Hi, I'm Ranger! These are my Games!

I WILL go on Profiles Because I'm nice like that

I will update everyday

I will use Random.Org(It's easy like that)

Don't be Mad!!


  • No swearing
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  • I will do Reapings.


Name Age Weapon Mentor/User
D1F Calypso Dawn 16 War Hammer AxedFox
D1M Broedy Maslow 16 B&A,Mace,Crossbow,Spear Brocky292
D2F Melania Dannon 16 Spear Knife Lily!
D2M Micheal Vermas 18 Any Weapon Iluvgale
D3F Katie Lutz 12 Blowgun Brocky292
D3M Michelangelo DeSantillo 15 Knives Rainbow_Shifter
D4F Alanna Tewie 12 Trident,Net Maybell_Rocks!!
D4M Trever Tewie 14 Trident,Knives Maybell_Rocks!!
D5F Rose Jones 16 Anything Pointy Iluvgale
D5M Veto Magnate 15 Nunchucks Pikachu
D6F Alianna Zenith 17 Throwing Stars,Spear TheDeadlyOne
D6M Nick Grave 12 Bow and Arrow Maybell_Rocks!!
D7F Suki Arrigot 17 Whip,Blowgun,Knife,Crossbow The Hungarian Games
D7M Evan Tame 15 Axe,Battle Axe,Whip The Hungarian Games
D8F Katniss Foster 16 Bow and Arrow Luvhungergames
D8M Jonah Thompson 16 Throwing Knives,Throwing Axes TheDeadlyOne
D9F Diamond Pearl 17 Knife,Axe Raven_HG
D9M Quinoa Soal 16 Scythe,Kama Pikachu
D10F Hailey Ricktor 16 Sword/Spear Bluefire16
D10M Jake Lance 15 Bow and Arrow,Hand-to-hand combat Bluefire16
D11F Bayleaf Mangolia 15 Slingshot,Blowgun Pikachu
D11M Raven MockingJay 16 Sythe,Throwing Knifes,Mace Raven_HG
D12F Jane Socha 12 Spear,Knunchucks Maybell_Rocks!!
D12M Nick Lovizio 14 Bow and Arrow,Knives Maybell_Rocks!!


District 1

Calypso(D1) I wake up and remember today is the reaping, I want to volunteer. Thinking of winning is perfect! When I get up I go and take a shower. I put on this dress and these boots. I put my hair in a ponytail and put a rose through it. I have to say I look stunning! When I get out of my house, I walk down to The Middle So I waited and she called out this 12 year old. But I know she would lose and bring dishonor to D1 so I said I Volunteer! As I walk back I give that girl a Kind smile.

Broedy(D1) I wake up like a usually morning. Get a shower, When I walk downstaires I see I have eggs and chesee (best food ever) My mom is there looking beautiful, and my little brother. So I take him to the reapings. Once we get there. I tell him they will prick blood. So he nods, As he get's his blood pricked he jerks. So I give the peacekeeper a look and he looks he did nothing. Well once we are sperated. I hear this 12 year old name Satin But then this girl volunteers and her name is Calypso So my name is called and I get up. We both look at eachother and shake hands.

District 2

Melania(D2) I wake up early as usual. Get outside and stretch. I take a Jog around my house. When I get back home I go upstaries and take a shower. After that, I hug by brother and leave. As I start walking I meet up with my boyfriend. He walks with me to the Square. I wait and we seperate. My name is called so I run up! I'm pumped to be here! I can't wait for the games

Micheal(D2) I wake up a normal day and remember. Today is the Reapings! I'm gonna volunteer and win for district 2! Of course I have trained all my life and no one is gonna stop me! Watch me kill all the tributes and win. After all I am Micheal Vermas. When I get to the square I get my blood taken. Melania Is called, Thats when I scream I volunteer! I go up to the stage. And look at her we both shake hands and are taken away.

District 3

Katie(D3) Today is the worst day for me. Today is the reaping. Thinking about getting picked is horrible, I'm only 12 and if I get picked I'll surely die. Probabaly in the Bloodbath I'm really scared if I get picked I don't know what I would do! I walk to the square by myself and get my blood taken. After that we watch the video How scary I think to myself. The escort comes up and says Katie Lutz I'm scared. I don't know what to do I just go up. I stand on the Stage.

