Okay, so we are all going on a trip which will be described in the story, so until then, you are left in the dark with no information at all. Oh, also, this is mandatory, so you will be apart of this even if you don't want to.

I'm kidding, if you don't want to be apart of this, you can tell me and I will gladly make sure that you are not in this story. Just know that I will be very upset.

So any way, I hope you enjoy this, because I'll be enjoying this. Just know that I will be your teacher/tour-guide person who is uber-hawt and I am totz off-limits :3 Js :3

Prologue: The Beginning of... The Beginning

As the kids pile onto the bus, one slaps my bum. I grab the ruler that Anna was using as she walks onto the bus with Charles to work on her Geometry homework and hit Erlend. He curses as the ruler hits him on the head and gets on the bus, muttering curses directed in my direction.

Once all the kids are on the bus, I see Rebekah, my neice, sitting by herself. I take the few steps onto the bus, tripping over Alice's hand bag that was lying in the middle of the aisle. I cross my arms at her and she picks up her bag, muttering to Lauren about how this trip was going to be forever. Her suitcase full of clothes sits in front of her feet, squishing her into the seat cushion.

I shake my head and make my way to the front, taking a seat next to Rebekah. I tap Colin on the shoulder and he looks at me with unwavering brown eyes.

"Head to John F. Kennedy Space Center, our first stop," I say. He gives me a slight nod, handing me a small microphone to talk into. I stand up and look at the kids as the bus starts to pull out of the parking lot.

"Attention students, you are here because the school has selected you all to go and see several places located from here, Miami, Florida, to St. Louis, Missouri. In about three hours, we will be at the John F. Kennedy Space Center, dedicated to the 35th U.S. President who was assassinated November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvy Oswald. His killer was then killed two days later by Jack Ruby before a trial could be held."

Several students blink at me, not understanding anything I just said. I sigh and hand the mic back to Colin who smirks softly. I slap his shoulder before sitting down next to Rebekah, her small shoulders slumped against the window as the bus slowly merges onto the I-95 North ramp.

In a few minutes, several kids are screaming at the top of their lungs and I sigh. I take out my iPod, hidden in the top zipper of my suitcase. I plug in my headphones, putting them into my ears. I turn up the music and look around. This is going to be a long trip...

Chapter One: On the Road

It gets to the point where my iPod is drowned out no matter how loud the music is. I take out my earbuds, standing up. I turn around, gripping the edge of Colin's chair. He hands me the mic and I take it in hand.

"Alright, listen up!" I shout. Silence rings out, which nearly makes me smirk. "We are going to set some ground rules here. This trip is not for you to have sex in the back seat. This trip is not for you to talk as loud as you can, or to see who can shout the loudest. This trip is for the enjoyment of everyone. Not everything is going to be historically involved. We will be spending a day at Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, at zoos, at Sea World. Those will be your days to be as loud as you can. I just ask that you all talk quietly amongst yourselves before I end up shooting you all!"

"That can be arranged," Eli mutters. I kick him with my heel, making him curse out.

Everyone looks at me before grabbing their phones, opting to text each other rather than talk. I give a sigh of relief as I sit back down.

Once sitting, Colin gives me a quick glance over his shoulder. "You didn't have to threaten the kids."

"Sadly, with this bunch, you never know." I sigh. "How much longer until we are at the Space Center in Cape Canaveral?"

"Ah, two hours, 28 minutes, dear," he says with a small laugh. "I am going to go out on a limb and say that this silence isn't going to last long."

"Don't call me dear." I shake my head. "And I know that, but hopefully this will last awhile... This kids can be really loud."

"And obnoxious. They're kids, what can we do?"

"I can think of several things to do, actually..." I mutter.

"What was that, Rainie Mum?" asks Jay, my adopted but loveable son.

"Nothing, nothing. Go converse with Connor about... things." Jay slowly head back to his seat, casting weary glances in my directing every once in awhile. I sigh and put my face into my hands before taking out my music. I put my headphones back in and close my eyes, listening as, "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Klarkson plays.

Chapter Two: Arrival to JFK Space Center

As the bus pulls to a stop, I walk around, shaking the kids who fell asleep, awake. Luke groogily lifts his head at me and a smirk fills his face before he starts talking to Zach. I slowly head further back on the bus.

Blake talks excitedly to Mist about some yaoi they saw on their favorite anime. "Boys, lets not talk about yaoi at the Space Center, there are children there." Blake just shrugs at me.

"Gamzee doesn't approve of you bossing me around," Blake says before talking more about yaoi with Mist. I sigh and continue on.

Once all the students are awake, we head into the Space Center. I pass out the tickets for them all before they swarm past me. "Hey, I said to stay with me!" I shout but no one stops. I sigh and look around. All who remain are Jay, Luke, Zach, Rebekah and Colin.

"You all can pair off and run around, I suppose," I say with a sigh. Zach gives me a quick hug before running off to explore with Luke, who says a quick farewell, promising that we can talk more about the "Old Times," which I hope means when I was a senior here at the high school and when he was a freshmen...

Rebekah gives me a hug. "I hope you still enjoy this trip. If you need someone to give a tour guide to, Jay and I won't be far."

"It's true, Rainie Mum," Jay adds in.

"It's fine, honestly. Go run off, okay?" I say softly to them, giving them an encouraging smile. Jay gives me a hug before running off with Rebekah to explore the Space Center.

"And then there were two," Colin jokes behind me, making me roll my eyes. He catches this and frowns. "Can you at least pretend to enjoy my presence for this trip? Like it or not, everyone else is paired off with their friends and we are going to be the last two together. So if you don't mind, I'd like to enjoy this trip without a pissed off teacher being pissed off at me."

I sigh and hand him his ticket, walking off. He shouts something at me but I ignore him, walking to where there is a huge line of my students trying to get in.

At the front, Lady is stopped by security. I try to listen in and apparently they found a dildo in her bag. I want to shout at her for being so immaturely stupid when they allow her to pass.

The line continues on and I can feel Colin's eyes searing into my back. Finally, it's my turn to go through the metal detector. I put my heels into the bucket along with my purse, phone and earrings. I step through the metal detector and get the, "All's Good" from the security gaurd. I grab my stuff, putting it back on when I'm suddenly knocked over.

"Jesus Christ, Bella get off me!" I shout as the girl starts to giggle.

"How'd ya know it was me?" she asks, giggles consuming her voice.

I sigh and she gets off my back, allowing me to stand. "I knew it was you because Julia wasn't allowed on the trip because her parent's wouldn't allow her to and no one else has the balls to tackle me to the floor."

Bella starts to giggle even more before suddenly she stops. "Alice and Lady need me, something about Justin."

"If you antagonize that boy..." I start but she runs off. I sigh and slip on my other heel, grabbing my bag and phone from the bucket.

I start to head into the Space Center when Colin catches up. I groan inwardly as I try to put a fake smile onto my face.

This is going to be a long tour...

Chapter Three: Havic at the Hotel

Everyone piles into the bus once more, ressuming their old seats. A few kids look excited because they were able to touch the Saturn V Rocket they had on display. Of course, now a $400 fine is being sent to their parents, but whatever.

I sit next to Rebekah and tell Colin the address for the hotel we are staying the night at. He starts to drive and in 15 minutes, we pull up into the hotel parking. I stand up, grabbing the mic before Colin can hand it to me.

"Alright, tonight we are staying at the Quality Inn located in Cape Canaveral. There are only two bedrooms to a room so you will have to be sharing a room with someone the same sex as you."

A collective groan answers me as Cas raises his hand. I groan and point to him. "Yes, Tristian?"

"Well, let's just say, hypothetically, that at one point I was considered a girl. Could I room with a girl then?"

I face palm over dramatically. "No, Tristian, you cannot."

"There is something wrong with your theory," Luke cuts in. "There are an odd number of boys and an odd number of girls if we count you and Colin. So even if we all room with someone of our gender, it would leave you two to share a room."

"NO FAIR! I WANT TO SLEEP WITH THE TEACHER! THIS ISN'T RIGHT!" Erlend shouts from the back of the bus where he was talking with Kekai.

