So...I decided that I am going to create a User I go!!!! To be a tribute just ask me in chat, message, or comments!!!! This is my first Games so....PLEASE JOIN!!!!!

The Story

When Katniss was about to kill President Snow, a bomb was set off and everybody was killed. President Snow survived and he kept the Hunger Games going, but he make them much more brutal and gruesome. But years later President Snow died and his sister Cora Snow became president. She is just like Snow, snake-like and evil. The Hunger Games went on and this is the 100th Hunger Games and the 4th Quarter Quell!!!!!

The Tributes

Name District Training Score Killer Rating
Bananaman321 1 10 Sharks 13
~Tris~ 1 9
Rose Hathaway 2 11 Everdeen 20
Iluvgale 2 9 ~Tris~ 23
Thresh is Fresh 3 8 MW2 RPD ACOG 18
Debopama 3 7 Snake 8
KEAP 4 10 Lightning 10
~ilovepeeta~ 4 10 Rose Hathaway 21
Luke1998 5 8 Bananaman321 24
Everdeen 5 7
MW2 RPD ACOG 6 8 Everdeen 6
Mockingjay32 6 6 Debopama 19
BlackMage9 7 7 Fire 17
MadrigalMagic 7 8 Rose Hathaway 22
Famousguy77 8 9 Debopama 16
The severus snape 8 7 MW2 RPD ACOG 7
Sunshineyr 9 6 QuinnQuinn 15
QuinnQuinn 9 10 Forcefield 11
Hungerisnottwilight 10 8 Tracker Jackers 14
Anon... 10 7 Haalyle 5
Haalyle 11 7
KHlove19 11 9 QuinnQuinn 12
Unique in my Own Way 12 5 Debopama 9
Milly N. Hodgins 12 6


The arena is a large arena. In the middle of it there is a small meadow that has the golden Cornucopia in it and all 24 tributes. There are various colors of flowers all over the meadow. Then there are four sections on the sides. Each section represents one season. The summer is a nice field with many flowers and trees. The winter section is ice cold and covered in snow. It is directly across from the summer section. The spring section has a nice meadow with tons of flowers and the fall section is a forest with trees loosing their leaves.

Each day, a new danger will be released into each of the four section of the arena. Every day it will change and it will start on Day 2.

Day 2

  • Spring: The entire section flooded
  • Summer: Giant venomous spiders and snakes were released
  • Autumn: A small fire has been started and because all the dead and dry leaves and tree's it will spread quickly and cause mass destruction
  • Winter: Starving polar bears roaming all over

Day 3

  • Spring: Giant Poisonous Butterflies
  • Summer: Tracker Jackers
  • Autumn: Huge thunder storm
  • Winter: Blizzard

Day 4

  • Spring: Carnivorous Ants
  • Summer: Sharks in the Water
  • Autumn: Hurricane
  • Winter: Carnivorous Penguins

Day 5

  • Spring: Acid Rain
  • Summer: Raining Rocks
  • Autumn: Huge Praying Mantis'
  • Winter: Giant Snowy Python


  • QuinnQuinn and Sunshineyr

Day One

District One - Bananaman321

As soon as the gong goes off I run as fast as I can towards the Cornucopia. I am whizzing by other tributes when I look behind me and see the District 2 tribute, Iluvgale, close on my tail. When I turn around I come to an abrupt stop as I almost crash into the Cornucopia. I grab a spear and see the District 5 tribute, Luke1998 arriving at the Cornucopia and I chuck the spear into his head. The first cannon goes off...

District One - ~Tris~

I decide to try and sneak towards the Cornucopia. I sneak around and sneak up in the back. So far so good. All of a sudden I hear footsteps approaching. I grab a knife and wait for the tribute to come around the Cornucopia. The tribute comes around and I stab her in the stomach. She falls to the ground, dead. A cannon goes off. I keep sneaking around and grab two backpacks and a pack of throwing knives and I run off into the Autumn sector of the arena.

