So, hey people c: Colin came up with the idea of these Potato Games where the tributes are potatoes. So then Anna told me to go and make these games because, why not? All people of my Potato Kingdom shall enter and play c: Love y'all, see you entering da games c:

Rules, which suck, I know ;-;

  • No spam 'cause it silly.
  • No cryin', complainin' or anythin' dat stupid because your tribbie shall die c:
  • HAVE FUN! c:

Bestest Arena c:

Okay, so like, lemme explain dis 'cause it so awesome.

So, dere be some humans and dey be making food for their family. Da family be making mashed potatoes c:

So, da arena is a kitchen. Da potatoes be starting at a cornucopia, which be a kitchen drawer. And like, you gotta remove any and all things the humans can use to make you into food. You can also use those objects to kill each other also.

Any way, so de potatoes run around the kitchen, trying not to be made into food and kill each other. Da potato standing is then returned to the potato bag to live until da next Potato Games. The other 23 are.... EATEN FOR DINNER!

Also, da oven. If your potato wanders inside, dey be baked. Then they are true baked potatoes, and not the alliance, Baked Potatoes c:

Tribbie Template c:




Potato District: 

Weapon of Choice: 

Other Weapons: 




Interview Strategy: 

Bloodbath Strategy: 

Game Strategy: 

Feast Strategy: 

Tribbies c:

Potato District Gender Name Age User
1 M Mashed Spudder 16 Fish
1 F Solamum Nightshade 17 EG
2 M Potassium DeMash 17 Oli
2 F Butterinaaaa Boomshakalaka 15 Oli
3 M Creamy Crisp 16 Justin
3 F Karla Flake 16 Sam
4 M Jeff The Potato 15 Mistfire
4 F Patty Potato 15 Andy
5 M Fried Butter 15 Toxic
5 F Tateria Skin 13 Toxic
6 M Potentious Potato 18 Andy
6 F Potata Tomata 18 Emmandra
7 M Spud Nick 15 Colin
7 F Ida Idaho 16 Colin
8 M Mist Scorchil 14 Mistfire
8 F Alexa Tuberosum 16 HT
9 M Laughing Potato 18 Jay
9 F Spremy Potatoe 9 Emmandra
10 M Pip Pop Pippoppotato 13 Andy
10 F Potatula Le Sociopazz 18 Andy
11 M Gloom Ivy 13 Sam
11 F Sweet-Potato Mashed 17 MRS
12 M Stew Peedslat 100 KEAP
12 F Ms. French Fries 'Bout 14 Cass

Le Reapings

So, I gonna have Reapings so I can write these while I write whatever else I am currently working on for other things c:

District 1

The potatoes walked around Potato District 1. Several people were sitting, eating random stuff and enjoying all the luxary stuff they all make for fun.

A potato female by the name of Solanum Nightshade. She was carrying salt and pepper shakers. She ran up to some random nerdy potato and shook some salt into his eyes. He started screaming and rolling around. She shook some pepper towards his face and he started sneezing. She quickly rolled off, leaving the kid to sneeze and cry in pain, laughing like a mad woman.

Another potato, named Mashed Spudder, saw her do that stuff and shook his head. He yawned and crashed on a couch that some workers were moving towards a train 'cause he was bored. The workers narrowed their eyes and shook the couch, making him fall to the ground. Mashed got angry and rolled towards to his section for the Reapings.

The Potato Escort rolled onto the stage and on her way, grabbed two random names, one from each bowl to keep from suspense. "M'kay, so let's see..." She pauses. "OH YEAH! HAPPY POTATO MASH-UPS!"

Several cheers answer her. "M'kay, so, starting with female..."

The Potato Escort struggled with the paper, opening it any way. She finally got it open. "GAWD, STUPID PAPER! Any way... Female be... POTATO VON'SWEETS."

One potato shouted, "I VOLUNTEER!" The potato then rolled onto the stage, holding salt and pepper shakers. Da Potato Escort smiled.

"What chu name?" the Potato Escort asked.

"Mm... Oh, it be SOLANUM NIGHTSHADE!" she said with a smile.

"Mm... M'kay. Any way, male be... MASHED VON'SWEETS! My god, two siblings being Reaped at the same time. Glob."

"I VOLUNTEER! MY NAME ALSO BE MASHED SPUDDER BEFORE YOU ASK!" shouted a male, rolling on the stage.

The escort smiled. "POTATO DISTRICT 1, CHU TRIBUTES!"