I sigh. "Colin and I are adults, we're buying our own room and-"

"NO, YOU HAVE TO SHARE A ROOM WITH SOMEONE!" Erlend shouts as he crawls to the front of the bus. "PLEASE SHARE A ROOM WITH ME!"

"Stop flirting with Rainie Mum!" Jay shouts. He and Luke then jump at Erlend, dragging him to the back of the bus, far away from me.

"Listen, guys, I'm not going to be sharing a room becau-" I start but everyone starts shouting that if we get our own room, so does everyone else.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, SHUT UP!" I shout. Everyone does so and I sigh in relief. "If we share the damn room, will you shut up?"

"Yes," they all call out, but I hear a muffled response from Erlend who is probably the only one to disagree. I sigh and pass our room keys to everyone.

"Now, if you'd kindly exit to my-"

"Watch out!" Colin shouts and grabs me, pulling me ontop of him as the kids push past me, running through the hotel, trying to find their room. Erlend cries out desperately as Luke, Zach and Jay push him off the bus before he can reach me.

I push off Colin once the kids are gone, punching him. "What the hell was that for? I'd rather of been run over by the kids!"

"Sorry for saving your life," he mutters coldly. I sigh and grab my suitcase, throwing the extra key at him. "Let yourself in. I'm taking a shower."

As I walk into the hotel room, I see Alice and Lady fighting over who gets to use the dildo first. I grab the dildo, holding it above their heads. "No one is using this unless you can figure out who goes first."

"I AM GOING FIRST!" They both shout in unison. "NO, I AM! OH MY GOD, YOU NEVER LET ME DO ANYTHING!"

I roll my eyes and push open the door for the stairs, pulling my suitcase alone. I get to the third floor and find my room, room 307. I put in the key and walk into my room, setting down the girls dildo on the table. I grab my shampoo and stuff and head to the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

I walk back out in my tank-top and pajamas. Colin is sitting on the chair next to the door. I jump before throwing a towel at him. "Stop scaring me!"

"Ah, but three girls came around looking for this." He throws the dildo at me and I drop it, muttering curses under my breathe. "They keep saying they figured who was using it first and sadly, I didn't believe them when Alice punched them both. Currently one is tied up in the closet, one is under your bed and one is waiting outside, being held down by Luke."

I groan and push him and his chair out of the way before walking outside, my hair still dripping water. Luke stands there, restraining Alice as she tries to punch and kick him.

"Luke, off of her. Alice, you get this first." I throw the dildo at her as Luke gets off. I then walk to the closet, let out Caylin, and then get Lady out from under my bed.

"Caylin gets it next, then Lady. Have fun." The three girls run far away, shouting about how big of a dick Colin was. I laugh and then notice Luke sitting on my bed, talking to Colin.

"Luke, what are you doing?" I ask.

"Talking about you!" he shouts before talking once more to Colin. "So... is she as good in the bed as I remember?"

"Alright, out!" I shout. Luke looks at me sadly.

"But I just wanna know-"

"Luke, if you don't want detention for fantasizing about me when we get back, I suggest you go back to your room you share with Zach. Now." Luke quickly stands up and starts to leave before turning around and hugging me. He then quickly disappears behind the door, leaving me to myself... with Colin...

I lay down in my bed, completely choosing to ignore him. He tries to attempt talking to me for about five minutes before finally giving up and turning off the lights, going to sleep in his own bed. I give a small sigh of relief and slowly drift to sleep...

Chapter Four: Which Fort We Going To?

I wake up as the alarm blares that it's 7 AM. I moan and turn over in bed, covering my head with a pillow. The alarm continues to blare until it decides to shut itself off. A pair of hands gently shake me.

"Come on, get up. We need to be back on the road. We're heading to the Fort Lauderdale Science Museum."

I moan and keep the pillow over my head. I hear him sigh and the bed shifts next to me as he suddenly pulls me into his arms. "Do you want to play this game? I can and will drag you out of this bed and you know it."

"Get off of me and I'll get ready," I mutter coldly. His arms leave me and I sigh, getting out of bed. I grab my clothes and head to the bathroom, quickly changing, brushing my hair and brushing my teeth. I walk out and Colin goes past me. He exits in about two minutes and I grab whatever stuff I had lying around, shoving it into my bag. I walk out of the room and head down the stairs to the desk where I sign out all of the kids and myself.

I walk over to the small breakfast area and grab a container of yogurt, sitting down and eating it.

Caylin walks out and eyes the breakfast food with disguist. She grabs and apple, cutting it into slices and only eating about two of the slices. Alice walks down and the two girls work on finishing what remains of the apple.

Marina skips down the stairs, her hair in a messy bun. She smiles brightly at us and makes herself a waffle with the waffle-iron. I frown slightly at how she can be so awake but don't question it as I go back to eating my yogurt.

Justin walks downstairs, talking to Jade, Mia and Wes. They make up our Class Representation. Jade was Class President, Wesley was her Vice, Mia was her treasurer and Justin was her secretary, or as she called him, her lap dog. I found it wrong of her to call him that but I never argue.

Justin sits down with the group as they talk about how "ready" they were for the school year so they could prank all the freshmen. I sigh and start to push around the remaining yogurt in the container.

"You know, eating so little really doesn't help you become strong," Colin says as he sits down next to me. I stand up and walk over to where Jay, Zach, Luke and Rebekah were sitting and sit next to them, pulling up a chair.

"So, Rainie Mum, why are you so stressed?" Jay asks as he looks me over.

"Everything. We have another 2 hour drive to the Science Museum..."

Luke smiles deviously but it disappears when he notices me staring at him suspiciously. His eyes meet Marina across the dining hall and his smirk returns for a second.

They're planning something...

Once everyone has eaten and grabbed their bags, we head back to the bus. Dani and Caylin push past me as they make their way to the very back seats. I lean against the door, watching as the kids pile onto the bus. The last of the kids to enter is Rebekah, who takes the exact same seat as last time. I climb on and sit next to her as Colin starts the bus. Slowly we start to exit.

Connor, who was sitting next to me, starts to talk about The Amazing Race to himself. Charles, who he was probably talking to, pretends to listen. I look around as about half the kids fall asleep, either using a pillow or another student as a pillow. I lean my head against the back of the seat and sigh out loud. I know already that I will get little to no sleep, even with everyone sleeping around me.

Once more, a very long trip... yay...

Chapter Five: The Science Museum... Explodes?

We pull into the parking lot of the science museum. I lead the kids inside and just like yesterday, I am left alone with Colin. I break away from him and join Luke, Zach and Marina.

"Marina, where's your partner?" I ask her as we walking through the many exhibits. As we reach the fossil of a dinosaur footprint, I see that Marina pulls something out of her bag and places it near the exhibit. I try to get a better look at it but Luke blocks me from seeing the object.

"Come on, Ms. Star. Don't you have your own partner to hang out with? Or did something happen last night that made things awkward between you two? Can I make things awkward between us?" Luke asks almost excitedly.

I take a few steps back away from him and Zach grabs his arm, giving him a stern look. Luke starts to laugh and hugs Zach before they join Marina in walking around.

I wonder around the mueseum. In one area, I see Caylin, Alice and Lady playing with their dildo in a corner. I roll my eyes and turn away only to see Marina hiding more objects near the exhibits.

I walk into the space exhibits and see Colin looking around. I turn around but his hand stops me.

"Not so fast. You are my buddy in this and we are going to stick together," he says. I almost cringe but he drags me around, practically.

As the museum finally comes upon it's last exhibit, I start to notice that Luke has a wire that he is dragging around. I get confused faster but Marina grabs my hand.

"Ms. Star, we should go now. All the exhibits were interesting but I'm beat and the hotel sounds amazing right now. Especially the pool."

"Marina what are you-" I start but all the kids come running around, shouting about how there are sticks of dynamite everywhere. I glare at Marina as she starts to laugh and drags me out. All of the students follow. Right where we're at the door, Luke lights the wire and the flame follows the trail.

"BOMBS AWAY!" he shouts as all the kids swarm onto the bus. I stumble after them, getting into my seat in a daze. Colin starts to the bus and we start to zoom away. Ten seconds later, the museum explodes, scrap metal raining down behind us.