District Two - Rose Hathaway

I sprint as fast as I can towards the Cornucopia and immediatly grab an axe as soon as I get there. I run out and swing my axe as a tribute comes running. She is decapitated and I made my first kill. The third cannon goes off. I feel a strange sensation in the back of my head but I dismiss it and move on to the next tribute to kill. I chuck the axe at the tribute and it lodges itself into her skull. I look at the body. Aw...I knew this girl. Her name was Leslie. I turn around and the dagger is driven into my heart...

District Two - Illuvgale

I run as fast as I can to get to the Cornucopia. I don't see Rose anywhere but I keep on running. One cannon goes off and I stop and look around to see who it was. First mistake. I am tackled from behind by a very strong person. I try and fight with the person but he or she is too strong. Finally the person pins me and I find out that it is Quinn, the tribute from District 9. She raises a knife above my head and drives it into my neck.

District Three - Thresh is Fresh

I decide that I don't need any supplies so I run towards the summer sector of the arena. When I arrive I start to walk. It is a beautiful set, palm trees, white sand, and a gigantic ocean. If I'm not mistaken, I can see a small island. I look for a way to get there but there is no way to. I could swim but from watching the past Hunger Games I know that the most beautiful areas can be the most deadly. So I settle in a cave at the bottom of a cliff.

District Three - Debopama

I immediatly run towards the winter section of the arena. I know everyone will not go here so I decide that I will be safest here. I look around and see lots of tree's. I climb one and see the bloodbath still going on. Then I notice my mistake. I have no supplies. I hear a tribute coming towards me in the snow banks. I panic but then I try to keep cool. I drop out of the tree and see that it is Mockingjay, the tribute from District 6. "Want to be allies?" I ask. "Sure," he says, "Here have this axe." I generously take his axe, along with his other supplies. Right after I chuck the axe into his head.

Day Two

District Four - KEAP

I survived the Cornucopia with no injuries and a backpack and a trident. I slept in a tree and when I wake when I move and I fall face first to the ground. Luckily the ground is soft and I am not hurt. I begin walking and look around me for the first time. I am in the spring sector of the arena. I don't know why I went here though. It's a small forest and there must be at least half of the remaining tributes in this section right now. I hear a strange noise, like water. I'm starting to think that I'm going crazy when a giant wave washes over me.

District Five - Everdeen

Somebody stabbed me in the shoulder at the Cornucopia. But I got away with a backpack and a bow and a sheath of arrows. I traveled into the spring section and slept in a cave I found. I pack up my supplies and head out into the section. I hear some screaming but no cannons. I wonder what they are screaming about, when a giant wave sweeps me off of my feet and my head slams into a boulder.

District Six - MW2 RPD ACOG

During the Cornucopia, I got many supplies. Three backpacks, a spear, and a dagger. I decided to travel into the summer section of the arena. The sun finally rises and I begin my journey. I eventually find a large lake with gleaming blue water. All of a sudden I hear a noise behind me. I spin around and one of the District 3 tributes, is running at me. He tackles me and we fly into the water. I pull out my dagger and swing madly because I can't see. There must be salt in the water. My eyes finally blink all of the water out and I can see. The tribute is laying in the water. He hit his head on a rock and was knocked unconscious. I stab him in the stomach and keep on walking. A cannon goes off.

District Seven - BlackMage9

I wake and I am laying on the ground in a pile of leaves. I decided to go to the Autumn section and so far I have not seen any other tributes. I have two backpacks and three throwing axes. I begin my journey towards the summer section and I begin to hear a cracking sound. I don't know what it is but I decide to begin to run. I see a wall of fire in front of me so I turn but there is another wall of fire on that side as well. I am cornered. This is the end.

District Eight - Famousguy77

I decided to go into the winter section. I saw one other tribute run into the snow forest but other than that, none. I slept in a tree in my sleeping bag. I only got one backpack and I have no weapons. I hear a strange grunting noise so try and hide myself. I look down and three giant white bears are clawing at the tree that I am in. They see me and they look like they are hungry. I know that I am safe so I stay where I am. Suddenly, one of the bears is impaled in the back with an axe. The other with another axe and the last one runs away. I look down and see Debopama, the District 3 tribute. She looks up and see's me. She has a crazed look in her eye as she retrieves the axe and chucks it up towards my head.

