Name and District Gender Age Weapons
Jennifer Shin - D1 Female 16 Bow and arrow, Knife
Liam Everett - D1 Male 16 Sword, Spear
Diamond Willow - D2 Female 15 Bow and Arrow, Knife
Xavier Sifonios - D2 Male 14 Kaskara
Alice Williams - D3 Female 16 Coil of Wire
Electroy Mannin - D3 Male 13 Spear, Axe
Misty Blue - D4 Female 18 Nets
Logan Blue - D4 Male 18 Trident, Blowgun
Cassidy O'Hara - D5 Female 15 Blowgun
Hakuro Akio - D5 Male 18 Nunchucks, Katana
Daina Coleman - D6 Female 16 Rope, Thread (?), Blowgun
Raven Rahilly - D6 Male 17 Katana, Electrified Knife, Mace, Katar
Petra Liit - D7 Female 16 Knife, Sword, Axe
Jacob Gibson - D7 Male 13 Throwing Knife, Axe
Kristy Mantanogal - D8 Female 18 Quarterstaff
Dan Krytogo - D8 Male 17 Sword
Jessie Minie - D9 Female 12 Bo Staff
Andy Pillars - D9 Male 18 Machete, Spear
Ariannah Justice - D10 Female 15 Sword
Pillani Violo - D10 Male 13 Scythe, Kama
Echo Lavyathin - D11 Female 16 Knife
Lee Grimes - D11 Male 16 Katana, Knife
Jane Sybella - D12 Female 12

Hunga Munga

Gold Frost - D12 Male 17 Sword












Training Scores

Name and District Score
Jennifer Shin - D1 9
Liam Everett - D1 10
Diamond Willow - D2 9
Xavier Sifonios - D2 8
Alice Williams - D3 7
Electroy Mannin - D3 8
Misty Blue - D4 5
Logan Blue - D4 10
Cassidy O'Hara - D5 8
Hakuro Akio - D5 8
Daina Coleman - D6 8
Raven Rahilly - D6 10
Petra Liit - D7 9
Jacob Gibson - D7 7
Kristy Mantanogal - D8 8
Dan Krytogo - D8 9
Jessie Minie - D9 6
Andy Pillars - D9 8
Arrianah Justice - D10 10
Pillani Violo - D10 9
Echo Lavyathin - D11 8
Lee Grimes - D11 9
Jane Sybella - D12 7
Gold Frost - D12 9

Each tribute (except for Careers) get $400. Careers get $300. Every kill made grants you $200 plus half of the victim's $. Careers get the normal $200, but none of their victim's $. Surviving the Bloodbath (this does not go for Careers) grants $150. Every day a tribute survives they get an extra $100. Remember that every day, prices for sponsor gifts increase by $25, (Ex: if you ask for a Katana on Day 9 and I say it'll be $200, add 9 X 25 to the original price, and it will be $425.) Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.



When the gong rings, the tributes rush the Cornucopia. Pillani Violo is killed instantly by Liam Everett, who proceeds to skewer Lee Grimes with his spear. Jessie Minie and Hakuro Akio kill each other at the exact same time, and both collapse. Gold Frost jumps on Echo Lavyathin and stabs her in the heart, then runs off into a desert. Jennifer Shin shoots Logan Blue in the neck with an arrow, and he collapses, dead. Misty screams and starts to cry, then Raven Rahilly dropkicks Jennifer, and then cuts her in half with his katana. He grabs Misty's hand and runs into the snowy part of the Arena. After this, Petra Liit is killed by Diamond Willow, and finally, the Bloodbath ends.

Bloodbath Deaths

Pillani Violo - 24 - Killed by Liam Everett

Lee Grimes - 23 - Skewered by Liam Everett

Jessie Minie - 22/21 - Killed by Hakuro Akio

Hakuro Akio - 22/21 - Killed by Jessie Minie

Echo Lavyathin - 20 - Stabbed in heart by Gold Frost

Logan Blue - 19 - Shot by Jennifer Shin

Jennifer Shin - 18 - Sliced in half by Raven Rahilly

Petra Liit - 17 - Killed by Diamond Willow

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