I turn and look at Luke. "You blew UP a museum?! Are you out of your mind?!" I shout.

Luke starts to laugh. "You know, I think Erlend agrees with me on this one. You are hot when you are angry."

"Oh, she so is," Erlend says quietly from the back, but I still hear him. I cringe inwardly.


"You see, I need something that would be as hot as you and Zach, but as explosive as me." A smirk filled his face. "So I thought, hey, why not make an explosion. So I did just that. Marina agreed with me on it and together we blew up the museum."

I slump against my seat, hiding my face in my hands. "If we get legal charges because of your stupidity, I'm going to hurt you," I mutter.

I lift my head and he salutes to me. "Yes ma'am!" I face palm again and lean my forehead against the barrier between my seat and the steps that lead down off the bus.

"Colin, you know where the hotel is. Get going..."

Chapter Six: You Have Got To Be Kidding Me...

We pull into the hotel parking lot around 2 PM. All the kids get their room keys for the Comfort Inn & Suites at Fort Lauderdale. Once more I find myself in Colin's arms as the kids run past, suitcases in hand.

"You really need to learn to stop standing right there when the kids want off," he jokes playfully. I punch him again and grab my suitcase. I head to the front desk and check in for one more room, because we were short a room this time. She hands me the key, giving me a smile.

I head to the elevator and look at the room number. Level 6? The top floor?

The elevator comes down and I get on, followed by Conner, Callam and Caylin. Colin sneaks in right when the doors are about to close. Caylin hits the button from floor 2 and Callam and Conner click the button for 3. I hit the top button for level six and they give me weird looks. The doors open and Caylin gets out.

The elevator slowly rises to the next level, where Callam and Conner get off. I keep my back against the wall of the elevator, as far from Colin as I can get. The elevator slowly rises and I feel my heartbeat pounding against my chest. Could this elevator move any slower?

Floor 5 and still we aren't there. The room is starting to swirl. Is it supposed to do that?

Suddenly the doors open onto level six and I hurry out, taking in big gulps of air. Colin tries to rush over but I straighten up, taking a big breath, shooing him away. I walk to our room and open it.

As I walk in, my heart falls through the floor. Against the back wall is a king size bed, but only that and the dresser and bathroom.

"Oh hell... You have got to be kidding me..." I collapse against the wall and Colin walks in, looking around.

"They thought... we were on a freaking honeymoon... Are you freaking kidding me?" I mutter coldly. I hide my face in my hand, muttering every curse word I could imagine.

"Hey... woah woah woah. If you have an issue, I'll sleep on the floor," he says to try and cheer me up but I just shake my head.

"They thought we were married... They... They..." I suddenly stand up, looking around. "We... we have to do something about this... I..."

"Liza... You're talking like a madman. Just... lay down, you need rest." His hand touches my shouder I sort of flinch away from him. I walk over to the bed and lean against the foot of it, my head resting on the cool metal of the beams that cross up into the ceiling.

I make my way around the bed and collapse on the pile of pillows on the bed. Colin makes a move towards me when a knock echoes from the door. He moves to the door and pulls it open. Luke stands there with Zach.

Luke looks over at me, as does Zach, and concern fills their eyes.

"What did you do to her?" Zach asks softly.

"Ask the people who gave us the room if you want an answer to that," Colin says to them. Luke looks around and says, "Oohhh".

They talk for a few more minutes before they decide to leave. I curl up under the sheets and slowly drift into a very early sleep, considering it's only around 2:30 PM...

I wake up around two hours later. I look around and the room feels eerily empty. I get out of bed, oblivious to the sound of running water. I hold my throbbing head as I walk over to the door that leads out of the room. I open it and look down the emtpy hall. I stumble out of the room, heading downstairs. I walk down the stairs, opting out of the elevator after earlier. As I arrive to the third floor landing, I see Luke push Cas into a corner, kissing him. I advert my eyes and continue down the stairs.

As I walk further down the stairs, I come to the ground level. Rebekah is sitting at the indoor pool with Bee, talking about a book. Erlend is playing in the water with Kekai, shouting something lost to my ears.

I start heading back up the stairs again. Cas and Luke are gone, probably to a random room. I reach the sixth floor and open the door. My eyes are trained on the floor, I block out all noise. Suddenly, I bump into something soaking wet. I look up and meet Colin's startled gaze. I scream and jump back, covering my eyes.

"I thought you were out of the room!" he shouts as he moves around the room. I keep my hands over my eyes. "Jesus Christ, woman..."

"And leave me scarred for life too, why don't you? I for one was wearing clothes, you weren't even wearing a towel, you ass," I shout, keeping my hand over my eyes.

"Yeah well, you can open your eyes now. Unless you have, of course, discovered X-Ray Vision," he says sarcastically.

I remove my hands from my eyes and see his back turned to me as he digs through his bag for a shirt.

"I can't do this anymore," I murmur. I grab my bag and hurry down the stairs, to the front desk.

"Excuse me?" I say as I ring the bell at the front desk. The lady comes over, looking startled. "I need a room."

"Didn't I give you a room earlier...?" she asks.

"Yes, you did, but just... please."

"I'm sorry, ma'am. There are no available rooms. Most of them are occupied by your group of students. The last available room was taken just an hour ago."

I moan and take my suitcase with me. I go to the pool and sit with Rebekah and Bee, unwilling to go back upstairs.

The door opens and Sam2 walks in. He grabs a towel and sets it down on the bench before jumping into the pool, splashing me. Luckily, my suitcase was on the other side of the table, but still...

Bee starts to giggle a little when she gets a light punch from Rebekah. She quickly stops and looks back down at her book which wasn't even touched by water.

Erlend comes out of the water and leans against the wall right next to me. "You know, babe, I can make you wet without the help of water," he says, a smirk on his face.

The door to the pool opens again and Caylin walks in, followed by Dani. The two girls walk over to the corner in the back of the room, talking quietly to each other. I look back over at Erlend. "Sorry, but Mr. Tee would have a better chance at getting me than you."

Erlend gaps at me for a second before putting his head down in shame and walking away. Bee starts to giggle even more, and for once, Rebekah joins in.

"Total fail. I told you it wouldn't work, Erlend," Sam2 says with a shake of his head.

"Shut up," Erlend mutters and I almost smile.

Chapter Seven: We're Going to a Real Fort This Time?

I shift in bed and suddenly sit up. Colin lays on the other side of the bed, a bundle of blankets. I quickly grab my stuff and change into a pair of dark blue denim skinny jeans and a tank-top. I look at the schedule I put up on the bathroom wall after returning yesterday from the pool. We would have to drive 4 hours to get to St. Augustine, to then drive all the way to the fort.

I run a brush through my hair before brushing my teeth. I shove all I can into my bag, carrying it downstairs. Just when I'm about to open the door, it swings open, hitting me square in the face. I stumble back, holding my nose in hand.

Luke looks over at me and cringes. "Sorry. I found a universal key and I had to use it." He looks over at the bed to see Colin still asleep. "You decided to both sleep in the same bed? Did you guys..."

"No Luke, we didn't. Can you go to the bathroom and get me a towel or something?" He hurries away before returning with a towel. I put it over my nose, flinching as it touches the bone. I cry out and suddenly Colin is by my side. "What he hell did you do to her?"

"I opened the door and it her." Luke suddenly looks up. "Why are you being so protective of her? Are you sure you two didn't-"

"Luke, we didn't!" I snap. "God, in all honesty, if it were up to me, I'd bunk with anybody else. You heard what I said to Erlend yesterday and you KNOW that ANYBODY'S CHANCES are well below 0% chance of happening. Now can you please?"

Luke rubs his arm, looking upset. "Okay, fine..." He starts to head out of the room.

"Luke, wait..." I start but the door slams shut.

The door creaks open and Eli pops his head through the door. "Luke gave me this universal key, said to open this door." He looks at the single bed. "Did you two-"

"Don't. Start," I mutter. I get up and grab my suitcase, pushing past the boy and down the stairs. Before I can open the door, he stops me.