District Eight - The severus snape

I am so scared right now. I have no idea what to do as I hide in the cave I found in the spring section. I am literally shaking. I hear a scream and I look outside the cave. The entire spring section is flooding! I panic but then I realize that the water isn't going to reach me. I see two tributes floating and I wonder if they are dead. But I didn't hear any cannons. I try and grab a girl, Everdeen I think her name was. I grab her jacket and pull her into the cave. I see the other guy but he is doing fine (cause he is from District 4) and he doesn't look like I can trust him.

Day Three

District Nine - Sunshineyr

Quinn and I decided to go to the Autumn section. We survived the wild fire yesterday but my arm and leg were very badly burned. We are almost out of food and we can both feel hunger starting to seep into our stomachs. I know that we need to find food but we just don't have the energy. This section was a bad choice to pick. There is not place to rest, no food, no water. I don't know how much longer I can go on.

District Nine - QuinnQuinn

I am completely out of food. Sunshineyr has a little bit but other than that we are totally out. I have one knife and a thought crosses my mind. I don't know if it's a good idea. It would be against everything I believe in. But only one can win the Hunger Games. So if I do it now, I won't have to do it later. But it's the worst thing a person could do. But then again, she is in pain and starving. I would be putting her out of her misery. I decide it is the best thing to do. I grab my knife and stab Sunshineyr in the back. She dies and a cannon goes off. I take her supplies and keep walking.

District Ten - Hungerisnottwilight

One cannon went off today. I'm just grateful it wasn't me. But it could be soon because I have no weapon or food. I am also out in the open because there is not place to hide in the summer section. I hear a buzzing noice behind me but I dismiss it. There it goes again. I break into a run but it's too late. The tracker jackers sting me fifteen time and I don't even see any hallucinations because I am dead within seconds...

District Ten - Anon...

I am starting to panic. I have no idea why though. I have a lot of food, tons of weapons, and I feel like I am going crazy. I can't stand not knowing if I could die in the next few seconds or if I will kill someone. I come to a path in the trees and I have to decide if I want to go up or down. I go straight and accidentally walk into a bush that has spiders growing on it. The spiders fly up into the sky and eat the clouds. There is a rabbit behind me and it runs up the tree when I try to catch it with my wings. I can't stand the panic of these Games. I feel like I'm going crazy...

District Eleven - Haalyle

Even though I am from District 11, I feel pretty confident about my chances of winning the Games. I have an abundance of food. I found a ton of berry bushes and some apple tree's. I decide to camp in the cave near the bushes and tree's. I also have a weapon; a shining metal sythe. I don't know how good I am with it though. I go to bed after the dead tributes show up in the sky. I decide that tomorrow I am going to start hunting down the other tributes.

District Eleven - KHlove19

I wake up and I am tied to a tree with my hands tied behind me back. I look around and see nothing. The last thing I remember was at the Cornucopia. Then something hit my head and everything went black. My eyes adjust to the darkness and I see a person sitting across from me. She says, "Oh, goodie your awake! Now I can start to...KILL YOU!!!!" I panic and try to get free but it is no use. She has me tied tight. She is one of the tributes from District 1, Tris, I think her name was. Her eyes looks crazed and her hands and arms are twitching at random. She looks like she can't handle the pressure and she went crazy after she snapped. She picks up a brick and whacks me in the head again and the world goes black...again.

Day Four

District Twelve - Unique in my Own Way

I am walking through all of the leaves when I hear a huge swirling sound. Kind of like wind. I climb a tree and see a huge swirling cone shaped thing. I've heard of these things. We don't get them in District 12 but I hear in District 4 they have them all of the time. They are called hurricanes. They are like giant storms of wind and rain. I jump out of the tree, grab my supplies and run as fast as I can. I have no idea where I am going. I can feel hail hitting my back and wind trying to pull me off coarse. All of a sudden there is no more hail and no more wind. I look around and I am not in the forest anymore. I am back where I started, at the Cornucopia.

