District and Gender Name Age Weapons
District 1 Female Glisten Celestia 16

Bow and arrow


District 1 Male Kang Kao 17



District 2 Female Shimmer Cashmere 17

Bow and Arrow



District 2 Male Gavin Adams 18 Sword
District 3 Female Rilla Thatch 15


Bow and Arrow

District 3 Male Dexter Volts 14 Coil of Wire
District 4 Female Ruth Jones 12


Small Axe

District 4 Male Kyle Loyd 17



District 5 Female Alexandra Woods 12 Blowgun
District 5 Male Beck Walker 17



District 6 Female Regina Rahilly 15


Bow and Arrow

District 6 Male Raven Emerald 15


Fighting Knife


District 7 Female Holly Shiftwell 12

Bow and Arrow

Throwing Knife

District 7 Male Jason Neel 17 Axe
District 8 Female Olivia Newman 14

Throwing Knife


District 8 Male Mike Konks 16

Bow and Arrow


District 9 Female Luna Snare 15 Blowgun
District 9 Male Tyler Tonic 12

Bow and Arrow


District 10 Female Feline Ster 13 Knife
District 10 Male Harry Cooper 17 Bow and Arrow
District 11 Female Hadley Tidwell 13



Bow and Arrow

District 11 Male Tim de Winter 13 Bow and Arrow
District 12 Female Jane Everdeen 14




District 12 Male Ethan Everdeen 15

Bow and Arrow



Training Scores

Tribute Score
Glisten Celestia 10
Kang Kao -12
Shimmer Cashmere 10
Gavin Adams 11
Rilla Thatch 7
Dexter Volts 8
Ruth Jones 5
Kyle Loyd 9
Alexandra Woods 6
Beck Walker 8
Regina Rahilly 10
Raven Emerald 10
Holly Shiftwell 1
Jason Neel 9
Olivia Newman 7
Mike Konks 8
Luna Snare 10
Tyler Tonic 4
Feline Ster 7
Harry Cooper 9
Hadley Tidwell 6
Tim de Winter 8
Jane Everdeen 11
Ethan Everdeen 11



Each person gets $400 at the beginning of the Games. If your tribute survives the Bloodbath, you are granted an extra $100, although this rule does not go for Career Tributes. Every day your tribute survives you gain another $50. A kill gives you $100 plus as much the victim had. Career Tributes only get half of their victim's money. The reward for a kill is raised by $25 daily. Every day, prices of each sponsor gift raise by $25.

1. Axe $100
2. Knife $75
3. Sword $150
4. Dagger $100
5. Bow w/ 24 arrows $250

6. Blowgun w/ 24 darts $225

7. Katana Sword $175
8. Wakasashi Sword $150
9. Tonto Blade $100
10. Crossbow w/ 24 bolts $350
11. Mace $200
12. Battleaxe $250
13. Greatsword $225
14. Warhammer $275
15. 24 throwing knives $150
16. Scythe $174.99
17. Switchblade $100
18. Club $175
19. Backpack $300
20. Container of iodine $50
21. 1 Empty water bottle $50
22. Sleeping bag $50
23. 50 crackers $50
24. 25 feet of rope $50

25. 15 strips of beef $50


26. Meal for two $100
27. Meal for four $200
28. Large meal $350
29. Compass $200
30. Map $300
31. Body armor $500
32. Body armor w/ helmet $600
33. Bolt-action .22 rifle $2000
34. Coil of wire $250
35. Trident $200
36. Spear $150
37. Electrified Spear $275
38. 24 arrows $100
39. 24 crossbow bolts $150
40. 24 bullets $500
41. Burn ointment $250
42. Healing ointment $500
43. Icepick $250
44. Collapseable shovel $125
45. Scarf, gloves, hat $50
46. Water $250
47. Electrified knife $200

A wakasashi sword is a short katana designed for indoor fighting

A tonto is the smallest of the katana family, roughly the size of the average kitchen knife, and is designed for cutting food, but can also be used as a weapon

Comes with 1 empty water bottle, sleeping bag, 50 crackers, 25 feet of rope, 1 container of iodine, 15 strips of beef jerky

Lasts two days if for only one person

Lasts four days if for only one person, two for two

Lasts three days for four people

Decreases chances of getting lost

Depletes chances of getting lost

Comes with 24 bullets

Electrocutes you and fries your insides. ZAP ZAP!

Useful in the arctic area of the Arena

Keeps you warm in the cold parts of the arena, and can protect you from the sun in desert areas

Day One

Kang Kao's POV

As the gong sounds, I run towards the Cornucopia and grab a silver shortsword. I run back out to the field surrounding the Cornucopia, and almost instantly chop Harry Cooper's head off. Sadly, the sword broke when I decapitated him, so I pick up his head and shove my index and middle finger into his eye sockets, then put my thumb in his mouth and smash the skull into Tyler Tonic's head. Tyler falls over, a portion of his skull on the ground, unattached to the rest of his head. Harry's skull splits in half, then his bloody brain falls onto the ground. I pick up a mace from Harry's headless corpse, and continue fighting with the rest of the Careers.

