This is my first game, so sorry if i am a bad writer there will be a twist............PETS!! (i am not sure if someone done this)


1. No fighting in comment system

2. I will take advices seriously

3. No overpowerd people

4. vote wich one u want etc. reapings and games or training and games or just games or training and games u pick and do any combination

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pet Template

Name: Bear stinky paws (just come up with a creative name)

Age: 16

Owner: Rayplayzlol70

Gender: Female

Powers: A thousand cuts (come up with a cool move and explain what it does)

Bubbly, clumsy and Brave (how your character react to stuff and how they act and stuff like that)

Strengths: (equal number of strengths)

Weaknesses: (equal number of weaknesses)

Fear(s): (What sends them chills down their spines)

There is no tribute template but the better and more info it has the more longer it will survive if u do





you will die the more stuff it has the longer he/she will survive

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Arena (there will be 2 cornicupia's)

1. it is in the swamp it is nearlly impossible to run on mud some tributes will find out a way intothe meadows.There will be less food less weapons and less water and less mutts

2. It is in the meadows there will be twice the weapons twice the muts and twice the food and also twice the water

12 people on each side there is a line through the middle of the arena and if a tribute crosses the line it will announce *insert person name here* has crossed to the meadow/swamp



D1 M- Copper Mcprice (Trevor Shred}

D1 F-

D2 M- Amalia Golding

D2 F-

D3 M- Miles Reworp (T-Pup)

D3 F-

D4 M- 

D4 F-

D5 M-

D5 F-

D6 M-

D6 F- Maisie Atwood (Parsley)

D7 M-

D7 F-

D8 M-

D8 F- Maryanne London (Paris)

D9 M-

D9 F- Harmony Metzer (Fay)

D10 M-

D10 F-

D11 M-

D11 F- 

D12 M- 

D12 F- Celicia Fen (Cleopatra)

There will be 3 victors i will do randomiser



1 = $10

2 = $20

3 = $30

4 = $40

5 = $50

6 = $60

7 = $100

8 = $200

9 = $250

10 = $260

11 = $300

12 = $370


Torch- $10

blanket- $30

electric blaket- $70


Mallet- $150

Sword- $180

Dagger-  $60

Mace- $200

Bow and Arrow(20)- $210


Antibiotics- $30

Infection spray- $100

mosquito bites spray- $20

burn lotion- $70

posion cream- $50



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