ok guys this is my first hunger games 

tribute template

name :

age :

district :

back round :

arena info

change the arena is a jungle type it has an earthquake zone and it has tracker jacker hot spot the cornucopia . is in a saltwater island and it is spinning like the (75th hunger games ) it has a rubbled city just south of the cornucopia and by the north it has a frozen tandura .

18  tributes need it is avabliabe right now

let the 29th hunger games begin ;;

tributes :

julie - district 1

thanka -distict 7

john eberstark - district 4

sam diaz - district 1

alloy grahm -district 3

laxe anster (girl) - district 5

charles atlantic -district 4 male

thefirejay male- district 8

carmela -district 8 

adam snow - district 7

kyle - district 12

james - district 2

marie - district 2

john - district 11 

jonathan - district 5

the games :

the games starts before midnight when the tributes ascends into the arena there eyes widen 

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