The story of Alex Cole from district 13

"Welcome Panem to our special T.V program" some un-known voice said with a smile, a smile with lies underneath. Watching the T.V, I notice something weird. Looked like their will be a reaping again, but who? Who could have done this, the games were over. Last time it was the 75 games. "There will be another games with people from district 13 and the Capitol" said the weird voice. I sniped my head around, scared. I looked at my younger sister, abbey. She was only 12, but I was more scared for her. Tear drops hit the floor, one by one. “The reaping will happen next week" still watching my sister cry, thinking of Katniss taking prim's place. All you can hear now is screams through the building. Great how can this happen to me and my sister. “Abbey" I said quietly. “Alex" abbey said. Looking at my hands which are now shaking. Thinking of all those people died, from older games. Glimmer's body after the tracker jackers, Cato killed by Katniss. All of them gone in a flash, then the image of Prim being blown up by the bombs. “I hate the Capitol, I hate it" I said yelling now." don't blame them Alex, blame the head of Panem. “Said my older sister, which is 19 now. “Lucky" I said to her. She just gives me a smile and walks off. Now what, me and Abbey will be blown up, hurt, died, crying. Quickly the door opens, a large man shows up. He just gives us money and walks off. ’’The money must be used for the reaping. some women voice said. Looking it was $400, enough for two dresses. I get my pass and take Abbey's hand. I walk her to the shop. Tons of people were there for the reaping clothes. There were tons of people crying. Taking five steps closer every ten minutes. Finally we were at the door, the shop was barley had any dresses or clothes. Finally we got to the reaping clothes. Enough for me and Abbey to choose from. Abbey had tons cause of how small she is. There was some for me cause of my height. Looking at the dresses, someone bumps into me and was now on the floor, with a bloody knee. I got back up holding the rack for the dresses. "Sorry" she said "it is fine" I said quickly. She runs off, I looked at the rack, which was now broken. The dresses we now on the floor. The floor had blood cause of my knee. I saw the prettiest dress ever. Picking up the blue dress, then Abbey picks the pale pink dress. She told me she liked the color. The last one was a white dress with blood all over it. Both were on sale for the reaping.. I walked back to the little girl, and give her the $200 for the dresses. We walked through the hall and heard people crying some more. We finally got to the floor we wanted. When Walking back I tripped and fell everything looks so blurry. Waking up, all I can see is the floor. I looked at my knee, all the blood was still there, it hurts a lot so I crawl to the door, opening the door I see a cloth wrapped around my head in the mirror, reaching up I feel the cloth. My head must have been hurt really badly, I did not dare to un-wrap the cloth. I opened the door to get a cloth. I start to get up when I hear a gun shot.

“Abbey” I said with fear in my voice.

“Alex” Abbey said

I ran to her room, she was crying. She was safe, I went to Tessa’s room. That’s where the shoot came from.

Looking around all I can see is broken glass and a gun. A gun, now is around for Tessa. She is pretty clever and tall. Her roof has net so she can be high up just in case someone un-known is in her room. Nothing but a dinner plate. Blood was on the floor, and then I hear bumping under her bed. Walking slowly with fear, I see an arm sticking out. Moving her bed I see her. Bloody and fear was stuck to her face. A capitol plane flew away, what did she do. We were the top floor; we can hear planes flying away. Abbey slowly walked in. I looked at Tessa’s body the blood was coming from her right leg. Were had four days tell the reaping, Tessa could have been died by then. I told abbey to get help, I felt sad that she had to see this almost right before the reaping. The war was still on for me, this will be the last games before the free country. All of us will be safe, no games. I remember the time when I went to the woods and hunt, but that was long over. We were watched by hawks, barely any food. All of 13 depended on coin, but now she is died. All of us are hungry, no money for any of us. We all wished we had money for food and clothes. We could not hunt thanks to the capitol. We needed food, waking up from this thought I realize that Tessa could be died my now. Someone pushed me down to the ground, they moved Tessa on some weird board. I have no clue about keeping people alive but hunting. My knee is now bleeding, I just realized that I have been crying. I was so buried in my thoughts that I left the present and re-enter the pass. The pass was my only key of happiness. The future could hold more horror then I have ever seen. I could be died right now, abbey crying. The horror is way too much for me to handle but I can’t shake it off. Tessa is now with katniss’s mom. Who now works every hour cause of prim’s death. Just the word prim can start a wave of tears. You could fill a cup, not some small cup but a big one.

Well then today is reaping day. Am well put a show on for everyone, show the captiol are dum and sick people.can't wait.I heard the horn, me and Abbey walk over to the square.There was Nquyen, how I hate her."welcome little kids of panem" Nquyen said " how I love picking on 13, well then today all of you know it is the reaping.but I did not tell you about have twice as much. so we well have 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. that well fight to the death. ladies first, Jaquelyn Dione and Alex Cole. Boys Zac Ashton, and Kade Icesteam.. Please come to the stage." I walk up and peacekeepers grab me."no am not going, I hate you Nquyen, I hate you!" I said.I grit my teeth and spit at the feet of the peacekeepers dragging me away. I thrash and wriggle about, my brown hair flailing wildly. I'd scream some more, but my voice is hoarse and abused. I can't believe those Capitol people, they agreed to leave us alone if we stayed out of the way. But no, went back on their word, just like the people they are. "H-h-hey," I manage to croak out to the peacekeepers gripping my arms tightly and slowly dragging my closer to the train door, "tell President Nguyen that when I win those games, I'm going to kill her and everyone she's ever loved. I'm also going to kill you, your wives and your kids," my throat rumbles out. I feel fists crashing into my face, blood trickling down my nose and moistening my ragged clothes, then blackness. And, the next thing I remeber is waking in a velvet encrusted prison, heading on train-tracks to a slaughterhouse, just like a cattle.