"Listen, you don't have to take the stairs. That is six flights of stairs you are taking. Why don't you take the elevator?" Colin asks.

"Because elevators are stupid." I try to move around him but he blocks me.

"Elevator. Now." I roll my eyes and he presses the button for the elevator. The doors open and in the inside of the cart is Luke kissing Zach in the far corner of the compartment. I sigh and walk in, followed by Colin. Luke and Zach stop kissing, waiting for us to leave at the bottom floor, probably.

The elevator slowly makes it descend and I start to feel it again. The same sense of dizziness and anxiety. The walls start to push against me, enfolding Zach and Luke into their metalic depths. The space starts to tighten dramatically and I can feel his breath on my neck. I start to hypervenilate as the metal pushes us together until there are mere inches between us. I try to reach for my suitcase but all I can see is him and metal and I have no clue where to look, where to find it. My breathing increases more and more, my heartbeat pounding desperately against my chest.

How long until this death trap stops and I can leave? When will this end?

He's close, I can literally feel him against me. I try desperately to push away but the metal keeps me stationary. It wraps itself tightly around my skin and around Colin, making us so close. My eyes close tightly as the elevator moves inch by inch, tears stream down my face. An inch very hour it seems...

The metal moves around me as a pair of arms wrap tightly around me. "Liza..." he says. He continues to talk but the metal drowns out his voice. I try desperately again to move the metal from around me, I try to move but I can't.

The elevator jolts to a stop, breaking me out of my panic. I open my eyes and an opening is in my metal strangle. I try to make it through but he restrains me. I cry out desperately but to no avail. The metal casing pulls me back.

"Whats... with... Tee" someone garbles from the other side of the metal casing. A hand pushes it's way through the casing, touching my shoulder and I close my eyes again. There is an answer but it gets lost...

The arms around me pull me back, muttering things that get lost into the metal but somehow, it calms me. I slump against the figure. Slowly, I drift away.

Chapter Eight: Exploring Fort Castillo de San Marcos

I sit up as the bus jerks to a stop and find myself sitting in the St. Augustine Fort Castillo de San Marcos parking lot with the kids. I quickly get to my feet, grabbing the envelope with tickets inside. I take the microphone from Colin, who looks shocked to see me walking around.

"Okay..." I take a deep breath and turn on the microphone. "Hello students, we are at Fort Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida. In this envelope are your tickets to enter. Please only take one, I don't want to have to spend my money on buying in the kids without tickets."

I open the envelope and take out two tickets, handing one to Colin. I then hand the envelope to Rebekah. The envelope slowly makes it's way back and up to the front. Once everyone has a ticket, I set the empty envelope down on the dash board.

"Okay, we all have a ticket?" Everyone raises their ticket into the air. "Alright, just before we go to the Fort, how about a little history?" A collective groan echoes around and I sigh. "Fine, go exploring. Stay in groups of four!"

Everyone stares at me for a moment before they started pushing and shoving to get out of their seats first and be the first off the bus. For a few seconds, no one moves because they are too busy pushing and shoving. That's when Rebekah sneaks off the bus and everyone realises this. They all bolt from their seat to be the first in line for the ticket check.

I take a step back as the kids go running by. But as Bella goes by, she pushes me straight into the driver's seat, ontop of Colin. She flips me the bird, laughing as she gets dragged out by Dani and Lady.

The kids are all in line for the ticket booth and I look back at Colin. "Why does this always happen?"

"Maybe it was meant to be," he says, laughing.

I laugh too. "Or maybe it's just all in your head, you and your sick imagination."

"Ah, but if it were in my head, last night when you ran into me wouldn't have ended in you storming out." He raises an eyebrow at me and I punch his arm, making him laugh.

"In your dreams," I mutter.

"YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, MS. STAR!" Erlend shouts from the ticket booth. I roll my eyes and get out of the seat, going to the line of students.

I get through the line and walk with Rebekah, Jay and Colin. I act as the tourguide person, because why not?

"As you can see, the fort is made of coquina, which is Spanish for small shells. The fort was originally built back in 1672, where it was named Fort Castillo de San Marcos. However, in 1763, Great Britian took control of the fort and named it Fort St. Marcus. However, after issuing the Treaty of Paris, the 1783 version, it was returned to Spain. However, in 1819, Spain willingly gave up Florida, including the fort, to the United States, renamed Fort Marion, named after Frances Marion, a war hero. In the year 1942, the United States decided they'd rather give the fort back it's original name, or the name it was built with and lived for for 101 years before Britain took over, which was...?" I ask, looking at the others.

"Castillo de San Marcos," Jay says excitedly.

"Good! This historic place became a National Monument that people were allowed to visit in 1924, making this year, 2014, it's 90th birthday. Isn't that exciting?" I say with a small giggle.

"That's cool and all, Rainie Mum, but I want to see the cannons." He points to the upper deck of the fort, where currently Erlend and Justin were twerking.

"Oh, alright. You know, there is an amazing view of the Matanzas Bay area, where to this day they still sail boats on the small bay." We head up the ramp as I continue to tell more and more about the history of the fort and how it came to be.

"Every few fort nights they will have haunted tours of the fort at night. They say that the souls of those who died here and were kept prisoner still remain. It is pretty terrifying, been here once myself. It's like... you can feel them there."

Alice starts to laugh behind me. "Oohhh, so many ghosts. I hear they are having one of those tours tonight. I'll bet you twenty bucks I won't be scared."

"Fine, it's your money though," I say as I shake her hand.

"Now wait a minute, you're here teacher, you can't just go around an-" Colin starts but I interrupt him.

"It's a deal. $20, and the loser has to sleep with their worst enemy."

"What, Liza-"

"Fine," Alice says with a smirk.

Caylin walks over, gaping at us. "Did you really just make a bet with Ms. Star? Are you insane? She never loses a bet."

"We'll see. Consider this a friendly competition that will end badly for the loser. We'll still be friends later, though." Alice winks and turns around, dragging Caylin back to their group with Lady and Bella.

"You are crazy, because very likely, you'll end up sleeping with Erlend." Fire rages in Colin's eyes.

I laugh. "That's where she's wrong. Erlend's not my worst enemy. My worst enemy would be myself, but you make a good second." I wink at him before turning to Rebekah and Jay. Only now we have four others with us. Summer, Toast, Bee and Lexie.

"Well, a group of eight is always fun." I smile and wave my hand. "Let's hear about the history of when they put these cannons up here and how originally they had no clue how to get up here so instead used a pulley system." I turn around and Colin is gaping at me and I smirk. "Sorry, if you don't like where you stand, you should bring it up with someone who cares."

I then lead the group around, leaving Colin gaping at me still.

Chapter Nine: The Bet...

I sit on the bus. Alice brought along her worst enemy, Eli, and I brought along Colin. Summer decided to tag along as well as Lady and Caylin.

The bus pulls to a stop and the doors creak open. Our tourguide sits o a small stone wall, a smirk playing onto his lips.

Alice and her group leave as well as Summer and Eli. I'm about to leave when Colin grabs my arm.

"You don't have to do this."

"Sadly, I do." I smirk before punching him on the arm. He rubs his arm before I walk out of the bus, over to the tourguide.

"Hello, I'm Matt, I'll be your tourguide this evening." He smiles playfully at us. "Lovely group we have here." He then leads us through the fort.

As the night goes on, I notice how bored Alice seems to look. Nothing seems to faze her, not even when the lights suddenly went out in the middle of the tour and we had to use flashlights to walk around. I start to fear I'll lose this bet...

It's getting to the end of this tour and I know I'm going to lose. My head is screaming that she start screaming, show some emotions other than pure boredom.

The end of this tour is close and I feel myself about to lose it. My heartbeat pounds against my chest rapidly as I feel every aching second count down and I know she is going to win. Caylin is freaking out while Lady has a freaked out look but no, Alice isn't fazed. She won't freak. Why won't she freak?

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of the tour. If you'll exit to my left, you'll be back at the parking lot where you can either go on the St. Augustine Haunted Lighthouse Tour or the Haunted Tour around St. Augustine. I'm Matt and make sure to bring up how good of a tourguide I was."

