Hey everyone, I'm back. The title pretty much says it all but yeah I'm back and I am better than ever before. I plan to make friends with all you guys. I plan to enter tributes into every game that is reaping I plan to have heaps of victors and more than ever I plan to make lots of games myself after the HG movie. Okay anyways I have a few messages for everyone:

Sean: You are the one who convinced me to come back and make splash into the wiki and I can't just leave you to fend for yourself in the wiki I will teach you the basics.

Necterine: You conviced me to write more games with one comment

"I saw the title and almost had a heart attack. Then I saw that you wouldn't completely leave, thank goodness for that. It stinks that you're not making any more games (you were a good writer), but you're still coming here so I won't complain! " 9 days ago by Necterine411

Clove1001: I can't just leave my first friend I really love you as a friend so you are another reason why I didn't leave

lluvgale: You are awsm too awesome to leave behind

Rose Hathaway: Thanks for minding Sean and I figure if he is your friend and I am his friend who is to say we can't be friends

Nate777: Nate you were always such a great friend

SerpentKing: You are a great friend who is always making games and chatting

Leshawna: You have a golden personality I can't leave you

Mopping: We got off on the wrong foot but hey we are both Aussies so let's get our mates and shelias and go round and cook on the barbie while we chug fire whiskey

Tris: You are friends with Sean and we never really spoke but any frind of Sean is a friend of mine

Skyandbray: You are really nice and a good friend, I am sorry about your grandma and the craiglist insedint but let's move foward and be happy Anybody else I just forgot but you are all awsm users in your own ways

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