Well hey people no one joined my first games because it was too complicated i just had a idea....this is not a quarter quell but who cares anyway the twist is there will be a hidden button somewhere in the arena whoever presses it gets to be a victor and there are 4 victors.Also there is no sponsors. 


1. You could sumbit only up 2-3 tributes so 1-3

2. make a interesting tribute interesting he/she will press the button or be victor

3. No fighting in chat

4. Any tributes will be accepted even the ones that only have name,age,district but they will be killed off first 

5. There is no template so let your creativity fly

6. There will be parade costumes so go on chat and write how the clothes look like Eg. Lilly's costume: since lilly is in D4 she will have a dress with blue fabric and leather,she will let her blonde hair flow like the wind and her dress will dissapear and a new one will be there with the real ocean in the dress u can see it and u can hear the birds and seagulls sound.Make interesting ones because i will make the people get a higher training score and will maybe be victor

7. Advices will take a big part in these games the better the advice the more longer he/she will have a longer survival or be victor.You can make it simple and not to long but if you explain it really well it is good if u write a paragraph or 3-5 lines u will have a better chance of winning


The arena is a Desert there will be a few water sources but not much and there will be mutts realeased in day 2 there is mountains and the sand is really hot there is coconut tree and pyramids the only food there is are fruit bushes and some coconut milk and water some coconuts will have water and some will have milk.



1- Candy Orenson (F)

1- Odin Amarth (M)
2- Bert Buel (M)
2- Carolin Slate (F)
3- Jake Locketback (M)
4- Bethany Gold (F)
4- Nile Sebek (M)
5- Honeysickle Ash (F)





7- Jaximus Shaden (M)
7-  Viola Schismino (F)
9- Lena Bow (F)
10- Emma Rocke (F)


12- Luna Iris (F)



Careers: Candy Orenson(1F) Odin Amarth(1M) Bert Buel(2M) Carolin Slate(2F) Jake Locketback(3M) Bethany Gold(4F) Nile Sebek(4M) Honeysuckle Ash(5F)

Anti-Careers: Emma Rocke(10F) Lena Bow(9F)

Loners (people who didn't pick a alliance will be a loner): Luna Iris(12F) Viola Schismino(7F) Jaximus Locketback(7M)                  

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