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    Alex Cole

    June 8, 2012 by Rebelmockingjay

    The story of Alex Cole from district 13

    "Welcome Panem to our special T.V program" some un-known voice said with a smile, a smile with lies underneath. Watching the T.V, I notice something weird. Looked like their will be a reaping again, but who? Who could have done this, the games were over. Last time it was the 75 games. "There will be another games with people from district 13 and the Capitol" said the weird voice. I sniped my head around, scared. I looked at my younger sister, abbey. She was only 12, but I was more scared for her. Tear drops hit the floor, one by one. “The reaping will happen next week" still watching my sister cry, thinking of Katniss taking prim's place. All you can hear now is screams through the building. Great how…

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