We walk out of the parking lot and I put my head in my hands. Alice starts to laugh. "Alright bish, pay up." Then a smirk comes onto her face. "Your hotel room is where you are going to do it, right? Well, to prove the deed happens, one of us will be standing outside your door, tonight. And it will happen."

I mutter every curse word I have ever known to exist, even some that aren't curse words but are insulting words none-the-less. I give her the $20 and start to mutter coldly to myself.

Summer sits next to me. "Ms. Star... it won't be so bad... I mean, I wouldn't do it but... it's okay, honestly..."

I sigh and lean against the cool metal interior of the bus.

I want to take the stairs but they decided the elevator would work better. I kept trying to argue but no one would listen. Summer left to go to her room she was bunking with Toast in. Caylin and Lady left because they were tired and Eli didn't want to be around any longer than he had to.

Alice smirks at us as I back into the far corner of the elevator. She hits the top floor button and once more, the anxiety consumes me.

I grip the railing as the walls push against me, push against him, pushing us together. the railings seem to disappear and I feel myself tumbling through a metal enclosure.

The heat of the room increases majorly as the elevator moves inch by inch, a jolting inch after another with mere minutes between each move. I want to close my eyes and hide away in fear but something keeps them open. Something keeps me here.

Colin's arms wrap around me, I think. I don't know, the metal covered him. I think it's him... Is it?

The opening in the metal brings a wave of cool relief to my burning skin as I rush out of the elevator, pressing my forehead against the wall. I take several deep breaths as I try to get back a calm composure I had earlier.

Alice laughs at me, throwing a straw she got at the restaraunt earlier. "Chickening out already? The cost of walking out of this bet will be... $100." I look back at her in a spiteful way. She just shrugs and motions towards the room. "Well? Go on then."

I slowly walk to the door and open it. Once more, the hotel decided to give me some honeymoon room, as always.

I make my way to the bed, hearing the door close. I turn around and Colin's right behind me. When I look into his eyes, I finally see the look he's been giving me all night. A look of protection... but needing...

A look of hunger.

And that's when he is upon me...

Chapter Ten: Never Ending Road Trip

I wake with a jolt, my skin burning. The alarm blares through the room and my hand touches my burning forehead. I look over and see Colin and scream before memories of the night before wash over me. I groan and bury my head into my pillow as Colin wakes up from my screaming.

"What the hell," he mutters, rubbing his head. He suddenly looks down at me and I know he remembers. I grab one of the many blankets from the bed and wrap myself in it as I get out of bed. I grab my clothes and go to the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it.

I slump against the floor, burying my face into my hands. "What did I do?" I murmur to myself.

I sit there for awhile before finally deciding to change. I put on a pair of light blue capris and one of my favorite Doctor Who T-shirts that says "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey... Stuff". I put it on and walk out of the bathroom, brushing my hair as I go along.

Colin grabs my arm, pulling me close. Apparently he changed out here. "Can we just talk about what happened? You're leaving me in silence." I don't answer him and he huffs. "I'm not the one who made the damned bet. And stop acting like I commited a crime against you."

He lets go of my arm and storms into the bathroom. I finish brushing out my hair and leave it to cascade around my shoulders in small waves. I shove the brush into my suitcase and head downstairs to eat breakfast.

As I walk down the last flight of stairs, Jay runs past me, screaming about how he wanted the last piece of pie. Apparently someone threatened to steal it...

I make it down the last step and walk over to the breakfast area where everyone sits, chatting. Jay hungrily eats his piece of pie in several humongous gulps. He gets several disguisted looks from around. I roll my eyes and set my suitcase down in the pile that has acummilated on the floor. I grab a thing of vanilla yogurt from the small mini-fridge sitting below the counter before sitting with Jay.

I eat my yogurt for awhile when there is a tap on my shoulder. I look over and see Erlend standing there. "So, I hear you're willing to sleep with people if you lose a bet. You wanna... ah, make some bets?"

"In your dreams," I mutter coldly. He frowns and walks away, earning several giggles from Summer's table of girls.

I finish the yogurt, tossing it into the trashcan. I grab my suitcase from the pile and head to the bus, taking out the agenda for the day. Today we are supposed to head to the Jacksonville, Zoo. Not that long of a drive, thankfully...

I get on the bus and sit with Justin in the back. He looks confused for a second before agreeing that I sit with him.

"You know... these kids act this way... all wild and stuff, they think they own the world. They act this way because we really only have you to listen to. Jade encourages them with Wes and Mia and I have no say. Maybe if you could help us..."

I sigh and smile at him. "I'll try my best, I promise."

Mia walks over and looks like I've just killed her for taking her seat. I quickly get out and allow her to sit there. She looks confused but mutters a silent thanks as she sits. I head back up to the front where Rebekah is sitting. I look around and sigh. The only person who wants to sit next to me would rape me or is too close to Colin. I groan inwardly and sit down next to Rebekah.

Colin is the last to enter the bus. A few kids whistle at him, probably because last night got leaked. I hide my face into my hands and sigh.

"To the zoo," I mutter throw my hands to Colin. He starts the bus and turns around, smirking at me.

"Anything for you." He turns back around and we are off, back on the road.

I groan once more inwardly. I lean my forehead against the divider keeping me from stumbling to the steps as I try to keep myself okay.

Okay is so far away...

Chapter Eleven: Don't Touch the Animals!

I walk through the Jacksonville zoo, the heat of the day finally start to get to me.

"Kekai, it says on the sign, don't feed the animals! And don't give them your ducks! Kekai!" I shout as I run over to the boy.

"Sorry, Ms. Star, but the guys want me to see what happens." Kekai leans closer to the alligator exhibit, the little duckling squirming in his handhold.

Blake starts to laugh a little bit, as well as Mist and Erlend.

"KEKAI!" I shout, grabbing the small duckling from his grasp.

"You're no fun, Ms. Star... but I beat you were last night," Blake says with a smirk. I glare at the boy intensely and he starts to laugh uncontrollably.

"The moment we get back, detention, for all of you." I take the duckling away from the boys, giving it back to one of the ranger's in the park with an explanation of the boys behavior.

"You... Your kids got a duck through security? How... How does one do that?" the ranger asks me.

I sigh. "Believe me, if there's one thing I know, it's that I know nothing about these kids... They are always changing and... ugh."

The ranger shrugs. "Well, thank you, ma'am. I'll be returning this little guy to the duck pond outside the zoo. Maybe then he can find his family."

I nod and the ranger walks away. I walk over to the closest bench and sit down, rubbing my temple as it throbs with my headache.

I look up to see Kekai laughing with Blake as they attempt to feed the penguin's peanuts. "Dang it, what did I tell you earlier?!" I shout.

They run away as fast as they possibly can and I sigh. I watch as Gold walks around with Bee, trying to impress her with his "extensive" knowledge about the animals.

"And as you can see, Bee, the polar bear's are from the South Pole," he says with a smile. "He eats the researcher's down there for his own enjoyment."

"I thought the were from the North Pole! And I thought they didn't eat researchers! Ms. Star!" she shouts, waving frantically.

I sigh and point at Gold. "Gold! Stop feeding her lies!"

"Nothing wrong with a little white lie, teach!" he shouts and grabs Bee's hand, running off to go see more animals and tell more lies.

Justin walks over and sits down next to me. "Like I said earlier, they act this way because there's no one truly incharge. If you just did something-"

"Like what? I'm open to ideas. I've tried, and tried, and tried. I can't do anything about Wes or Jade, and I can't do anything about anyone else. There are probably a few sane people on this trip and no one is going to stop these kids." I take a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. Calm... down...

"You don't have to do this alone. Just... set rules and have people that you know will follow them and enforce them." Justin pats me on the shoulder and stands up, walking back over to Mia.

I put my head in my hands, trying to concentrate on why I ever agreed to take these kids cross-country. I start to laugh as I try to convince myself that it's because I am a nice person.

I check my phone and a text message from my friend sits there.

Hey, you okay? -Dest

I sigh as I look over the message, trying to decide how best to answer this.