District 2

There were random swords being made in random potatoes. They are used to protect the people of Potato World and for potatoes to kill each other because dat is what potatoes do.

Butterinaaaa Boomshakalaka rolled around, bored. She saw a potato standing around by the name of Potassium DeMash who is a popular freak. She smiles and rolled over, slapping him. She started laughing and rolled away faster than any other potato could.

Potassium DeMash rolled his potato eyes. "BITCH!" he shouted and she was laughing again. He sighed and rolled away, followed by his posse, to where he would wait to volunteer this year, as his DREAMS had told him. Or that living human baby he keeps as a pet, yelling at him to volunteer so they can escape. Either way, he was going to volunteer.

Suddenly a random potato came on stage. "HELLO BITCHES- I mean potatoes c:" she says with a fake smile. Butterinaaaa rolled her eyes. "GET ON WITH THE REAPINGS!" she shouted.

The Potato Escort rolled her eyes. "Fine. Female be Meltin' Butter," she says when a shout is heard.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Butterinaaaa shouts and rolls onto stage.

"What chu name?" the Potato Escort asked, looking at the female.

"Butterinaaaa, spelled with Butter, followed by in and four a's," she says matter-of-factly. The Potato Escort rolled her eyes.

"M'kay, da male be Butter-" she starts but someone interrupts her.

"I, THE AMAZING POTASSIUM DEMASH, VOLUNTEER AS LE TRIBUTE!" the amazing Potassium DeMash rolled onto stage. He smiled but then noticed who was standing next to him. "FUCK, IT'S YOU!" he shouted.

Butterinaaaa, not wanting to deal with his crap, slapped him in the potato gut. "Fuck off," she mutters and rolls away to the Sack of Justice Hall, followed moments behind by the Potato Escort and Potassium DeMash.

District 3

Sparks everywhere as the tributes of Potato District 3 worked away on gadgets and gizmoos that keep all of Potato World alive. 

One potato, named Karla Flake, walked around, bored. On her head was a wig that was black in the back with red bangs. She was an odd potato because she dressed as if she were from Potato Capitol. And nobody from Potato District 3 dressed like that unless they had something wrong with them. I mean, she did, but it makes her shy, not mental. Right?

Another potato, by the name of Creamy Crisp, walked around. He looks around. Some random potato waved to him and he waved back. Another one said "hi" and he nodded. Either he lost his potato tongue or he doesn't speak often. Either way, he doesn't talk.

The two potatoes went to their spots for the Potato Mash-Ups, which, to the humans, is known as the Reapings. A potato with a purple wig and with a lot of her potato skin peeled off and replaced with a purple tutu rolled onto stage. She tapped the tiny potato microphone, used for Potato Mash-Ups, to get the attentions of the potatoes.

"Hello. Welcome to le first Potato Games. We gonna reap one boy and girl potato to compete. Potatoes... I hope you are in your right spots and didn't get gender confused."

A few potatoes switched sides for about a minute, until they were sure of which gender they were. The Potato Escort nodded. "M'kay. So, da potato female be..." she says, grabbing a random name, "KARLA FLAKE!"

A few murmurs a heard as the potato with the black and red hair rolled onto the stage. The Potato Escort smiled. "LOVE DA HAIR, DEARY!"

Karla smiled, or whatever Potatoes can do that comes anywhere close to a smile, and backed away. The Potato Escort shrugged. "Da male potato is..." she says, grabbing another random name, "CREAMY CRISP!"

Da potato boy rolled towards the stage and nodded to the Potato Escort. She nodded back. "Potato District 3, YOUR TRIBUTES!" She then walked them to the Sack of Justice Hall to talk to their potato family and friend before they leave. If they have any.

District 4


District 5


District 6


District 7


District 8


District 9


District 10


District 11


District 12


Le Interviews

Again, while I write other things, I can work on these if I get the time.

Le Alliances c:

So, here, I list alliances. Da Careers be called da Baked Potatoes. I make names for alliances btw c:

Baked Potatoes(Careers):

Mashed Spudder (PD1 Male c:)

Solamun Nightshade (PD1 Fem c:)

Potassium DeMash (PD2 Male c:)

Butterinaaaa Boomshakalaka (PD2 Fem c:)

Patty Potato (PD4 Fem c:)

Sweet-Potato Mashed (PD11 Fem c:)

Addition from outside: Jeff The Potato (PD4 Male c:)

Mashed Potatoes(Anti-Careers):

Creamy Crisp (PD3 Male c:) Mist Scorchil (PD8 Male c:)


Title says it all c:

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