Michealangelo(D3) I wake up and remember today is the reaping. My made alarm clock says Reaping Day, I can't believe it has gone so fast the years. As I get up I think to myself Why? Did the capitol have to hold it for 19 years? why not 10? As I'm walking I see my friend she lookes scared. After I get my blood pricked I go into the square. I hear this name Katie Lutz 12 year old she turns out to be. After that my name is called Michealangelo DeAntillo I go up and give her a handshake.

District 4

Alanna & Trevor(D4) I wake up, It's about 5 a.m, So I decide to wake my brother up. He says Good Morning I smile and we get ready. We both know it's the reaping day so we got eachother something. After that we walk to the square I'm actual scared myself. I know I have been training for this day. But what if we both get reaped we will eventally have to kill eachother and that's just sad to think about. When the escort says Alanna Tewie I just looked at her and went straight up. Then the worst happened Trevor Tewie Got called and were going agains eachother.

District 5

Rose(D5) I wake up. I get to shower and showe. For about 30 minutes. After I get dressed crazily! Pink,Neon,Purple,Crimson. Other things! I'm gonna volunteer this year! Because I'm awesome! Yea you jelly! I walk down to the square. We see that video gretting boring. So then I scream I VOLUNTEER Then I go up to the stage and smile! People are looking at me like WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?!?!?! I just stay and smile

Veto(D5) I wake up like normal and get my clothes on. I was planning on meeting my girlfriend today. She is very nice and I love her. So today we were going to talk like usual. We then meet and talk. She is crying like usual because today is the reapings. After we get to the square and watch the video. After this girl screams I VOLUNTEER She then goes up and smiles. Then Veto Magnate is called. I'm just there standing emotional. And I get pushed up there. Then we shake hands and leave.

District 6

Alianna(D6) Today is the bad day. A really bad day today is the reapings. If I get reaped I will surely die and bring dishonor to District 6. I'm really scared if I get picked being in that arena is nothing more then being chased by mutts. Here in District 6 we do nothing but build and do stuff.. We learn nothing of weapons. But I am smart so I can learn fast! When I walk to the square I feel a rush of scaredness. Always I feel something but this, This is different I never felt such a misgiving in my life. When we watch the video I am reminded of that. Then I feel it. The Misgiving again... Then I hear it Alianna Zenith There it is my name. I walk uo with tears streaming in my eyes. When I get up I fall. I start crying until a peacekeeper helps me up. I'm really scared to go in these games.

Nick(D6) I run back from my early jog. Nothing can keep me from thinking about the reapings today. The games, The blood everything is just making me feel sad. For all the people that died. I just can't feel it. Why does that capitol always get to have fun while we get to be killed in games. Usually District 2 or 1 wins. District 4 kinda. We outer districts barely win. District 6 is full of nutjobs. Also we never learn swords and stuff. But we do often like to learn fast and we do. We are named on the smartest districts. After district 3. When I get back. I take a shower and put on mt best clothes. When I get there I watch the video the boringest part ever! Then I hear a name Alianna Zenith That girl walks up crying. As she reaches the stage she falls and cry's. I feel sympathy for her. After I hear my name Nick Lovizino I get up holding my tears and shake her hand.

District 7

Suki(D7) I walk back from the woods. Hoping I wouldn't get picked today. This is the saddest day for everyone! When I get back I wash off. I then put my hair in a ponytail and leave. As I walk I feel sad. I might get picked today which is the saddest part ever. I might win with my axe and all. But I have to kill people! Actually kill them! Which I can't bare the guilt at all. When I reach the square. I see all the faces of 12 year olds. I really feel bad for them when we watch the video. Then it ends. The escort says Suki Arrigot I'm so shocked. So I just go up there and look at the crowd.

Evan(D7) I wake up with a nightmare. I'm scared that I might get reaped today! Thinking about it is really scary! Right now I'm waiting in my bed hoping I wouldn't get reaped. I don't want to die if I get reaped. I get up reluctantly from my bed and take a shower. I put on a blue long sleeve shirt. And navy pants. Thinking about the timer and the woods. The mutts the capitol laughing as they see me die. The pain I might bring to my family. Is unbearable. After I walk to the sqaure. I flinch as they take by blood. 15 it reads and I'm eligible to be in the games. I walk into the crowd. People around me look scared. We see the video and then the escort says Suki Arrigot This girl walks on stage. Then Evan Tame My Name I walk up with a little bit of tears streaming down my Face. I look at her and shake her hand.