Yeah, I'm alright, the trip is just my choatic than I ever imagined... -Liza

Ha, better you than me... I'm kidding. Kids are brutal... that's why I didn't pick to be a school teacher after graduation... JS -Dest

You think I wanted this? The school needed teachers and no one else would so they picked someone that was fresh out of high school. Yeah, I soooo wanted this job -Liza

Chill, bro. Once you're done here in Florida, which it should end today, right? Any way, it should be smooth sailing. You'll be in Savannah tomorrow and then Atlanta on the next day. Simple. -Dest

Sometimes, it's easier said than done. -Liza

True story... -Dest

I put my phone back in my pocket, after checking the time. In about an hour's time, we would be leaving to head to the hotel.

Jen walks by with Eli, talking about how adorably cute the otter's were.

"The otter's were adorable! They were so fluffy and I wanted to hug them! I'm going to buy a stuffed otter at the gift shop. I need a stuffed otter." Jen squeals, jumping up and down.

"An otter? What you need is a man." Eli poses heroically, making Jen giggle.

"Do you have any directions on where to find this man then?"

Eli gaps at her, flabbergasted. "I... you... Marvel dispises you now." Eli then sulks away as a giggling Jen follows behind him as they head to the reptile house.

A hand touches my shoulder and I sigh. "If you continue to bother me, I will charge you for stalking me, because that's what you're doing." I push away his hand and start to walk away.

He grabs my arm, pulling me back. I glare up at the brown eyes that have bothered me...

"Let go of me. I'm not in any mood to talk to you or anyone." I try to pull my arm free but he keeps his grip on my arm. "Colin, let go!"

"We need to talk about it."

"No is no, now let go!" I shout.

Jay and Rebekah happened to be walking by and say this. "LEAVE RAINIE MUM ALONE!" he shouts as he charges Colin. Colin lets go and takes a few steps back. Jay doesn't realize this and runs straight into a wall.

"Jay!" I shout, running over to him. Colin takes a step towards but I point in the other direction. "Go away. Now."

Jay sits up, rubbing his head. He looks around in a daze. "Rainie mum, are we on that trip thing...?"

"Yes... It's okay. We're leaving in a few minutes any way." Rebekah walks over and helps me keep Jay upright as we walk towards the front of the zoo, exiting and heading to the bus to wait until everyone else came around.

Chapter Twelve: Pool Party!

Everyone giggles on the bus as Joan and Cas make out in the back. I groan and look around for something to throw at them.

"Tristian, Joan, no sex on the bus! Luke, put away your phone, we are not making pornography!" I shout at the group surrounding the two.

Joan looks up the aisle at me, a smirk on his face. "If you wanted to join, you could have just asked. No need to break us apart for your enjoyment."

I glare at the boy, walking over to them. "What you do behind closed doors is your own business. I don't want to deal with your sex life on this bus. You can have fun behind closed doors. Until then, you are on school property and you will behave."

A chorus of "oohh"'s echo around. Joan looks stunned about why I would talk to him like that. I turn around and head back to the front of the bus.

"You're a-" someone starts but I turn around, flipping the bird at them. "You forgot that even though I'm a teacher, I just graduated and I'm not afraid to tell you to go f yourself."

The bus comes to a stop and everyone gets a room key. I make it my business to be the first off the bus as I head to the stairs, looking at the room number on the small envelope containing my key. I look inside and curse finding it empty. I walk to the front desk to get a new card replacement for it. As I stand there, talking to the person, Colin walks over. The lady suddenly starts to giggle as she does something on the computer. I try to lean over to see but she continues to laugh. I turn around and see Summer and Bee making heart symbols with their hands, pointing at us.

"Really guys?" I question. I roll my eyes and she hands me a key.

"Happy honeymoon!" the lady says with a giggle.

"It's not our honeymoon," I mutter under my breath. "And by the way." I turn around, pointing at Colin. "You, you can either get your own room or sleep in the tub." I turn back around and walk out of the main lobby, heading towards the stairs.

I push open the door and Zach is there, talking to Luke.

"Why did you sleep with Cas?" Zach asks, sadness in his voice.

"Cas made me, I swear. I love you and only you," Luke replies, kissing Zach.

I look away and make my way to, "surprisingly", the room which was surprisingly" just like all the rest.

I throw my suitcase on the bed and grab my swimsuit from it. A basic blue bikini with a cover skirt for when I'm out of the pool is what it's made of. I grab the flip-flops from my bag and make my way down the stairs, getting looks from a lot of the students, including Erlend, shockingly.

I get to the bottom floor and push open the door to the pool. I kick off my flip flops, taking off the cover skirt and go into the pool. I stay in the far corner in the deep end when suddenly the door slams open.

"POOL PARTY!" Justin shouts as he jumps in. Several people follow and I roll my eyes, diving underneath the water. I swim and pop up on the other side of the pool, shaking the water out of my hair. Erlend gaps at me and I shake my head, diving back under and popping up on the other side of the pool. I get out and sit on the edge, watching as the kids splash and throw around random pool toys.

Wait, where did they get the pool toys from?

A mother storms in, shouting at the kids. Ah, now I get it.

My kids start to scream as the woman comes closer and closer. They start pelting her with the pool toys they stole. Once all of them are out of the water, she picks them up, storming away.

"You guys know what? You truly are a bunch of idiots. I see now why the school wanted you to go on this trip. To learn something. Instead, all you do is threaten each other with the anaconda exhibit or blow up the museum. Maybe, if you want your grades to improve like they're supposed to, we can work this out. This trip was for you guys, it was meant for you. But it was also meant to give you a new perspective on so many things, not to just force you cross-country."

Several of the kids stare at me for a long moment. I start to feel uncomfortable so I grab a towel from the pile sitting on a small table and head back to my hotel room.

I open the door to my room to find it strangely empty. Water drips down from my hair, hitting the carpet. I walk over to my bag and grab a change of clothes. I walk into the bathroom and quickly change, wrapping my hair up in a towel.

I look at the time the clock says it is. 6:03 PM. I sigh and sit on the bed, turning on the television for some background noise. But even then it just drone's on and on.

As the time starts to click by, I start to get that feeling that something just isn't right. I get out of bed and slowly walk to the closet. I open it slowly. Suddenly something pushes it faster and jumps out, making me scream, jump back and cover my eyes.

The sudden cackling makes me look up. I see Colin there, laughing his freaking ass off.

"Mother of f, mother of f. What the hell is wrong with you?!" I question. I grab a pillow off the bed, throwing it at him. "You're sleeping in the freaking closet now, you ass!"

"I'm really surprised you didn't notice. By the way..." He throws something at me and in my hands I hold a small box.

"What's this?" I ask.

"A promise." He then puts on a goofy smile. "Marry me, my love."

"Screw you," I say, throwing the box at him, making him laugh. "What the hell is in the box?"

"Open and see." He tosses it back and I catch it once more.

"Maybe I don't want to open it." I toss it back to him, making him frown.

"Just open the box, Liza." He throws it back and I sigh, sitting down on the bed, looking at the box.

"Maybe I don't trust you." I set the box down beside me and he shakes his head.

"It's life changing."

"I"m perfectly content with the life I have now, thank you very much." I cross my arms, looking at him.

He sighs. "Fine, whatever. When you've come to your senses, give me a call. Until them, I'll be sleeping in the tub."

"Oh no you're not. Remember? You're sleeping in the closet now." I point to the closet. "Go."

He grumbles something and grabs a blanket and a pillow off the bed, walking towards the closet. I smirk in success and set the box on the table beside the bed. I turn off the lights and the television, going to bed.

Chapter Thirteen: Don't Drink Salt Water!

"Guys, this is a relaxation day, I get it! But it does not mean you can strip on the beach! Luke, do not use that umbrella as a stripping pole, dammit! Luke!" I run over to stop him but Sam2 screams bloody murder more towards the water.

"THE FREAKING ROCK STUNG ME! MS. STAR!" he shouts as he jumps around, waving his hand in a flurry as he tries to make it over to me.

"Luke, stop being a stripper! Does anybody have vinegar?" No one answers me and I sigh. "Wesley, run down to the store and get a thing of vinegar! Luke, I told you to stop stripping!"