The First thing I can see is that am in a train. My dress has blood all over it, new clothes are on my bed.I get up, grab the clothes and head to the bathroom. In the mirror I see that my nose and half of my face as blood all over it. Our escort, Cleo night is in my room. " can you get out am chaging, blood is all over me." I said quickly.

"well it is time for dinner

I well be there, hold on I said with anger.

fine I well be out side your room.

Ok my voice hurts super bad. I get my bloody clothes out and lay them on my bed. I walked out my door and there was Cleo and the rest of the tributes. She walked us to our mentor, I was scared to death.

Mary (fire eyes) she was our mentor. She is very angry about her being in the games. Her anger got her to win the games. "Alex, well is it great to see you" fire eyes said with her vocie, sweet but something seem we then the restrid about it.

" why so I can turn in to a turkey" I said so I can be killed?

No but, I want you to see the reaping and what happened right after it in your district"

What happed? did some get killed?" panic was in my vocie, my vocie was very weak soundling but I could talk.

" look at the T.V

looking all I can see is me being puched in the nose by a peacekeeper. then Abbey yelling for me, one of my classmates, frankie. picks her up and took her to Tessa. Frankie was a strong girl, She ran away from district one. She knows how to hunt, which is good.The peacekeepers drag me into the train. after that Zac was after me. Zac was in my class, so was the others. We all treat each pretty well. Hopefully they all don't think that am some crazy person. cause everyone is so scared to do what I did. Then the train left. the cameras went on to the captiol.

"wow, did it cause a riot?

yes mary answered.

All of them was looking at me, I feel so bad. but is feels so awesome.

Waking up from a nights rest, I see cleo and fire eyes. sitting up I can see the rest of the tributes are looking at me.

so warrior how was your nights rest? fire eyes said to me.

fine, it it was awesome. why are you asking me?

o well we heard you yelling out Abbey all night long

sorry still hazy from what happen at the reaping

it is fine. cleo said.

Looking around am still here. Cleo walked me down the hall into the table were we eat at. Zac gave me a look, like I made him look like a fool. when We got their all I could see was lots of food. fire eyes and cleo both sat down. I took a seat next to fire eyes. there was tons of food at the table.

hurry up and eat, am not staying here right now. I have to go. fire eyes said.

We all ate our food, we can not get more food then what they gave us. Then a lady walked in.



come with me, we need you to get ready for tonight. my name is Roise and am your stylist"

''' so are you ready for your outfit? said rosie'

''' yea I said with no fear in my vocie'

'Rosie walked me down the hall, she handed me a paper dress. it is very short, but I know she is doing waxing first. I got the dress on, and layed on the table. 3 people came to me with strips of cloth with wax on it. they layed it on my arms and legs. one by one they pulled the hair off of me. next was my back, I flpped over. Rosie ripped the back open. the strips of cloth were layed on my back. slowly the pulled them off. my back felt hurt and burning.'

''' almost done, only your above your lips and then we will put the cream one one of the small person said. her hair was a blue color. I called her blue head, since her hair was blue.then they rubbed all of the cream on my back,legs,arms, and above my lip. They brushed my hair out, then fixed my nails. it must have been two hours of work'

alex put on these dress Rosie said to me

They all left, so I changed onto the dress, it looked like stone, it was amazing. It had ruffles on the bottom, and was short but not to short. Roise and all of them walked in, and gave me the boots. they were black and short, I slipped them on and sat on the table. Blue head walked over and put a lace chocker on me. then yellow head out some matching braclets. Pink head but my hair in a side pony tail. Rosie did my nails like stone. When blue head was done she did my lips black. the pink head did my eyes sliver. When they were done I walked over to the mirror and saw me, but really pretty.

is everyone wearing something like this? I said

yep" said rosie.

they all looked very happy about how I looked and stuff. When it was time for lunch, I saw Zac,Kade, and Jaquelyn. we all looked amazing.

we all look great said Jaquelyn

thx" i said

They gave us pizza and water. we talked about everything for hours.

'time to go' rosie said

she walked us all, we got a chariot, with gray horses. We all climb on to the chariot, I was in front with Kade, since we were the tallest. The captiol went first, then 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. then us, they all cheered for all of them. The horses started to walk, I grab the chariot, and waved. They all loved me cause of the riot I started. Kade looked at me, I don't know why but it was werid. like I did something. flowers were being toss to me, I catch 10 of them, I waved and smiled. then we did a lap around the circle, and stoped. There was Nquyen, talking about the reapings and Panem.I blacked out and looked at the crowed, they all loved me. I started a riot, I gave them something to love. A warrior.

We left, they all looked at me, kade,zac, everyone.I ran out and went to the street. Fire eyes, got me and walked me over to the house. She pressed the 13 button and went super high up. She walked me over to my room, There on my bed was my reaping clothes, they were all bloody.

Name: alex coal




Weapon of choice:Speed,smart, axe

Strengths:throwing axes and knifes


Appearance: (Include height)16 6'4

sparkling green eyes, dark brown hair straight, skiny,sneaky,fast,smart, pale, tall


Allies?:none, but willing to help d13 females and males. but will ditch them.

Interview: caser-so alex we have seen lot of you. the reaping, before, the chariots. what do you have to say?

Alex: well that I hate the captiol, I will win, o and you look werid.

Caser: wow, who are your friends?

Alex: o my friends. well there people you dont know.

caser: well then, I heard that alot of people are afraid of you.

alex: great that well be fun


alex: am not scared of the captiol are you crazy people.

score oddds of winning

District 13 Alex Cole, 15 10 5-1

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