District 8

Katniss(D8) I wake up and see my colorful blanket I made last summer. I'm really sad about today. It's the reapings and no one wants to get picked. I MEAN no one. I get dressed then leave to the square. I meet up with my friends who look scared I tell them Don't be afraid They look at me like We are afraid We just talk and walk. They get my blood. Then were put in a group with my age group. We watch the video again. Like every year it really get's annoying and boring. Then the escort says Ladies first Katniss Foster I walk up crying and try to run out. But they grab me and force me to stand there.

Jonah(D8) I get back from reading my book. This is the 19th Year of the hunger games. Then I wake up and take a shower. After I walk to the square. I could feel the fear in the other people. I could see how scared they are. It just makes me want to cry. But I don't so when they take by Blood. I'm reluctant at first then I do it. I hear him mutter Wuss So then I make my way into my group. I look at the people around me and see how they are looking at the screen. The video plays. Then the escort says Katniss Foster This girl tries to escape but get's caught by guards What a wuss I say. I'm not really scared. So then my name sounds Jonah Thompson And I walk up and shake her hand

District 9

Diamond(D9) I wake up. Like usual, I love to wake up and see the look on my face. I'm really perfect I know I am. After I put on my greatest dress ever. And walk in 7 inch heels shoes. I know I'm perfect and hot. I can probably win these games with in 2 days. Anyways I get there and they take my blood. I show no emotion like perfection. Then I walk in and see the video. Blah Blah Blah. I say to myself. Then the escort says Diamond Pearl I walk up. With my greatest catwalk ever! And strike the best pose on the stage. I know I can win this.

Quinoa(D9) I go to walk around the wheat fields to clear my minds. Today is the reapings the saddest thing ever. When walk around. I feel scared. Thinking about it being in the game. One of the outer districts losing the games. Bringing dishonor to Disrict 9. My Family, I walk to the square like usual. They grab my finger and prick it. I'm really scared right now. I walk into my crowd we then see that stupid video Then Diamond Pearl This fancy girl walks up and strikes a pose Quinoa Soal I walk up and shake her hand.

District 10

Hailey(D10) I wake up. I then think about the reapings today and how they will afffect me and my family. I have 3 brother and 3 sister's. I'm the oldest of all of them. If I die they will be painfully hurt. So I talk to my Brother's and Sister's. They seem scared. So I take 2 of them. One of them is 12 they other is 14. So then I tell my brother to wait for me and I will be with him. I know thisn't gonna happen because we will be in different age groups. We Watch the video. Then the escort says, Hailey Rictor I walk up and see my brother crying and my sister with tears in his eyes. I will win these games.

Jake(D10) I'm eating breakfast but I can't the thought of being picked out of my mind. I talk to my mom who is scared aswell. I eat breakfast then take a shower. I then put on my best clothes I can fine. Navy long sleeve shirt and navy jeans. I then walk to the square. I keep my mind of the thought's as they prick my finger's. We all watch the video's. Then the escort says Hailey Rictor And a girl that is crying goes up. Then Jake Lance I walk up with no emotion and shake her hand.

District 11

BayLeaf(D11) I wake up from a dream. And Get up, Today is the dreadful day. where 1 boy and 1 girl get's picked for the Hunger Games. I'm really scared for this and for everything. I walk to the square. And Look ahead. I see rows of scared people. I'm scared myself really scared. I get in and watch the video of the rebellion. I wonder why the capitol doesn't get reaped. Then it comes Bayleaf Mangolia I walk up and prepare myself not to cry.

Raven(D11) No No No Raven Please Dont Kill Me said the career YOU IDIOT I SAID as i plunged my knife into his heart "Ladies and Gentlemen the victor of.... BEEP BEEP BEEP No I was dreaming again. Wait Crap its the reaping I Gotta prepare I went to see my dad he gave me my weapons and I Trained for Hours. I was the first one to the reaping luckily it only took 2 minutes Our Escort Enbella stepped onto the stage and said "Hello, Hello Who will it be?She picked up a girl slip and this girl walked up and then for the boys....Isaac Presko! I VOLUNTEER i said I walked up with great confidence. And shook her hand.(This was written by RavenHG)

District 12

Jane(D12) I come back from the woods. And give my mom a plant for the reaping day. I'm not really scared. I know I can at least probably survive the bloodbath and stuff. When I get back I take a showe to clean everything off. Then I put on what I can. A red dress. Not really the best looking dress but I don't care. When I get to the square. Barely anybody is there. So I just walk into my group. Then I watch the video. I then wait and the escort says Jane Socha And I walk up and look at the crowd.