Luna Snare's POV

Just before the gong sounds, Raven, Regina, and I exchange glances and each nod, recognizing our pre-made alliance. Bang! The gong sounds, and Raven rushes to the Cornucopia, grabs a katana and an axe. I rush up and pick up a blowgun and some darts, then a jar of nightlock poison. Regina gets a knife. We each grab a backpack as we run away from the Cornucopia into the mountainous area of the Arena.

Ethan Everdeen's POV

I watch in awe as the District 10 boy's head is used as a weapon, then remember that I have to get some supplies, then get out of here. I rush to Olivia Newman's body with a knife sticking out of her chest and pick up the knife and belt of throwing knives she had, and wonder how she died. Then I run off with my sister, Jane, who has a mace and two backpacks. After running t hrough endless fields, we come to a forest and use the rope from the backpacks to tie ourselves onto tree branches and stay hidden, just as our ancestor Katniss Everdeen did in the 74th Hunger Games.

Shimmer Cashmere's POV

As soon as I grab a mace, I hit the District 10 girl in the head, and he drops to the ground, dead. I see Gavin run Ruth Jones through with a sword. Glisten Celestia shoots Holly Shiftwell in the back of the head with an arrow, and the arrow's tip comes out of their open, bloody mouth. Then I run towards the District 3 girl and smash her spear's shaft with my mace, then pick up the half of her spear with the tip on it, and jab it into her chest.

Raven Emerald's POV

After getting my weapons and making sure Luna and Regina are still with us, we run off into a mountainous area of the Arena, and we come across Mike Konks, holding a bow with an arrow ready. After a few seconds of not attacking him, or him attacking us, we decide he can be in our alliance. Then we hear the cannons. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Seven dead.

Glisten Celestia's POV

At some point in the evening, there is a mutt attack. They come out of nowhere to slaughter us, and all of us pick up what we can and run as fast as we can. Kyle trips, and I look back to see him get ripped apart. Boom! I hear another cannon, then another, then another. Eventually, the mutts catch up with us, and I am taken to the ground by one, and the last thing I see is the mutt's blood-covered face over mine.

Regina Rahilly's POV

Thank God we all made it through the mutt attack. We look up at the faces in the sky, and we see twelve of them. Twelve more to go. I curl up in my sleeping bag and go to sleep.

Fallen of Day One

Harry Cooper - 24 - Head cut off by Kang Kao

Tyler Tonic - 23 - Skull smashed by Harry Cooper's skull used by Kang Kao

Olivia Newman - 22 - Stabbed in the heart by Kyle Loyd

Feline Ster - 21 - Skull smashed with mace by Shimmer Cashmere

Ruth Jones - 20 - Stabbed with sword by Gavin Adams

Holly Shiftwell - 19 - Shot in head by Shimmer Cashmere

Rilla Thatch - 18 - Stabbed by her own spear by Shimmer Cashmere

Kyle Loyd - 17 - Eaten by Mutts

Dexter Volts - 16 - Eaten by Mutts

Alexandera Woods - 15 - Eaten by Mutts

Tim de Winter - 14 - Eaten by Mutts

Glisten Celestia - 13 - Eaten by Mutts

Day Two

Jason Neel's POV

Oh, God... I walk through a desert part of the Arena with only an axe and backpack full of stuff. My throat feels like sandpaper, I have sunburn. I look down at my axe, which is very heavy, considering the state I'm in. I decide to toss the axe, and some other supplies that weren't an absolute necessity and could be sacrificed. I keep walking for a while, then finally collapse of exhaustion. I crawl over to a large rock and sit against it, then fall asleep.

Raven Emerald's POV

I wake up in the morning to something on my chest. Wha? What is this? It's a sponsor gift, exactly what I wanted but couldn't get at the Cornucopia: A crossbow with 24 bolts. I smile in joy of getting the crossbow and my allies look at me like I'm crazy. All of a sudden, another parachute comes down, and we check to see what it is. Once it's open, the note saying "For Mike" is seen, and he takes the container, which has two daggers in it. Man... Apparently the sponsors like us.

Gavin Adams's POV

During the evening, I see a parachute coming out of the sky, and it lands on my lap. It's heavy.... I pop it open; there is a golden warhammer and a switchblade inside. "Alright, time to go hunting." says Shimmer, and we go off into the forest part of the Arena. After walking for a few hours, we find a group of four. I know the name of one, Raven Emerald. I was watching him in training. He's very skilled with katanas. Apparenty, he knew we were there. I see him charge in, weapon drawn. He leaps in the air and stabs Shimmer through the heart. "Leave. Now." After seeing what he did to Shimmer, Kang and I run off, planning on coming back to kill them early tomorrow morning.