District Twelve - Milly N. Hodgins

Unfortunately I wake up very painfully. I fell out of the tree I was sleeping in. But now I am awake so I start walking. Nothing has happened in a while and I know that the Capitol audience will be getting bored. I hear a crackle and the voice of Claudius Templesmith floods into the arena. "Hello tributes. There are 13 of you left. As you all must know, the Capitol audience likes action. They are getting restless with this years games. So here is what you must do. A clock will be put in the sky of the arena, by 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. You must all be standing on your metal plates back at the arena. If you are not, you will die. The Cornucopia will be replentished and there will be another bloodbath. That is all. Happy Hunger Games...and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

District One - Bananaman321

I am sooooo excited for the new Cornucopia tomorrow. I decide that I should start heading towards the Cornucopia because I am all the way on the back island in the Summer section. I start swimming in the "ocean" and I begin to feel like I am being watched when I am about half way. I feel something nip at my foot when I turn around and see that I am being followed by hundreds, maybe even thousands, of sharks! I swim faster but it is no use. One shark bites off my leg and I scream in pain. The sharks go crazy at the sight of my blood and they attack me. I look up at the blue sky as the sharks rip me to shreds.

District One - ~Tris~

I have KHlove tied to a tree. I don't know if I should kill her or wait for tommorow. I go with the most evil plan. I leave her tied to the tree with no food or water and I head towards the Cornucopia. I can hear her screaming at me. Calling me names that I don't ever want to repeat again. But all of a sudden the yelling stops. I turn around and see one of the tributes from District 9, Quinn, I think her name was. She is standing above KHlove's decapitated body. She is holding an axe, dripping with blood. I start running towards the Cornucopia. I know I am not far. If I can just make it there. I can hear her chasing after me. I see the cornucopia and I literally jump on my metal plate. I hear a sound like metal on metal and Quinn comes to the plate and lunges at me. Her cannon sounds and I don't understand what happened. Then it hits me. The moment I stepped on the plate a forcefield went up around it. She was electrocuted by it when she tried to attack me. Ha! is all I can think.

District Three - Debopama

As soon as I heard the annoncement I started walking to the Cornucopia. It is taking forever and I am getting sick of walking, but I keep on walking. I see the Cornucopia and one tribute is already on her platform. I take the one next to her and a forcefield goes up around me. I glare at the girl and give her the evil eye. Then we both burst out laughing. I was just joking around. We start talking as we wait for the Cornucopia to be replentished.

District Four - KEAP

I just wake up from the flood and I feel in so much pain. I look around and see that all the water has dried up and I feel all crusty. It must have been salt water. I keep walking around the arena and start looking for other tributes. I wonder how many tributes are left and if anything interesting has happened since I was knocked out. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Day Five

It is the beginning of day 5. It is 5 a.m and Tris, Debopama, Everdeen, MW2 RPD ACOG, The severus snape, Anon..., KHlove, Unique in my own way, and Milly are all on their plates.

District One - ~Tris~

It is nearing 6 a.m. and I see the Cornucopia has gradually been replentished. And also KEAP is still not here. I wonder what is keeping him. Well if he's not, then he will die and that will be one less competitor to kill. So maybe it's good that he isn't here. It is 5:59 and I see a giant burst of lightning hit a spot near the autumn forest and a cannon sounds. That must be KEAP. I get myself into a running position and the gong goes off and I take off running as fast as I can. I need supplies. I grab three backpacks, a set of throwing knives, and an axe. Then I take off running towards the summer section of the arena.

District Three - Debopama

As soon as the gong sounds I take off with my axe towards the Cornucopia. I am flying past all the other tributes and before I know it I have three backpacks, two spears, and three throwing knives. I use my axe to decapitate on of the District 12 tributes and I run back towards the winter section of the arena. I am walking through the forest when I hear a noise from behind me. I spin around, axe at the ready but nothing is behind me. Then I hear it in front of me. I spin around again but nothing. I see a large skinny shadow forming behind me. When I turn around I see a large snake with beady red eyes and fangs dripping with saliva. The last sight I see is the back of the throat of the snake as he engulfs me whole.

