Submissions soon, I still need to finish the page. >.<

'Ello! My name's Morgan, but that's not important right now. These are my first Games. Enjoy!


  • There's no tribute limit, but if you submit a lot of tributes I may ask you to submit a little less.
  • These will contain lots of curses. This is your one and only warning.
  • Do not criticize these. They're my first Games.
  • Stay active. It's fine if you post a few comments every once and a while.
  • Please point out grammar mistakes. It'd really help. c:
  • Anyone breaking these rules will cause you're tributes to be killed off.

Tribute Template

Name: What's the name of your tribute? First names and last names are needed. Also, name's cannot be stupid like "Beauty Princess" or "Tree Branch". Names cannot be gibberish either. I really don't won't someone called "Tndicgenjffevdb 6fvhji98765rf".

Age: Due to the twist (see the 'Introduction' section), tributes may be from the ages 8 to 25. If you're tribute's age is 12-18 feel free to change their age to something else.

District: Districts One to Thirteen and The Capitol.

Weaponry: What is your tribute good at using? I'd prefer a little explanation on how they learned to use it.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Kinda self-explanatory. There must be three strengths and three weaknesses. If they have more than that please make sure they're balanced.

Fears: At least two things s/he are afraid of.

Appearance: What do they look like? Please include an image of your tribute in real life. This cannot be a list. An example of a list is is "Muscular, brown eyes, ginger hair" or "Max is muscular. Max has brown eyes. Max has ginger hair".

Personality: THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Personalities must be detailed. They also must be at least three paragraphs with at least three sentences. However, if the paragraphs are long two is fine. This may not be a list, just like the appearance. Either "Rude, bitchy, manipulative" or "Kira is rude. Kira is bitch. Kira is manipulative" will not be accepted.

Backstory: This is also important, but not as much as the personality. This must be at least four paragraphs long that have at least three sentences, must be at least 300 words and it needs to be finished. Their backstory must be realistic and interesting. That means Victoria, who lead District Seven into rebellion against the Capitol when she was 6 will not be accepted. Same thing with Alex who lived a normal, happy life in District Eleven.

It should include whether your tribute was reaped or volunteered. If it doesn't they would have been reaped.



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