Hai. This is my 3rd Games. Since I'm still waiting for "The SAW Games" to fill up. So in the mean time I'll do these =) 


  • No Cussing
  • No Spamming Comments unless I tell you your allowed to spam them
  • Don't get mad if they die. They do come back as zombies though
  • There will be 1 victor
  • Your allowed to put in 2 Tributes
  • No more then that


President Snow is devasdated that "The Hunger Games" aren't famous as they used to be. He was brain storming when he finally came up with the a solution. "The Dead Games" in these games when you kill a tribute, They will come back to life and try to kill the tribute that killed them. But this is the twist, They won't be fully alive, They will be like zombies alive to walk and kill but it takes time for them to die. When the tribute kills the zombie, The tribute is awarded with some gifts, But if the tribute kills more then 2 people. A herd of zombies will come and attack him/her. 

Tribute Template

Please follow this template:









Name & District Age Weapon Owner
D1F Victory Gracelynn 17 Knives,Swords,Dagger's SlappingSquirrels
D1M Ryan Hilford 16 Spear,Sword Iluvgale
D2F Ali Coal 14 Knives,Swords,Spears RawrImmaEatYa
D2M Saw Wire 18 Machete,Sword,Dagger Manner me456
D3F Selene Davae 15 Traps,Daggers .:~*Golden Viper*~:.
D3M Shane Lozano Speed,Knife CoolCato
D4F Imogene Odana 16 Throwing Knives,Bow and Arrows Wesolini
D4M Antero Lisin 18 Trident,Sword Wesolini
D5F Chiara Yama 14 Slingshot RawrImmaEatYa
D5M Arc Remond 16 Spear,Javelin TBWTPT
D6F Crystal Sapphire 15 Icepick,Knives Wesolini
D6M Katsu Nae Hayashi 18 Mace,Sickle RawrImmaEatYa
D7F Cherry Hollowcreak 15 Long Knives,Axe SlappingSquirrels
D7M Tiliam Arbor 16 Axe Wesolini
D8F Stitch Lelli 17 Sword,Trident RawrImmaEatYa
D8M Velour Coudre 18 Crossbow,Bow TBWTPT 
D9F Samantha Dieterlie 13 Blowgun,Axe,Spear CoolCato
D9M Pamline Falcone 18 Axe and Mace TBWTPT
D10F Indigo Cronin 15 Maces,Knives,Whips SlappingSquirrels
D10M Nox Stello 14 Dagger and Sword TBWTPT
D11F Eileen Shade 16 Throwing Knives Annamisasa
D11M Kip Starbrak 15 Katana RawrImmaEatYa
D12F Echo Lavyathin 16 Knife SlappingSquirrels
D12M Carbo Ferrum 17 Katana,Sword Wesolini


District 1

Victory's POV

I wake up thinking what day it is. It's the Reaping Day, But this time it's a new game "The Dead Games" they seem scaring thinking that if I kill more then 2 people a herd will come. But I do have the Career alliance, I might just abandon them to fight of the herd. But if they die they will surely come for me. But I can probably just out run them and like do a trap or something. After all I am a career and I can surely kill anyone or anything that crosses my path. It easy! I'll scare them they run then I kill them. What can I say I'm Evil. I notice I will be late for the reapings if I don't get up soon. So I get up out of my bed and take a shower, My Shower is so luxiuorus I feel bad for the other districts that don't get this luxury as me. I know that District 1 has one sometimes but District 2 has one the most. Since they are usually more cold hearted and vicious but one look at my beauty they will fall in love with me. I'll probably leave them to die in a herd or hoard of zombies. But I wouldn't kill a district 2 male or female they seem strong and their zombies will probably kill me easily like snap me in half like a branch. I then proceed to put on my attire for the reaping. I then start walking thinking on how easy this would be. I still haven't decided on wether to volunteer or just let some loser die for us. I don't think so it's obvious I'm gonna volunteer, Once I'm there they take my blood as the escort is talking or as I call it "Babbling" I just shout I Volunteer!! I then walk up to the stage and stand there. With a smirk on my face, Then this guys name gets reaped Ryan Hilford He's buff and strong. I guess I know who I'm gonna manipulate in the games.

