• I live in CHERUB Campus, Panem
  • My occupation is Undercover Tribute
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    February 2, 2013 by RedTurtle433
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  • RedTurtle433



    Amber Stone




    Tron Powers

    Onyx Tricity

    Electra Bolt

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  • RedTurtle433




    Age: 15yo Female

    Strengths: Climbing, Agile, Quick, Camouflage, Fast, Quiet

    Weaknesses: Hand to Hand Combat, Strength, Compassionate, Negotiative

    Weapons: Throwing knives, Machete

    Reaped or Volunteered:Reaped Alliance: Careers possibly, solo, or with any tributes from District 4 or 7

    Token: Small pin/broach/badge of a red chilli :P

    Personality: Brave, cunning, loyal, determined, deceptive, funny, joker, prankster, trickster

    Apperance: Dark thick wavy hair, red streaks

    Bloodbath Strategy: Grab nearby pack and run, if solo, or if with careers do what there doing but try to kill a lot less than allies, or if with district 4 or 7 do whatever there doing

    Games Strategy: Try not to kill too many people personally, set traps etc. around the arena, dont …

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  • RedTurtle433


    District 1 is the Capitol's favourite district, for it supplies them with luxuries such as jewellery, decorations, ornaments and treats.  This means that they are also subject to the majority of endorsements and advantages, keeping all the benefits of their prime position.  These tributes will be bathed in jewels and precious metals, with bright dyes in their hair and top-end make-up and styling.  They have great fashion sense and their wardrobes are always full.  Like everywhere, there are the poorer parts of District 1, but the majority of the district is wealthy and can afford more than the bare necessities.


    Blonde hair, dirty blonde hair, fair hair, light brown hair.  Fair skin, pale skin.  Blue eyes, green eyes.


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  • RedTurtle433

    All of the spots have been filled or reserved. PeetaPancakes have reserved the last tributes, and please comment your tribute profiles below so I can add them in as so as possible, so the games can start (and remember to include any allies, and if your tribute already has a Lunaii or if you want me to make one for you).
    I will publish the training scores once all the profiles have been confirmed.
    The Likeability percentage is based on the training score, personality, chariot costume, back story, appearance & interview.
    RESERVERVATION LIMIT: If you haven't commented your tributes within the next five days, then I'm afraid I will have to re-open up those positions so that people who will enter their profiles quicker can have a chance and the ga…

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