Hai! It's me again. Since my last games were so succesful. Imma do these! I got the Idea while watching Saw 6 last night. So here it is. Hoped you like them!


  1. No Cursing what so ever
  2. Don't get mad if your tribute dies
  3. These are based off Saw 6


There will be 12 stages. And in each stage 2 tributes will die. At 12th stage. The two tributes will face off. in a trap and the one that manages to get out of the trap wins!

There will be 24 tributes. In these games.

I WILL Not do reapings nor traning scores nor Chariot rides. Because I don't need them in these games.

So I hope you all like these games!

Tribute Template








That is all


Name & District Age Weapon Personality User
D1F Lexi Mansin 16 Spear,Axe Smart,Cunning, Very Trust worthy she also gets emotional when her dead parents are mentioned Brocky292
D1M Elliot Maslow 12 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knifes He is young and play full. He cares for people he trusts deeply. Brocky292
D2F Reminiscence (Mimi) Banori 17 Nice but will be mean, trustful, really good in killing, popular, very hot
D3F Kaden Drew 17 Building Stuff Nice but is aware who to trust, obsessed with studying, pretty IHGWIKI
D4M Whale Mc Whale 12 ??? He is vicious and has a big mouth. His mouth is so big... Everyone likes his big mouth. He is annoying and makes dying noises a lot. RawrImmaEatYa
D5F Jeremey Jer Frey 13 ??? Shy Quite. She has been addicted to love Foxface D5
D5M Olaf Fiskerdaine 18 Strength(Physical) Mysterioius, A bit cold, An outcast, People don't see him as a normal person ~PopTart~
D7F Jackie  Jane 15 Throwing Knifes nice caring
D7M Reserved
D8M Morgo Roserela 13 Knife Friend,Nice,Caring ViniciusDeAssis1999
D8F Shae Summerfield 15 Dagger,Throwing Knifes, Blowgun

Nice to everyone on first meeting. Shy, conscientious and forgiving, but not forgetting. Prefers small groups of people to large crowds. Can hold a grudge and can get annoyed easily, especially over her past. She is loyal but can be violent if provoked. Often backs down in a verbal fight and doesn't like to speak up, but in a physical fight never backs down and goes for it. Takes pride and is self respecting yet self conscious.

D9M Pamline Falcone 18 Axe and Mace He is very quiet, silent but strong. He always sticks to his guns and never betrays a friend or anyone. He is very intelligent, preffering to keep his ideas to himself though. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
D9F Juliet Diamond 18 Mainpulating
D10M Matthew Hernz 13 ??? Shy yet a little more talkitive to his friends and expecially to Jer his true love Foxface D5
D12F Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star, Shurikens She is very quiet and loves sneaking around. She doesnt like 12 so she sneaks into the forest to satisfy her love for nature. The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

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