District 2

Saw's POV

It's Easy to win these games all you have to do is kill tributes. Which is a easy thing to do since there all scrawny and skinny. But for me I don't have feelings I can kill easily. Break of a neck anything you can think of I can kill easily. I can hunt good even though this a not a regular "Hunger Games" it's "The Dead Games" kinda worse but I can take care of my self easily. I lost all my emotions if you want to know I don't feel. Which is why I'm prepared for these games easily. Everything is easy for me since I don't need anything for my life. I don't feel I don't care for anything. It's easy like that once I get in the bottom 8 it's gonna be slicing 'n dicing the rest of the career's. But if I kill them a hoard will come surely. But remember I just have to survive them not kill them. I can probably climb on the cornucopia and win this easily. I love that word easy, easily that's my life. I get ready for the reaping like normal and proceed to walk to into the square. They take my blood and I wait. This Girls name Ali Coal I then scream I VOLUNTEER and run up and shake her hand.

District 3

Selene's POV

Today is the most dreaded day ever. It's the reapings since I come from a poorer district we barely win these games. It's horrible for us since we don't win these, It's usually District 1,2,4. I hate it so much! Here I am talking about when I should be doing it something. If I get reaped I WILL win even with the zombies I will win. I know how to make explosives I know how to explode things. This is why I will win The Dead Games for my family. To prove any district can win. Including District 3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. This wil show the capitol and everyone we aren't action figures in their games. Anyone can win not only career's, If I get reaped I will promise myself and everyone from any district. I remeber today is the reaping as I get ready. It might be tense but I will win and prove them wrong. I put on my best outfit which is not really the prettiest but it will do. I walk down to the square, They then take my blood I flinch. I then get into the square. We watch the video and I know it sounds depressing. Then out of no where she says The ladies and I look up anxious Selene Davae I knew it. I get up looking fierce then the boy's name Shane Lozano this average boy comes up. I shake his hand

District 4

Antero's POV

I come out of the water from the beach. How can I be so layed back? It's easy I'm volunteering for the games. It's a new one so why not? I can win this one It's easy, These are the steps 1)Act like innocent naive tribute 2)Backstab your allies. Career's or not. 3) Have no mercy just kill. That's the steps of winning although only tough people can really do this. If your not tough prepare to die from me. I'll win these games easy no one will stop me. Backstabbing is my speciality I'll volunteer act like a weakling and when I get a alliance BOOM! I'll kill them. Anyways I just got back from swimming or fishing. I get to my house and give the fish to my mom who gladly takes it. I give my little brother a highfive. My mom asks me Are you volunteering? I say Yes I can see she is sad. But I resure her that noting will happen. I will simply win these games. I'll just follow my plan and win. I get ready for the games. I put on my greatest appreal I can find in my closet. I then walk to the square for the reapings. I can see I'm the early bird here, When I came up to the peacekeeper he seemed surprised I was so early. Finally the tributes come. I get ready as our escort is blabbing his mouth. Finally he says Ladies First He then squints and reads the name Imogene Odana A strong girl walks up, Finally I scream I VOLUNTEER! and I walk up and shake her hand

District 5

Chiara's POV

I wake up from a nightmare knowing what today. The nightmare was so vivid I felt like I was gonna reaped. But when I did get reaped it wasn't me. It was my mom and she was being totured until she gave me up. It was the worst dream I have had, And great it's on the reaping day. I hope I don't get picked this year It'll be bad for me and my family. I shake of the feeling although It keeps coming to me again, I don't know what to do so I just go to my mom and cry to her. She says Don't worry, You won't get reaped I look at her and say I will It's gonna happen mom She looks at me horrified and says Your volunteering aren't you I look at her and nod. She is surprised and asks me Why I say Mom,I knew I was gonna get reaped already I felt it, So I'm gonna volunteer this year she looks at me and nods. Although I can see she is sad I get ready. I put on a dress althought it isn't the prettiest I don't care. I then walk to the reapings as my 2 favourite friends come up to me. They seem sad as they know I might be volunteering. I tell them not to worry, It's better that I know I will be reaped. They take my blood and I get inside with my friends. We watch the video and see the escort. Then I say I volunteer I come up and see the crowd. She then say's the name Arc Remond and he comes up and I shake his hand.