District Four - KEAP

I can't find any other tributes. Ever since I was knocked out by the flood I can't find ANYONE! I also noticed that a clock is constantly in the sky. I don't know why it is there because there has never been a clock, except that one year when ... they replentished the Cornucopia and everyone had to be there by 6 a.m. I take of running as fast as I can. I know that I'm not that far from the Cornucopia, but all these tree's and leaves are tripping me. I look at the clock and see that it say 5:58. I can see the gleaming Cornucopia. 5:59. I am almost to the clearing. 6:00 a huge lightning bolt strikes me from the sky. The pain is terrible and I can smell my organs and skin beginning to boil. I feels like my entire body is twitching and on fire at the same time. Then the world goes black and I close my eyes for the last time.

District Five - Everdeen

I charge toward the Cornucopia as fast as I can. The severus snape thinks that we are allies but I plan on sneaking away because I don't want an ally. She is following close behind me when the District Six boy chucks a dagger into her neck and she falls lifeless to the ground. I stop for only a second then I keep running. He tries to chuck a spear at me but I duck and it falls to the ground. Then he tries to throw another dagger at me. It skims my thigh but I survive. Then, as if the dagger and the spear weren't enough, he throws an axe at me. I grab a backpack and swing it just in time so the axe gets knocked to the side. I've had enough. I grab my bow and arrows and shoot him in the eye.

District Six - MW2 RPD ACOG

I charge at the Cornucopia and almost immediately kill a tribute with my dagger. Then I go after another tribute. She has been on my watch from the start. I can see that she has the determination to win and that she will go to extreme measures to win. So I try to kill her. I throw a spear but she dodges it. I throw a dagger but it only skims her thigh then I chuck an axe and she literally knocks it out of the way. I know I have pissed her off because she has an angry look in her eye and she shoots me in the eye.

District Eight - The severus snape

I don't last long after the gong sounds. I am running after Everdeen and I can see that we are being chased by the District 6 boy. He has a ton of weapons on his belt and he chooses a dagger. It flies towards me as I try to duck but it goes right into my neck and I am dead within seconds.

District Ten - Anon....

Now the mutts are all over. The pink bunnies are floating on the clouds. The moon is beating down on us like in the desert. All the other tributes are doing the chicken dance and singing the Barney song. I can't stand this. Everything seems so weird. The blue grass is flying all over and the ducks are mooing at me. I can't stand this. The tree's make a loud noise and all the tributes stop doing the chicken dance and run all over. I fall over in pain and feel the knife drive straight into the back of my head.

District Eleven - Haalyle

I see the District 10 tribute and he totally looks like he couldn't handle the stress of the arena. I feel bad for him. He's probably hallucinating and in so much pain. When the gong sounds I grab a knife and decide to put him out of his misery. Then I run away from the Cornucopia and into the autumn forest.

District Twelve - Unique in my own way

As the gong goes off I run towards the Cornucopia. I am one of the first ones there and I begin to grab supplies. Two backpacks, two knives, and a bow and two sheaths of arrows. I turn around and see the large metal blade smash into my neck as my head falls to the right and my body the left.

District Twelve - Milly N. Hodgins

I don't even take my chances with the arena. I charge straight back to the summer section because I have a pile of food in a cave that I found. I am nearing the summer section when I hear a large crashing sound. I look and see that rocks are falling from the sky in the summer section. They range in size from pebbles to boulders. I think I could make it if I run to the cave. I try and I keep running and running. I am a few feet away from the cave when I leap off my hind legs as hard as I can and I forward roll into the cave. YES!!!!! I am filled with joy when I hear the crash and the cave goes dark. A boulder has falling right in front of the entrance, sealing me in.


Sooooo.... there are only 4 tributes left!!!!