Fallen of Day Two

Shimmer Cashmere - 12 - Skewered by Raven Emerald

Day Three - The Feast

Jane Everdeen's POV

Suddenly, an announcer's voice is projected all over the Arena. "This afternoon, there will be a feast at the Cornucopia. That is all." I wake up Ethan. "We have to go. Cornucopia. There's a feast." He groggily gets up, and we to to the golden Cornucopia, which has one bag for each live tribute, and the bags have the tribute's name and District on them. Ethan and I charge in for our packs, and all of a sudden, Ethan collapses with a crossbow bolt in his body, then a cannon fires. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I feel a knife go into my stomach... Then another into my chest... And the world fades.

Raven Emerald's POV

As we run to the Cornucopia, Regina throws knives at the District Twelve boy, and kills him. Wow. Then I fire a crossbow bolt into the girl's heart. At the Cornucopia, Hadley Tidwell tries to get to her bag, but Mike shoots her in the neck with an arrow. Boom! After that, Kang and Gavin run out, and Kang throws a spear right into Luna's chest. Boom! Then Gavin runs in and beheads Mike. Another cannon. I shoot Kang Kao in the back of the head as he flees with Gavin. As his cannon goes off, I fire for Gavin's head, but miss. Damn. Should've aimed lower. I grab the District Six bags just as Mike dies, then grab Regina and run as fast as I can into the mountainous part of the Arena. As Regina and I are eating some meat from the rabbits we caught earlier, I realize that I love her. And that she has to win.

Fallen of Day Three

Ethan Everdeen - 11 - Shot in chest by Raven Emerald

Jane Everdeen - 10 - Knives thrown at by Regina Rahilly

Hadley Tidwell - 9 - Shot in the neck by Mike Konks

Luna Snare - 8 - Speared by Kang Kao

Mike Konks - 7 - Beheaded by Gavin Adams

Kang Kao - 6 - Shot by Raven Emerald

Day Four

Jason Neel's POV

I got an axe and some water yesterday. Thank God. I finally got out of that damned desert and into a forest, and I start to make camp. All of a sudden, I hear something, and turn around. I see nothing. Then I feel a sharp pain and feel the spear tip come out of my stomach. I turn around and kill my attacker, the District 5 boy, with my axe before collapsing.

Fallen of Day Four

Jason Neel - 5 - Speared by Beck Walker

Beck Walker - 4 - Axe in the neck by Jason Neel

Day Five - The Ultimatum

Raven Emerald's POV

Regina and I are searching for tributes when we come to a swampy area with grass coming out of the water that was up to my shoulders. Looking across the swamp, I see Kang Kao and Gavin Adams, sitting there. I pull out my crossbow and shoot Kang in the face, instantly killing him. His cannon fires. Then Gavin picks up a blowgun and fires a poisoned dart right into my chest. Good thing I got body armor and a helmet, plus an electrified spear and knife, yesterday. I give Regina the crossbow; she's a pretty good shot. "Regina. Get the hell out of here. Now." "Rav-" "GO!" She runs away, into the mountains. Focus, you son of a bitch'. I sprint towards the final Career with my katana, and realize how heavily armed he is when it's too late. He smashes the bulletproof-glass visor of my helmet with a warhammer. Jesus Christ... The visor didn't shatter, it just cracked all over the place, leaving me blind. I throw it to the ground, then disarm Gavin and throw his warhammer into the swamp. Next, he pulls out an axe, and swings it straight down into my foot. "RAGHHHH!" I stab him in the shoulder with my katana before he draws a greatsword, which I easily knock from his grip. Finally, he reveals a scythe. Damn... How do you stop this guy?! He hacks through my body armor, and I see blood spurt out of my stomach. I yell in pain, then stab him in the scythe-wielding arm. He catches his falling weapon and switches to his other hand. I pull out my electrified spear and stab him in the stomach. "Die, damn you!", I yell. Somehow Gavin pulls the spear out before he gets fried and tosses it away. I swing at his scythe, and cut the blade off, which falls into the swamp. He pulls out a sword. How many sponsors does he have? The next thing I know, my left arm from the elbow down is on the ground, and blood is pouring out of the remainder of the arm. I don't feel the pain, thanks to adrenaline. Somehow, he spins me around, so I'm facing away from him. Then he kicks me behind the knee, and now I'm kneeling. Worst of all, I'm facing away from him. Then he grabs me under the chin and pulls my head back, exposing my neck. There's something he doesn't know: I have my electrified knife in my right hand. "Go ahead and kill me. It won't change anything." Gavin puts a dagger to my neck, and just as the crimson blood begins to flow, I reach up and jab the electrified knife into his right jugular. Just as I die, I hear his cannon fire. Boom.

Fallen of Day Five

Gavin Adams - 2/3 - Stabbed in jugular by Raven Emerald

Raven Emerald - 2/3 - Throat slit by Gavin Adams


Regina Rahilly - District 6 Female

To Be Continued...

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