District 6

Katsu's POV

My hand's are cold, I'm sweating with nerves right now. Today is the most dreaded day in history. Today we get reaped or picked, To play in The Hunger Games. I feel dizzy on how I might get picked today, I feel hot and cold like something is wrong with me today. We always lose these games and I'm gonna lose if I get picked. With zombies are even worse to think about. Getting ripped apart by the Zombies will make it even worse for me and for my family. My head aches and I feel like I'm gonna pass out in bed. I stand up and feel more dizziness and nervousness, I'm so anxious for this to get over this. I can't even walk straight without limping on a leg. I'm sweating without even getting in the shower which isn't good. I feel like i'm gonna throw up in the shower,Being ripped and eaten alive is horrible. I feel like crying and just not show up, I get ready and eat my breakfast with my parents and I notice they are silent while were eating. I get up and my father puts his hand on my shoulder, I nod and just leave. 

My hands are sweating and I'm limping, I feel Dizzy extremely dizzy and sick to my stomach. Things are speeding so fast as I walk to the square. The square is so close but yet so far which might be good for me. I start getting more dizzy on the way were I just don't want to walk. When I finally get to the peacekeeper I feel as if I'm gonna pass out I'm sweating and he takes my blood. I felt a "Prick" and I somehow I felt better. Like a flood relief goes through me and put's this all into prespective like it's so sureal and I can't do anything about it. When I get in the square I go into my group. The escort seems to be making this worse. By making these not funny jokes she is making everyone just feel bad. Finally she shows us the video and we watch it, I try to watch every part of it keeping detail to it. Then she says "Females First" she pulls out the slip and reads "Crystal Sapphire" this girl walks up and stays on the stage. Then the Escort says "Katsu Nae Hayashi" and I walk up and shake the girls hand.

District 7

Cherry's POV

I come back from the woods,Walking to my house. Sweat breaks up from my forehead as I walk to my house. I guess I kinda over did it with poaching. At least I got a squirrel and a turkey from the woods. I love my axe I first got it when I was 5, I have used it ever since and It has brought me good luck. I don't really care for today since I know if I get reaped I will kickass in the Arena. With this axe I will, Maybe I can bring it was a district token. I probably can since it's a token from my District. A weapon as a token? Might actually kill the purpose of the Bloodbath. That's probably why I won't be able to take it, I can take any axe and be good with it.

I get to my house about 10 minutes after I left the woods. I can tell my family is sleeping so I put the turkey and the squirrel on the table. I put it in the countertop and grab my mom's butcher's knife and start to hack it. I take the head and the leg and the entrails and throw it outside for the birds to eat. I take my pocket knife and shave it's feathers off. Did I mention I'm good at Knives, Well I am. Cooking has helped me with that.Once I finish shaving the feather off. I take the fat and put in a pot so It can boil for a while. I take it out and do the same with the bird. I chop it up again and take a egg and put the yolk on the meat. I get some season and put the chicken inside so the season can stick to it. When my family wakes up I set it on the table and go up to my room to take a shower. 

Once I get out of the shower I put my clothes on. Then go down to eat, Since I'm the oldest I'm the only one that has to get all "Dolled" up. Which I frankly do not like to do since I feel so volnerable. I get to the square and wait in line. Finall I get there and seemed like hours. They prick my blood and I get inside, The escort looks pretty "Dolled" up like she owns the place. It makes me mad to the point where I want to rip her head off. Finally the video stops and she says "Ladies first" she puts her hand inside her bowl and takes it out. She reads "Cherry HollowCreak" I walk up looking all "Dolled" up and put my determined face on. I think people were surprised, So I just looked at them then the male's name was "Tiliam Arbor". A muscular guys walks up and I shake his hand.

District 8

Velour's POV

I look up, The Sky is blue but I can almost see how dull it is really. Nobody likes these games and nobody will. Since The Hunger Games have failed, They added a new game. The Dead Games . I wish the Capitol will stop with this. It's getting out of hand I mean way out of hand. Can people live in peace? Or does the Capitol must have revenge on us.I sometimes think they like to see us in pain. To give them a good feeling, Thinking they would never be in of these games. It sickens me to the point where I want to throw up. I get out bed and look out my window. I see two kids playing out in the yard,Those are my brothers. I run out and pick them up and hug them. I love my brothers so much, I never wanna see them go in the games. It will hurt me if they get picked instead of me. 

