FANDOM the day after I started my User Games I came up with this idea (well I dont know if anyone ever used it but if you did sorry and I didn't copy) but anyways these games are a little different because YOU sponsor your favorite tributes!!!! *crowd applauses*


Tributes Left

  • Clove - 9 sponsors - District 2


Sponsor Amount Tribute Tribute Tribute
Haybernathy 620
Unknown Person 650 Johanna
Realornotreal 600 Johanna
Justafox 380 Clove
QuinnQuinn 530 Clove
Rose Hathaway 190 Clove Johanna
April Showers 650 Clove
~Tris~ 510
Thresh45 90 Johanna
PrezzieSnow 200 Johanna


Clove Johanna
Wolverine 660 Johanna
Tatertot 510
Everdeen 640 Clove
Wikia Contributor #1 550 Johanna
Wikia Contributor #2 620
Anon.... 500 Johanna
Angry Birds 650 Clove
Denali Lover 660


The severus snape 450 Johanna
Mapb333 610
Kwankwan 350 Johanna
TeamGaleHawthorne 690 Clove Johanna
Nightlock Lover 520
Milly N. Hodgins 610

Day Fourteen

It's day fourteen in the Hunger Games and the Gamemakers have a small plan in mind. They send in the mutts that they have created for this special creation. Each remaining tribute has a special mutt that has been released into the arena, made specifically for them.

Marvel and Gloss are staying on the mountain. Enobaria is residing in a tree in the left forest, as is Finnick, Clove, and Johanna. But they are all at opposite ends.

A loud bang is heard through the entire arena and each remaining tribute's mutt is released into the arena.

Each mutt is specifically made to reflect that tributes worst fear (i had to make up each tributes fear). Johanna was just about to fall asleep in her tree when she hears it. A loud crash. Then another, and another. She hears a gurgling noise and when she looks down, she see's that the area around her is beginning to flood. She panicks and jumps to the next tree. She jumps down from the tree and starts running. The water mutt keeps turning as if it is leading her somewhere.

Finnick is walking through the forest when he hears the first scream. It is a scream of a little boy. His son, then he hears a woman's scream. Annie's. Then he hears the boy's, then the woman's. He spots the first jabberjay and begins to run in the opposite direction but the jabberjays are all over. He finds a place where there are no jabberjays and he keeps following the path where there is no jabberjays.

Marvel and Gloss encounter two huge mutts that are very lethal and very huge. One is very large and hairy like a huge dog. It has huge fangs and they are dripping with a green liquid. Its eyes are huge and menacing and Gloss seems paralyzed in his spot just looking into them.

Marvel encounters are large slithery mutt that looks similar to a snake. It has six huge fangs sticking out of its mouths and it keeps trying to strike down Marvel.

Enobaria is confronted by a huge bird mutt that is dark blue and has razor sharp talons and beak. When you look at the bird closely, its wings have blades in them, making one little swipe from those wings a deadly hit.

Clove's mutt rises from the ground as some sort of golem. It is a large creature that appears to be made out of earth. It has is very strong, as it rips a tree out of the ground and trys to swipe her.

After about half an hour, the mutts have done their job and they all retreat into their secret coves and hiding places. All remaining six tributes are back at the Cornucopia for the third time. At first they all just stand there staring in disbelief that they were all led back here but they find a huge surprise when six silver parachutes fall from the sky and land in the mouth of the Cornucopia. Each one is a weapon for each one of the tributes.

Clove is the first to come back to reality. She charges at the Cornucopia and Marvel, Enobaria, Finnick and Johanna follow. Clove reaches her pack marked with the word "CLOVE" and pulls out a vest with various types of knives in it. She quickly straps it on just as Enobaria and Finnick make it and get their packs. Enobaria pulls a long stick from hers, she smiles slyly and knows exactly what this weapon is. Finnick gets a trident which is perfect for him.

Immediately, Finnick and Enobaria engage in combat. Finnick tries to stab her but she holds the stick out in front of her and catches the trident on the stick. She twists the stick and almost knocks the trident out of his hands. She spins the bo-stick on her hands and lifts the stick high over her head and comes straight down on his head with it. He begins to bleed and is knocked unconscious.

Marvel and Johanna reach the Cornucopia and find a spear and an axe waiting for them. Enobaria swings her bo-stick around her head with great skill and swings it around Marvel. It whacks him in the back with such force that we hear a large snap and his cannon sounds.

Gloss is sneaking up around the back of the Cornucopia and he quickly grabs his pack and retrieves a knife. He barely has it out when Clove comes to him and throws a knife at him. He has no time to move and the knife goes cleanly into his neck. His cannon sounds.

Clove then walks over to Finnick's unconscious body and starts to laugh. She kicks him in the face, breaking his nose and quickly stabs him in the heart. Another cannon goes off.

Johanna and Enobaria engage in combat. Johanna swings her axe but Enobaria ducks and trips Johanna with her bo-staff. Enobaria is about to impale Johanna is the stomach when she spits blood from her mouth and falls to the ground with a knife in her back.

Johanna gets up and jumps into the Cornucopia just as Clove throws a knife that would have killed her. Clove walks into the Cornucopia and taunts Johanna with menacing laughs. Johanna is not seen in the Cornucopia, but Clove is unaware that she is hiding in the tip of it. Just as Clove gets to the back, Johanna swings down and slashes her axe. Clove ducks and slashes Johannas shins. Johanna falls and uses all her strength to break one of Clove's knee's with the back of her axe. They are both laying on the ground, unable to move when Clove reaches to her stomach, pulls out a knife, and stabs it into Johanna's shoulder, she pulls out another knife and stabs it into her stomach, then her chest, shoulder, stomach, and eventually, her heart.

Place Name District Killed By
29 Woof 8 Johanna Mason
28 Mags 4 Cashmere
27 Blight 7 Cato
26 Cecelia 8 Thresh
25 Wiress 3 Avalanche
24 Beetee 3 Avalanche
23 Lyme 2 Johanna
22 Foxface 5 Marvel
21 Brutus 2 Johanna
20 Cashmere 1 Gale
19 Gale 12 Gloss
18 Rue 11 Marvel
17 Glimmer 1 Thresh
16 Female Morphling 6 Finnick Odair
15 Maysilee 12 Cato
14 Seeder 11 Thresh
13 Peeta 12 Thresh
12 Thresh 11 Katniss
11 Katniss 12 Chaff
10 Chaff 11 Haymitch
9 Male Morphling 6 Starvation
8 Haymitch 12 Johanna
7 Cato 2 Marvel
6 Marvel 1 Enobaria
5 Gloss 1 Clove
4 Finnick 4 Clove
3 Enobaria 2 Clove
2 Johanna 7 Clove
1 Clove 2 N/A


The Games


The Sponsors

There will also be victors for all the sponsors playing. There are two categories.

  • Justafox
  • QuinnQuinn
  • RoseHathaway
  • April Showers
  • Thehungergamesforever
  • Angry Birds
  • Everdeen
  • Team Gale Hawthorne

  • Team Gale Hawthorne wiht $690 left!!!!!!!!!!!


Yea So the Games were a little boring so i subtracted $500 from ALL of your guys' money left over!!!!! I also took away the medicines.

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