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The Beginning of Something... Abusive

Cas sinks his teeth in the skin of Lady's arm. She whimpers softly as he starts to tear at the flesh in small pieces, waiting for it to heal before starting again and again, until her arm was a mess of blood a pulp.

"Did I give you permission to whimper?" Cas hisses in her ear. She doesn't reply and he slams her head as hard as possible into the wall. "DID I?!"

Lady whimpers again. Pain shoots through her skull as he slams her into the wall and across the room. Her body hits the glass wall and carries on through until her back hits a tree. Glass digs into her arms and legs as she clings onto the branch, trying to worm her way up. Cas comes out the tree and sees her. He growls and leaps up into the tree. He puts his foot on her hands, crushing her fingers. She cries out as she loses her grip and falls.

She is about to plummet to the ground when a pair of arms wrap around her at top speed and carry her through the woods. Finally, her savior stops and sets her down.

Lady looks at Liza and smiles. "Liza, did your visions tell you to come here?"

"Yeah well... Cas is... Cas..." She scratches the back of her head before clapping. "You only have to deal with this for 200 more years thought!"

"200 more years? What happens then?"

"Oh, the visions... They showed me your head on a platter..." She then pauses. "Shit, I shouldn't of told you that..."


"Oh relax. You know nothing is set in stone..." She then pauses. "Although unless you want Bee with dog skum children, you should go see her. Erlend is humping her."

"Damn you are no help." Lady turns and runs through the forest only to be stopped by Cas who throws her back into the trees. Her head bangs against a tree and she curses. She tries to get up but Cas is there, pinning her to the tree.

"Oh to hell you're leaving. I read Liza's mind, the little bitch." He slams Lady's head into the tree several times before Liza shows up with two wolves.

Oh no... the incest twins...

Rebekah turns human and walks over to Cas. "Dammit, Cas. I told you not to rape her in the trees, we don't want to smell that when we patrol."

Jay turns human and looks at his sister. "Can I say someth-"

"Shut up, Jay," Rebekah shouts. She then glares at Cas. "Either rape Lady in the comfort of your house with your damn torture devices or get BOTH of your heads ripped off... Not including Lady's."

Cas yanks Lady to her feet and drags her through the forest. Once at the house, he looks at their room, covered on one side by glass. He tosses Lady carlessly into the air and her body hits the glass, flying through to land on the bed with glass sticking out of her ligaments. Cas comes upstairs and glares at her.

"You know, you brought this upon yourself," he hisses as he is suddenly upon her.

The Amazonian Sistas from Different Mistas

Wes smirks playfully at Ley as she looks around. Shee takes the girls hands and imagines a place unlike no other.

A strip club.

Ley starts to freak out. "OMG OMG OMG OMG!" she says in her native tongue. "THIS IS SO AMAZING LIKE HOW DID YOU EVEN... HOW... HOW?!"

"This is my favorite club, sister," Wes says. She leads her around the moving illusion as Ley freaks out, reaching to touch some of the people only to come out empty handed. Each time Senna did this, the illusion weakened until the two Amazonian girls were standing alone in a bedroom.

"I... Uh..." Ley starts but Wes leans down and kisses her softly. Ley melts into the kiss but then a knock comes to the door.

"DAMMIT WES, YOU BETTER NOT BE KISSING LEY IN THERE BECAUSE YOU ARE MY BITCH!" shouts Kachiri, as she likes to be called. Otherwise, we just call her Wesley because that is awesome.

"Relax, Wesley," Wes soothes through the door. She imagines a calming places and projects it to  Wesley and Wesley alone. Wesley then wonders away and falls down a hole and dies, meaning that Wes only gets two bitches to control.

Wes then turns back to Ley who is already smirking. "So, what's the sexiest illusion you can pull of, Wes?" Ley asks.

"Not now, Ley. We must hurry..." Wes looks around, keeping a smirk underneath.

"What's wrong, Wes? Do you sense something?" Ley touches Wes' arm and tries to pull her attention away from whatever has the girl bothered.

"Yes, I do. I suspect a disturbance..." Wes slowly turns to Ley. "A great disturbance unlike any other."

"Wes..." Ley slaps Wes. "WHAT DO YOU SENSE!"

Wes walks away from Ley and into the bathroom of bedroom. She returns, looking concerned, but her eyes hold mischief. However, Ley misses this.

"WES, WHAT IS GOING ON?! TELL ME NOW!" Ley screams. She starts to shake Wes, not realizing the smirk now playing onto her face. Wes pushes Ley onto the bed who squeals.

"The disturbance is this." Wes pulls the cucumber out from where it was hidden in her satchel. She kisses Ley with enough force that it would kill the girl.

"Now you're mine."

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