Nick(D12) I wake up and take a shower. After that I talk to my mom. And she says don't worry if I get picked. I will probably win because I am strong myself. So I walk and meet my friend. She says she is really scared. So I hug her. When we get there. We watch the video and then the escort says Jane Socha And this girl walks up and looks at the crowd. Then it happens Nickk Lovizino And I walk up and shake her hand.

Traning scores

Name Age District Score
Calypso Dawn 16 1 10
Brodey Maslow 16 1 10
Melania Dannon 16 2 9
Micheal Vermas 18 2 11
Katie Lutz 12 3 6
Michealangelo DeSantillo 15 3 8
Alanna Trewie 12 4 9
Trever Tewie 14 4 10
Rose Jones 16 5 8
Veto Magnate 15 5 5
Alianna Zenith 17 6 8
Nick Grace 12 6 4
Suki Arrigot 17 7 9
Evan Tame 15 7 9
Katniss Foster 16 8 3
Jonah Thompson 16 8 7
Diamond Pearl 17 9 8
Quinoa Soal 16 9 9
Hailey Rictor 16 10 5
Jake Lance 15 10 6
Bayleaf Mangolia 15 11 8
Raven MockingJay 16 11 4
Jane Socha 12 12 7
Nick Lovizino 13 12 8


GONGGG! The tributes are off! Bayleaf(D11) Grabs a slingshot and shoots Trever(D4) in the back of the dead. BOOM! She then grabs a bag and runs away. Calypso(D1) Grabs a warhammer and hit's Evan's(D7) head BOOM! Jack(D10) is running then out of nowhere Quinoa(D9) Throws a knife and hit's him in the shoulder! He is on his back. He finishes him off with a knife to the back of the head BOOM! Veto(D5) is scattering as Brodey(D1) pounces on him and stabs his stomach 3 times BOOM! Aliaana(D6) is running away then Suki out of nowhere throws a axe and hits her in the back BOOM! Melania(D2) is walking backwards then Jane(D12) Grabs a box and throws it at her! She then falls and her head smacks a dagger that was sticking up BOOM! Katniss(D8) is hiding then Suki. Grabs the box and says Found you Suki(D7) then smashes the box on her head as she screams BOOM! Diamond(D9) is running then Calypso. Raises her warhammer and slams it on her back. She falls down crying as she slams it down one more time. BOOM! Raven(D11) is on the floor. Then a spear hits his stomach BOOM! Katie(D3) is being held down by Broedy(D1) then he sinks his dagger into her chest slowly and painfully. As she screams BOOM!

Name Age Killer
Trever Tewie 14 Bayleaf
Evan Tame 15 Calypso
Jack Lance 15 Quinoa
Veto Magnate 15 Broedy
Aliaana Zenith 17 Suki
Melania Dannon 16 Jane
Katniss Foster 16 Suki
Diamond Pearl 17 Calypso
Raven MockingJay 16 ??
Katie Lutz 12 Broedy

Rest of Day 1

Suki(D7) The bloodbath is over. I killed 2 people to save myself. Well at least I have 2 backpacks. And a axe. I hear some rustling and out of nowhere the career's come. I scream and run! Calypso is behind me so. I turn around and swing my axe. Crunch! As it lodges it self in her neck. All the career's stop. And I dig it out of her neck. She falls to the ground with her eyes open BOOM!. Never gonna see again. I run until I can't anymore. I stop and fall down as my eyes close.

Quinoa(D9) I walk until I hear a BOOM! Then out of nowhere the caeer's come at me. I run and run but I can't. One picks me up! I scream! Why am I so light for a boy? Then he throws me off a cliff! I fall until I hit the hard ground I feel a pain then nothing. I feel bad I feel stupid.

Bayleaf(D11) I'm so glad. I made it out alive. I killed one person. I had to. To save myself right now I'm running to find a place. It's really dark. I made it out with a backpack at least. I run and fine a good place to hide and sleep. As I'm lookng up I see who died;Trever Tewie(D4) I killed him. Evan Tame(D7), Jake Lance(D10),Veto(D5),Aliaana(D6),Meliania(D2) Wow a career i thought. Katniss(D8).Eh I expected that. Diamond(D9), Raven(D11) NOOO not raven! Katie(D3). Aww she was 12. After that I just go to sleep.