Luke cackles at me as he starts to sexually dance over to Zach. I moan and look over at Wesley as he tries to french Jade. "Dammit Wesley! Get to the store!"

Wesley looks up at me and for a moment, doesn't move. He then sees the anger in my eye and quickly hurries away.

"Buy vinegar, nothing else!" I shout as he runs into the street. Several cars slam on their brakes, honking at the teenager as he runs to the store.

"MOTHER OF FREAK IT BURNS, IT BURNS!" Sam2 screams. I facepalm and walk over, helping him to sit down. He whimpers and I sigh. I look over and see Summer antagonizing one of the lifeguards.


Wesley comes running back and hands me the vinegar. I look at Sam2. "This is going to hurt like a b... You know what I mean." I pour the vinegar on his foot and he starts screaming in pure pain. I cover my ears as his screams slowly die down to a low whimper. I pour a bit more on his foot for added measure and lean back into the sand. I look over at Summer to see her trying to drag the life guard out of the high chair.

"Summer!" I shout, pushing myself up to a sitting position for standing and running over to her. I grab her, pulling her down. "I am so sorry!" I shout to the life guard, who looks morbidly terrified.

Connor runs around, spewing facts about the Savannah beach. I sigh and continue to pull Summer away from the life guard as she continues to shout for him to call her.

"Summer, stop! The life guard may be a very beautiful man but it does mean you can try to sleep with him. What happened to 'I'd never sleep with a man'?"

"When you slept with Colin." I shove her into the sand as soon as she says it and she starts to giggle uncontrollably. "Maybe you shouldn't have made it apart of the bet."

"Maybe you should keep your mouth closed, kid. Because otherwise you'll get... TICKLED!" I start to tickle her and she starts to giggle, only her giggles turn into squeals for me to stop.

"NO, STOP TICKLING ME, STOOPPP!" she squeals inbetween fits of giggles.

I start to laugh myself until someone pulls me back away from the giggling girl. I frown to see Colin. "What?"

"It's not very nice to tickle people, you know. Summer!" He beckons the girl over and she looks confused for a second. "She is probably as ticklish as you are."

"Oh I hate you..." I try to get up to run but he holds me down. "COLIN!" I shout when Summer starts to tickle me. I start to squeal, trying to kick the girl away but to no avail. "STOP TICKLING ME, AH!"

I start to giggle uncontrollably, trying to get them away but nothing works. "What's the magic wooorddd?" Summer sings as she tickles me.


"I don't think so," she says, giggling herself. "It begins with the letter 'P' and ends in 'E'."

"PLEASE!" I squeal and she finally stops tickling me. She giggles and shoos away Colin. I catch my breath before looking at her. "I hate you..."

She giggles. "You started it. You're a bad teacher, sometimes."

I ponder this before smiling. "We all know that secretly I'm still 16 at heart." I then grab her hand, standing up and pulling her towards the water. "And you see, the 16-year-old me doesn't like losing." I wrap my arms aorund her and scream, "GERINIMO!" and jump into the cool water of the Atlantic Ocean, making her squeal.

Chapter Fourteen: Waters Guns? Are We Five?

As the day goes on, I notice an intensity brewing among the kids. They need something to do... they need... something...

"WATER GUNS!" Wesley shouts as he throws a water gun at everyone. I catch mine, looking at the clear orange, cheap water gun from Dollar Tree.

"Oh hell..." I mutter. Several kids eye the water guns with happiness, some with distrust. Suddenly, everyone runs to the water to fill it with water. I slowly make my way to the water and fill the fake pistol. Wesley suddenly shows up.

"Alright bishes, here's how this work. This is not a on your own game. We are playing in teams of two. The last team standing wins. However, if your partner is hit but you aren't, you both are out. Got it?"

I cross my arms and look at him. "Sadly, I don't think a lot of the kids here would get that concept." I smirk and her glowers at me.

"Watch it, teach. You're going out first." He then looks at everyone. "GET A PARTNER AND MOVE OUT, I HAVE A TIMER AND IT WILL GO OFF IN A MINUTE!"

Everyone scurries around, getting a partner. I'm about to head over and steal Summer as mine when someone pulls me from behind, making me squeal.

Colin covers my mouth and hides us behind a bush that was growing on the beach. I'm about to curse him out when he covers my mouth.

"Stay quiet."

"Stay out of my way." I glare at him when I hear the timer go off. I slowly start to sneak out when he pulls me back as a stream of water goes mere inches in front of my face. I quickly aim my water gun at the attacker and hit Claudia. She cries out and pretends to fall down. Her partner, Justin, squeals as I hit him with the next blast of water. I duck behind the bush.

I see Summer and Bee as they run nearby the bush, unknowing of us. I fire at Bee and hit her. Summer turns around and is hit from the back. She falls and Erlend stands there, smirking.

"Well done, teach. So far there is us and then Sam2 and Connor." He turns around, as well as Alice, and fire at the two as they run at them.

I stand up, throwing the water pistol to the ground. "Let's play without pistol's then." They stare at me for a moment before dropping their own guns. "We're heading out into the ocean. The first one to dunk their opponent wins."

Erlend starts to laugh. "You? A twig? Going to beat Alice and I with..." he starts to snicker, "a bus driver?"

"You'd be surprised," I say, raising an eyebrow.

"Fine, but let's make this more interesting for us, then." He steps closer. "You'll be facing Alice. If you win, she'll do anything you want. If you lose, your fate is in her hands, meaning if she wants you to be mine, you'll be mine."

"You wish," I growl. "But fine. I'll play to your deals."

"Now wait a minute, the last time you made a bet-" Colin starts but I put my hand up.

"If the child wants to play dirty, I can play dirty." I motion to the ocean. "After you."

Alice looks at me for a moment before running to the water after Erlend. I follow pursuit, making sure Colin can't grab my arm and pull me back. I don't need any doubt. I just need to win.

I stand in the water, directly in front of Alice, giving her a stare down. From the shore, I can hear faintly as Jay says, "Dododo, bwaa bwaa bwaaaa.... dododo... bwa bwa BWAAA"

"Ready..." I say loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Set..." Jade says.

"GO!" we say in unison. I go after Alice. We start to push each other, but neither of us manages a dunk. I back off and when she reaches her hand out to push me, I grab her arm, twisting it. She squeals out in pain and I try to kick her feet out from under her. She manages to evade the attack, though.

I back off slightly as she looks at me with unwavering eyes.

"COME ON LIZA! YOU'RE LIKE MY MOM AND YOU CANNOT LOSE!" Oli shouts from the shore.

Alice decides to make the first move again, charging much faster than I expected. I pull her against myself, smiling as I push against her shoulder, kicking at her feet. She squeals and dunks under the water.

"LIZA'S DONE IT, SHE'S DUNKED ALICE!" Bee screams, jumping up and down, clapping. I start to head back to shore when I hear Erlend talking to Colin.

"Now it's time for our bet. If you win, I'll drive us around for the next three stops, no matter the distance or time. If I win, your girl is mine."

"She was never mine to begin with any way. In case you haven't realized, she dispises me." He shrugs, crossing his arms.

"Whatever. Everyone wants to sleep with the teacher, everyone's jealous of you because they think you have her. Now I'm taking her."

"Oh to hell you are!" I snap, heading over to them. "I"m not an object, genius. I'm a human being. I belong to no one, so I'm nobody's to lose or own. This is over. We're going to the hotel room. Now."

I head back to the shore. Once on the sandy beach, I grab my towel, wrapping it around my waist. I put on my flip-flops and head back to the bus, sitting idly by.

Chapter Fifteen: Elizabeth On 37th

As we approach the restaurant we are going to eat at for tonight, just as a treat, I stand up, picking up the microphone. "Attention students. Tonight, as a treat for well behavior..." I can almost hear myself laughing in my head... "The school has offered to send us to one of the best, if not, the best, restaurant in Savannah, Georgia called Elizabeth On 37th. I ask that since this is a high class restaurant that we talk the time to stop now and change at a gas station before we head inside so we don't show up wearing swimsuits. And I will be examining every outfit before we leave."

