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    Welcome to the 8th Quarter Quell and the 200th annual edition of The Hunger Games! Such a joyous time, I'm sure. The twist of the Hunger Games is quite fun! This year, the contestants will be biotechnologically partnered at random. Each pair now carries a responsibility for both lives! Whatever pain one suffers, so does the other. And if one dies, they both die. This twist will, however, be disabled once a select number of tributes remain. Jolly good fun, right? Well, Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

    (NOTE: Sorry if anyone else had this idea before me, I'm not sure)


    • Tribute Name (Age):
    • Gender:
    • District:
    • Volunteer or Reaped:
    • Preferred Weapon:
    • Strength Level (1-10):
    • Personality:
    • Your Username:

    Thanks! :)

    Tribute Distri…
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