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    The Dead Games

    December 14, 2012 by RangerStar

    Hai. This is my 3rd Games. Since I'm still waiting for "The SAW Games" to fill up. So in the mean time I'll do these =) 

    • No Cussing
    • No Spamming Comments unless I tell you your allowed to spam them
    • Don't get mad if they die. They do come back as zombies though
    • There will be 1 victor
    • Your allowed to put in 2 Tributes
    • No more then that

    President Snow is devasdated that "The Hunger Games" aren't famous as they used to be. He was brain storming when he finally came up with the a solution. "The Dead Games" in these games when you kill a tribute, They will come back to life and try to kill the tribute that killed them. But this is the twist, They won't be fully alive, They will be like zombies alive to walk and kill but it takes time for them to die. Whe…

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    The 1st. Annual SAW Games!

    November 17, 2012 by RangerStar

    Hai! It's me again. Since my last games were so succesful. Imma do these! I got the Idea while watching Saw 6 last night. So here it is. Hoped you like them!

    1. No Cursing what so ever
    2. Don't get mad if your tribute dies
    3. These are based off Saw 6

    There will be 12 stages. And in each stage 2 tributes will die. At 12th stage. The two tributes will face off. in a trap and the one that manages to get out of the trap wins!

    There will be 24 tributes. In these games.

    I WILL Not do reapings nor traning scores nor Chariot rides. Because I don't need them in these games.

    So I hope you all like these games!








    That is all

    Name & District Age Weapon Personality User
    D1F Lexi Mansin 16 Spear,Axe Smart,Cunning, …

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  • RangerStar

    Hi, I'm Ranger! These are my Games!

    I WILL go on Profiles Because I'm nice like that

    I will update everyday

    I will use Random.Org(It's easy like that)

    Don't be Mad!!


    • No swearing
    • Don't get Mad
    • I will do Reapings.

    Name Age Weapon Mentor/User
    D1F Calypso Dawn 16 War Hammer AxedFox
    D1M Broedy Maslow 16 B&A,Mace,Crossbow,Spear Brocky292
    D2F Melania Dannon 16 Spear Knife Lily!
    D2M Micheal Vermas 18 Any Weapon Iluvgale
    D3F Katie Lutz 12 Blowgun Brocky292
    D3M Michelangelo DeSantillo 15 Knives Rainbow_Shifter
    D4F Alanna Tewie 12 Trident,Net Maybell_Rocks!!
    D4M Trever Tewie 14 Trident,Knives Maybell_Rocks!!
    D5F Rose Jones 16 Anything Pointy Iluvgale
    D5M Veto Magnate 15 Nunchucks Pikachu
    D6F Alianna Zenith 17 Throwing Stars,Spear TheDeadlyOne
    D6M Nick Grave 12 Bow…

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  • RangerStar


    October 20, 2012 by RangerStar

    I have

    Decide to


    I love you all

    Lily: You are the most beautiful,Most funniest girl ever. I will never got to see you but I know I will always Love you. I'll miss you Lily, Please don't forget about me

    Chigusa: I LOVE YOU. Even thought your a boy you have a Femin Side, And I likey! So Before I leave please, Keep my spirit in Chat!

    Ryan: You were nice, Even though you thought I was Dave. I don't care I love you and for ever

    Kaitlyn: I'm gonna miss you so much girl, I hope we can still keep in touch.

    And Also I love you

    To anyone I missed.

    Sorry But These

    are the people I miss the most!


    Anna: LOVE YOU

    Kiersten: Please be happy in chat

    Zakky: IM gonna frikicn miss you

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  • RangerStar


    October 20, 2012 by RangerStar


    Most of you know me

    I'm Ranger

    From Canada

    And I might be leaving..

    There is a secret

    I'm Pregnant

    I don't know

    It's hard

    So I think I'm gonna

    leave I'm not sure

    before you say Attention Whore

    I'm not

    I wanted a reason to leave

    and I have one

    Thanks for being my friend :)

    Ranger1434 (talk) 23:04, October 20, 2012 (UTC)

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