A few people murmur and Tristian raises his hand. "Yes, Tristian?"

"Instead of going there... could we go to the pool? Alice hasn't licked my fabulous abs in forever and I need her to do so. Only it has to be at the pool because they need to be glistening."

I sigh and put my hand on my hip. "How about we eat and then you go do your... whatever at the pool at the hotel later."

"Fine," he says, probably rolling his eyes at me. I just shake my head and tell Colin to stop at the closest gas station. Within the next couple minutes, we pull into the gas station as everyone piles up at the front to get out first.

"Okay, orderly, orderly!" I shout over their screaming. "Cas, put your shirt back on! Don't unbutton your pants! Alice, stand back up! Save it for behind closed doors, guys!"

After everyone is pretty much changed, minus myself, I grab probably one of my favorite dresses, a brush and a few other things, shoving them into a bag. I sling the bag over my shoulder and hurry off the bus. As I walk in, the lady at the counter gives me a dirty look.

"You know, you sent those damned kids in here and they trashed the place. You need to control them, lady," the counter-girl says.

"I'm sorry... They are't house broke yet," I say with a sympathetic voice. I hurry into the bathroom and quickly change into the sleeveless red dress that goes to my knees. I brush out my hair and let the waves in my hair cascade around my face. I put on the pair of red heels I grabbed before running of and smile. I sling the bag now containing my swimsuit over my shoulder.

I take the three steps onto the bus and I can just hear several jaws drop. I sit down next Rebekah as the bus slowly starts to move and make it's way to Elizabeth On 37th.

We finally get to the restaurant and the hostess smiles at us. "How many?" she asks kindly.

"Too many to count..." I say, rubbing my arm.

She looks confused as Colin starts to push his way through the crowd of students. "I'm here, sorry. It was a pain to find any parking for that damned bus..."

"Oh, this must be your husband. Are you here on a honeymoon? We can set up a table just for-" she starts but is interrupted by the screams from the back of the house.

A really mad chef comes forward, holding a boy in a waiter's outfit. Wait... is that Jay?

"Ma'am, zis boy... he... Drank the liquor."

"Jay!" I snap. The hostess turns back to me, looking slightly confused.

"Is he your..." she starts.

"My adoptive son, yes." I grab Jay, pulling him back over. "What do you think you're doing? This isn't supposed to be a 'drink-alcohol' night. I just.... ugh."

"Um... ma'am? If your party of... 'too many to count' can follow me, I'm sure we can find enough room for you all." So she leads us out of the small waiting area, dropping of small groups of people at random spots located around the restaurant.

"And finally, for the newly weds..." I sigh inwardly as she seats us at our table. "Your waiter will be here in a moment." She turns around and I look around her to see Summer flirting with the waiter. "Or not..." She then walks away.

"Come on, please?" I hear Summer ask from a few tables down. "Just your number, I promise I'll call you back." She starts to giggle and I face palm.

"Listen kid, like I've told you, I have a girlfriend."

She giggles. "Yeah, me."

The boy moans. "What do you want to eat?"

"I'll take the gorgeous waiter with a side of bedtime, please," she says, giggling even more.

"Madame," says a voice, bringing me away from Summer as she begs the boy desperately to go out with her. "What will you have to drink?"

"Ah... what do you have?" I ask, trying not to notice as Summer grabs the waiters leg and starts screaming.

"We have the finest wine from across the sea..."

"Yeah, sure, I'll take that. Now um... Give me a moment..." I push out of the seat and walk over to Summer as she starts to kick and cry.

"Summer, stop!" I hiss in her ear as I pry her away from the poor boy's leg. "Act your age, not your shoe size, please."

Summer pouts but nods. "Fine... He's still hot..."

"Like I said earlier about the life guard. He is eye candy, meant to be seen but never touched." I shake my head at her and head back to the table where the waiter has left.

"That looked like fun. Care to share?"

"You wish... Did you order food?" I ask, due to the fact that the menu is gone.

"You see, while you were talking care of Summer and explaining about how people are 'eye candy', I ordered the Double Cut Berkshire Pork Chop for us both."

"Ew, pork," I mutter, cringing inwardly.

"Well either it was that, beef tenderlion or fish. You don't like fish and the beef just wasn't as appealing so I got the pork." He shrugs nonchalantly.

"That's all they had? Ugh..." Suddenly, I hear a scream of joy coming from what I assume to be one of our tables.


"Erlend just calm down-" Kekai starts but never gets to finish.


I hide my face in my hands. "Why did I agree to come on this trip again?"

"You were the new teacher, they decided they'd like to pick on you. You'll be doing this until a new teacher comes around." I faceplant my head against the table, sighing.


As the night goes on, it slowly goes downhill. Alice tried to give Cas a blow job and eventually we had to get kicked out because Summer finally attacked the wait, kissing him frantically.

I get on the bus, shaking my head. "Well done. No more fancy restaurants again... ever." I slump into my seat and rub my temples, trying to subside the aching headache.

"To the hotel..." I murmur silently but he hears me because we start driving.

Chapter Sixteen: Atlanta Traffic... Yay...

The bus inches forward. Slowly.

"Oh look, we moved a foot, Rainie Mum," Jay jokes. He then sighs and slowly drifts to sleep. I even notice Colin starting to fall asleep. I snap my fingers in his ears.

"Get up, you're supposed to be driving, not sleeping." He looks at me confused for a second before looking back at the road.

I watch as everyone stares at the car enclosures around us. Even with the carpool lane, it was taking a year...

"Alright, this is why we got up early." I stand up and grab the microphone. "Guys... Wake up!" I shout. The bus seemingly shifts as everyone's eyes glue on me. "Alright, thank you. This traffic is going to take awhile so what do you suggest we do to make the time go by faster?"

"Sex?" Cas shouts from the back.

"No, Tristian, no sex. Like I've said... behind close doors." He rolls his eyes and looks out the window. I sigh as Alice disappears below the seat and Cas' face contourts into first a face of discomfort to sudden joy.

"Al-" I start but sigh, looking around. "Anybody with any other suggestions?" When I get no reply, I sigh. "Okay... so... the radio doesn't work so we can't listen to music. Does anyone disagree to some live music?

"The music of love, my dearest!" Erlend shouts from the back and I face palm. Claudia stands up and slaps him.

"I think so music will do good. Hand me the mic." She makes her way to the front where I hand her the mic. "This is Chandelier by Sia." She clears her throat.

"Party girls don't get hurt.

Can't feel anything, what will I learn?

I push it down, push it down.

I'm the one 'for a good time call'.

Phone's blowin' up, ringin' my doorbell

I feel the love, feel the love.

1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink.

1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink.

1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, drink.

Throw 'em back 'til I lost count.

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier.

I'm gonna live tomorrow doesn't exist.

Like it doesn't exist.

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as the dry.

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, fom the chandelier."

She bows to the crowd before handing it back to me. "All yours, teach." She walks back to her seat, high-fiving Justin as she walks by.

I laugh. "Special thanks to Claudia. Anyone else want to sing?" As silence rings out, I start to feel impatient until I hear it.

"Ms. Star, why don't you sing?" Summer asks from the middle of the bus.

Several of the students start to murmur their agreement and I hear a muffled, "OH YEAAHHH" from Erlend. I smile softly, thinking this through.

"Come on, Ms. Star. Please?" Bee asks, looking at me with big, sad eyes.

"Aww... Alright, fine..." A few people cheer near the back of the bus and I look behind me as the traffic still continues on.

"So this is what you meant,W

hen you said that you were spent.

And now it's time to build from the bottom of this pit,

Straight to the top... don't look down.

Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check.

I don't ever wanna let you down,

I don't ever wanna leave this town.

'Cause after all... this city never sleeps at night

It's time to begin, isn't it?

I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit,

I'm just the same as I was.

Now don't you understand...

I'm never changing who I am."

I put the mic away from my lips, bowing. I turn around and smile. "Attention ladies and gentlemen, we are now out of Atlanta traffic. We should have smooth sailing from here on out as we arrive at the Coke-Cola factory."

A few cheers answer me and I smile brightly.

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