22nd Annual Hunger Games

All of the spots have been filled or reserved. PeetaPancakes have reserved the last tributes, and please comment your tribute profiles below so I can add them in as so as possible, so the games can start (and remember to include any allies, and if your tribute already has a Lunaii or if you want me to make one for you).
I will publish the training scores once all the profiles have been confirmed.
The Likeability percentage is based on the training score, personality, chariot costume, back story, appearance & interview.
RESERVERVATION LIMIT: If you haven't commented your tributes within the next five days, then I'm afraid I will have to re-open up those positions so that people who will enter their profiles quicker can have a chance and the games will get going faster.
Also, please comment your opinion on this: Should the tributes killed in the games be from a draw or a vote? So comment what you think!!! Remember, it's voting for who will go out next, NOT who should win or WON'T go out next.
Happy 22nd Hunger Games!!!

And may the odds . . . .
Be ever in your favour!!!


District Name Age Weapon/Strength Disadvantage/Weakness Training Score Likability Alliance


Emerald Black 10 71
1 Destiny Stone 16 Spear Fussy eater 7 76
2 Cholo Werdair 18 Mace, Blowgun, Traps & Snares. Fast runner and good climber Tires easily & is afraid of flowers 9 84 Ryker Cudon
2 Nova Star 16 Throwing knives Lack of skill and confidence with a Spear 8 69


RESERVED for PeetaPancakes 5 50
3 Emma Small 16 Creative, Camouflage, Dagger, Climber Afraid of water, Shy 9 74 11F & 5M
4 Nicholas Davenport 17 Trident, Sword, Mace. Agile, Fast Runner, Tree Climber, Survival, Lack of Anger Management & Control, Bad Temper, Easily Frustrated 11 73 Careers (District 4 Female & District 2 Male)
4 Karen Moriharu 18 Bow&Arrow, Scythe, Fast Runner, Camouflage Afraid of animals 9 65 Careers (District 4 Male & District 2 Male)
5 Danny Tabor 17 Archery, Hand-to-hand Combat, Strength, Survival Cannot Climb or Swim 9 82 11F & 3F
5 Xaviera Patterson 14 Axe, Scythe Hand-to-Hand Combat, Spiders 8 78 Ridin' Zolo
6 Ryker Cudon 18 Climbing. Strong, Fast & Smart Limited weapon knowledge, Loud, Not good at blending in or camouflage 9 65 Cholo Werdair
6 Glamor Quinten 17 Atlatl, Swimming, Bolas Doesn't know how to be hungry, Short-tempered 9 82 Careers, or solo
7 RESERVED for PeetaPancakes 5 50
7 Loralei Venus 17 Axe, Running, Climbing, Swimming Knives, Heavy Objects, Camouflage, Low Pain Threshold 10 Cute, Pretty, Kind, Tomboy 67 Open to anyone who is willing to be in an alliance with her
8 Phoenis Richards 18 Sword, Archery, Swimming Small things, Killing 9 Witty, Laid back, Relaxed, Casual & Smart 81 District 7 Female (Loralei)
8 Katrionas Greystone 18 Brute strength, Running, Axe-throwing, Sword, Wrestling Loud, Gets angry quite easily 11 Menacing, Quiet, Loyal 71
9 RESERVED for PeetaPancakes 5 50
9 Artemis Hunt 18 Bow&Arrow Doesn't like killing but will if she has to 8 Devious 72
10 Oxelu Bunting 17 Whip, Physical strength, Animal Whisperer Kind, compassionate 7 Natural, Calm 73
10 Arrianah Justice 15 10 Spiritual & Natural 76
11 RESERVED by PeetaPancakes 5 50
11 Abigail Grace 17 Sickle Knife, Fast, Ingenuitive, Good Swimmer Afraid of the dark, Vertigo, Weak 9 84 5M & 3F
12 RESERVED for PeetaPancakes 5 50
12 Eileen Shade 18 Sprinting, Climbing, Knife Throwing, Survival Skills & Knowledge, Traps & Snares Swimming, Not very likeable or friendly, Strength 11 82

'Sponsors - Gifts - Money'

Each Alliance/Tribute starts off with $200 to spend on food, water, medicine, weapons etc. as the games go on by the Alliance/Tribute's mentor or sponsors. $20 are rewarded for each kill.

