• Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!!

    So I recently finished my Sponsor Games. I was going to make another but the idea got boring and now I don't want to do it anymore. So I got this idea instead. So this is how it's gonna go. I will post the tributes and their statistics and then I will allow twenty-four people in. The twenty-four people get five votes to put their votes with the character(s) of their choice. It is not limited to how many slips can be for one person. After all twenty-four have submitted their five choices then I will do a little "reaping" from my hat. If nobody votes for a tribute then they will be randomly assigned by a user who doesn't have a tribute yet. Okay? Okay.

    From: Harry Potter

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Skills: Magic, Flying

    Weapon of Choice: Wand, Broomstic…

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  • Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!! the day after I started my User Games I came up with this idea (well I dont know if anyone ever used it but if you did sorry and I didn't copy) but anyways these games are a little different because YOU sponsor your favorite tributes!!!! *crowd applauses*

    • Clove - 9 sponsors - District 2

    Sponsor Amount Tribute Tribute Tribute
    Haybernathy 620

    Unknown Person 650

    Realornotreal 600 Johanna

    Justafox 380 Clove

    QuinnQuinn 530 Clove

    Rose Hathaway 190 Clove Johanna

    April Showers 650 Clove

    ~Tris~ 510

    Thresh45 90

    PrezzieSnow 200



    Clove Johanna

    Wolverine 660

    Tatertot 510

    Everdeen 640 Clove

    Wikia Contributor #1 550

    Wikia Contributor #2 620

    Anon.... 500

    Angry Birds 650 Clove


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  • Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!!

    So...I decided that I am going to create a User I go!!!! To be a tribute just ask me in chat, message, or comments!!!! This is my first Games so....PLEASE JOIN!!!!!

    When Katniss was about to kill President Snow, a bomb was set off and everybody was killed. President Snow survived and he kept the Hunger Games going, but he make them much more brutal and gruesome. But years later President Snow died and his sister Cora Snow became president. She is just like Snow, snake-like and evil. The Hunger Games went on and this is the 100th Hunger Games and the 4th Quarter Quell!!!!!

    Name District Training Score Killer Rating
    Bananaman321 1 10 Sharks 13
    ~Tris~ 1 9

    Rose Hathaway 2 11 Everdeen 20
    Iluvgale 2 9 ~Tris~ 23
    Thresh is Fresh 3 8 MW2…

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  • Ravenclaw Eagles14!!!!!

    Hey. It's me (obviously). I decided to make this because I had never made one before and honestly...i was kind of bored. But anyways... These games are going to be just regular games. Because the ones with the changes and stuff kind of confuse me. Here we go!

    So the tributes are just going to be user's. But still fill this out and post a comment with it...




    Skills: (must match with their district)

    Weapon: (must match with district)



    Future Training: (this is basically anything that they have done before the games that would help i.e. Peeta having to carry heavy loads, Katniss hunting)

    Just fill that out and post it in a comment.

    Districts Male Female












    I will do the tra…

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