Name Age Killer
Trever Tewie 14 Bayleaf
Evan Tame 15 Calypso
Jack Lance 15 Quinoa
Veto Magnate 15 Broedy
Aliaana Zentih 17 Suki
Melania Dannon 16 Jane
Katniss Foster 16 Suki
Diamond Pearl 17 Calypso
Raven MockingJay 16 ??
Kaite Lutz 12 Broedy
Calypso Dawn 16 Suki
Quinoa Soal 16 Careers


All the people that weren't mentioned are safe!

Suki is sleeping somewhere

Bayleaf is in a cave.

And Yea! Hope you like Day 2 coming out tommrrow :P

Day 2!

Michealangelo(D3) I wake up. And I say to myself Where am I? That's when I remeber I'm in the Hunger Games. After that I walk up and try to find food. I really can't find any so I try to fish. I then see someone moving in. And my sences to me to run. I do then I feel a sharp pain in my leg. There is a knife sticking in it! i run until another sharp pain hit's me. This time in the back. I fall down as everything in my view turns black. And there is nothing anymore.

Broedy(D1)Today we took out the D3 Male. He was easy. I hit him with my sword 2 times.. I can't stop thinking. How Calypso died. With her eyes open. It just hurt me. Then it happened Ladies and Gentlemen of The Hunger Games. We have been pursweaded to make a dead tribute alive. The capitol people will chose only 1!. Will become alive. You have 48 hours to vote. That's all I was so happy! After that we just fall asleep. I look at the sky and see Michealangleo DeSantillo I killed him. After that I fall asleep.



YOU WILL CHOSE WHO WILL BECOME ALIVE. Find me on chat or in the comments. And say which tribute should go in. It can be anyone on the death list. Including Micheangelo. On chat or in the Comments tell me why this tribute should be brought back!

Name & District Age Killer/Death Day
Michealangelo DeSantillo 15 Broedy Maslow 2

Day 3

Calypso(D1) I wake up. somewhere. In this hospital. My neck is killing me I touch it and feel. Stitches I wonder What the heck? then I remember. Running and Suki killing me. Then this man comes up to me and says in a disintrested voice Congratulations you got picked to be alive and a second chance in the games, Wait I'm alive! I'm so happy I get a second chance. Then I get knocked unconsious, I then wake up in a cave. I look around and head out I kill a bunny and eat it. My next victim.. Suki Arrigot

Veto(D5) I wake up,In this silver place. I can't really explain it. The silver like the capitol. Then these memories flood through me. In the traning room. Then gettting for the bloodbath. Then broedy pouncing on me and killing me. Right infront of me is the hunger games screen. I'm literally watching it. I then check my stomach. I see are red marks no holes. Then I hear a BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I look at the screen to see Calypso killing 3 sleeping tributes. I can't remember their names but I know Calypso. She is dangerous. I then get told You have been selected to participate again I'm overwelmed. Then everything goes black. I wake up in this cave. Right next to me. a tribute. It's night time. So I take a rock fro the cave. Put it on top of my head. And smack down. Before it hits him. I see his eyes in fear as they close. BOOM! I hear. It's nighttime, I look up in the sky and see Nick Lovizino District 12, Nick Grave District 6. Must be the one I killed, Jonah Thompson District 8 didn't know him, and Hailey Ricktor, Didn't know her either so thats it, 4 wow.

Name District Killer/Death Day
Nick Lovizino 12 Calypso Dawn 3
Nick Grave 6 Veto Magnate 3
Jonah Thompson 8 Calypso Dawn 3
Hailey Ricktor 10 Calypso Dawn 3

Day 4

Suki(D7)I wake up, To a crunch and right on top of me Calypso! She says Good Morning Suki I get up and she faces me What to scared? I look at her neck and see the stiches I say You should be dead! She said Didn't you hear I got back in the games I grab my axe and she says What are you gonna do kill me again? You can't I'm more stronger then you Then we hear a BOOM! That distratcts her as I run out! I can hear her behind me. Then I hear a scream and BOOM!. I stop in my tracks. So does Calypso. There is someone coming closer to us. Calypso steps closer I do too. Then out of no where. The District 1 Male. I think his name is Broedy. Comes out. He is coverd with blood and I can tell he has multiple stab wounds. He says Help then he falls. BOOM! Me and Calypso scream in unison. Then our worst nightmare comes true. Micheal Vermas from District 2 comes out. Smiling. Calypso screams What did you do! he then says Killed him. and Alaana, Now you two Calypso is shocked she then whispers Run we both run as we here his footsteps behind us. Calypso then grabs my hand. And pulls me into a hill. We both roll down as he passes us. Then Calypso says Allies I agree because there is only like 4 tributes left.