District Sponsor/Mentor Tribute/Alliance Money ($) & Kills (K)
1 Career Pack: SethMorris95, Dedejacob, FinnickForever Emerald Black, Nova Star, Nicholas Davenport & Karen Moriharu



1 Dedejacob Destiny Stone


2 Alliance 4: FinnickForever & Nate777 Cholo Werdair & Ryker Cudon



Career Pack
3 Alliance 2: SethMorris95 Abigail Grace $200
7 SilverCrownFoxface $200
8 SilverCrownFoxface


8 Annamisassa Katrionas Greystone $200
9 Dedejacob Artemis Hunt $200
10 Dedejacob Ariannah Justice $200
11 SethMorris95 Abigail Grace $200
12 Annamisassa Eileen Shade



12 PeetaPancakes 200


FinnickForever': District 4 Female (Karen Moriharu), District 4 Male (Nicholas Davenport), Nate777: District 6 Female (Glamor Quinten)
2 (+$40)
SethMorris95: District 11 Female (Abigail Grace), District 3 Female (Emma Small), District 5 Male (Danny Tabor)
Dedejacob: District 1 Female (Destiny Stone), District 2 Female (Nova Star), District 9 Female (Artemis Hunt), District 10 Female (Ariannah Justice)

Cholo Werdair & Ryker Cudon
1 (+$20)

22nd Hunger Games Items Pricelist

Notice that as the games go on, with less tributes left fighting, the prices for these items will be raised.

Item Price Amount Left
Arrows x12 $30
Awl $20
Axe $30
Bow $20
Bread x6 $15
Broth $15
Burn Medicine $15
Cheese & Fruit $15
Curry/Casserole $15
Dagger/Throwing Knives $20
Fresh Water $15
Net $15
Painkiller $15
Rope $15
Spear $30
Sword $30
Scythe $30
Trident $30
Water Purification Tablets $15


Emerald Black, 1

Cholo Werdair, 2

Nova Star, 2

Nicholas Davenport, 4

Karen Moriharu, 4

Xaviera Patterson, 5

Ryker Cudon, 6

Loralei Venus, 7

Phoenis Richards, 8

Artemis Hunt, 9

Arrianah Justice, 10

Abigail Grace, 11

Eileen Shade, 12

Death Order

Name District Sponsor/Mentor Cause
Boy 7 PeetaPancakes Cornucopia Bloodbath (Career Pack)
Boy 3 PeetaPancakes Cornucopia Bloodbath (Xaviera Patterson)
Boy 9 PeetaPancakes Cornucopia Bloodbath (Eileen Shade)
Boy 11 PeetaPancakes Cornucopia Bloodbath (Career Pack)
Oxelu Bunting 10 N/A Cornucopia Bloodbath
Destiny Stone 1 Dedejacob Career Pack
Xaviera Patterson 5 SilverCrownFoxface Career Pack
Glamor Quineten 6 (Formerly 1) Nate777 Searching for victims and went off the trail her Allies were on, and got lost and starved to death
Boy 12 Killed by Alliance 4 (Ryker Cudon & Cholo Werdair)
Emma Small 3 She was gathering food when the career pack found them, but they stayed and tried to fight against them, not realising Abigail Grace had taken off
Danny Tabor 5 Same fate as Emma Small
Katrionas Greystone 8 Annamisasa Stomping around the forest upset, shouting, screaming and thumping, Emerald Black followed her trail and was about to make an alliance when she raised her sword so he quickly killed her as self-defence

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