I get inside and I notice I'm panting and sweating. I guess I played to much outside. I go take a shower and wait for my time to leave to the reapings. Once I get out my brother's go! "Velour! Can we play more!!" I say "Sorry,I can't play, Maybe after the Reap-" I stopped since I knew If I got picked, There was no after the reapings. I can tell they understood since I saw tears in their eyes. I walk out into the yard and they ask "Can we come with you!" I say "Sorry no,Stay with mom" They seem said but I don't want them to see if I get reaped.

When I get to the reapings, I stay in line. The link almost takes forever until I get to the peacekeeper. He takes my finger and pricks it. I wince a little. He then leads me inside the square. I wait until almost everyone is there and look at the escort. She seems happy for some odd reason. She shows us the video and I almost feel hatred for the escort. Finally she stops and says "Well wasn't the facinating" people don't respond as she says "Ladies First" she picks up a slip and says the name "Stitch Lelli" a girl walks up and I could tell she is afraid. Then "Velour Coudre" I'm shocked! I walk up and shake her hand.

District 9

Samantha's POV

I'm waiting as the reapings are starting. I don't know what to do as I'm nervous. I'm sweating like crazy thinking what is gonna happen when I get reaped. I start to get dizzy and kinda black out. The last 10 minutes I can't remember a thing. It's just scary to see that I might actually die if I don't play my cards straight.I  can actually win, backstab or something like that. Finally the escort comes and says "Welcome,Welcome sorry I was late"

I sigh as I know nobody cares if she was late or not. She smiles and looks at everyone, I can tell she is fake with her mouth. Maybe about 5 surgeries on her face. Her skin is a light purple and her hair has pink highlights in it. Did I mention she has purple hair too? What a poser, She seriously needs to not make everything so optimistic.  It makes her look fake. I mean "Fake" Fake.

Finally she shuts up and says "Here we go to the video" in that fake voice. It's so bad I seriously want to rip her vocal chords out so she can't talk. But Alas I'll get sent to jail and probably sentenced to die in prison. She then says "Ladies First" and reaches in the bowl almost perfectly so, She can look pretty. Finally she picks it the card up and moves her hip. I feel my hatred even more for her. She says "Samantha Dieterlie" I walk up with my fist's clench then she says "Pamline Falcone" this boy walks up and shakes my hand.

District 10

Nox's POV

I stand up, Looking at my family knowing either 3 of them will be reaped today. Not including me which is bad. Since my little brother turned 12 a few months ago. Which is unfortunate for him. We do have a big family so it's very unfortunate, I mean very unfortunate for us. Since I'm 14 I know what to do. 2 of my siblings have their last years today. So I have 4 more years to go which is still unfortunate for me. Unfortunately my little siblings have more years to suffer now. So my family isn't the best with siblings which is sad for them. They have never had a kid in the games before so I hope I won't be the first. When we have breakfast no one talks at all which is silent. It is very weird and awkward for us to not talk at all.

When we get ready, My brother says "Don't get scared" I nod and tell the siblings. I can see they look scared in their eyes. But they nod and hold my hand. I make sure to not get scared when we walk into the square. Finally when my little sister puts on her dress. We get started to walk to the square. We hold are hands and walk together to the square. When we get there this a line their waiting for us. We then stay in the line for what seemed like hours and hours. When finally I got my finger pricked and we walk in. Since I have one sister that is 14 we get put in the same group.

When I find her in the crowd. We hold each others hand. I can tell she is nervous since she is shaking. So I tell her to breath in and out. finally when we the escort shows up he looks bored and we sigh. He says "Hello" in a bored voice that I wanna go up to him and punch him in the face so bad. Then he says "Here is the video" I almost missed what he said the word "Delinquents" That was my ticking point. I clenched my fist and waited for him say "Volunteers?" that's when I would go up and punch him. Finally he says "Ladies First". He puts his hand in the bowl and says "Indigo Cronin" this beautiful girl walks up and stays on top of the stage. I say "I volunteer!" I walk up and clench my fist. I decided not to punch him since I would get in trouble. I then shake Indigo's hand.

District 11

Eileen's POV

I'm shaking and trembeling at the same time. I can't believe it,Today of all days. Is my brother's birthday. We have to go to the reapings. I link my hands with my brother as I know this might be the last I see him. He turned 12 today right on the reaping day. It is really unfortunate for him and for me. We both might get reaped, I can see he is scared today. (incomplete)

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