Bayleaf(D12) I'm walking as I hear a weird scream. Followed by a BOOM! I get scared and run. As I'm running. I look behind me. Then I hit something and it grabs me. It turns me around as I scream! It's the D2M. I scream as he carries me away. I grab a rock from my pocket and smack it on his head. He says Ugh and drops me. I then run as he grabs my foot. I know I can't get away from him. He carries me and takes me to a cliff. I'm begging to Please not too. Kill me. He looks at me with pyscho eyes. He then carries me and throws me off the cliff. I fall! and then feel a rush of pain. and black. I hear a faint Boom! and I know I died.

Rose(D5)I grab the pointest thing I can find and run. I see the D2M. Disposing something and screaming. I just go crazy as I grab his back and push him off! He grabs me too. and I fall with him. As were falling He grabs my rock from my hand and stabs me in the Neck. I feel a jolt of pain. as I die. before I die I see myself turning around as I see him holding a branch that is sticking out. and I hit the ground

Jane(D12) I can't believe I made it this far. I then hear a crack. and see a mutt behind me. I scream as it pounces on me I run and try to get away but I can't. Its too strong. It bites scratches me. Until I pretend to be dead. It then leaves. I then see a tribute walk up to me. I tell him Kill me now, I'm in so much pain He then raises his rock. and Hits me in the head. All I see is black now.

Veto(D5) I'm walking as I see a girl on the ground. I have heard 2 cannons today. She is there. Blood around her. I come up and see her. She has scratches everywhere. She then whispers Kill me now, I'm in so much pain I then raise my rock. And Hit her head. BOOM! and I know she is dead. It then gets dark. I look up at the sky. And see 3 faces. I then go to sleep.

Name District Killer/Death Day
Bayleaf Mangolia 11 Micheal Vermas 4
Rose Jones 5 Micheal Vermas 4
Jane Socha 12




MERP. Okai Last day Day 5! Be excited. Gonna be the MOST dramatic EVER!

Day 5!! (LAST DAY!)

This day will not have POVS. I'll just write what will happen since I can't really explain it in POVS.

Veto(D5) is sleeping as this announce goes on HELLO, YOU WILL NEED TO GO TO THE CORNUCOPIA. Or the MUTTS WILL GET YOU! YOU WILL GET A WEAPON YOUR MENTOR HAS GOT FOR YOU. THAT IS ALL Veto(D5) wakes up and gets a battle axe. He then proceeds to walk to towards the cornucopia.

Suki(D7) and Calypso(D1) get awaken by this announce too. Suki(D7) get's 4 small axes that fit around her belt. While Calypso(D1) Got her War Hammer,

Micheal(D2) is already up. But then he gets nothing but a note that says People of the Capitol didn't want you to win. Sorry -Annie He then grunts hard and makes his way towards the cornucopia

While everyone is there. They all face eachother. Suddenly. These podiums rise and a announcement came on This is a second bloodbath, I have put a wall around the perimeter, So none of you can escape! That is all

The timer goes down 5,4,3,2,1 BOOM!

Suki(D7) targets Micheal but Calypso(D1) Betrays her and with her war hammer. Manages to hit Suki(D7) In the shoulder. She falls and cries in pain. Then Calypso(D1) walks to Micheal(D2) and Kisses him and says Oh Suki. Poor Suki. This was our plan to KILL YOU all along. When I came back I found Micheal awake while the other career's were sleeping. And we planned to do this. Prepare to die Then blood sprays on Calypso's face. Veto(D5) had just beheaded! Micheal(D2) BOOM!. She screams NOOO! She then hit's Veto's foot as he hears it crack! he falls. This gvies time for Suki to grab a axe and hit Calypso's back of the neck BOOM! Veto(D5) tries to stand up. But can't. Suki brings her axe up. Then something happens. Veto(D5) grabs calypso war hammer. And hits Suki's Leg. She falls. He then get's up to his knees. While she is on the ground. And Raises the war hammer. Then he hit's Suki's head BOOM! The trumpets sound. VETO MAGNATE YOU HAVE WON THE 19th HUNGER GAMES!

Congratulations to Veto Magnate and his Mentor The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Thanks, Maybe join my next games!

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