian Ice. You have failed at not killing anybody. For that, you must die," says the president.

I shake my head and stare at the ground.

For a few moments, it is quiet, almost as if she was afraid to say anything, to do anything. But then she quietly says, "Rougan, you know what to do."

Cold hands clasps around my head. I close my eyes and feel as she jerks my head to the left violently, causing my neck to snap and for me to die.

Rei Maya

I run, that is all I can do. I trip though on something lying on the path in front of me. The darkness closes in on me, now only allowing three feet of visibility.

I scream.

Dead zombies surround me. I try to turn and run but they block me. I fall to the ground and start crying.

A little twelve-year-old girl came and looked at me. "Let me help you. Trust me," she says.

I give a slight nod. She grabs my hand and we run for it.

Finally, we stop running.

The little girl laughs and looks at me. She grabs a knife and cuts at my face. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" she asked in a sweet, innocent voice.

I scream again, my voice echoing around in the darkness.

"Oh Rei, if only you had taken the zombies, they would of helped you so much better," she says.

She goes to cut me again but I grab the knife and slit her throat.

The little girl gurggles on the scarlet liquid now gathering in her throat. She falls to the ground, dead within seconds.

A voice, but not of the President, enters my head. "I am sorry Rei. You have failed the challenge of not killing," says a Gamemaker, and I think her name is Atelda.

I nod. "I know, and I accept what is coming my way."

The girl does not hesitate. "Erajiha, kill her."

I feel the pain dig into my neck as I smile slightly. I'm out of this hell hole finally.

My head comes off my body, killing me.

Death Chart

Place Name District User
32nd Siltori Mercedes 6 Alex
31st Garfield Slater 12 Beetee
30th Dymentia Light 1 Ryan
29th Fred Red 9 Rosie


Luke Castellien 8 Rosie
27th Thorn Darkwater 7 Erlend
26th Thantos Hydron 2 Bella
25th Carlos Yuacke 4 Jade
24th Melania Dannon 2 Lilith
23rd Hawaiian Ice 0 Emma
22nd Rei Maya 7 Atelda


Name District User
???? ???? ????

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