Alright, now before anybody starts blaming me for stealing their ideas, this was just because I was bored and had no better ideas.

Background Knowledge of Games

Alright, so the point of these games:

  • President Liza set up a new set of games, finding the old games "unoriginal" and "too predictable".
  • 24 Tributes will be reaped, each will have to reveal their three biggest fears for the games.
  • 2 people will come out having faced all their fears.
  • 22 will fail trying.
  • The final 2 shall then have to fight to the death.


Yes, there are rules, sadly.

  • Maximum per person is 2-3 tributes.
  • You can talk to me on chat or message my talk page about any extra information about your tributes or to give some suggestions to the games.
  • For stylists, go crazy. Those don't go so easily >.< So all helps!
  • You can give in pictures/lunaii's with your tributes, just to help me when writing their challenges.
  • All deaths are picked at random, do not start blaming me or start complaining if your tribute dies.

Follow those rules, we shall all be best of friends.

Template for Tributes




1st Fear:

2nd Fear:

3rd Fear:


How Fears Came to Be:

Template for Stylists:



Outfit, Female, Chariot:

Outfit, Female, Interview:

Outfit, Male, Chariot:

Outfit, Male, Interview:

Template for Gamemakers:



And... I'll find your username myself XD.


Name Age District Gender Fear 1 Fear 2 Fear 3
Flight Hawk 16 1 Male Burning to Death Rejection Falling in Love
Penny Dawson 15 1 Female Small Spaces Heights Creepy Dolls
Reserved 2 Male
Reserved 2 Female
3 Male
Reserved 3 Female
Daniel Bluewater 16 4 Male Drowning Family Dying District being bombed
Olivia Comstock 17 4 Female Water Family Dying Birds
5 Male
Evelyn August 16 5 Female Agraphobia Darkness Falling
Reserved 6 Male
Reserved 6 Female

Pamline Falcone

16 7 Male Spiders Rain Abandonment
Reserved 7 Female
8 Male
Reserved 8 Female
9 Male
Pansy Reeds 9 Female Earthquakes Swimming May never see family again
10 Male
Reserved 10 Female
11 Male
Reserved 11 Female
12 Male
Dakota Harbwood 13 12 Female Agliophobia Being Kidnapped Heights


Placing Name District Who They Were Killed By


Name District Female Chariot Male Chariot Female Interview Male Interview
Melissa Rivera 1 The female will come out wearing a white outfit, covered in diamonds, pearls, and other things. Her hair is curled down, with a diamond tiara placed apon her head. Her make-up includes her her gray eye-shadow, white lip-stick, and her blush to be that little splash of color to make her stand out. The male shall come out wearing a black outfit covered in diamonds,pearls,and other things to sparkle in the light of the streets. He will be left with nothing on his hair for the sake of being different. He is wearing a bit of make-up, but very lightly. Some foundation is about it. The female shall come out wearing a white dress with diamonds covering the entire dress. Her hair is up in a bun, while a different, more elegant diamond tiara is on her head. Her make-up is more uplifting, more splashes of color. The male shall come out wearing a white tux, with his tie having diamonds incrusted onto it. The white of the outfits show purity of not killing in huge numbers before.
Mikki Merritt 4 Swimsuit(bikini style) with gems that resemble wave and when she moves it looks like the waves are moving. The swimsuit is blue green. She is tan and wearing metallic, ocean- colored eye shadow with lips the same color. she has a cape made out of a net with glittery green things tangled in it, supposed to represent seaweed being tangled in it. A long sleeved blue- green shirt with gems on it to resemble waves in the ocean, and when he moves it loos like they are moving. The same cape as female tribute. Black pants. Holding a fishing pole in one hand. A long purple dress that drags behind her 4 feet when she walks. Has pearls, sseashells, and sand dollars attatched to it. Black suit, purple tie that matches females dress
Deja Vu 5 The female will wear a leathery ebony shirt that covers her arms and hands, and dark black skinny jeans as well. On her feet will be black, knee-high combat boots. Once the chariot is pulled up to the center, little dots on her outfit that were unseen before will light up and and turn a bright, blinding yellow color. The lights will dim down just a bit after a few seconds, and it will look like the female is covered in a cloud of light. She is meant to resemble the sun (since District 5 is having to do with solar power). The male tribute will resemble a power plant worker. He will wear a silky black button-down shirt and some red pants, and he will have leathery brown gloves on his hands. There will be a yellow hard hat on his head with one of those lights that you turn on when it's dark outside. Before the female starts to glow, the light on his hat will be on, as if the chariot is travelling through a pitch black tunnel. The female will wear a long, sparkly golden dress that reaches down to her shins and shimmers with every step she takes. Her black hair will be curled and a single yellow streak will be dyed in it. There will be a silver circlet on her head with a large golden diamond on it. He will wear a dark black suit with a shimmering golden tie. He will also wear a circlet on his head, except it will be golden with a silver diamond on it.
Japolly Reakeness 10 The female wears long, curly dark hair with cowboy images for the fingernails and eyelids. She will also wear gold eyeliner and eyelash with a long, golden dress with a brown leather jacket and 10 bracelets for each arm with Livestock on them. He will wear something similar to the female, with a golden leather jacket, a brown tinted gold beanie, with a livestock necklace. He will wear gold and white gumboots, with DISTRICT 10 on the back. He will also be waving a flaming bandana. She will wear golden eyelids and a long fringe with a short white dress tinted with golden sparkles and leather at the bottom of the dress. He will wear a gold tuxedo with a brown tie and a red bandana around his neck. He will also wear brightly yellow tinted gold sneakers with a cowboy hat and lasso.


Name Specialty Username
Kianna Mercenary Head Gamemaker Rainy
Aphrodite Bellchime Assistant Gamemaker Axed Fox
Agusti Leveman Mutt Creator Ryan
Honoria Silversilk Co-Mutt Creator Axed Fox
Ariadne Glacier Arena Designer District 1 Obsessed
Agusti Leveman Co-Arena Designer Ryan


Chariot Rides:



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