  • ~Tris~
  • Everdeen
  • Haalyle
  • Milly
Name District Condition Section Location Supplies
~Tris~ 1 A little tired and slightly crazy Summer Traveling around the Summer Section Five Throwing Knives, an Axe, some dried fruit, coil of wire, flashlight, two daggers, and some iodine
Everdeen 5 Stab wound in shoulder, grazed by dagger on thigh Autumn Resting in a tree Bow and Arrow, Three knives, iodine, and a sleeping bag
Haalyle 11 Slightly Hungry Spring Staying in a hidden corner Knife, Spear, Axe, Two water bottles, crackers, and a can of nuts
Milly 12 Trapped Summer Trapped in a cave Various plants and animal meats

  • ~Tris~ = backpack with water and bread
  • Haalyle = little bit of food
  • Milly = pickaxe
  • Everdeen = TBD

Day Six


I received a sponsor gift today. A backpack with a little bread and a lot of water. I have begun to hunt the other tributes. I am so excited. The final four! I have so much confidence that I can win. I am traveling through the spring section when I hear a noise. I grab my axe and head that way. I see a tribute and I start running. It is the girl from District 11, Haalyle. She has been tough to find and finally I find her. I start sprinting because she is actually a pretty fast runner. Finally she trips on a branch and I ready my axe to chuck it into her skull. But just as I am about to kill her, she swings her legs sideways and knocks me over on my back. So the chick can fight. Not many District 11 tributes can fight very good. I flip up and swing my axe over her head. She ducks and spins with her leg sticking out and sends me falling on my back again! I get up with more anger this time and throw my axe to the side. I pull out my knives. And start swinging them madly. But she dodges every single one! I can't believe that this girl can fight so good. She's like a ninja. She jumps up and kicks me in the face. I get stunned and she square kicks me in the chest and sends me flying back into a tree. I can hear her running away so I get up and chuck one of the knives at her. I hear her scream and when I catch up to her she is bleeding heavily from a giant hole in her stomach. Her face is scrunched up and I retrieve my axe again. I prepare to slam her when she reaches down towards me foot and grabs the dagger hidden in my boot. She stabs me in the stomach and starts to wiggle it around. This pain is excruciating and I can barely handle it. When she pulls the dagger out it is covered in blood and my insides begin to pour out. First my intestines then my stomach, then I am dead.


After that fight with Tris I can barely walk. The knife didn't stab me it sliced me open and I am literally holding my insides inside of my body. I know that this is the end and that I am gone. Blood is everywhere and Tris' body is lying next to mine. I wonder where the hovercraft is and I realize that they are waiting for me to die so they can pick us up together. I finally let go of my wound and see all my insides spill over Tris' insides. I barely feel anything as I die.

Milly N. Hodgins

I am locked in a cave! I have no idea how to get out. I try pushing the rock but I am not strong enough. I hear a strange sound like rocks cracking and see that a sponsor parachute has arrived in the rock. I don't even wonder how it got here I just grab the pick axe and begin hacking at the rock. After about an hour I am out and I see that it is dark. I know that two tributes are dead but I get out just in time to see that the District 1 girl died and so did the 11 girl. That leaves the 5 girl. She looked nice and I hoped that I wouldn't have to kill her. I have an axe at least. I don't know if she has any weapons though.


Two tributes left. I feel like I could win. I have a minor shoulder and leg wound but other than that I am pretty good. I limp a little when I walk but I can live with that. I hear a noise like hammering and I see that the other tribute was locked in a cave but has dug her way out. I hide behind a tree and watch her as she watches the dead tributes in the sky and then start walking towards the Cornucopia. I follow her and eventually I shoot at arrow but it misses and she turns with a pick axe. She runs at me axe at the ready but I quickly grab my pack and use it as a shield. I hear a sound like metal on metal and look and see that the axe rebounded off of the iodine bottle in my pack and hit the 12 girl in the head. She's not dead but she has a large hole that is really bleeding badly. I pull out two knives and try slashing her throat and chest but she dodges them both. For the next couple minutes we have a gruesome fight with tons of blood and gore. I'm sure the Capitol audience is loving this. She has a bad hole in her forehead and a huge cut on her stomach and I have a wounded shoulder and leg and I think my hand is broken. Its my good hand but I can work with my other. As it turns out I can't and I suck with it. She swings the axe and I try to duck, but I move in the path of the axe and it goes straight through my eye and it must impale my brain because I am dead within seconds.

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